Money Buys Happiness Ch. 02

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As he told each of them, he came back in an hour. None of the women wanted to cooperate at all. The hours grew into the night and Marek said goodnight to them and went upstairs to sleep. The next morning he awoke with a massive erection that made his eleven inch cock seem to be bigger. It seemed even fatter than the four inches it was thick. He decided to have some alone time with his property.

He went downstairs and walked by the cells while rubbing his prick. He turned on the light in Eve’s room and watched as the brunette struggled to sit up from the bed. He smiled and entered. “So you’re the first one up?” he said shoving her in the middle of the back causing her to fall bent over the cot. He yanked his pants to his ankles and stepped up behind her. She began screaming, but the gag kept them muffled. Marek worked off Eve’s shorts panties and slid his massive length up and down her ass crack.

“Feels huge doesn’t it?” he said stopping his cock at her pussy. He sighed as he slipped into her tightness a few inches. “Oh, yeah!” he said sliding the rest of his mammoth cock into her cunt. He began punding her harded and harder not caring about the muffled screams. He felt his cock twitch and unload a torrent of cum into her snatch. “That’s a nice way to start the morning.” he said walking out of the cell.

He felt great after that and wanted more fun. After all, they were his forever. Marek decided not to put his clothes back on as he went after another piece of ass. He had always wanted to fuck a Russian which is why he picked Ivanna anyway. He opened the door to her cell after turning on her light. Ivanna was laying on her back with her arms under her.

Her eyes bulged when she saw him and that he was sporting an immense boner. “oh. Yeah, this is for you.” he said grabbing his dick. He walked toward her amused that she was trying to back up. He grabbed her roughly and flipped her over. He tore her bra and panties off and marveled at her naked form. He gently stroked her ass cheeks causing her to shudder. He stepped in behind her and began penetrating her tight pussy with massive strokes. He slapped her ass a few times before cumming into another pussy in twenty minutes since awakening.

He needed rest and he went back upstairs. During his break he decided to pop a Viagara so he could fuck all day long. He wanted these women to understand that there was in fact no hope for escape. He also decided to see how cooperative the rest were going to be. Maybe one would agree to be released and then he could start the real training. They had to be willing to give themselves up before continuing on.

He also knew that the girls he hadn’t fucked yet didn’t know that he wanted to fuck them. That would be an advantage. He ate a quick bite for lunch and then went back downstairs. He knew that the pill would begin working soon. He walked up and down the aisle looking for his next lay. He bursa escort stopped and entered Holly’s cell.

Marek walked over and sat on the bed next to her. She flinched when he began rubbing her legs. “Now I am only going to ask you this once. Do you give yourself to me?” Holly shook her head violently. Marek smiled and stood up with his erection. He grabbed her roughly and bent her over the cot. He slapped her ass a few times smirking at the pink welts that formed. He forcefully spread her ass cheeks apart and admired her brown eye. “Oh, a nice tight asshole ready for me to fuck.” he said pressing his cock to her sphincter. He ignored the mumbles of pain as he fed all eleven inches into her asshole. He began pounding furiously while grabbing her tiny hips. He continued to blast away and soon felt that surge just before he came. He pulled out of her now gaping asshole and spun her around. He jerked himself off gasping as he unloaded his cum all over her face.

He left her there with his cum dripping down her face and feeling humiliated. Marek walked back out and decided to set up a trap. He walked to Keisha’s room and shook her to her feet. He dragged her out of the cell and brought her to her sister’s cell. He turned on the light to Kendra’s room and entered pulling Keisha with him.

He grabbed Kendra by the throat and asked if she would give herself to him. When she refused, he took off her blindfold. She tried screaming when she saw him naked and then tried even harder when she saw her baby sister tied and gagged. “Now I’ve got your attention.. Say you’re mine or she will be hurt.”

He saw tears in her eyes as Kendra shook her head. “No?” Marek said as he slapped Keisha hard in the face. Kendra screamed at the sound of his hand smacking her face. “Still No?” he said yanking Keisha’a panties off. He began rubbing his cock along her ass crack making Kendra freak. She began trying to kick him. Marek laughed at her as he slammed deep into the eighteen year old black girl’s pussy. He thrusted a few times and pulled out. He wiped Keisha’s juices along her own face. Kendra’s cries were becoming louder. He walked back behind Keisha and stuffed his huge cock back into her cunt. She cried out as well when Marek began fingering her asshole. He could tell that she had never been ass-fucked and that he would split her in two.

“My she has a nice ass. Maybe I will fuck it right in front of you. You can stop me by giving in. Marek began to move towards Keisha when he saw Kendra’s body relax in defeat. She began nodding her head up and down. Marek stopped and removed the gag. “I’ll do it!” she screamed. He shoved the gag back in and smiled. He snatched Keisha by the hair and dragged her back to her cell.

He walked Kendra out of the prison and into the large fuck area he had made. Her gag was still in place as well as the bonds holding her hands. “Now this is where you will live. If you try bursa escort bayan anything I will kill your sister.” he said removing the gag, but keeping her hands tied. He left her and went back into the prison.

