Locker Room Lust Ch. 02

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After Winter had gotten the initial interview of Brock for the magazine through her own “special talents,” she had found that though he was still gruff toward male and even some of the very few other women writers, he was charming with her.

As a matter of fact, Winter was the only one allowed in the locker room after the games; he had made sure of that, especially today.

Remembering the steamy sex they had had when Brock had met her the first time, he had gotten horny again.

He had spotted Winter earlier in the media area, and gave instructions to send her back when everyone else was gone, stating he wanted to help her with the day’s story.

But a story wasn’t what he had in mind. What he wanted was another good fuck, and Winter had been the best and hottest pussy he’d had yet.

He wasn’t sure what came over him; chicks like Winter had not usually gotten his attention.

The women he usually banged had been either models, groupies, starlets, strippers, cheerleaders, and even an occasional hooker or two.

Checking out her ass earlier, he had had a passing thought of wondering if Winter liked getting a nice hard dick in her back door.

Brock was about to find out.

When Winter came back to the locker room, he felt his dick spring to life; she had been wearing a low-cut peasant blouse that barely left any imagination to her cleavage and jeans that displayed her plump, round ass.

This was a full-figured chick that was sexy and she knew it. What was better was that she loved to fuck and suck every chance she had gotten.

When Winter spotted him in only his underwear, she had smiled and made a comment about him becoming a bit more approachable.

He locked the door before he grabbed her and kissed her.

“I’m only approachable for you, baby. You look fucking hot today, as usual.”

“I thought you wanted to do another story,” she teased.

“Oh aliağa escort I want to do a ‘story’ all right, but not what you’re thinking, ” he growled, putting her hand on his massive erection. “And you have too many clothes on for it.”

“I guess you ARE happy to see me,” Winter giggled, stroking his cock through his underwear.

“Why don’t go over to the benches and get down to business, shall we?”

Winter nodded, licking her lips before she slowly began to strip in front of him, revealing a white lace bra holding up her beautiful tits, with a matching thong.

“You like?” she said with a sexy smile, turning around in a slow circle in front of him.

Brock peeled off his underwear, his dick standing at attention. “What do you think, baby?”

“Mmmmm….’ she said, getting on her knees, “I take that as a yes.”

Within seconds, Winter had gulped his entire cock down, sucking him as if he was the only man left on earth.

She then popped him out of her mouth, licking the tip round and round.

Winter then dipped down to suck each of his balls, her hands sliding all over his tight ass as she took Brock back into her mouth again, sucking him all the way down to his sack.

Oh damn! Brock thought as he found himself fucking her face, his hands in her hair. Even the hookers he’d done never gave him such a hot blow job!

Knowing he’d cum if he let Winter keep it up, he pulled her off his cock.

“Baby, you give some great head, but what I really want is a good fuck.”

She gave him a lustful smile, then made Brock lay on the bench before she stripped off her bra and thong, straddled him, and lowered her wet, waiting pussy onto his hard pole.

He stared at Winter as she was bouncing up and down on him, grunting. He was amazed that she liked to fuck on top. She was so damned hot!

Brock’s hand had found its way down to Winter’s aliağa escort bayan clit, rubbing it as he watched her tits bounce with every thrust she pushed down on his dick.

She definitely had a full, sexy body and knew what to do with it.

Winter finally came, and came hard, shuddering, gasping and squealing as her orgasm coated his dick.

Once she’d come down from it, she climbed off of Brock and got on all fours, displaying her naked behind before him.

“Brock, I want you to fuck my ass,” Winter purred.

He thought he had died and gone to heaven; he may have boned more than his share of willing women, but most of the skinny chicks had been turned off when he’d mention wanting to give them some good anal.

And now here was Winter offering it to him!

After lubing her ass with her own pussy drippings, her own cum still glistening on his prick, Brock had her stand up against the locker instead, pulling her ass back and spreading her cheeks.

His cock then disappeared in her ass in one quick thrust as Winter moaned in delight, begging him to fuck her harder.

Brock had pulled out a few times, only to have Winter put him back into her tight asshole as he heard her panting and groaning faster and louder.

“Fuck my ass good, Brock,” she yelled. “Harder!”

He picked up the pace as Winter begged and screamed for more of him. She had hit her orgasm.

God! She was actually getting off from him giving her anal! Brock could hardly believe it.

“Winter…..I need to cum now,” Brock panted, feeling close to exploding as he continued thrusting in and out, making her moan even louder.

“Do it, Brock.” Winter answered back. “Fill my ass with it. I want your cum in me!”

Hearing this, Brock sped up his thrusts and reached a large hand around to finger her clit as Winter panted harder.

“Fuck me,” she growled escort aliağa again. “I love having your big, hard dick in my ass. You like having my asshole wrapped around it while you fuck me, Brock? Oh,honey, cum in my ass, yes, YES!”

It hadn’t taken him too long after to let out an orgasmic grunt as his hot cum blasted deep into Winter’s bowels.

She was cumming again too; the combination of feeling Brock’s jizz shooting into her ass and his fingers stroking her clit had set Winter off.

Both of them came together for several minutes: Winter’s orgasm never subsided as he continued to fill her ass with sperm to near overflowing.

Brock’s final thrust pushed his cock into her ass all the way and it stayed until the last bit of cum dripped into Winter’s chute before he slowly pulled his wilted tool out of her well-fucked bunghole.

Holy shit! Talk about getting some GREAT ass! he thought. Winter was the fucking best.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you are one talented lady writer?” he asked.

Winter had to smile as they faced each other and got dressed to leave.

“What makes me think that my writing isn’t the only thing you are talking about?” she asked.

“Come to my house tonight, baby, and I can show you more about what I am talking about,” he leered, giving her a light slap on her ass.

She nodded and accepted readily, still feeling the tingle in her pussy from riding him and his cum slowly leaking from her ass.

Winter couldn’t wait to fuck him again, and if he wanted her to spend the night, she certainly wouldn’t say no.

Maybe she could write a cozy story about his place in process–excluding his bedroom activities with her, of course.

Winter was sure he wouldn’t mind…especially if she gave him another mind-blowing blow job and let him take her in the ass again.

As for Brock, he decided that day to say the hell with the ‘normal’ chicks; Winter was going to be his new woman.

They were married six months later, screwing each other’s brains out on their wedding night starting with….letting Brock give her ass a good fucking.

It may have not been locker room sex that time, but she was anything but boring in bed either!

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