My First Affair

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One of the secretaries at my work who is a year younger than me has a twin. When I first started working at my company, I meet the twin at a bowling function. My wife did not bowl so she stayed home. We had a good time sharing some laughs and drinking and when the night was over, she gave me a friendly soft kiss on the lips.

I was kind of shock because at the time I was only married about eight years and up to that point was 100% faithful but I began to fantasize about her quite often. Part of it could be the fact that I saw her sister every day. I still remember her standing to bowl in her tight jeans; she had (and still has) a perfectly shaped ass. She also had no problem telling me that she really did not like to wear panties. What a turn on.

Anyway, a few months went by and I would see her sporadically when she visited her sister at our company and a few times on a Friday after work, but nothing out of the ordinary. She knew I was into computers, back then you had to be careful of the type you bought because of all the compatibility problems, and ask me some questions about the latest pc’s avail. I told her that sat I was going to a computer show at FDU in Hackensack (Rothmans center). She asks if she could tag along and I told, her id pick her up at her house (she shared a house with her cousin in Rutherford) at about 830 so we could grab something to eat before the show opened.

It was early October and a little nippy outside, when I picked her up she had a pair of black stretch pants (that was tight enough to show of her camel toe) and a sweatshirt on. She grabbed her coat and we walked out the door, she had not zipped her coat up and the cold air made her nipples stick out even though the sweatshirt was somewhat heavy. (She obviously did not have a bra on). I could not take my eyes off her ass as she walked pendik escort to my truck, I could feel my cock getting hard but I did not want her to know…wasn’t sure if she wanted it or not.

We ate and went to the show, came back and went into the house, which was empty (her cousin had gone out shopping). She offered me coffee as I watch her walk around the kitchen; the stretch pants were skin tight leaving nothing to the imagination, she really did not like wearing panties. I was getting so horny I actually thought about going to the bathroom to beat off. After the coffee she ask me to look at her older computer to see if I thought it was worth an upgrade or should she get a new one…. the computer happened to be in her bedroom.

We went upstairs and turned on the computer, amazing how slow they were to boot up back then. As it was booting up she laid on her bed and stretched out, yawning saying how tired she felt and how her body ache all over. Out of nowhere, I offer her a back rub and to my surprise, she said it would probably feel great. She flipped over and laid on her stomach, I straddled her, with her ass just inches from my cock, I could feel myself getting hard, I began to rub her back at first over her sweatshirt and after a few minutes she said it would feel better if I put my hands under her shirt. As I massaged her back, I keep pushing the shirt higher and higher. She commented on how warm my hands were, I became more daring allowing my hands to go over the shoulders and slightly down her front, sliding down her sides grazing her breast, she began to moan slightly.

My hands had also been working their way lower and lower on her back, first sliding slightly under her stretches, and then sliding the stretches down a little. After about 15-20 minutes I really began to go for it, my hands went over maltepe escort the stretches aver her ass cheeks, which she raised up a little, and down her legs. When my hands came up, I made sure my fingers rubbed her pussy thru the thin fabric. I could feel the wet spot forming. Their seem to be no objections, so I continue to rub my hands up and down her thighs and ass cheeks, each time making sure I touched her pussy, and each time she would raise her ass higher to give me easier access.

The when I figure my chances were good I grabbed the waistband of the pants and slide them down to her upper thighs. Massaging her cheeks, I would pull them apart, exposing her pink pussy. As I did this, my thumbs began to probe her pussy and clit; she raised her ass up higher. After a few minutes she rolled over sliding her stretches off of one leg, her sweat shirt was up above her tits, she laid back down as I began to kiss and suck on her tits. Her nipples were very big and hard. My hand dropped to her cunt, I spread her lips and began to stroke her pussy and clit. I brought my mouth up to hers and we began to kiss. She was a great kisser. I began to work my mouth lower stopping at each breast, sucking her nipples into my mouth, meanwhile I slipped my hand down to her pussy, slowly I ran my finger up and down her slit bringing the moisture from her hole to her clit. She began to thrust her hips into my finger; I knew she was getting excited. Eventually I worked my mouth down to her pussy, she opened her legs wide apart. I reached down with my fingers and spread her pussy lips, I ran my tongue from her clit to her hole and buried it deep inside her I withdrew it and returned it to her clit, her sweet pussy juice dribbling down my chin. I slowly started to finger fuck her, sucking her clit into my mouth, she continued to rock her kartal escort hips, fucking my finger. I inserted a second finger and within minutes, she came rocking her hips into my fingers and mouth. Her sweet nectar rushed out of her pussy and down her inner thighs. As the orgasm subsided, I kissed her thighs, tasting her sweet juice.

I lay on her bed with her; she rolled next to me and started to kiss me passionately. Reaching down she pulled my cock out of my pants and began to jerk me off. Long slow strokes at first, I began pumping her hand. She was not sure if she wanted to go any further, but holding a rigid cock in her hands had changed her mind, besides the begging did not hurt. She then got on all fours; putting her head next to my cock, she licked the tip, tasting the precum that had formed. She put the head into her mouth and began to roll her tongue around it, it felt so good I could not help but begin to pump my cock into her mouth. She removed her hand and began to suck my cock, taking it all, deep into her mouth. She kneeled there with her ass right next to my head. I began to rub her ass cheeks and slowly inserted my thumb into her moist pussy as my fingers played with her clit. She arched her back as my thumb went into her pussy and began to suck my cock hard. I told her I wanted to fuck her but neither of us had protection and figured it was best not to. She continued to suck me, occasionally puling me out of her mouth, stroking my cock with long strokes as she sucked on my balls. She went back to sucking, determined to finish me off. I warned her I was coming and she took me deep into her mouth, swallowing it all.

Afterwards, she put her pants on, I buttoned mine and we laid the cuddling for a little while until I figured it was time to go. We kissed and after that had sex at least every other week and sometimes twice in the same day. Sometimes I would go to work early and stop by her house, sometimes she would stay home from work and I would sneak out. It was always exciting and erotic, until she got engage and married, which was about a year later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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