My Boss

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I stepped out of my car early on a Friday morning and stood looking around the parking lot, watching the other employees of Smith Inc. winding their way towards the boring gray building. Today was “The Day”. I was going to put all of my effort into seducing my boss, Mr. Olson. I’d been his secretary for almost 2 years and we still called each other Mr. Olson and Miss Bennett. I knew that the other employees called us ‘The Stiff and the Slut’. And I probably was a slut. Beautiful, with long red hair and green eyes, perfect skin, huge breasts… And I dressed to accentuate my features, not to hide them. And I loved sex. I wasn’t a nympho, I wasn’t addicted or neurotic. I just loved the feel of a big cock in my cunt, in my mouth, in my ass, between my breasts, in my hand… Occasionally one of the cattier women at work, jealous of my good looks, would make a comment about how they couldn’t understand why Mr. Olson didn’t fire me or transfer me or something. How could a cold fish like that tolerate an almost indecently clad woman running around his office? Actually, I wasn’t that indecently clad. It was a business after all and I didn’t want to get fired. But the typical short skirt suits just looked more revealing on my curvaceous hips and large breasts than on less shapely women. And I just had an attitude of sexuality about me that I certainly was not going to hide.

And Mr. Olson was a cold fish. Dressed in conservative business suits, always the same neat trim boring hair cut, well-modulated voice, stiff controlled movements, he was the epitome of business, control, repression. It wouldn’t have surprised anyone if someone had said that Mr. Olson hadn’t had a single thought about sex in the past ten years. In fact some people even thought he was gay, how else could a man not show some kind of response to Paige Bennet? I knew that Mr. Olson wasn’t gay. I’d met his girlfriend. (I know that isn’t exactly evidence of not being gay) She was thoroughly drab. Thin, no breasts or hips, mousy hair, shy – a librarian! I couldn’t picture the two of them kissing, let alone enjoying a passionate fuck.

So what in the world was I doing being attracted to Mr. Olson? He certainly wasn’t my type. Every other man that I had fucked had been more the hunky beefy type, a great fun date and a great lay. And let’s face it, I wasn’t just attracted to Mr. Olson, by that time I was practically obsessed. He was a challenge. He was totally different from every other man, I found his lack a sexuality totally sexy, I knew that he had to have a volcano of desire hidden somewhere within him, I wanted to break through the veneer that hid his sexuality and fuck him with every thing that I had in me.

And today I was going after him, no holds barred. All week long we had been doing this inventory/evaluation of all of our files for the past 3 years. We’d been working together in his office all week and each day my clothes got more and more revealing. And I was getting hotter and hotter! I’d had to excuse myself to the ladies room and finger fuck myself several times that week. I stepped into the ladies room near my reception area now as I went in to work. I was wearing a white shirt that was very businesslike, buttoned up to the collar, long sleeves…but is was very thin. It was easy to see the white bra that I wore beneath it, the bra was cut so low that it barely covered my nipples, in fact if you looked closely you could see a bit of my nipple sticking out of the top of each cup. I was wearing a light blue blazer over the shirt of course, no sense starting a riot as I walked to the office. I was planning on taking the blazer off as soon as I entered Mr. Olson’s office.

I also had one more trick up my sleeve. I grabbed the waist of my light blue skirt and pulled it up so that it just hid the tops of my stockings. With each step I would be revealing a little skin and the beginnings of my garters. I also wasn’t wearing any panties. I turned around and bent over in front of the mirror, the majority of my ass was revealed and from the right angle is was easy to get a glimpse of my shaved pussy lips. Perfect.

I dropped my things off at my desk and entered Mr. Olson’s office. He always got to work early and he was already bent over his desk looking through files. He barely glanced up to give me a polite “good morning, Miss Bennett.” I took off my blazer, hung it over a chair, and announced in a cheerful voice that I was “ready to get all this work done today, even if I have to stay late.” This caused Mr. Olson to look up with an approving, oh-what-a-good-secretary-I-have smile. I was smiling at him innocently, watching his eyes as they slid over my body. I have to admit that Mr. Olson wasn’t exactly oblivious to the way bahis firmaları that I looked on any given day, it’s just that it never seemed to have any effect on him. Today his eyes lingered for a few seconds on my breasts and I felt a fluttering of hope start in my bare pussy. He thanked me for my good attitude, like a good boss, and we started working.

