Naughty Neighbor Naina Pt. 01

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(Thanks to Mr Bluepanther for suggesting the story)

Mrs Anita Sharma looked at the flamboyant, young neighbour girl and said, “You can’t hide from me what you did with Sudha, I saw you, you were…”

Before she could finish Naina replied, “Yes I was licking your maid’s pussy, that’s what you saw isn’t it?”

Anita’s jaw dropped at Naina’s audacity, and she stumbled on her words as she said, “So you think that you achieved something nice? Having sex with the housemaid?”

Naina went close to her and said with a grin, “At least Sudha thinks I did a good job. But you are right, why should I have sex with the maid, when I can have the owner!”

Anita Sharma was a 40 year old housewife living with her husband Mr Sharma, and a maid Sudha. Mr Sharma was ever busy in his corporate job and Anita felt neglected and lonely, lack of any children only added to her discomfort. She tried to make some friends in the society parties but failed in her endeavors, due to her introvert nature. Sudha was her only companion in the house, but she too left after the chores were over. And Mrs Anita Sharma was all alone again, till a drunk Mr Sharma arrived at home, from some random bar.

There was no spark in her life, no hobbies, and most importantly no sex since the past 10 years. Anita was never satisfied in sex, Mr Sharma used to just fuck her, and after his ejaculation, used to sleep. Anita could never let her frustration out, she was always ready to be oppressed, always being very naive. She was never impregnated, and was always blamed for the same.

Since last month Mr Sharma had moved into a new housing society, and here their immediate neighbours were the Mathurs. Naina was the only child of the Mathur family, a cheerful young girl who had just graduated from college. Naina frequently visited Anita, even if Anita was not much of a talker and remained silent most of the time, but Naina paid no heed to that. Anita too liked the charming nature of the young girl, but a few incidents happened which made her think twice.

Once Anita was changing in her bedroom while Naina was in the Hall watching TV. Sudha was mopping the floor. Suddenly Sudha walked into Anita’s room, while she was just in her lingerie, and the brasieure was not even hooked. Anita screamed, “Sudha, how dare you come in now?”

Sudha in horror placed her palms on her own eyes and said, “Sorry Biwiji, I didn’t intend to come in, but Naina told me that you had called me immediately, so I went in. I am really sorry, Biwiji.”

Naina had also come there by now and Anita in desperation wrapped herself by the bedsheet. Naina said, “Oh I am so sorry Anita aunty, I swear I heard you calling Sudha, but now I think I might be wrong.”

Anita’s face had gone red in embarrassment, but as usual she didn’t show any anger or frustration, she just said, “It’s ok, now please go out both of you, and let me change.”

Another day Anita had prepared a fruit juice, and had kept a bowl of ice cubes to be added to the juice. Naina came then and said, “Wow aunty, fruit juice. I am going to have it too.”

Anita said, “Of course you may.”

While standing just behind the sitting Anita, Naina took the glass in her hand and also took the bowl of ice cubes in the other. But just then one of the ice cubes fell from her hand into Anita’s blouse, in the backside, and slid inside the blouse to touch her skin. Anita startled at the sudden sensation.

Naina readily said, “Oops aunty so sorry, don’t worry I will take care of it.”

Before Anita could respond, Naina had slid her hand inside the blouse of Anita. She moved her fingers, touching Anita’s bare skin, as if she was searching for the cube. Anita sighed once and closed her eyes with the touch, but the very next moment realised what was happening. She tried to say something but couldn’t utter a word, Naina by then had taken out her hand with the cube.

“You are wet aunty.” Naina said and Anita was taken aback by her words. But then she realised that Naina was talking about her blouse. casino şirketleri She silently went to her room and changed. Behind her back a deep smile came in Naina’s lips.

Another day Anita was having a bath and suddenly she realised that she had not taken the towel inside. She was fully nude at that time and so she opened the bathroom door just a little, and asked Sudha to give her the towel. Instead Naina, who had arrived just then, grabbed the towel and went to the bathroom door. But as she neared the door she slipped on the doormat and went straight into the door, slamming it open. A shocked Anita was standing, nude and wet just before her.

For a few seconds both just stood still, Naina devouring Anita’s nude body with her eyes. Anita had never been to gym or something, and she was a bit on the fatty side, but Naina liked her very fair, glowing skin, water dripping from her long, thick hair, her big boobs which had soap applied, and when Anita turned around to hide her front, she actually revealed her rear to Naina. And Naina felt she would jump on the mature woman’s body and eat her up, top to bottom.

“Go away from here, why are you standing? Can’t you see I am having a bath?” Anita said, stumbling on her voice.

