Nooky Night

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We are driving home from an event we attended.

He is wearing a white shirt with a black bow tie and a watch with silver bracelet.

I am wearing a comfy flowy one piece.

So we guys reach my place. I bend towards him for a good bye kiss.

Damm he smells great, I want to spend the night with him.

I step out and ask, “Hey, wana come up for a drink?”

“What about your roommates?” he asks.

“They have gone home for the holidays.”

“Cool, will find a parking then.”

He parks the car, while I wait at the entrance. It’s cold and my feet is aching thanks to those high heels.

He comes, we guys enter the lift. We steal a quick kiss and say that I love him. He kisses I back and says that he loves me too.

I reach the door and ask him to ssshh, quietly unlock the door and check if anyone is there in any of the rooms. Nope, no one. I guys have the place to yourself.

I remove the heels. Ah! What a relief.

He is hungry, he announces. I offer to make ramen which he is more than happy to eat.

So I head to the kitchen.

Untying his bow tie and unbuttons the top two button. He shouts from the hall would I like, some wine or scotch. I opt for a glass of wine.

He drinks his scotch quickly and pours me a glass.

He enters the kitchen. I am boiling the water.

He grabs me from behind by my waist and says, “There you go, wine for the gorgeous lady” while he kisses my neck.

I giggle and have a sip. It feels so nice, his warm body, his fragrance and the beautiful wine.

“Patience, I am all yours. The wine will spill on your shirt. Have to make the noodles as well” you say, though I don’t really want him to let me go.

“I only wana eat you for the night,” he says.

I take a big gulp, place the glass aside and turn around.

I look into his eye, bahis siteleri and love is all I see. I smile and pull him closer, I can feel his warm breath against mine and smell the scotch. I close my eyes and our lips meet his. We kiss softly, oh this feels great.

His hands brushes my hair, holds my face and brings it closer and continues kissing. He then runs his hand down my spine, this surprisingly sends chills down my spine. He grabs my ass, squeezing it and then lifts me, placing me on the kitchen platform.

That felt good but the platform is cold against the thighs. I don’t mind it though, I pull him closer and start unbuttoning his shirt. I kiss his warm neck. Oh, his fragrance is so good. I want bite him but he has told I no biting before as he has work the next day. Fuck it, I go for it biting his chest.

Ouch, take it easy babe.

I need another drink. I jump down, giggling and say, “Yes, sir. Watcha gonna do, punish me? Hahaha.” And I leave saying that I my pouring myself another drink.

“I just may,” he replies.

I am looking out of the window while sipping the wine. He comes from behind and squeezes my boobs, oh this feels so great, and comes closer to me. I run my hand against his hair. He begins to unzip the back of my dress, kissing my neck moving down to the shoulder as he peels the dress off.

He then squeezes my breasts again, pulling me closer…my bare back against his body. The wine has already hit me thanks to quickly gulping down two glasses. His hands are doing wonders to me breasts and I are dripping wet. He defiantly knows what he is doing.

He then begins to nibble my earlobe and whispers that I am gorgeous and that he loves me.

God! My hair is standing, goosebumps all over the body. I whisper, “I love you too.” He runs his hand down my arms, calming the goosebumps canlı bahis siteleri and holds my hand. He then proceeds to unbuckle the bra.

Freedom finally, they are out in the open, hate wearing bras. He turns me around and squeezes them with his warm hands while kissing me. He then kisses my collar bone slowly down to the boobs and smooches the nipple. I am losing it, I want to his penis. I want to fuck him.

I unzip his pants and pull it out. It’s hard and erect, I begin to rub it. He lets out a moan, I can tell he is enjoying it.

He begins to kiss my lips, while rubbing my vagina. Oh, I am so wet.

He pulls back, and removes my panties and begins to finger me.

“Babe, you are soo wet”

“Well, you are damm good at what I do,” I say.

Let’s go to the bed he suggests, scooping me up while kissing me and enters the bed room. He puts me on the bed, bends and kisses me on the lips, then lower on the neck, lower on the collar bone, on the upper breast, the nipples, stomach, navel…oh there is so much anticipation building up, go down already I am yelling in my head.

He is taking his sweet time, teasing me. He starts kissing the inner thighs. The wait is too much. Finally his lips arrive where I want. He gently blows cool air, I feel a tingling sensation, it feels nice. He then begins to lick me. He licks my clit, it’s the best. I don’t want him to stop. A moan escapes me.

“Oh, I like that baby? “


His hand grabs my breast while he is licking the clit. This is driving me insane, I want his penis inside. He starts playing with my perky nipples.

“Fuck me!” I yell.

He inserts his tongue inside. Oh God, the soft wet tongue feels amazing. I am so wet. I really want his penis in me. My hips is out of control. My hands clench the sheets, I cannot focus.

“Ooh, canlı bahis fuck me!” I exclaim.

He inserts his finger n begins to finger me. He definitely knows his way…it’s a little rough but I am enjoying it n don’t want him to stop. At least the finger is longer than the tongue.

He bends closer and licks my clit while fingering me. My mind doesn’t know where to focus, the wine and this pleasure is too good. I want him to go deeper.

I grab my boobs, I feel like peeing. Annnnd I get an orgasm.

I pull him up and begin to kiss him. I get on top of him, I can feel his penis rubbing against my vagina, I like it. I move down, licking and kissing his body. I decide to reward him with a boob job, I squeeze his penis between my boobs and slide it. I know he likes this.

He grabs my ass and spanks it. I oddly enjoy it. “Harder!” I say, he obeys. My lips meet his n he spanks me again, squeezing it. He rolls me over and starts kissing the thighs and calf.

He asks me to spread my legs. His tongue is teasing the lips of my vagina…his breath against the wet pussy sends pleasure waves.

He inserts his tongue and licks me.

I want his penis so bad. Enough! I can’t take it anymore.

I close my legs, push him away and climb on him. I grab his penis and slide it in. Oh finally! I slide down slowly, it enters deep. I clench my muscles and slowly move up and then down. I enjoy slow deep stroke. I fall on him to kiss him, he raises his hips to fuck me while kissing me back…I bite him. Ouch he yells. No biting!

He makes me bend on my knee and spanks me hard, he then inserts his penis n fucks me doggie style. He grabs my boobs, massaging it and flicking the nipples with while fucking. His pace increases…this feels amazing.

Aaah…he yells he is gonna come. I want him to continue, don’t pull out I yell. He bangs me harder and deeper, I can’t think of anything. I feel a warm rush within, he came.

We both are tired, I wrap myself around him, kissing him. What a wonderful night. We talk for a while and doze off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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