There were two extra tables set up in Mr. Olson’s office on either side of his room. One held boxes of files and I was working at the other table. I took every possible excuse to walk back and forth between the tables, walking with a bounce in my step that would make my skirt swish back and forth and reveal more skin and make my large breasts jiggle. I also took every opportunity to lean over Mr. Olson’s desk (from the front, I didn’t want to reveal my backside too soon) and put my breasts into his view. He was certainly looking at my breasts more often today than ever before and I was almost cursing myself for not wearing a shirt that would reveal more of my bare breasts. But knowing Mr. Olson that tactic wouldn’t have worked. I comforted myself with the fact that he was paying attention to my breasts.

Awhile later I moved into phase two. I surreptitiously pulled aside one of my bra cups and allowed a delicious pink nipple to pop free. There was no need for me to tweak my nipple, it was already standing at attention, pushing against the thin fabric of my shirt. I walked over to Mr. Olson’s desk and leaned towards him, asking him a question about a file. I looked at him innocently, awaiting his decision about the file (I’d kept this file back on purpose because I knew that we would have to discuss its contents more than the others). He noticed my hard nipple almost immediately. He looked away and was silent for a few seconds, then he turned back to me and began discussing the file. His eyes went again and again to my nipple. It was turning me on so much! My nipple was aching, begging for his attention. It was all that I could do to calmly discuss the file with him, to pretend like I didn’t notice my bare nipple, didn’t notice his attention, to pretend like I was breathing normally! We finished discussing the file and I went back to my table to take care of it. Every time I went to his desk with a question his eyes were glued to my nipple, and when I walked back and forth between the tables his eyes followed me.

I was getting very excited and aroused. I knew that I should go to the ladies room and take care of myself but I didn’t want anything to decrease the powerful, overwhelming feelings that were coursing through my body and centering on my pussy and nipples. I also didn’t want to leave Mr. Olson’s sight for a moment. My agitation finally paid off in a big way. I was carrying a box of files from the file table to my desk when it slipped out of my shaky hands. (I didn’t plan this, only an idiot would purposefully drop a box of files!) The box fell and I bent over it in panic, not even thinking about the fact that I was baring my ass to Mr. Olson. I was just worried about the files since it would be hell to put them all back together. I was completely caught up in the moment, saying things like “oh my god!” and “how could I have done this?” The files were well packed and it didn’t take me long to get over my panicked reaction and notice that only about 40 files had spilled out onto the floor, it wouldn’t be impossible to reorganize them. As soon as I calmed down I realized that Mr. Olson had been silent, he hadn’t jumped up to help me like he would normally have done. At the same time I felt the sensation of air on my exposed ass. I almost straightened up immediately to cover myself, but luckily I was able to control myself and remain bent over. I didn’t want Mr. Olson to know that I realized that I was baring myself to him. When I heard Mr. Olson getting out of his chair I stood up and turned to him with real remorse on my face and in my voice. “Oh, Mr. Olson, I’m so sorry!” I cried.

“That’s all right, Miss Bennet, I know that it was an accident,” Mr. Olson said. His voice was strained, hell, he was obviously strained. The sight of my bare ass had really jarred him. I could also tell that he was conscious of the fact that he was visibly upset. I acted like I thought he was angry.

“No, Mr. Olson, I can tell that you’re angry. I really am very sorry. It won’t happen again. I’ll clean it up right away,” I said quickly, trying to sound as if I was afraid of his supposed anger.

“No, Miss Bennet, really, I’m not angry. It was just a shock seeing… seeing that box fall down. I’ll help you clean these files up,” he said reassuringly.

“Thank you, Mr. Olson. But really, I dropped them, I should clean them up myself,” I kaçak iddaa protested. I was thinking that I could spend a lot of time on my hands and knees, giving him a lovely erotic view as he sat at his desk. But he wasn’t buying it.

