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“And you? Bachelor? No pets? No girlfriend?” I asked.

“Nah, just me.” He turned the volume on the TV down a notch and brought up his knee so he could rest his arm on it while facing me more. “I had a cat, but he passed away late last year. I haven’t felt the need to get another… I guess I’m still in mourning.”

“I’m so sorry,” reaching out, I touched his arm gently, “it’s so hard losing a pet.”

“Thanks,” he said quietly. We sat quietly before a gentle snore from my dog, Mercy broke the silence. I pulled my hand back into my lap as I turned to look at her. Of course, never shy about sleep, she was sprawled out on the couch behind me, passed out again. His voice brought my attention back to him, “How long have you had her? She still seems to be quite young.” He was looking over my shoulder at her gangly limbs taking up most of his couch.

“Yeah, she’s only 7 months. I’ve had her for about 5. I guess we’re still figuring each other and our relationship out. She’s a good girl. I’m glad we found each other.” I felt like I was rambling about my dog, but she was the one who had gotten us here, so why not talk about her? As frustrating as she could be, she really is a very good girl. “Do you read Reddit at all?” I asked, “Are you familiar with the rarepuppers subreddit? Because before I got her, I would read through those posts and laugh about the memes and pictures of dogs. Now that I have her, I totally get it. Like, it’s not just cute, but that sweetness, curiosity, and innocence that dogs have are amazing. A lot of times she reminds me of a walking puppy meme.” I chuckled to myself and looked over my shoulder at Mercy again, my rare pupper.

“I can totally see that,” Jeremy’s voice was much closer, and as I turned back to face him, he leaned forward and kissed me. It was a gentle kiss. A tentative press of lips, as if he was gauging my physical reaction, before adding a little more pressure. When I put up no resistance, he opened his lips and slid his tongue along the seam of mine. I inhaled sharply, and he sat back, breaking the kiss. We stared at each other a moment before I leaned into him, slid my hands into his thick dark hair, and pulled his lips back to mine. He leaned back and pulled me with him so that I was almost laying on top of him. Being careful not to disturb my left side and the bandage he’d placed there, he wound his left arm around my waist and slid his hand up the back of my shirt. It was loose enough and I was close enough to him that he was able to reach all the way up my back and massage the nape of my neck as we explored each others’ mouths.

With teeth and tongue, we tested and tasted each other. I pushed at his chest, breaking the kiss, as I shifted my legs to straddle his. Both of his hands were now under my shirt, skirting around my wound, and gently exploring my skin.

“… can I take this off?” He asked breathlessly as he pulled at the hem of the shirt.

“Only if you take off yours…” I replied as I leaned back and pulled at his shirt. His hands slid up my arms as he took off my shirt, then quickly tugged his off by pulling the shoulders up and away to reveal his upper body. “I’m always amazed when guys take off their shirts like that,” I mumbled as I pressed my hands to the flat expanse of his waist.

“Do you make a habit of studying how guys take off their shirts?” He asked as he pulled my hips higher up his body.

“Uhm…” I mumbled as I kissed my way across his collarbone. “No?” I squeaked as he tangled his hand in my hair and gently pulled. My body went boneless at the sensation of my hair being tugged. “Oooooohhhh….” I breathed. His lips found mine and I could no longer tell where his mouth ended and where mine began. I ground my hips into his, feeling the hard length of him. He was still wearing those gray khaki pants, but between those and my yoga pants, it didn’t feel like a lot of fabric separating us. I felt him bahis firmaları tug at the hem of my sports bra, and suddenly I couldn’t get it off fast enough. I needed to feel his hands palm my breasts. I stretched up and off of him and pulled my bra over my head. I tugged his hands up and made him grab my breasts. His fingers needed the aching swell of them before zeroing in on my nipples and tugging both gently at the same time. Arching my back further, I pushed my breasts harder into his hands and used mine to encourage him to pinch and tug harder.

He sat up and sucked my left nipple into his mouth. His teeth grazed it once, twice, and I let out a low moan. His mouth felt incredible. He used his left hand to tease my right nipple before switching breasts. I sat in his lap, spellbound and motionless by his ministrations, fingers threaded through his hair, just reveling in the attention he was lavishing upon me. He lifted his face to look at me, his lips kiss swollen and eyes hooded.

“I want to fuck you.” His words sent shockwaves to my core, my pussy, already wet and aching, clenched at his words.

“Wow… Do you say that to all your patients?” I tried for a joke as my brain stuttered and got caught on the mental images his words conjured. He was an EMT; I was pretty sure I wasn’t the first woman he’d tended to in an unexpected situation.

