Mmmmhhh…Raas Malai

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Jaz felt hot on the dance floor and glanced across at the young Sikh girl. She was still looking at him; not in too obvious a manner, but he could tell that she was interested. My God … he was sure that his wife had told him that she was only nineteen!

The asian girl was edging slowly towards him through the crowded dance floor. She tried to make it look casual of course and this made him smile. Sukhjeet returned the smile … a fine sheen of perspiration on her forehead. Jaz remembered that she had hardly been off the dance floor since the music began and he was impressed with her stamina. For a moment they were dancing together; her emerald lengha twirling with her movements and Jaz could feel the heat from her young body when her actions brought them into brief contact.

Jaz could not help but notice how low-cut the top part of her lengha was; and she was making sure that he got a good eye-full of her heaving young tits within the tight embroided bodice!! Bloody hell … she was pretty advanced for a nineteen year old!!

He remembered when he had last seen her in Wolverhampton with her friends. She had been wearingt combat pants and a tight jungle top over a black wonda bra … not that she needed any help in that department!! In addition she was wearing full make-up!! He would have been surprised if even her own parents would have recognised her in that gear. Even he had to do a double-take when he walked straight past her. Sukhjeet had not noticed him because she was too busy having a laugh with one of the females that were with her at the time. As he walked past, he was sure that he caught the unmistakable whiff of alcohol on her breath … and even he was shocked!!

Jaz caught the same smell again and glanced down. It was then that he saw the large glass of Bacardi and coke in her left hand which she tried to secrete behind the folds of her silk lengha. Sukhjeet giggled when she saw what he was looking at and manoeuvred him between her and the rest of the dance crowd. When she was satisfied that no one else could see what she was doing; she knocked back the rest of the drink and gave him a sly wink.

Jaz grabbed Sukhi by the wrist and took the glass out of her hand. She gave him her pure and innocent look … eyes and mouth wide open; her moist young tongue lolling suggestively behind her fine white teeth. He could feel the heat from her again; it was coming through his grasp of her slender wrist. As they locked eyes with each other, he could feel her pulse … hot and urgent through the surface of her flesh. Her eyes were a rich chest-nut brown colour, the same colour as his, and he could feel her trying to stand up to his dark gaze. The young girl’s resiliance was starting to have an effect on him.

Jaz could feel himself getting a HARD ON! It was growing steadily within the confines of his tight olive coloured trousers as he stared at the young Sikh girl. His dick was getting hot and hard looking at her. Now it was Sukhi’s turn to drop her gaze and he could feel her eyes centre on his crotch. Jaz saw her eyebrows go up in suprise as she saw the outline of his expanding cock pressing against the tight ribbed material of his trousers. He could tell that she was shocked as she tried to supress a gasp … and part of him was pleased that at least he had managed to stop the teasing bitch in her sexy tracks!!

Despite the shock, Sukhijeet did not snatch her hand out of his heated grasp. All she could do for a few a few seconds was gaze at his rapidly increasing FUCK MEAT!! The sight was making her hot and it was not just the heat that was coming from his hand-hold. Finally she looked back at his knowing gaze and smiled as she pressed herself closer to his hot body.

Sukhi leaned in closer to Jaz and whispered conspiratorally:

“I don’t think you want to walk around with that … do you want me to get rid of it for you??”

The man gave her a pointed look … was she daring him?? The young girl was standing very close fethiye escort to him and the folds of her silky green lengha were in contact with the edge of his trousers. Sukhjeet returned his look with a questioning gaze. Man … this girl was too much … he wasn’t sure whether to kiss her or smack her ass!!

The smile on Sukhi’s dark pencil-lined lips spread as she sensed his indecision. She could tell he was interested … he was definitely interested!! Maybe he thought that she was too young … but she knew that he knew that she knew a lot for a nineteen year old!! Hidden behind the folds of her garment, her left hand moved towards the man’s crotch as she continued with her questioning gaze. Jaz’s grip on her wrist tightened as he felt one of her henna painted fingers graze the front of his erection.

That was it … he turned around and walked off the dance floor whilst still maintaining his grip on the young asian girl’s wrist. The crowd were too busy dancing or drinking to care about the two people. Jaz headed towards the back of the theatre, moving away from the kitchen and into the quieter staff area. He put down the girl’s empty glass on the torn copy of seventeen magazine by the tattered changing room seats. This whole area smelt of Teen Spirit and roll ons . At the rear exit of the premises Sukhjeet spotted one of the wedding coaches which appeared to be standing empty behind Barking theatre. The young girl dragged the man towards the side of vehicle where she found the hidden panel switch that operated the emergency release for the passenger door.