Yes I do and I enjoy, Naina thought in her mind. She said, “Sorry aunty actually Sudha wasn’t around and I heard you calling for the towel. So I came to give it to you, but I slipped on the doormat and accidentally opened the door. Here is the towel, take it.”

Without turning her body Anita said, “Ok just hang it on the hanger there and please go.”

Naina went a little more inside the bathroom and placed the towel on the hanger, touching her hand on Anita’s back in the process. Anita let out a sigh on the tender touch of the young girl, and Naina was pleased to hear that. She knew her plans were working.

Naina had always had an eye for mature, older women, since she turned eighteen, her first encounter being with her family maid Kamla, who was double her age. They continued their lustful affair for one year and enjoyed each other everywhere possible, at Naina’s home, at Kamla’s home, even in the nearby tea garden! During this time she could understand her lust for older women, as Kamla was not her only partner, she had an affair with many others too, and now the girl had her eyes set on her new neighbour, Mrs Sharma.

It was afternoon and Anita just had her lunch. She was on her bed, thinking to herself. What was the Naina girl up to? Had these incidents merely happened by chance? As she thought, she felt embarrassed, she was seen semi-nude by two women and once fully nude by her neighbour girl, something that she couldn’t get off her chest. She thought to herself if she should have a talk with the Mathurs about this, but just then she remembered that both of Naina’s parents were out of town for a function, and Naina was living with her grandmother. Anita sighed. She had to wait till the Mathurs returned.

Deeply engaged in her thoughts as Anita turned her body on the bed, she smelt something on her pillow. It was coconut oil, something she never used, and also not used by Mr Sharma. So who used coconut oil in their house?

It was Sudha, the maid. She was a well-built, dark-skinned tribal woman, just about the same age as Anita. She joined as a maid since they had arrived here. She used to apply coconut oil on her head everyday. But how could that oil come on Anita’s pillow, Indian maids would never think of using the owner’s bed. Anita was really puzzled and decided that she should ask Sudha about it. She must be cleaning the utensils now.

Anita walked towards her kitchen room to find Sudha, but before she could reach there she saw something that was an absolute shocker for her. The guest room door was half-opened and through the little gap Anita could see Sudha, her maid laying on the floor, with eyes closed and lips moaning. Her saree pallu was down, the blouse buttons were unhooked, revealing a little of her ample boobs, on which she could see the palm casino firmaları of a hand, moving. Someone was down there on Sudha’s pussy, obviously licking it and pleasuring her.

Anita was very shocked so she decided to tiptoe and get closer to the room to find out who the other person was. She could hear Sudha’s moans as she took the name of her lover, NAINA!

Yes it was actually Naina who was licking Sudha’s pussy. Anita on realising it had almost turned into a statue, she couldn’t move an inch. Naina was pressing Sudha’s boobs and licking her pussy and the room was full of moans and hot breaths. Anita as she saw the scene suddenly realised that she was feeling jealous. She questioned herself why she was jealous. She should have been disgusted that her neighbor girl was licking her maid’s pussy. But instead she was feeling jealous to see Naina with someone else, as if she wanted Naina to herself.

Sudha had cum by then, and Naina moved up to kiss her lips, her face coated with cum. They were eating up each other’s faces with passion and Anita just rushed back to her room. She lay on her bed and suddenly she realised, her pussy was wet.

Anita was embarrassed. Why was she turned on by the scene she saw, and why was she jealous? She had the questions but no answers.

Just then Naina entered the room. She said, “Aunty, Sudha had left.”

Anita looked at the girl, her chin still had some traces of the Sudha’s cum. Naina was acting as if nothing had happened, everything was normal. Anita felt an anger develop in herself as she spoke, “Don’t you have any shame about what you were doing a few minutes ago? You can’t hide from me what you did with Sudha, I saw you, you were…”

Before she could finish Naina replied, “Yes I was licking your maid’s pussy, that’s what you saw isn’t it?”

Before Anita could react Naina came closer to her and whispered in her ear, “You were jealous aunty I know.”

Anita screamed, “No, I was not. Why would I be jealous? And do you think you had achieved something great by licking the maid’s pussy?”

Naina smirked and said, “That’s your jealousy aunty. You want me to yourself. And you are right. Why should I go for the maid when I can have you, the owner?”

Before Anita could say anything Naina started to kiss her lips. With a swift motion the young girl had slid in her hand inside Anita’s petticoat and then in her panties, and slowly stroking the already wet pussy. Anita couldn’t even push Naina away and got laid on the bed by Naina, who got on her top and kissed her madly.

Anita tried to say no but couldn’t utter any word as Naina’s tongue went in her mouth, dancing with her own tongue. Anita could smell and taste Sudha’s cum on Naina’s mouth as Naina licked inside her mouth. Naina had both hands of Anita pinned on two sides of the bed and was kissing her like a hungry lioness. Anita found herself out of strength against this young girl.

