Little Hurdles

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Big Dicks

I limped into the locker room and looked around for Bob. It was the middle of practice but I had tweaked my groin on a hurdle and Coach had sent me inside to get it worked on by the trainer. I didn’t complain too much. All the girls on the track team whispered about Bob when no one was around he was fresh out of college and gorgeous. He wasn’t cute like the boys in my senior class, he was a man with a smile that could make anyone tingle. I didn’t care that he was years older than my 18.

I popped my head into the training room but I didn’t see him. I called out his name and spun only to find him standing right behind me holding a stack of towels. I jumped and he reached out to steady me. I could feel the skin on my arms tingling where his hands had grabbed me.

“I… uh… need a massage.” I stammered out and immediately realized how that sounded. My face flushed red and I looked down at my feet. Bob just chuckled as I explained, “Coach sent me in here for one. I strained my groin on a hurdle.” He slid past me into the training room and set the towels down on one of the tables.

“Hop up.” He waved a hand at the massage table. I limped over and tried to slide on. I got about halfway onto the table when harm hands gripped my waist and suddenly I was on my back on the center of the table. I looked up at his face, which assessed me with a cool intensity. I had never been bothered by it before but my running spandex and sports bra suddenly seemed like inadequate barriers between my body and his piercing gaze.

I quickly explained what I had been doing and what the pain had felt like and which side was feeling sore. He took it all in making a few notes on a clipboard and then set it down and turned to face me again.

“Alright,” he started rubbing his hands together. “I’m gonna start with some stretches and we can see what your mobility is like and then we can go from there.” I nodded, suddenly very nervous.

Bob’s hands grabbed my calf and thigh and slowly pulled my knee upwards to my chest saying, “Tell me if it begins to hurt.” I nodded again. My thigh was pressed into my stomach and all I felt was a mild tension which although uncomfortable couldn’t be construed as pain. He nodded as I explained and then returned my leg to an upright position so that my stomach and thigh, and my thigh and shin both created 90 degree angles. He pulled my knee sideways and I blushed as I opened my hips to his gaze. He got about 20 degree before I felt pain and I yelped “Ouch!”. Bob slowly moved my leg back down to the table.

“Looks like you strained your adductor muscles,” he explained to her. “I can rub you down and then we’ll ice today to keep down the swelling and we can reassess tomorrow. Sound good?”

“Sounds great!”

His hands started at my knee and worked their way upwards. I realized with a start that his hands were moving closer and closer to my pussy. It was hard to feel embarrassed about that though because his hands were working magic on my thigh. He was halfway between my knee when his hands slowed to a stop and were resting on my thigh. “The pain was a little higher,” I mumble and then add without thinking “and more inside my thigh.” I could feel blood rush to my cheeks as I realized what that sounded like but Bob’s face didn’t even alter. He simply nodded and slid his fingers lower between my legs. I felt my legs part just slightly at the touch. I closed my eyes reveling in the pleasure of the massage but his hands came to a stop again and I urged him “Higher.” He didn’t argue, simply did as I instructed until his hands were on top of my spandex. I knew that meant he was only a couple inches away from my pussy and it was confirmed when his hand brushed up against my mound. I looked up and his business like expression had cracked just a little. I thought he looked rather embarrassed by the accidental brush. I should have been embarrassed too, but for some reason his touch had only made my pussy tingle. He pulled his hands away abruptly and spun to grab his clipboard.

“That’s good for now.” He handed me an ice pack without making eye contact and I settled it into place biting back a moan at the coldness pressed intimately against me. He rushed out of the room then and I closed my eyes to wait.

By myself, I began to feel a little bit of embarrassment as well. Bob was a professional and only doing his job. It wasn’t his fault I was getting turned on by his touch. I bostancı escort felt properly embarrassed of my feelings by the time he returned in 15 minutes.

“Take off the ice now,” he instructed from the doorway and I did tossing it across the room. He looked torn, and I waited for him to speak. Finally he blurted out, “Do you want some icy hot?” I must have looked confused because he added as an explanation, “It will soothe your muscles, and it feels nice.” I nodded without thought. I didn’t know how many more nice feelings I could take but I couldn’t seem to forgo the opportunity to have his hands on me again.

He squeezed a dollop of the gel onto his fingers and then massaged my inner thigh where it wasn’t covered by my spandex shorts. His hands felt startlingly hot on my cold skin and without thinking I spoke.

“A little higher,” and then shyly, “Remember?” He pulled the hem of shorts away from my skin and slid his other hand underneath. He rubbed in circles that slowly got larger until I felt his fingertips brush the edge of my thong, my body jumped automatically and I cursed myself when his hands pulled away. I could see his adam’s apple bob and Bob rushed away telling me to rest my leg overnight.

I slid off the table onto wobbly legs and wondered what the hell was wrong with me.

The next day at practice I suited up, but Coach said I couldn’t practice unless Bob cleared me. I was torn between shame and excitement as the locker room cleared out leaving Bob and me alone again.