Marek now had one of the twelve. He wanted it to be so easy. Yet he had to be alert with the ones who complied and would be set loose into the large room. They could possibly be set loose and then attack him when he came in. It would be very hard to hear him coming since the door opened silently, but they could just be waiting to physically assault him when he did walk through.

His momentary lapse in to the what-ifs made him angry. He wouldn’t allow them to do anything of the sort. His anger sent a desire to fuck coursing throughout his body. He walked into a cell not caring or remembering who was behind it. Jen was facing the doorway looking at him. He smiled while stroking his meaty cock. The flash of terror flashed in her eyes as he moved forward.

“If you don’t agree then I’ll just have to let you die down here.” He said grabbing her roughly by the hair. “But I am going to fuck you all the time until you do.” He continued. He grabbed her by the throat and held her down. He reached down and forced her small thighs apart and placed his cock to her pussy. He slammed balls-deep in one thrust and started jack hammering Jen. His force was causing her head to bounce off of the wall. Her pussy was tight and he soon felt the cum building up in his balls. With a few powerful thrusts he emptied his load into her snatch.

“I’ll be back.” he said leaving Jen to sob alone.

Marek was beginning to get tired and reminded himself that he had a large quantity of weed locked away in his safe. He went upstairs and found a nice fat bag and grabbed his pipe. Kendra glared at him from the back corner of the large room. He smiled to her and waved relishing the hatred in her eyes. He went into the prison and packed a little of the weed. He walked into the first cell and was going to try a new technique.

The smoke from the weed filled the cell and Marek swung his arms clearing the air to stare at Sky. He stood there silent for a moment. With a sudden rush he started ferociously slapping her head and face. Still not speaking, he continued to slap and humiliate her. When he was winded he took the gag from her mouth and dropped it on the floor. Her crying carried to his ears and he shook his head. He hated striking women. He had never, to that moment before they arrived, did he even think of hitting a woman.

“Do you agree to be my slave?” he asked after steeling himself.

“No!” she screamed. Instead of hitting her he stood up.

“Then you will die in here.” he said calmly and left.

Outside, Marek took a couple of hits and went into the next cell. It was Ivy’s. Marek had forgotten about the young punk chick. He studied her for a moment and realized that she didn’t escort bursa seem to be startled by his huge muscles and his monstrous cock. She was sitting up against the wall on her cot with her knees pulled up to her chest. She had somehow managed to remove the blindfold. He closed the door and hit the pipe a few times.

Marek was aware that she didn’t flinch when he sat on the end of the cot. “Do you agree to be my sex slave?” he asked knowing the answer. Marek almost fainted when Ivy began nodding her head vigorously. He was silent for a minute studying her.

“I am going to remove your restraints and I want you to prove that you agree.” he said taking the gag from her mouth. He told her to roll over so he could undo her hand restraints. “Remember that I can break your neck in a split second.” he warned her.

Ivy remained still allowing him to release her hands. “I promise to do whatever you wish.” she said struggling to breathe.

“I know. Now I want you to prove it.” he said standing up with his mammoth cock standing erect. “Now, suck my cock.” Grabbing his shaft he wiggled it at her. Ivy dropped to her knees and gripped the biggest prick she had ever seen. “That’s it.” Marek said grabbing the back of her head and forcing half of his length down her throat. She took it better than he anticipated and began relaxing as she licked and sucked his shaft like a true porn star.

When he was close to cumming he gripped her head and began fucking her pretty eighteen year old mouth. He exploded into her throat causing her to gag. He kept her head still saying, “Swallow it all!” She managed to do it and sat back on her ass looking at him lustfully which took him by surprise. Oh, did you like that?”

“Yes, sir!” she replied grinning. He reached down and grabbed her chin. “I think you are going to do just fine here.” Marek said pulling her to her feet. He marched her down the hall warning her not to try anything when she was in the other room. Marek let her go and turned back into the prison.

Taking a few more hits, he felt relief that at least one understood the severity of their situation. He walked to Kim’s cell and turned on the light. She was laying on the floor trying to work the bonds off of her hands. He smiled thinking of using the same techniques that he used on Kendra. He went to Kelly’s cell and turned on the light. She seemed to be sleeping.

Turning back he staring at the two sister’s side by side, he walked to Kim’s cell. He entered and grabbed Kim roughly. He yanked off the blindfold and watched as her eyes grew wide. “Your sister is in the next room and I am going to rape and then kill her. I am going to leave the light on so you can watch. All you have to do is agree to obey me for the rest of your life.” he said ripping the gag from her mouth. She screamed and was slapped hard in the mouth causing her to cry. “Fine, I’ll just go visit Kelly.” he said turning to go.

“No, wait! Kim cried between sobs. “I’ll do it, but please don’t hurt her. Please?” she continued. Marek thought for a second. “I don’t believe you.” he replied.

“Please, I’ll do anything!” she wailed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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