“No, I’ll help you. We’ll get done faster and then we can get back to work.” He knelt down and began sifting through the papers that had slid out of the fallen files.

I went down on the floor near him. I sat on my folded knees, my ass resting against the heels of my feet, that way whenever I needed to stretch to reach for more of the scattered papers I could just raise up on my hands and knees and reach for them. My ass and pussy were right in front of Mr. Olson, giving him the best possible view. My pussy had been wet but now it was mass-producing juices. I could smell them and feel them coating my thighs. I knew that Mr. Olson had to be able to see that my pussy was glistening with wetness and he had to be able to smell the pungent odor of my arousal. I behaved as if I was completely unaware. Unaware of my bare ass and pussy waving in front of Mr. Olson’s face every few minutes, unaware of my own sticky wetness, unaware of the fact that Mr. Olson was so upset that his hands were shaking as he sorted papers. I chatted calmly and absentmindedly, efficiently sorting papers on the soft blue carpet. I don’t know how he did it but Mr. Olson restrained himself. He never once tried to touch me as I innocently (as far as he was concerned) exposed myself to him on the carpet. We finished putting the files back together and we both went back to our work. But after this encounter Mr. Olson’s mind was less on his work than ever before. And I took a few more opportunities to bend over and expose myself to him.

I knew that Mr. Olson always brought his lunch to work, and so I had brought mine too. When it was time for lunch I asked him if he would mind if I joined him. I said that I didn’t want to get out of the office and lose my “focus on work”. Mr. Olson agreed, but I could tell that he was waging a battle within himself. It was killing him to have me there in front of him but he didn’t want to make me go away either. I made a quick trip to the ladies room and cleaned up my pussy (it was really getting messy and uncomfortable!). I was careful not to do anything to ease my arousal. I was also glad that our offices are at the end of a hall and that the bathroom is right next to it. I didn’t run much risk of anyone seeing me in a state that was nothing short of erotic. I grabbed my lunch, went back into Mr. Olson’s office and pulled my chair up to the front of his desk. I’d wanted to expose my other nipple, but I knew that would really be over the top. I just loved the feel of Mr. Olson’s eyes on me. It was the first time that it had ever happened in two years and I was eating it up. I sat across from him, eating my lunch and chatting, knowing that his eyes were now devouring my hair, facial features, and the nipple that was still poking at him invitingly.

We finished lunch and went back to work. Something seemed to change in Mr. Olson. He became calmer and was paying more attention to his work. I was so disappointed. I had had such hope and now it seemed like it was all going to come to nothing. I still continued my efforts, but I felt they were becoming more and more useless. Mr. Olson watched me but with less interest and agitation. Around mid afternoon I put a file down on my table and bent over it to make some notations. I had of course purposefully bent over, exposing my ass to Mr. Olson but I was soon involved in my note making, forgetting all about my arousing position.

Suddenly I felt hands on my hips. I gasped in shock, in pleasure, I was finally going to get what I had wanted for so long. Mr. Olson pulled my ass back towards him and ground himself against it. I could feel the hard length of his cock against my ass and my sticky juices were rubbing off on the front of his charcoal gray trousers. It felt so good, I was letting out little sighs and moans and pressing myself back against his hard body. His hands went to my ass and he cupped and caressed my cheeks, pulling them apart to widen the crack of my ass and rubbing his penis into it. I heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down and I cried out in anticipation. I tried to put my hand behind me to feel his cock but he grabbed it and put it back down on the table which I was still bent over. I felt the hot head of his cock, dripping with precum, begin to trace over the cheeks of my ass. I moaned, closing my eyes and picturing what it must look like. I spread my legs, opening my thighs and he rubbed the head of his cock up and down over my slit. I waited breathlessly and then I felt the head of his cock kaçak bahis part my soaking wet lips and burrow up until it reached my clit. I gasped and cried out in pleasure, pushing my clit against his hard cock. He rubbed his cock in circles around my clit, I had been aroused for so long that I almost ready to have an orgasm just from those few strokes. I wanted him so badly, I’d never been so turned on.