“Nope. Just the hot ones with sweet 7-month-old hound dog mixes.” He smiled crookedly. He looked over my shoulder at Mercy again, who, thankfully, was still snoring away.

“Well, shit. Tell me you have condoms and maybe we can consider it payment for services rendered.” He looked back at me intently.

“This isn’t payment. This is pleasure. I want to fuck you until you cum and then fuck you some more. And if I’m right and fucking you is as good as I think it’s going to be, I definitely don’t want it to be a one-time thing.” The intensity in his gaze was overwhelming.

“All this after me passing out on you twice at the sight of my own blood and because of my unruly dog?” I wasn’t sure if I was alarmed or really turned on by the certainty and intensity in his voice.

“That and your obvious love for her and your sweet disposition… not to mention your intoxicating taste.” To punctuate his words, he drew my right nipple back into his mouth and bit gently. Letting go, he said, “And yes, I have condoms.” The look he gave me melted any hesitation I had and as his crooked smile reappeared, he stretched up to touch his lips to mine once, twice. “If you’re okay with me fucking you, that is. I definitely do not want to do anything you don’t want to.”

“Oooh, I want to alright. My only question is here or in your bed?”

Scooping me up in his arms, he looked over at Mercy. “Stay, girl.” And she did, the little shit.

He carried me back to his room and bed, alternately kissing me and whispering in my ear all the dirty things he wanted to do to me. It was like the hottest ASMR role-play I’d ever listened to happening in real life and my body was aching to be touched and filled.

“I’m tempted to toss you on this bed and ravage you, but with you so prone to passing out, I’m afraid to.”

“Err on the side of caution then… You said you didn’t want a one-time thing, so we’ve got opportunities for tossing and ravaging later when I’m not likely to see my own blood or incur further injury.”I smirked.

He set me down on the edge of the bed, propped up the pillows and pulled down the sheets, before moving me up so I was leaning back on the pillows. He tugged on the top of my yoga pants and pulled them and my underwear off without preamble. Pushing my legs up so they were bent, he spread my knees. Sitting back on his heels at the foot of the bed, his eyes locked with mine before they roamed down my body. I felt his gaze like a warm caress across my breasts, down my belly, over my pussy, and down my legs. His look was getting kaçak iddaa me so hot and bothered it was hard to sit still and not squirm.

Leaning forward on his elbows, he slid his forearms under my thighs and pulled my lower body closer to him. I could feel his breath brushing across my pussy lips and I couldn’t sit still anymore.

“Please…” I panted.

Without another word, he lowered his mouth to me and slid his tongue between my lips before sucking my clit into his mouth. Shifting his weight, he moved one of his hands under my ass before delving a finger into my wet depths. One finger became two and I could feel him curl them up to reach the sweet spot deep inside of me. His fingers traced patterns in my wetness as his tongue danced between the movement of his hand and around my clit. He created a rhythm with the movement of his hands and tongue, and that rhythm became my sole focus. My body tightened, hips jumping with his movement, hands gripping the pillow under my head, head shaking back and forth as I chased the orgasm out from where he worked my body to the ends of my toes, fingertips, and head. As my release spiraled out, my legs shook and my breath rasped between my lips. I looked down the length of my body and met Jeremy’s hazel eyes. He flicked his tongue on my clit one last time before pulling both his fingers and mouth away from me. As he licked his fingers from base to tip, his eyes smoldered at me. A self-satisfied smile settled across his mouth.

“Yup. Definitely want to fuck you.” He began crawling up my body, his heavy limbs brushing against my still shaking ones. Realizing his pants were still on, he slid off the bed to drop them to the floor, along with his boxers. He stood still a moment, letting me look him up and down. I smiled expectantly as my eyes met his again and he crawled back up on the bed, sliding up my body, the hair on his arms and legs tickling as it rubbed against my still sensitive skin. He settled his weight on my lower body, his hard cock just barely brushing my swollen pussy.

Wrapping my arms around his back, I pulled his weight more fully on me, finding his mouth with my own. Tracing his lips with my tongue and drawing patterns on his back with my fingertips, I squirmed so our bodies met more fully. The tip of his dick was barely parting the lips of my pussy, and I was ready to just slide him in with a buck of my hips.

“Where’re those condoms you said you had?” I breathed. Without saying a word, he reached over to his left toward the nightstand, slid open the top drawer, and pulled out a shiny little foil packet. He tore it open as he sat back on his heels again.

