Lucia The Escort

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Lucia was a shy girl in real life even though she had an online persona of being a sex fiend. She liked to write nasty stories and share some photos but hadn’t let her wild side loose too much offline. That all changed when hard times hit her financially.

At first she tried her hand at webcams and selling dirty photos on craiglist but found the amount of work she had to put in to get a few dollars per willing customer meant it was almost a full time job and she really needed to make more money faster. She had a few (well more than a few) horny, devoted fans who followed her online life and started to think that maybe she could get a few of them to pay her for favours.

At first she though maybe she would send them panties, personalized photos or something but more and more they asked for “face time” with Lucia, some willing to fly from across the country or even from the US for a chance at seeing/experiencing her skills in person.

It took her a few weeks to decide to try it out, on a local maritimer, and see if “escorting” was something she was comfortable doing.

That’s where I came in. I jumped at the chance to meet the fellatrix face to face and quickly offered her a few hundred dollars for a “girl-friend experience” session. I had been with an escort or two before who specialized in this GFE type service and told her I would be very interested in doing the same with her. I explained it usually meant an hour’s “play time” and usually meant there was kissing, cuddling and other extra attention not usually included in your regular $100 suck and fuck with a hooker. In my expereince GFE escorts were usually educated, classy young ladies who enjoyed sex who found it a good way to make money and were picky about their clients. I even sent her the e-mail of an escort I had been with a few times named Emily Rushton as a reference. I was shocked when the reply came back by e-mail a few days later accepting my indecent proposal. We made arrangements to meet at a hotel in her town.

The fateful day arrived and I checked in to the hotel and e-mailed her the room number a couple hours before our date. I spent those hours nervously waiting and preparing for the EVENT. I showered, checked my e-mail a few times, seeing she had responded that she would be arriving on time and perused some of her e-mails and photos she had exchanged with me. Looking at those got me horny and I couldn’t help relieving myself about 45 minutes before she was due to arrive playing with myself staring at the delcious cock sucker’s photos. Wouldn’t want the date to be over too quickly after all! Of course then I had to shower again, this time I finished and had only a few more minutes to wait before there was a knock on the door.

I checked the peep hole and my pulse quickened as I saw her standing in the hallway dressed in a skirt and dark thigh length jacket, her makeup lightly bahis firmaları done and wearing stockings. I opened the door and nervously greeted her and we awkwardly hugged before I took her coat and led her to the couch in the room. She was wearing a skin tight lacy topped blouse under her jacket that really showed off her chest. After we sat and chatted to calm our nerves a bit Lucia reached over and touched my leg and whispered “How about we get started?”

She leaned in close on the couch and gently rubbed up and down my leg while pulling my head in for a sensual kiss, her soft chest coming to rest against my arm and her leg slipping over mine. My passion flared as this delectable young morsel yielded her soft body to me. I reached up and grabbed her boob while kissing back farcefully, my breath growing shallow and my cock suddenly straining against my jeans.

Her tits were soft yet firm and her nipples were hard and noticable even through her bra as we made out like a couple of teens. The stroking of my leg evolved into groping my very obvious erection through my pants and my hand snaked it’s way under her shirt questing for her glorious young tits.

She started making little moaning sounds, and her hips starting gyrating a little as I rubbed and kneaded at her soft tits and hard nipples. We broke apart long enough for her toremove her shirt and bra while I undid my belt and zipper on my jeans and pulled them down and kicked them off hurridly. Her tits were amazing, as was her little waist and full ass in her tight skirt. She reached out and slid her hand under my underwear band and grabbed hold of me with her soft cool hands making me jump a little as I leaned forward to devour her delicious boobs. My toungue flickered over her hard nipples while I desperately tried to get her whole tits in to my mouth.

Lucia pushed me away and smiled as she leaned down towards my cock now starting to drip pre-cum. “Is this what the escorts do?” she said in mock innocence as she thrust her open mouth down onto my hard shaft swallowing me whole. I groaned and thrust against her grabbing her hair and throwing my head back in ecstacy.

“fuck, fuck!” I groaned, while she pulled back a little and swirled her tongue along the underside of my cock. She looked up at me and we met gazes as my senses came back to me while she slowly started into a rythem of sucking and stroking on my hard cock. Her smoldering brown eyes stayed on me while she expertly mouth worshipped me with an intensity no other girl had ever done. This girl really did love sucking cock!

“I want you to get on your knees in front of me and keep doing that till I cum in your mouth.” I commanded. The customer is always right, right? She obiently slid off the couch beside me and settling into a kneeling position while and leaned back against the couch cushions without breaking stride on my cock. kaçak iddaa I looked down at this young sexual force of nature bobbing up and down on my cock with a look of absolute hunger in her eyes and just let everything else in my mind slide away. It was like the whole universe collapsed into nothing but her mouth, my cock and our locked gazes.

