Night in the Cemetary

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We were enjoying our vacation. We had decided to take a road trip to the east coast. One of our stops was at a quaint settlement town just outside of Baltimore. It was the end of summer, beginning of fall when the leaves were just starting to turn and the air had a light crispness to it. I was excited to explore this small town with the man I loved so I gussied up a bit before leaving the hotel. I wore a long sleeved shirt I had- it was white and buttoned down. Paired with a short denim skirt and knee high boots I felt casual yet sexy. Armed with you hand in hand we left our room and we decided to walk to our destination. We both agreed that the French bistro we ate dinner in had a more appetizing décor than menu. Still, not wanting our night to be ruined we decided to go for a walk.

We were just finishing our ice cream when we came upon it- an adorable cemetery straight out of a storybook. It was around the edge of the small town- the full moon cast a well lit glow and because we were alone at 10:30 on a weeknight we felt a rush of excitement as we snuck in. There were broken head stones and flowers growing in patches. A large weeping willow was swaying its branches in the light breeze making the moonlight dance on the ground. We separated for a bit, reading the headstones that caught our attention. All of sudden a shadow appeared, a rather large cloud had blocked the light of the moon.

Startled, I looked for you and saw you bending over slightly, squinting to read a rather long headstone. I don’t know what it was exactly that hit me at that moment- perhaps it was my lust with the church and all things sacred, perhaps you were just looking good…but all I knew was that I needed you then. Quietly I walked over to where you were preoccupied. Since you had your hands clasped behind you as you were slightly bent over, I snuck up behind you and pressed my groin into them. My left hand lay on your back as my right rounded past your hip and dipped frontward and below.

You stood straight, leaning into me and said “hi”. You underestimated my attention for a mere “hey baby, I missed you”. But I wanted you, I was burning for you, so I pressed my hand over you and squeezed forcefully.

Smiling you turned güvenilir bahis around and before you got to say anything I nipped your ear lobe and hoarsely whispered “I need you, here, now.”

You told me you knew just the place, tucked my hand in yours and led me to it. I guess you had found it when we were off by ourselves. It was a private little tomb, probably reserved for the mayor of the settlement long ago. There was no door blocking the entrance, just tons of ivy slithering its way up the walls. Inside was only one stone slab that surely entombed a coffin within. I looked to see why the moon was letting in light and saw that most of the wooden roofing had fallen apart from the steel beams.

You twirled me around until we were standing face to face, your body blocking me from escape. Looking into each other’s eyes and breathing heavy you walked me backwards until the backs of my thighs hit stone. Grabbing just above my hips you lifted me up and set me on the stone tomb. Neither of us was speaking, the only sounds were our heavy breathing. With your left hand supporting the back of my neck you leaned me backwards slightly and kissed my neck, giving it the gentle yet passionate love that always made my lust for you grow more.

You’re right hand was busy exploring my body as if it were the first time. Cupping me, squeezing me, stroking me. You made it down to my naked thighs, and then slowly so to tease me, felt your way back up my thigh. The heat of the moment and the electricity of your touch forced me to spread my thighs apart, welcoming you- allowing you to quickly reach my heat.

With a slow, strong, fluid motion you began rubbing my sex through my black satin panties. You quickly found out just how wet and ready for you I was, feeling my panties dampening and my lips swelling through the fabric. As you kept biting at my neck you slipped your fingers around the side of our cloth barrier, into my innermost being. My silky wet sex welcomed you willingly. You let your thumb play with my clit as you slipped first one, then two fingers into my slippery yet tight entrance.

Over the heavy breathing, the ringing in your years, the feeling of me on your hand, my neck at your mouth- you heard güvenilir bahis siteleri something. Wait, was it really? You stopped kissing me and moved your ear closer to my mouth, hearing more clearly the sins I was speaking. You stopped pistoning your fingers in and out of me, held them deep in their place.

With your free hand you grabbed the front of my neck forcing me to lock eyes with you. “Louder” you said. Then regaining the motion of my hips meeting your fingers as you thrust into me, kissing the side of your face and my mouth to your ear I said it louder.

“Our father, who art in heaven…hallowed be thy name.” You smirked…I was insatiable. I was a lot of things, but one thing no one would ever pinpoint about me was how dark and nasty I liked my fucking. That was our secret. With lust burning you to your fingertips you pulled your fingers out of my cunt. Taking off your sweater you covered my back with it then gently pushed me to lie down. As you unbuckled yourself I languidly moved my hands down my shirt, unbuttoning it until it was all done. As it fell to either side I unclasped the front hook of my bra letting my breasts free and nipples harden. Bunching my skirt around my waist you tore off my panties throwing them to the side.

What a vision you had before you…with an ethereal eroticism I lay before you. The pale moonlight only enhanced my milky skin making me look as if I was glowing. My dark red lips were parting in sinful prayer as I closed my eyes, pinching my nipples and rocking my hips up and down, legs spread, open for you- my smooth lips glistening with wetness, for you. Endearing the pain of the hard and broken cement floor you fell to your knees so you could feast upon me.

I was so wet and your tongue easily found my clit, no longer hiding from its protective hood. As your goatee tickled my hole I squealed in delight, crossing my legs behind you and digging my heels into your back. You could feel my wetness all over your face and as you sucked on my little piece of candy your member grew harder and thicker with desire.

As you devoured me my moans and whimpers grew louder. I stopped playing with my tits and slowly ran my hands down my smooth stomach, reaching iddaa siteleri your head. I gently played with your hair before putting my hands around your head, pulling your face closer into my pussy. Your hands were under my thighs and at either side of my stomach- you tightened your grip on me and pulled me closer to you, smashing your face against me. My scent was intoxicating to you, my taste was tart and sweet. Opening yourself wide you got a mouthful of cunt. Your tongued rammed my honey pot while your nose tickled my clit. Wanting me to cum, you raised your mouth back up to my pearl and sucked on it, shaking your head vigorously as you did so.

This threw me over the edge and I came hard on your face, moaning the words “oh fuck baby” loudly. Standing up you gazed upon me. My eyes were closed, my chest was rising and falling hard and I was whimpering. Running your hand up my stomach and between my breasts you grabbed my neck and lifted me up.

Looking me in the eye you said “taste me”…I stuck out my tongue and licked at your lips, tasting my delicious cream. I stuck my tongue further in your mouth and found your own. As I hungrily attacked your mouth you put two fingers in me, held me open and thrust your full length into me. I could only moan into your mouth as I felt you fill me up. You gently pushed me down by my shoulders and brought your hands down to my hips. Lifting my hips up you slowly withdrew from me, then quickly rammed yourself in me again. I wrapped my hands under my thighs and held myself open to you, wanting you to take it all.

Seeing my eyes stare back up at you with complete lust, my tits bouncing with every thrust and my hands holding open my thighs for you was more than you could take. Your pace quickened and your thrusts became harder, my sugar walls gripping you like a vice. I could feel your balls slapping against my ass as I raised myself on my elbows, changing my body position to feel tighter around you. I knew you were close because you were starting to grunt, your eyes were closed and you were biting your lip.

Knowing this I moaned for you to “cum inside me, I want to feel you cum inside me”. With one final thrust you came…I grabbed your neck and forced you to look into my eyes and you emptied yourself into me. Quickly my pussy milked your cock of all you had. You lowered your head to my chest and breathed hard against my tits.

I held you close to me, faintly whispering “I’m yours, I’m yours…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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