I rose to my knees in front of him, and with a shaking hand, I reached out to wrap my fingers around his cock. I wanted to feel the hard, warm length of him with my skin before he wrapped it up and dove into me. His head fell back as he exhaled sharply.

“Shit. Don’t. I want to be inside you before I cum,” he ground out. He’d raised his head and his eyes were burning into mine. Sitting back on my heels, I licked my lips as I watched him stroked his thick length with one hand before placing the condom on his tip. He held it in place with one hand and used the other hand to slide it down his length. Watching him palm himself with such surety and confidence left my mouth dry and the rest of me anxious to have him sheathed to the hilt inside of me.

Winding one hand into the tangle of my hair, he pulled me against him. With both of us on our knees, it was easy enough for our bodies to line up; our lips meeting softly, my breasts brushing against the hair on his chest, his rigid length bumping against my belly between us as his other hand pulled my hips against his.

“You want top?” he asked.

Smiling at the question, I shook my head. “Nope, I don’t wanna do the work at first. I just wanna ride the sensation before I ride you.”

Pushing me gently kaçak bahis onto my back, he chuckled. “Lazy creature, no wonder Mercy runs circles around you.” I laughed with him. He could tease all he wanted, but I was going to revel in feeling him pierce me for the first time and let my body adjust to his size without having to worry about balance or work on top. There would be time for it later if he was serious that this wasn’t going to be an only kind of situation.

“Shut up and fuck me,” I growled into his lips, licking between them to punctuate my point.

Taking me at my word, he entwined each of his hands with mine, pulled them above my head, and using his knees, nudged my thighs further apart. Settling his weight between my legs, he sidled up so that his cock was sitting right between the lips of my pussy. He kissed me again, pulled back to lock gazes, and drove into me in one swift and hard push. My breath caught in my throat as I felt a pleasurable pain pulse through me as I took him in. He was wide and long and that single thrust was already dancing that line between pleasure and pain.

“Okay?” He asked, drawing my attention back to him.

“Oh, yeah…” I murmured and he began to move. The first few thrusts were slow to adjust us both to the sensation, but before long he found a sinfully punishing rhythm. Between his cock and mouth, he danced pleasure between the most sensitive parts of my body. As he pounded his cock into me, it felt like he was trying to taste every part of me that he could reach with his mouth. My lips felt kiss swollen, but then so did my breasts, my neck, my collarbone, my shoulders. It felt like he was scent marking me, licking and nibbling along my skin, rubbing the scruff of his jaw along those same spots, provoking a delightful panoply of sensations across my sensitive nerve endings. I don’t remember sex ever being so full of texture before, but this was like a kinesthetic explosion adding to the grind and bounce of the act itself.

With each thrust, I angled my hips up to meet him, grinding my already over stimulated clit against as much of him as I could before he lifted up again. I felt my orgasm build rapidly, and then it seared through me like white-hot flame. One second I was keeping pace and the next my body locked down on the pleasure and a ragged moan slipped between my lips. The pleasure spiked out from my clit, my pussy, through my legs, up my belly, to my arms, and then it felt like my brain stuttered from too much pleasure. I gasped for air as I felt him losing control on top of me, and he growled “I’m cumming…” I could feel his cock pulsing against the tightening spasms from my own fading orgasm and then the heavy weight of him as he tried to catch his breath.

“Amara…” he breathed in my ear as he shifted his weight to my right side and pulled me with him so we stayed joined and remained eye to eye. “Fuck.”

“Mmmm… we did, Jeremy.” I giggled.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard that fast.” He whispered between kisses.

Pulling back from his lips, I laughed. “Are you saying you usually last longer or that your orgasms usually aren’t that … explosive?”

His brows raised… “Uhm… both? I think?” He laughed. Ducking his chin, he did that “aw shucks” bashful thing that I thought only actors in scripted roles did. “I mean, definitely both. Not sure I’ve had an orgasm that explosive, and definitely don’t usually come that fast.”

I leaned into him and wiggled my hips. “Feels like you’re still ready to go.” He’d stayed hard inside of me as we shifted positions, and as I moved I could feel him growing harder still. “Definitely doesn’t feel like you’re tapped out.” Hiking my leg up onto his hip, I ground down for emphasis.

He moaned deeply. “Never asked a woman to stop trying to fuck me, but this condom…” we both burst out laughing. Yeah, nothing sexy about condom leak. He slid out of me, rolled off the bed, and padded toward the bathroom in the hall. When he reached the door to his room, he glanced over his shoulder to see me watching him. “Don’t move. I wanna slide right back into you when I get back.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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