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Big Dicks

Turning off the computer, I decide to turn in for the night. I am thinking of him. I had received dozens and dozens of responses, but he was the only one who ‘got it’. He knew what the scarf was for.

I turn the bedroom light on, knowing he would want to see my body. Imagining he is there, standing in my bedroom, I take off my sweatpants with my back to him. I place my hands under the sweats, slowly pushing them down my legs to my knees. I bend at the waist, causing the black lace cheekies to slide up into the crack of my ass just a little, exposing my ivory cheeks just a little more. I run my hands over my ass. The lace feels so good against my skin. I start to unbutton my shirt, turning around to face him like he is there; exposing the black lace push up bra has ‘the ladies’ providing lots cleavage.

I finish unbuttoning my shirt and let it fall to the floor. Imagining he is looking, with my feet about six inches apart, I turn around with my back to the bed, grab my lace panties at the sides of my hips and slowly bend over, never letting go of the panties. I let my hands take them all the way to my ankles. I slowly remove one foot at a time. I know from where I have him standing, watching this, with my height, combined with the height of the bed, he will just see my clit, pussy and ass exposed all at once for his taking.

The thought of him watching me undress excites me. I slowly rise back up, running my hands up my body as I do. I reach around my body and unclasp my bra, freeing the ladies, and letting the bra fall to the floor. I place a hand under each breast, cupping them, lifting and gently asyabahis yeni giriş massage the underside, moving across the surface of the skin. So soft, ivory white, never exposed to the sun or tanning bed lights. I know he would enjoy. I turn out the light.

I had changed the sheets on the bed earlier in the day, so I was enjoying climbing in. I love the feel of freshly clean sheets on my body; even if the sheets are not satin, somehow they always feel that way the first night on the bed. Lying there on my left side, I run my right hand down the length of my body. I love the way it is beginning to respond to the workouts.

I start at my armpit. The muscles just underneath are stronger, moving downhill I can feel the firmness of my ribcage which leads into the soft dip of my waist and right back uphill to my hips. The firmness of my thighs, now a little more defined, and my hamstrings are little firmer and rounded as the muscle takes shape. My hand slides back to my ass. My cheeks are a little more round and solid. I like this feeling and as my middle finger lightly slides across the space between my cheeks I realize I want to satisfy myself. I continue rubbing my ass, it’s soft but yet firm. The skin surface of my cheeks feels different from my legs or back. I am thinking it is due to the fact they, like my tits, have never seen the sun or tanning bed lights. I continue tracing my hand lightly down my ass, up under to explore my pussy from behind. Hmm, I think as I move my right knee up towards my chest, opening myself up to my own exploring fingers. I trace my fingers over my clit and move asyabahis güvenilirmi a finger a little inside myself, moving the finger back and forth to tease.

Involuntarily my hips arch down, wanting to give my finger more access. I can’t get as deep into myself as I want to go, so straightening out my right leg, I roll over on my back. I stop for a second, resting my right hand at the base of my neck, I can smell my own juices. Nice. I run my hand across the top of my chest. I can feel my collar bones and the muscles in my upper chest. Hmm, soft, firm, healthy. Arching my back and stretching, I reach up, taking a breast firmly in each hand. I squeeze harder then I usually would letting myself know I am really still alive; rolling my nipples in between my thumb and index finger. My body becomes more alive underneath my hands. Inhaling deeply, I continue to roll a breast in each hand, teasing my nipples and imagining the hands are the large hands of a man who wants me.

I release my breasts to begin lightly circling the outside with my usual feathery touch, moving in circles from the outside in, until I reach the nipples, giving them a roll between my fingers. I slide my hands down over my ribcage and downhill to my stomach, rounded and soft, I can feel subtle changes here too. I reach further with both hands to play with my pubic hair and pull back on the flesh, causing tension in between the folds that lay further below.

Sliding my right hand further down, I begin stroking my clit with my middle finger while the rest massage surrounding flesh and my left continues to play with my asya bahis giriş hair. Separating my legs a little to better my access, I slide my middle finger up inside myself. HMMMM, ohh that feels good, I think to myself. I am so wet. Wanting more, I reach over, open the drawer to the nightstand, and pull out my vibrator.

I open up my legs and using my left hand, dip the toy in my juices for lubrication, turning on low at the point of impact sending electrical impulses through my body. I close my legs and rest the vibrator on my clit, teasing myself. My hips rolling just a little, keeping the toy on my clit, sending tingling through me. My hips move up more sending the toy into my pussy. Oh that feels soooo good. I stroke my inner walls with the toy. I sigh in enjoyment. I move the toy back on my clit and rock my pelvis up so I can easily place my right index finger inside my very wet pussy. I move my hips back and forth, moving my finger in and out of me, caressing that magical spot inside.

I freeze still, hips rocked upward, the vibrator in my left hand pressed against my clit and my finger caressing inside of me. I can feel it building. I can’t stand it. Each stroke has me wanting more, deeper. I begin slow pulses upward to intensify the feeling. Not enough, I have to have more. My breathing is erratic, waiting for the explosion. I stoke my clit, moving the vibrator to the opening of my pussy, just touching my finger causing my finger to vibrate just a little up inside me. I can feel my walls contracting around my finger as my pussy begins squirting juices on my hand. I feel the electrical explosion through my body as simultaneously as if I’m drugged. A calm feeling consumes my brain.

I relax my pelvis, lying still for just a moment enjoying the pleasure and the feeling of the sheets on my skin. I roll over on my left side, tucking my knees to my chest, and fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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