“Just something my cousin taught me …” she grinned as she pulled Jaz on board and closed the door behind them.

The couple headed toward the back of the empty vehicle where the side and rear curtains were already drawn due to the high temperatures throughout the earlier part of that summer day. They collapsed together onto the continous back seat and Jaz felt Sukhi’s large tits squash against his chest as the young Sikh girl fell on him.

In return, he pressed his cock against the young girl. Sukhjeet gasped as she felt the strong erection against her firm young stomach and pulled away for a moment to look at him. Jaz looked back at her faltering gaze; and it made him THROBB just looking at her. Sukhi wanted this soo much; but now she was uncertain as how to proceed.

Jaz decided for her. He told her to stand up and turn around so that he could admire the back of her and confirm that it was as good as the front. He traced the line of her back with his finger and could still see the areas of sweat from her impassioned dancing. The man desperately wanted to taste the excitement of the girl.

Jaz touched the ridged hollow of her spine with his heated tongue. Sukhi gasped at the intimate contact … she certainly did not expect this!! Whilst Jaz trailed his tongue along the young asian girl’s vertebrae, his hands busied themselves with her high slung buttocks. He had both of them in his hands and he opend and closed them gently through the material of her lengha as his tongue reached the perfumed nape of her neck. Jaz loved the rich mid-night feel of her dark shoulder length hair in his face.

His hands were growing impatient with his desire and now they were tugging the silken folds of her lengha. The action resulted in the unravelling of the lower part of the garment and the material fell away to reveal that the asian girl was wearing a black La Senza thong. The back of the garment was held together by a pearl clasp and the lingerie nestled tight between her proud young buttocks.

Sukhi could feel his hot breath on her ass as his excited fingers tugged the thong aside and parted her ass cheeks. The young asian girl dug her painted finger nails into the head rest of the seat in front of her in response to the mounting excitement.

Jaz’s excited fingers were on her buttocks again and she could feel them open her ass cheeks again. Sukhi felt very exposed in this position … but also somehow very strangely escort fethiye aroused. Suddenly his heated tongue was there in the furrow between her naked buttocks… wet and insistant as it searched for her ASS-HOLE!! Sukhjeet almost passed out when he found her tight, puckered hole. She couldn’t take it anymore … nobody had ever done this to her before … and she thought that she was sexually experienced!! Jaz tongued at her delicate little starfish while his fingers gently rubbed her slit through the lingerie.

Sukhi was so close to CUMMING… his mere touch was about to send her over the edge. She just managed to hold on until his fingers reached her THROBBING clit and squeezed it gently as his lubricated tongue pushed forcibly into her ASS-HOLE. That was sufficient to push Sukhi into her ORGASM and she gasped as she flew off her peak. Jaz could feel her CUMMING as her little muscle spasemed around his insistant tongue.

Once the tremors had died down a little, the Sikh girl was able to turn around, still gasping a little, to face the asian man who was staring at her intently. The bottom half of her lengha was lying in a puddle at her feet and she could feel his hot gaze travel down from her blushing face to her heaving bodice top and then finally down to her crotch which was snuggly encased within the black thong. Jaz thought he could make out the furrow of her PUSSY lips through the dark, damp material of her underwear.

Sukhjeet was shocked by the man’s direct action; she wanted to pay him back. She was still extremely aroused; her CUNT throbbed hotly with desire as she moved toward Jaz lounging on the back seat. Her long slender legs rippling with power and grace. When his face was close to hers she whispered:

“God … you’re a dirty bastard aren’t you??”

Jaz’s right hand was in her hair; he clenched her brown locks and replied …

“Yeah … and don’t you just love it ….”

He moved his hand down which forced the young asian girl’s head toward his crotch.

“Oh … yesssss….” she whispered

as she gazed at the outline of the man’s cock in close up through his trousers.

There was a damp spot forming at the top of the bulge in the trousers. Suddenly Sukhi’s face swooped down on his erection and her young tongue started lapping at the moisture. It tasted so goood….. she wanted some more!! .

Sukhjeet had always liked the taste a man’s pre-cum and know she was going to taste it from one of her older relatives as her henna lined fingers tugged desperately with his belt and flies. She managed to get to his white LOADED boxers … which were terribly extended to his right with the size of his ERECTION. There was more moisture here at the tip ….. seeping through the light cotton fabric. The asian girl sucked the man’s large COCK HEAD through the soft material as he leaned back in the coach seat stroking her rich, dark hair. Even in his boxers, the FUCK MEAT seemed way too BIGG for her delicate mouth.