“Please,” I started to plead. “Please fuck me. Please, please, please, fuck me, fuck me….” His cock moved away from my clit and plunged into my hot wet hole. I gasped in shock. He was huge. I’d never felt a cock so large inside of me. He rammed himself in all the way and stayed there. His hands reached around me and began to unbutton my blouse. He removed it and my bra and began to play with my breasts, cupping and squeezing, pinching and pulling my nipples. His long thick cock was still buried deep inside my pussy and my pussy was going crazy. He continued to play with my titties, showing no signs of fucking my pussy no matter how much I pleaded. Finally, I moved myself a couple of inches forward until my clit was pressed against the edge of the table. I ground my clit against the hard wood and my pussy exploded immediately into an orgasm, clamping down and squeezing the huge cock inside of me. I didn’t stop, I continued to grind my clit on the table until I had another orgasm. With that huge hot cock inside of me and Mr. Olson’s hands working my breasts it didn’t take long. Finally, he put his hands on me hips and began to move within me. I cried out, “Oh thank you!” My legs were useless shaking jelly beneath me. Mr. Olson held my hips down to the table, pressing my clit against the wood that was now wet and sticky with my juice. Every time he rammed his cock into me my clit ground against the table. My pussy was tingling, vibrating, his every small move was ecstasy. I was moaning and crying out, begging him not to stop. Another orgasm came over me so quickly that I was completely unprepared for it. It was tremendous, rocking my entire body and leaving me lying limp on the table as Mr. Olson continued to pound my pussy with his huge cock.

When I finally regained my senses I knew that I had to have that big cock in my mouth. I started struggling beneath him until he released me. I turned around and looked at my boss. He was a new Mr. Olson. My Mr. Olson. It was the same charcoal covered suit that I had seen him in dozens of times, but the trousers were undone revealing a huge pulsing cock surrounded by fabric soaked with my cum. His cock was so huge, even though I had felt it in me I was still shocked to see it. It had to be over ten inches, I’d never seen one so big except in a porno. I looked from the cock up to Mr. Olson’s face, flushed and in the throes of passion he was a new man. A real man. He was looking at me intently, waiting to see what I was going to do. I knelt down in front of him and started slowly licking my cum off of his cock and balls. He moaned and ran his fingers into my thick red hair, holding my head near his cock. I stuck out my tongue and traced a circle around the head of his cock, poking my tongue into his slit and tasting him. The head of his cock was so big! I took the head into my mouth and began gently tonguing and sucking on it. I wanted to go slowly. I loved the feel of any cock in my mouth, on my tongue, between my lips, filling me, but this cock was extra special. I slowly took more and more of his cock into my mouth, exploring and tasting it with my tongue as it entered me. I pulled Mr. Olson’s trousers down to completely expose his ass and started caressing his firm cheeks. When I had taken all of his cock into my mouth that I possibly could I wrapped my hand around the rest of it, well I shouldn’t say around since I couldn’t actually put my hand all the way around his thickness. I began fucking his cock with my mouth, sucking for all that I was worth and pumping the base of his cock with my hand. The fingers of my other hand slid in between his ass cheeks and I started rimming his ass hole. He was grunting and moaning above me, holding my head and pushing his cock into my eager mouth. He let out a long deep moan and I prepared to receive his cum. His cock started spurting his delicious seed into my mouth and I swallowed all that I could. Some of it dribbled out of my mouth and when he pulled his limp cock from my mouth I licked his cock clean and used my fingers to get as much of his cum as I could into my mouth. He knelt down in front of me, took me in his arms and started kissing me, sucking at my cum soaked tongue. I melted against him.

Needless to say we didn’t get our work done that day. We had to come into the office on both Saturday and Sunday to meet the Monday deadline. We’ve been married for 8 years now and have 3 kids. Even though I have to be respectable now that I’m a mother ;), I still like to wear short skirts with no panties and call my husband Mr. Olson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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