Memorial Night Pool Fun

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Mark and I started off the evening looking at some hot pictures I had found on the internet. He knew how much I loved having him cum on my face, so there were plenty of those. There were also some spanking pictures, which he knew was my weakness. We stared at them one by one, each one making us hotter.

“Mark. Let’s go swimming in my pool,” I suggested. It was late at night, and I knew no one would see us, as I have a privacy fence.

“Sounds good, Liz!” he responded with a smile.

I quickly changed, deciding on only a short beach cover-up, made us some drinks, and we headed out to the pool. We sat in the lounge chairs at first, talking about the pictures and how turned on we were. He had not brought any swim trunks with him, so I suggested he take off his clothes and wear only his boxers. He obliged, as we continued talking and drinking. He was sitting on the side of my chair and I noticed the tent in his boxers as I reached out to touch him there. He moaned as I slowly rubbed through his shorts.

“Let’s jump in the pool. Someone may see us out here,” he whispered.

Ok, but you need to take those boxers off first,” I laughed.

He was hesitant at first, but when I finally talked him into it, telling him just to stay in the pool if someone came out, he obliged. He dove in, as I slipped off my cover-up and jumped in right after him, gasping as I felt the chill of the water. Our bodies quickly got used to the water temperature, and we commented on how nice and free it felt to swim naked.

I swam up to the jets and moved my pussy right over them. God, it felt so good, feeling the vibrations dance on my clit. He must have seen what I was doing under water, because he came up right next to me and asked how it felt.

“Oh my God, Mark. This feels so good!” ataşehir escort I moaned. He inched closer and slowly kissed my lips, as I reached down to squeeze his cock. We moaned into each other’s mouths as our hands explored each other more. He slipped my breasts out of my top and started playing with my nipples, as I started slowly stroking him under water. He lowered his head to gently bite one of my nipples, as I felt his fingers start to caress my pussy. “Mmmmmmmm baby, that’s it,” I gasped. I put my arms around his neck and pressed against his body, feeling my nipples burning on his chest and his hardness pushing into my crotch. We moved with the water as our passion built higher.

“Liz, I want you to lie on the float,” he said, as he pulled a float to us. I straddled the float and he pushed it up against the pool ladder.

“Reach back and grab the handles,” he instructed. I obeyed.

“Good girl, now spread your legs for me,” he whispered. God, I loved how he gave me instructions. I spread my thighs open and he pulled them the rest of the way apart and lowered his head inches above my pussy. He pushed my bottoms to the side with one hand while rubbing my clit with the other. He stared into my eyes as I moaned loudly.

“Does that feel good, Liz?” he asked, as he continued fingering my slit.

“Yessssss! Please don’t stop!” I begged. Just then, he lowered his head the rest of the way down and started slowly licking my clit.

“Mmmmm baby, just like that,” I gasped, as I thrust my pussy harder onto his mouth, without totally letting go of the ladder handles. I felt a finger enter my hole, then two fingers, as he continued moving his tongue in little circles. I clamped down on his finger as he moaned into my pussy, the vibrations making me crazy! kadıköy escort I felt his fingers moving in and out of my hole, first the two, and then he added another. He finger-fucked me faster and faster, and I cried out as I felt him suck hard on my clit.

“Oh God…please don’t stop…I’m almost there!” I cried, as I felt myself building up.

“Cum for me, sweetie! Right on my tongue and fingers,” he ordered, as his fingers sped in and out of my cunt. He nibbled my clit while sucking it in, and that sent me over the edge!

“Mmmmmmmmmm…..I’m cumming now!” I screamed, as I felt my pussy contract hard around his fingers. He continued slowly licking my clit and fingering me until my pussy finally stopped pulsating. He moved up and bent down to kiss me, as I slowly licked my juices from his lips and sucked his tongue into my mouth, tasting myself.

I slipped off the float and told him to lay on it. He lay back on it while I took his cock between both hands and started rubbing slowly up and down, watching him grow harder, feeling the warmth. I took one hand and gently massaged his balls while staring into his eyes, watching his reaction.

“Oh baby, please kiss it,” he begged, as I bent down and gently kissed his head, teasing him. I flicked it with my tongue while rubbing him, getting it nice and wet before sliding my mouth over him. He moaned as I slowly sucked his shaft, caressing it with my warm mouth while letting more and more of him inside. He grabbed my head and pressed down, knowing how much I loved him doing that to me.

“Don’t close your eyes. Watch me suck you, baby,” I said, as I pulled him out. I bent down and took each ball into my mouth, feeling them tighten inside, while stroking him. I replaced my mouth with my fingers, because I wanted bostancı escort bayan to feel his thick cock inside me once again. He watched me take it deeply…every inch inside me, stretching my mouth. I started sucking it hard, feeling him dance in my mouth, as some of his sweet liquid dripped down my throat. I moaned against it while staring him in the eyes. I slipped my pinky into my mouth to get it nice and wet, and then started rubbing it right on his asshole. I sucked his cock harder as I slowly inserted just a little of my pinky into his ass.

“Oh yeah! Keep going baby…don’t stop!” he gasped, as I let just a little more of my pinky slide into his hole. Mmmmmmm it was so tight and warm. I slowly fingered him…letting my finger slide in and almost out, while twisting my head side to side, making sure his cock could feel every inch of my mouth.

“I’m almost there, baby. Get ready for it!” he moaned, as he shoved himself inside me as deep as he could go. He was fully inside my mouth, my finger fucking his ass, rubbing that special place just inside, while staring into his eyes. Yes, he was on the edge. In and out I moved my finger and mouth, begging him to cum.

“Give it to me now! Shoot it down my throat!” I begged, as he tightened his ass, squeezing my pinky. That caused a little orgasm to start as I gasped and moaned on his hot cock, letting him fuck my mouth. He knew I was waiting for it… craving it. I wanted him to cum like never before. He was buried in the back of my throat, as I felt the first stream of his hot cum shoot down my throat.

“Mmmmmmmm…stick out your tongue and swallow it all,” he stammered, as I held my pinky still in his ass and stroked him with the other. I pulled back and opened my mouth, as he shot another stream against my tongue. I slowly swallowed as he gave me some more, across my lips and teeth. I cleaned him with my tongue, as I wanted every drop. I had never seen him cum this much and I was loving it. He knew how thirsty I was.

I’m thirsty now…I wish he could feed me every day…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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