License to Fuck

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I left the 7-11, the clerk, and Officer Perkins and fairly skipped home. I was no longer freezing, having been totally heated with two great fucks by Officer Perkins and a wonderful clit suck by the store clerk. And I had not spent a dime in the process.

And, boy! Was I tired! All I wanted to do now was shower and crawl into bed.

The hot water ran over my big titties as I soaped the sponge. Even warm, my big nipples got hard just from being washed. Oh, if I could only have someone every day come into my bed and suck these beautiful, hot nipples and slowly fuck my cunt! I could live on cum. I would suck cock and fuck cock better than any whore…and I wouldn’t ask for money – just more fucking.

I spread my cunt lips and pretended the store clerk was sucking my clit again. The water from the shower spray played around my clit as I fingered my cunt. I turned around and bent over, letting the hot water spray on my alabaster cheeks. How can one woman be so damned horny all the time?

I patted my body dry and used the blow dryer on my hair, then slipped into some light blue chiffon baby dolls with open crotch bottoms. The sheets on my bed were crisply ironed and fresh. I put my night mask over my eyes, pulled the blankets up and fell asleep.

It must have been a little over an hour later that someone lifted the sheets back, and I felt the weight upon my bed, and then another pair of feet against mine. Mmmmmmm. And longer, hairy legs. A large hand lightly touched my tummy, fingers softly twirling under my baby doll top. The softest, most deft fingers slipped quietly over my mons pubis. I felt a gush of wetness soak my crotch as his fingers stroked my cunt hair, and he spread my cunt lips with two illegal bahis fingers, playing softly with my clit.

Did I know him? Did I care who he was? No! I wished I could put a “Free Cunt” sign outside my apartment and bring in anyone willing to fuck me – anyone willing to suck clit and tongue-fuck my cunt. But a girl has to be careful, I suppose. I hate that. I want a license to freely fuck any and every time….actually, all the time.

His fingers prodded at the top of my thighs, encouraging me to spread my legs more. I felt his weight shift in the bed, and he pulled down the front of my baby dolls. He kissed my neck, softly tongued my right ear, kissed my mouth several times and traced his tongue down my chin until he engulfed my right nipple. Oh, direct connection to my clit! My cunt spasmed, and my cunt lips clamped down on his fingers deep inside of me.

I heard a moan escape my throat.

“I’m here to fuck you again, Girlie Girl,” he whispered in my ear. “S’matter of fact, I plan to fuck you all night long. And Josh, here – he’s gonna fuck you, too.” The sheets on the other side of the bed were turned down, and I felt another body move onto the bed next to me. Another mouth kissed my lips softly while fingers played with my left nipple. I felt the biggest erection push against my left thigh, while the hard cock of Officer Perkins pushed against my right thigh.

I gasped with great delight! This was more than I could hope for!

“You just keep your eyes covered, Sweetie. We’re gonna take photos of both of us fucking you. And Josh is going to suck your clit while I fuck your mouth. If you want to sleep, you can sleep. And if we get tired, we’ll sleep right here with you. Then we’re going illegal bahis siteleri to wake up and fuck you again. I never had such a tight cunt wrap around my cock the way yours did at the store tonight,” he whispered in my ear. “And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I knew you had the best cunt I’ve ever fucked, and I knew you loved fucking. When I called in my 10-20 to the front desk, Officer Josh here asked me where I was going to dinner, and I said, ‘The prettiest, tightest Y you’ve never seen!’

“He asked if he could join me – said he’d fix it so we could be off-duty without anyone finding out. And I thought to myself, ‘I bet that pretty little cunt and those great, big luscious titties would love to be fucked by two men all night long.’ And I was right, wasn’t I, Girlie Girl”

I nodded vigorously. “Yes, please!” I whispered.

Officer Josh kissed my mouth again, and slipped his finger slowly over my lips.

“You let Officer Josh put his hard cock in your mouth, Girlie Girl. Suck him off while I eat your cunt.”

The blankets and sheets were pushed to the floor. Officer Josh straddled my face and I began to suck – heartily and hungrily. Officer Perkins spread my legs further and lay down between them, his lips and tongue running over my cunt, searching for my hardened clit. He kissed and softly sucked, his tongue separating my cunt lips.

I felt the orgasm begin in the depths of my cunt, the spasm rising. Officer Perkins said, “Now!” and rolled off me, while Officer Josh slipped his hard and dripping cock from my mouth into my throbbing cunt. I heard a camera flash several times, and Officer Josh came at the same time I did, while he sucked both of my nipples…first canlı bahis siteleri one, then the other! Oh! I was in Heaven for sure!

Officer Josh pulled out of my cunt, and rolled me over on my belly, lifting my ass into the air. And I felt Officer Perkins’ hands spread my cunt lips, and he fucked me long and hard from behind. Oh, I really, really needed this. I heard him bellow, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God!” and felt his hot cum squirt inside of me.

Officer Josh was shooting more photos.

“What the….!” Officer Josh yelled, as the bedroom door opened. Officer Perkins rolled off me, lay on his back, and said, “Hey, Kid. Come eat the cum out of Girlie Girl’s cunt, and make her cum again.”

I heard the voice of the night clerk from the 7-11 say, “I brought the ice cream she wanted. Um…you sure there’s enough room for all of us?”

“Strip yer clothes off, Kid, and put that ice cream everywhere she wants it. This king-sized bed will hold all of us. You just take your time.”

Officer Perkins stretched out on my right side, and Officer Josh stretched out on my left side, both of them temporarily spent. The night clerk opened the ice cream and spooned some onto each of my nipples, and a large glob on my cunt. I sucked in my breath from the cold. Both officers started eating ice cream and sucking titties, while the night clerk licked and sucked the ice cream and all of the cum out of my cunt. I came again…and then again! I slept. I know I slept because I awoke being fucked again, first from behind with my ass in the air, but with a less-experienced and smaller cock…then Officer Josh’s longer cock….then Officer Perkins’ fat and huge cock.

I slept again.

When I awoke the next morning about 9:30, my bedroom was just about upside down with fucking. There was an empty ice cream container on my night stand, three one-hundred dollar bills, and a note that read, “We’ll be back, Girlie Girl. You have a license to fuck!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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