Motorcycle Escapades

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It was late August. Even with the sun directly overhead, at this altitude the days can still be chilly. Like a heavenly light the sun’s rays shone through the aspen trees giving Carol a warm glow. With her back to Steve she walked on ahead. The fresh cool scent of evergreen trees clash with the sharp and dusty smell of the aspens. Her feet crunch on the leaves that had already fallen. The gurgling water of the brook hide the fact that they are only a few hundred feet from the highway.

She had left her jacket back at the bike. She was wearing a white full sleeved pink T shirt, jeans, and black leather chaps. Her strawberry blonde hair bounced playfully across her shoulders.

Stopping she turned. She knew he was staring. He always had.

She could never understood why. To her she was always a few too many pounds over weight.

’38 and overweight.’ she whispered to herself. The corners of her mouth lifting slightly.

She looked back at him. They had met a little over a year ago. They were both recovering divorcee’s. Her’s was three years ago.

It was obvious from the moment Steve opened the door, something was going to happen. It was In the way he looked at her. Like he was now.

That look ignited a fire that burned as hot as coal. Carol had not felt that way in a long time.

She would do anything for him. ‘Anything.’ ran through her mind.

There day had started hours ago. Firing up the Harley and heading deep into the mountains. The bike always brought out intense feelings. A closeness, as she wrapped her arms tightly around Steve’s chiseled chest. And the vibrations from the motor she could feel between her legs.

Just past a small concrete bridge Steve pulled the Harley off to the side. Extending the kickstand. Steve held the bike as Carol stepped off. Steve went next.

The mountain brook which cascaded under the bridge was crystal clear and knowing that it was glacier fed, must be extremely cold. Small brook trout darted behind rocks as they approached.

“Let’s stretch our legs with a hike.” Carol suggested.

A path fit more for animals than humans meandered up wards disappearing into through the forest.

Steve pointed, “Lead the way.”

The green canvas of the forest, speckled with a rainbow of colors from the wild flowers which surrounded them. Momentarily stopping for a deep breath of mountain air.

Carol turned. “This may sound crazy but… you know what has always been on my bucket list. At least since I met you?”

It took Steve a moment to process before replying. “Hmmm do I dare ask what?”

Taking in a deep breath, “I’ve always wanted to ride naked on the back of a motorcycle.” she breathed out.

Whether it was the thin mountain air, the hiking uphill, or Carol’s comment, but Steve bent over and half coughed/choked at that very second.

Carol spoke again. “You do think I’m crazy, don’t you?”

Raising his hand he held up one finger. He swallowed escort kartal before saying. “You caught me by surprise is all. And no, I don’t think you are crazy. As a matter of fact I like the way you think.”

Seeing the bulge grow in his pants she could tell it excited him.

“Well there’s no time like now. Better do it while I have the courage.” Pulling her top off and throwing it to him.

Instantly goose bumps covered Carol’s skin. Her nipples contracted.

“Damn.” Steve was hopelessly lost staring at Carol’s beautiful orbs.

Carol walked past him back down the trail. “Well c’mon then.”

Like the rats following the pied piper he went. ‘Hopefully not to my death.’ he smiled.

A hundred feet from where the bike was parked stood an old growth blue spruce. It was there that Carol stopped.

“How far do you thin kit is to the next rest area?” she asked.

“Well, roughly… 6-8 miles. You nervous?”

“Hell yes I’m nervous. What if someone sees us? Me?”

“To hell with them. It excites me just thinking that someone would see us.” She could see the fire in his sky blue eyes.

Carol smiled, her confidence building. “Let’s do this.”

Kicking off her boots, next came the socks before unbuckling her chaps and pants. Steve’s gaze never wavering. She folded and picked them up depositing them in Steve’s outstretched arms.

“Here goes nothing.” hooking her thumbs around the black leather panties off they came placing them onto the pile.

Like a groom seeing his bride for the first time, Steve breath was taken away.

“Go start up the bike.” she chuckled nervously. “Hurry. I’m getting cold.”

Steve hustled down to the bike quickly packing the saddle bags. His eye’s on the road.

Hearing the engine rumble to life Carol peeked around the tree and Steve gave her the thumbs up. Her breasts bounced as she hurried toward him. Her wisp of strawberry blonde hair pointing to her slit.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” he could hear here saying as she approached the bike.

Carol straddled the narrow leather seat which rolled partially over the full back fender.

‘Oh to be that seat.’ Steve envisioned her pussy lips stretching out across the leather seat.

Settling in, she wrapped her arms around Steve’s waist grabbing first the bulge in his pants.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying this.” she whispered in his ear. Her fingers moved to the straps that help his chaps on.

With a twist of the throttle the bike rumbled onto the pavement.

He chuckled to himself. ‘I wonder how long it will take her to realize it’s further than 8 miles. More like 25.’

Their bodies leaned as one into each turn. Carol hugged him tight the cool mountain air nipping at her back.

Coming over a slight rise the trees gave way and Carol looked out over Longs Peak.

‘So clear it looked photoshopped.’ she thought.

Carol heart beat wildly maltepe escort in her chest, a shiver ran up her spine. ‘Man, this is exciting.’