Jaz gasped as he felt the young girl’s fingers on his heated cock as she eased it out of the confines of his boxer shorts which were now covered in the purple grey lipstick. The thick, veined organ lolled immodestly in her grasp; there was more of the pre-cum on the shiny reddish head and her eager mouth circled the glans to get more of the lubricant. Sukhi loved the salty,sticky taste of the clear ooze and she tongued his PISS SLIT to get more of the delicious nectar.

The asian girl had trouble getting the massive, shiny head into her small young mouth, initially having to settle on licking and nibbling the tip…; but she managed it eventually by stretching her jaw muscles …. and proceeded to SUCK the man to heaven.

Her right hand proceded to milk his thick veiny shaft…..pulling more of the thick gelatinous ooze out onto her playful tongue. She tugged his trousers and and boxers down with her other hand and let his hairy thighs open … good … because she wanted to get at his balls. Sukhjeet found the hot, fethiye escort bayan heavy orbs … and weighed them. My god!!….they were full!! She could almost feel all that thick, creamy love milk sloshing around like yoghurt inside!!!

Suddenly she felt hungry. Sukhi hadn’t eaten yet and she was almost certain that the wedding guests would be tucking into the RAAS MALAI by now. She loved RAAS MALAI and at home she always sprinkled some salt on it to get that SAVOURY flavour that she liked soo much. Sukhjeet loved the taste if that LUMPY, creamy MILK product as it slid down her throat.

The young Sikh girl giggled. She wondered how she could find a suitable substitute in the narrow confines of this vehicle as the shadow of his cock loomed over her face. Her hot lips went to the rigid column of his love truncheon. Sukhi could taste the tangy sweetness of his STIFF flesh against her curious tongue, the hollows and ridges of his LUND made her head swim.

She could feel her own excitement rising with his own. Sukhi had to press her thighs together to give some relief to her THROBBING clit and her GASPING phuddhi (pussy). Her right hand went back to his FUCK MEAT, and her perfectly manicured fingers proceeded moving the skin back and forth.

Jaz could feel the pressure building up in his TATTE (nuts) as the girl made a determined effort to TOSS him OFF. The married man suddenly realised what she wanted to do and rose up. Like most men he wanted to prolong his pleasure, he tried to struggle out of her grasp but she was not having any of it. Now she was in control – and they were gonna do it HER WAY.

. The girl knew that he wanted to FUCK but there wasn’t time for that. The driver could come back any minute and she knew that neither of them could afford to be caught with their pants down. Like most guys, he wanted to have his cake and eat it; but sometimes short and fast was just as good as a long and languid FUCKING. Their eyes locked in their battle of wills and this time the girl won. The musky odour of their heated bodies rose up as a perfume between them in the failing light.

Sukhjeet did something which she had seen done in one of her brother’s porn videos. She had loads of saliva and pre-cum in her mouth from her SUCKING. She let it bubble out of her dark painted lips. It looked just like spunk as she let some dribble out of her mouth. At the same time Sukhi narrowed her eyes with a dark longing that just said….


This was too much for Jaz. That look of yearning in her almost innocent eyes, her firm moist tongue coming out to retrieve the spunky looking mixture of spit and pre-cum and letting it bubble out between her lips again. Then there was the urgent way her henna painted hand returned to his MEAT and began tugging at the column of flesh again. She was determined to make him SHOOT his load and Jaz could only groan in response as his self-control melted

His hot hungry gaze met hers again and suddenly it was too late. He could feel a tidal wave of pressure moving up from his balls, up the rigid shaft through to the massive, throbbing head. He had just enough time to direct his jerking LUND at her half angel/ half she-devil face before he ERUPTED his load.

SPURT…. SPURTT….. SSPPURTTTT….. as the middle aged asian guy started to CUM.

The first thick rope jetted across the bridge of Sukhi’s nose. He managed to direct the second to her open mouth where it splattered across the pink, juicy flesh of her tongue and sizzled her taste buds. The third landed in the beautiful sheen of her hair. Jaz felt his legs go weak.

He pushed her hand out of the way and WANKED his COCK and further SPURTS splashed out on her cheeks and in the hollow of her collar bone. Jaz could barely stand and had to clutch the top of the nearest seat for support. It was always like this when he had an INTENSE ORGASM…sometimes it felt like the CUMM was being pulled out of the very soul of him.

Finally his hand dropped from his shaft and Jaz could only look on weakly as Sukhjeet pulled the last dribbles of CUMM out of his cock and into her yearning mouth.

“MMMMMHHH…tastes just like RAAS MALAI she said and winked up at the exhausted face of her lover Jaz.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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