After all too brief of a time I leaned forward a bit, grabbed one of her tits and the back of her head and groaned as I shot a huge load of cum into her mouth.

“Fuuuuck…!!” I managed to grunt. While she obiently let my cum explode into the back of her mouth and down her throat. After I relaxed she didn’t immediately pull my cock out like most girls would but just slowly continued sucking a little more gently and slowly for about a couple minutes, a little excess cum dribbling out of the corners of her mouth while my cock soaked up her mouth love.

She eventually let me cock slip out of her mouth, kissed it up and down the shaft a few time and stood up in front of me.

“Well, how was that?” she asked with a little smile.

“Amazing Lucia! You really could charge more than $300 for a session if you do that for everyone!” She smiled and winked at me and sat beside me casually rubbing my inner thigh and balls. “So are mutliple shots on goal included in you price?” I asked.

“Haha, what’s that?” she asked.

“Can we go again since it hasn’t been an hour yet? Or will it be one cum per visit?” I explained.

“Oh, well what did you have in mind?” She asked.

“Well, I have some condoms, how about a fuck?”

“Hmm, well, I suppose, can you get hard again?”

“I sure as hell will try!” I exclaimed and pulled her close for a kiss. Her body would have been enticing enough on it’s own to get me hard again but she was also an amazing kisser and that made it no problem at all for my shaft to grown once more. I pulled out a condom and slipped it on hurridly.

“I want you to ride me reverse…” I said urgently pulling her to standing to take off her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties and her stockings were the thigh high kind that drove me crazy, perfect! I thought. I sat back down and turned her around while I scooted my self to the edge of the couch with my legs spread. She sat down on my cock with her legs together and she slid my cock into her wet hole. She was obviously turned on by this whole thing.

“Swirl your hips around and up and down.” I commended. She put her hands on my knees and squatted with her ass hovering above my lap and gyrated my cock around inside her cunt. There was a dresser opposite the couch and I could see Lucia’s front in it’s mirror, her eyes closed, biting her bottom lip and full heavy tits swaying back and forth and her hips jacked my cock inside her.

Again I allowed myself to just relax and enjoy the sensations as she worked at my cock, feeling kaçak bahis her tight cunt muscles squeeze and relax on my shaft and watching her nice round ass bobbing up and down, side to side on my lap. I reached forward and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart to watch my cock sliding around inside her cunt and see her asshole clench and unclench with her pussy gripping. The gripping felt like a hand jerking me, and her with pussy lips sliding up and down my cock almost felt as good as her mouth did and after 10 minutes or so I felt by balls tightening.

“Fuck me harder!” I said hoarsely and she sat down hard on my cock, driving it deep into her pussy while leaning back slightly and grinding my deeply back and forth while reaching down with one hard to gently stroke and pull on my balls. I sat up and reached around with one arm to grab her tits and up to mouth with the other hand. She immediately took my middle and index finger into her mouth with as much passion and urgency as she did my cock earlier, wetly licking and sucking them, holding my hand with her free one, rubing it like a cock shaft.

My cum came after a torturously long delicious build up, my hand holding her tits squeezing hard, my fingers in her mouth pushing back to her throat and my hips driving my cock as deep as I could get it into her hot tight fuck hole. She whimpered a little scream in surprise (and I think delight) as my body tensed and completely possessed Lucia. My entire being tried to enter into Lucia and fill her with my filthy lust and primal animal need. Her body was mine in that moment, solely for the prupose of slacking my physical desires, and I shouted out a roar of triumph as the long build towards climax finally broke in a way of relief and sheer pleasure.

After coming to my senses, I realized I may have crossed a line and sheepishly let go and removed my fingers from her mouth. She drew a ragged breath and coughed a little and lay aginast my chest for a moment and then slowly stood up and away, letting my spent cock slide out with a little splat against my stomach. She turned around slowly, and looked at me in the eye and let a wide smile spread across her face.

“Well, someone went a little cum crazy there!” she laughed and sank down beside me and leaned in for a long kiss.

“I didn’t hurt you or anything did I?” I asked hurriedly.

“Not at all hun!” She replied. “That was as good for me as it was for you!”

I laughed and said I doubted it, and we argued a bit as to who had the biggest orgasm. All too quickly she excused herself to clean up in the bathroom and regrettably emerged a few minutes later reclothed and headed for the door. I handed her an envelope I had prepared in advance, and walked with her to the door.

“I almost forgot about this!” She laughed. “I almost feel bad taking it I had such a good time!”

“Oh you deserve it!” I insisted and leaned in greedily for one last kiss. “Are you going to do any more escorting?”

“Depends on the customers who call me!” She replied with a wink, and with one last hug slipped out the door….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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