Through another set of tight hairpin curves they came to a long straight stretch of open road. Leaning forward she asked, “Haven’t we gone eight miles yet?”

He turned his head slightly not wanting to take his eyes off the road. “Just a little further.”

Up ahead Steve could see an approaching vehicle.

Zoom. It passed quickly. Soon another. Again zoom.

Up ahead breaking tail lights came into view. It was an SUV. Steve slowed staying back a few hundred feet.

“Well? What do you think?” Steve prodded. “Wanna make this guys day?”

Carol pressed in close. “Huh?”

“How would you like to flash this guy?”

“Are you crazy?”

“Well it is on my bucket list.” He laughed.

“What if its a family!”

To calm her Steve said, “It isn’t. It’s fisherman. Look at the pole sticking out the back window.”

Steve waited for her to answer.

“Oh, what the hell.” Carol relented. “What do you want me to do?”

“Just lean back as I pass him. Grab hold of the tail light bracket.”

With one hand Carol reached back finding the bracket.

Shaking her head she gave in. “Make it quick.”

“As you wish.” Steve smiled, rolling on the throttle.

Carol’s legs clamped tightly to Steve’s hips as she leaned back. Cold air rushed across her bare breasts as her rock hard nipples pointed skyward.

Pulling up alongside, the driver, a young guy in his thirties, glanced over. Steve nodded his head. The driver nodded back. Then his mouth dropped open. Steve knew he had just caught sight of Carol in all her glory.

Steve gunned the Harley leaving the driver staring at nothing but Carol’s 36″ 26″ 38″ bare frame to look at.

“I think we should make that a daily bucket list.” declared Steve.

“Mmm you liked that did you?”

“Didn’t you?”

“Besides you, it’s the best thing I’ve had between my legs.”

A small dirt road veered off to the left. Steve slowed. Turning he drove just past the cattle guard where a metal gate blocked the road. Steve stopped.


“Lucky for us I know the ranger.” Handing Carol a key. “Mind getting the gate?”

Carol didn’t realize how wet she had gotten until she got off the bike. Her excitement in riding naked covered the seat.

Steve watched her gorgeous ass walked over to unlock and push open the gate.

Careful not to kick up gravel, Steve moved the bike forward.

Closing and locking the gate Carol returned to the bike.

“How much further?” she asked. “I need your cock.”

“Soon baby very soon.” Another mile up the road brought them to a parking area near a clear mountain lake.

“We have this whole place to ourselves.” Steve commented.

Opening a saddle bag Carol said, “Well then we better not waste it.”

Reaching pendik escort bayan in she pulled out her chaps, buckling them around her waist. Grabbing his hand she pulled him towards the water.

There was a grassy spot along the shore where the bullrushes burst through the quiet water of the lake.

Carol’s hands drove up through his T-shirt. Steve lifted his arms allowing Carol to lift it off his head. Running her hands over his chiseled chest she leaned in to suckle his nipples.

As she licked and sucked her fingers went to his silver belt buckle. She tugged it loose. Her fingers now manipulating each button of his jeans.

“Mmmm, come to mama.” she called as Steve’s throbbing hard-on was released.

Dropping to her knees she simultaneously removed his boots and pants while her outstretched tongue worshiped her prize.

“I want you in me.” she cooed. Quickly sucking his manhood deep into her mouth.

Holding it only long enough for him to catch his breath before releasing it.

She looked up at him licking her lips.

“Fuck me.” she called to him. “Fuck me now.”

On her knees Carol turned to face the lake dropping her hands to the ground.

Steve took his position behind her. His large strong fingers gently rubbing the inside of her thighs. Spreading them wider.

Juice ran down her legs. He knew she was ready.

Holding her pussy lips apart he entered. First the helmet shaped head, stretching her hot wet tunnel. His hands moved, caressing her firm butt.

Over her hips his hands went until he was holding her waist. Pulling her back as he pushed his hips forward, slamming his hips tight against her ass. Her whole body shook. He held it deep inside her.

Following her ribcage, his hands moved up over her shoulders. He slowly back stroked leaving only the head inside. Carol moaned. More of a howl than a moan but it set Steve in motion.

Slapping his hips into Carol with abandon.

“Ooo fuck me.” she sang.

“Uh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Her breasts undulated with each thumping rhythm.

Her back arched. He was hoping she was close. He knew he was. His hands returned to her waist.

With a final jolt he called out something guttural that sounded like. “Ooooohhh Ccccccaarrrollll.”

His body shuddered as wave after wave of cum pumped inside her.

As his cock emptied she called back her body trembling as the orgasm engulfed her. She howled again.

My cock stayed locked inside her until she finally collapsed in exhaustion.

After a short lull, Steve removed his dwindling juice covered cock and lay down facing Carol.

“Hey babe.” he whispered. “wanna clean up?”

Lifting her head, “Where?” she asked.

“C’mon, I’ll show you.”

Helping her to her feet he removed her chaps. They walked over to the side of the lake.

“Oh no, no, no. Looks cold.” she shivered just seconds before he pushed her in.


Carol shot out of the water. “Aaaaaaaa shit! This is freezing.” she sputtered hurrying to get out.


Steve jumped in beside her.

Coming out of the water he was laughing. “Nothing like glacier fed water after sex.”

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