I hopped up onto the table, my leg was feeling significantly better at that point. This time I was wearing my rundies, running underwear, instead of my spandex shorts. I told myself it was because it was a warm day and not because I wanted Bob to see me in them, but I knew that it was a weak lie.

Bob went through the stretching again, and I had more flexibility than I had the day before, but it still wasn’t 100 percent. While he massaged my thigh, I asked him about his family (two brothers), his age (25), his wife (none), his girlfriend (none). I knew I wasn’t being subtle exactly, but I also didn’t really care. It was harmless. When he handed me the ice pack this time, he stayed in the room and we chatted. He was doing paperwork at his desk, but every once in a while I would catch him dart a glance at my body then turn back to his work. I was thrilled, I knew enough about men to be able to tell when one was checking me out.

When I handed back the icepack after 15 minutes, I didn’t wait for him to offer before asking for icy hot.

“Do you want to put it on yourself?” He asked an almost undetectable tremor in his voice.

“I like the way you massage it in.” His adam’s apple bobbed once, twice. I grinned. I guessed even a high school senior like me could make him nervous.

He rubbed it in where he had previously and I let my head fall back and appreciate the tingling sensations, on my thigh and in the pit of my stomach. He pressed a little to hard and my hips jerked to the side as he hit a tender spot. Unfortunately, his hand slipped and he wiped a large glob of icy hot onto the side of my pussy. We both froze, staring at each other with panic. Then I felt it, a slow tingle building to a monumental burn. He’d gotten icy hot on pussy. My eyes widened and I choked out a small squeak.

“Get it off!” I cried, waving my hands in a blind panic. It hurt like the devil. The stinging went way beyond any pleasurable tingle of arousal. He ran to the sink and covered a towel in water. I came to my senses enough to realize that the icy hot was mostly on top of my rundies and I managed to pull them down over my ass to mid thigh by the time Bob had spun back around. He hesitated for a second and then looked at my pleading face and rushed over. He pulled my rundies off my legs completely and tossed them aside. He bent over and gently ran the warm, wet towel down the crack of my pussy. He grabbed a clean part of the towel and did it again wiping from the center outwards. His eyes were glued to his task and I realized after a minute that the burning had subsided to a pleasant tingle. Bob’s eyes were glazed and his wipes were slower and more deliberate at that point. I should have told him to stop but I didn’t.

One swipe brushed against my clit and I moaned. The sound seemed to break Bob from his reverie and his face flushed with the realization of what he had been doing. ümraniye escort bayan I grabbed his wrist, not letting him pull away. He looked up at me with panic.

“Thank you,” I said wanting to reassure him, “I just panicked.” He nodded. He pulled his hand away and walked away giving me time to walk quickly to my locker and get out a clean pair of running shorts. I joined the team, telling Coach that Bob had said I could only do a light workout. Thankfully no one seemed to notice that I had changed clothes.

The weekend meant that I didn’t have practice for 2 whole days. What was normally a welcome reprieve suddenly felt like a never ending torment. I couldn’t wait for practice on Monday. Monday morning, I shaved my pussy put on some makeup and sat through all my classes daydreaming about Bob’s warm, talented hands.

I faked a limp in front of Coach, and he ordered me to do a checkup with Bob before practice. I tried to hide my grin and busied myself with braiding my hair as I waited for the locker room to clear out.

Bob was very clearly nervous about what had happened the previous day.

“I don’t know what I would have done without you,” I murmured up at him, stroking his bicep as he stretched my leg. My flexibility was back at 100 percent and he put my leg back down on the table gently.

“You’re looking good I think you can go ahead and do a full workout today, as long as you’re aware of your adductors.” I pouted realizing that he was trying to get out of touching me anymore than he had to.

“No massage?”

“I don’t think you need one.” He wouldn’t make eye contact with me.

“What if I want one?” I asked and his eyes jerked up to meet mine. I smiled coyly and ran a hand down my taut stomach and trailed my fingers along the crease where my thigh met my hips. “I’m a little sore right here.” His adam’s apple bobbed, a sight I was learning to love.

His hands worked magic and I let myself enjoy the massage, moaning low when he hit a good spot. His hands moved up higher and higher, until even though he massaging my thigh still his pinky was rubbing against my pussy. I didn’t bother holding back anything. I sighed and whispered “Oh God’s” and “hmm”. I knew that we were both aware of what was happening and so I encouraged him where I could. I held myself perfectly still, trying not to spook him but I couldn’t keep my hips from twitching forward occasionally trying to find the source of the pleasure I was feeling.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter, but Bob wouldn’t actually touch my pussy. Something fell off the benches in the locker and Bob stepped away quickly. My hand replaced his and it only took a few strokes of my pussy before I was shuddering through an orgasm on the table. Bob’s eyes were glued to my hand between my legs and when my orgasm subsided, I hopped off the table and sauntered away satisfied. I knew then that Bob wanted me as badly as I wanted him.