Just then the sound of an incoming car outside the house could be heard, and Anita regained her strength to push away Naina and rushed outside, thinking it to be Mr Sharma. But it was actually someone else going elsewhere. As Anita came back in, Naina slammed the door shut and embraced her from behind.

“Leave me Naina, behave yourself.” Anita said, struggling to set herself free.

Naina rested her chin on Anita’s shoulder and whispered in her ear, “Aunty, do you really want me to leave you? Think again.”

Nakna started to plant soft kisses on Anita’s shoulders, her neck, and slid in some tongue inside her ears. She loved the fragrance of Anita’s hair and kept kissing the older woman.

Anita’s legs felt like jelly, the years of sex starvation was now showing as she moaned and trembled with Naina’s caresses and kisses. Her mind no longer rebelled and she turned herself to face Naina, only to be kissed by her. Naina’s lips met Anita’s and this time the kiss was passionate, not forced. Anita hugged Naina and while keeping the kiss intact both of them moved to the guest room, where Naina güvenilir casino was with Sudha earlier.

Naina moved her lips to Anita’s jawline and then to the hollow of her throat, sliding down to her cleavage. Anita moaned, she felt so nice to be loved by this young neighbor girl, as she had never been loved this way. Naina’s lips, her touch, her caresses felt so real so adoring and it meant only for her.

Naina went up to kiss her lips again and then whispered, “Aunty let us take off the barriers of clothing from our bodies.”

Both of them stripped naked, Anita no longer feeling any shame or trepidation, and cuddled on the bed, kissing each other madly. Naina dived into the huge boobs of Anita, licking around the nipples, sucking the areola and giving jolts of pleasure across Anita’s body.

She had so longed for it, to be touched, to be loved, and Naina was doing exactly that to her body. Naina after pleasuring her boobs had then come down to the belly, her tongue doing fast licking movements in the abdomen. She slid her tongue in Anita’s navel and Anita squeaked in delight.

Naina went further down and reached the pussy of Anita. It was well shaven and dripping wet, she put her nose there and sniffed it once, she loved the aroma. Anita with closed eyes held Naina’s head and moaned as Naina began to lick her mound, lapping up her juices. Anita felt the flow of electricity in her body, the young girl’s tongue had opened the doors that she had closed long ago, or should be said that she was bound to close.

The wet tongue rapidly moved in and out of the pussy, Naina’s hands holding onto Anita’s thighs while Anita was making sure her head was in position. Naina after some time turned Anita on her belly and made her take a position on all fours. She licked Anita’s pussy from behind then, her nose teasing Anita’s asshole in the process. “Oh God” Anita moaned as she was pleasured by the young girl. The cute little nose of Naina was fitting perfectly in the big asshole of Anita, and she sniffed in the asshole as her tongue lapped up the pussy juices.

Soon the flood-gates were opened, Anita’s first orgasm in many years hit her body, and when she came, the juices that flew had completely drenched Naina’s face. Naina kept licking holding onto Anita’s butt till the last drop. Then both of them lay side by side, fully fatigued.

Naina went to the washroom and washed her face. As she came back Anita was still on her bed, naked and thinking. She said, “Aunty that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Anita replied, “I don’t know what to say, it is true that I enjoyed every bit of it. But I don’t know whether we are doing the right thing.”

Naina smiled and said, “You enjoyed yourself, didn’t you aunty? That is the main thing. But I must say that Sudha’s pussy also tastes equally good. I absolutely love that hairy mess in between your maid’s legs.”

Anita felt a lump in her throat in anger and frustration, how could just the young girl compare her pussy with that of the maid? Naina knew that the remark had hit hard, and she continued, “Also Sudha licks my pussy in return. I have also licked her asshole.”

Anita’s face grew red and she said, “Do you need some licking from my side too? You can just say it directly, why make comparisons with Sudha?”

Naina’s face brightened and she said with a smile, “Oh really aunty, you wish to return the favour? Why not, come over here.”

Anita had never been with a woman before, but she remembered every bit of how Naina pleasured her pussy. And she felt like it was a challenge for her to satisfy this young girl, and prove herself better than Sudha! So as Naina laid on the bed, like a hungry lioness Anita jumped on her and put her mouth on the pussy.

Anita started to lick, the first few traces of the tongue gave her a new, tangy taste of Naina’s pussy juices. She kept licking the pussy with head movements going up and down, and Naina appreciating her with her moans. Naina hadn’t shaved her pussy and the hairy bush was tickling Anita’s nose, but she kept licking non-stop, as if her very life depended on it. And as Naina cum after a few minutes, she felt that she got rewarded for some good work.

Both of them washed themselves and then Naina left, promising for more action to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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