I practiced normally for the rest of the week smiling at Bob whenever I saw him. I wanted to give him time to think about what had happened, I wanted him to miss me, to dream about me, to think about me. I wanted him to be ready for me.

At the end of the week Coach cancelled practice early and as I left the locker room, I saw Bob sitting in the training room going through papers. I walked all the way out to my car and then pretended I had left my chem book in my locker. I shooed my friends on and went back to the locker room. It was blissfully empty. I dropped my bag on the floor and strode into the training room closing the door behind me. Bob turned to look up at me startled. Neither of us said a word as I locked the door and closed all of the blinds until we were well an truly alone. Even if someone came back to the locker room, they wouldn’t be able to see us.

“How’s your leg doing?” He said, finally breaking the silence. I hopped up onto the table and spread my legs as wide as I could and dangled my feet over the side.

“Good thanks to you.” His mouth gaped open as his eyes dropped down to where my pussy strained agains the spandex. “I was thinking though that maybe you could massage it just in case. I don’t want it to get stiff over the weekend.” I lingered over the word stiff. We both knew that the massage was just a flimsy pretense, but he still hesitated. He nodded silently and trailed his hand from my knee to hip and repeated. He massaged from kartal escort my knee his hands barely pausing along the way as the raced up. He paused when he reached the top of my thigh and turned to look at me. I looked up at him and nodded, suddenly shyer than I had been a minute ago. That was all he needed.

His palm cupped my mound and I arched my back at the pleasure of it.

“I gave myself a massage last night,” I whimpered as he rocked the heel of his palm against me. “I like it better when you do it.” He held down my hip in one of his big hands and let his other brush up and down the side of my pussy. His other rubbed up and down my pussy making me shiver. I knew that he was in total control of my body, and I liked it.

“How’s this?” he croaked pressing down on her clit. My moan of pleasure was as good of a response as any and repeated himself. “I wanna see you,” he whispered. Before I could blink my spandex were on the floor. I didn’t even have time to feel embarrassed. His hands were back on me in a second, pulling my pussy lips apart and baring me to his hungry gaze. His eyes blazed and then his finger was inside me, stroking me and teasing me until I was wordless. He pulled his hand away and then I was even more full, he added another finger and his thumb brushed against my clit making me jerk.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned.

“Okay,” he promised. I giggled. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Before I could get there, he pulled his hands away. My mind scrambled to make sense of my sudden emptiness and he pulled the straps of my sports bra down my arms exposing my breasts to the world. I shimmied my arms the rest of the way out and he leaned over licking one nipple then the other. I reached out and unzipped his pants trying to wrestle them off his hips he chuckled at my failed efforts and pulled them down, he stepped out of them on climbed onto the table still licking and sucking on my breasts. His boxer tented obscenely and I reached inside. His cock was hard, but still somehow soft to the touch and ran my fingers along it marveling at the way it felt in my hand.

He jumped off the table, whipped off his boxers and then jumped back on. Then he was kissing me, and he laying on top of me touching every part of my body. I could feel his cock pressed against my stomach and his hands in my hair. I felt breathless. Bob pulled away from me and looked down between his bodies. His cock was in his hand and he was aiming it at my pussy. He slid into me in one thrust burying his cock in my pussy. His cock felt so different from my dildo at home, warmer and better and then he pulled out and thrust back in and all comparisons fell away. This was something completely new.

“Again,” I begged. He complied. We didn’t say anything while we fucked. There was no need. I was floating and then I felt his teeth close around my nipple pulling me back down to earth and I came, smothering my cries against his t-shirt. His hips sped up to fervor. With a cry of “Oh fuck!” he pulled out of me and fisted his cock spurting stream after stream of cum onto my stomach. I watched it pool in my belly button and then looked up at him. He sat back on his heels and stared at me.

I could barely catch my breath and my body was still humming with pleasure. I stared back at him and smiled. He didn’t smile. He reached out splayed his hands across my abs. His hands rubbed in circles, like he was rubbing his cum into my skin. He slid them up and massaged my breasts.

I grabbed one of his hands and brought it to my mouth pulling him forward. I sucked each of his fingers into my mouth and licked his palm clean. His eyes were rapt, and I loved that I could make him lose control like that. His cum didn’t taste good, but it didn’t taste bad either I decided.

“I should clean you up,” he said, his tone implying that he didn’t exactly want to. He rolled off the table anyways and wet a towel in the sink. He cleaned my pussy tenderly and the warmth of the towel felt soothing to my swollen lips. He wiped the cum out of my belly button which I was grateful for, but when he lifted the towel to wipe the rapidly drying cum off my boobs I stopped him.

“No, leave it.” He didn’t ask questions and I was glad because I had no idea why I liked the idea of his cum staying on my skin. I pulled my sports bra back on and found my spandex on the floor. He was buttoning up his pants when I leaned forward and kissed him. The kiss was gentle and our tongues tangled lazily against each other before I pulled away.

“See you on Monday,” I called over my shoulder as I unlocked the door and left. He nodded at me a grin creeping across his face.

“I look forward to it.”

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