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“They call you what?”

“Nympho!” She said proudly.

“I’m half afraid to ask why?”

“Why the hell do you think?”

I laughed at the whole situation. An 18 year old girl telling me her nickname in order to get me to fuck her. It was such a crude way to drop a hint. But as I thought about it, it made a weird sort of sense. I had been working closely with her for several weeks. In some ways the only reason she was passing was based on my tutoring. She dropped a couple of hints already, but I wasn’t biting. We were nearing the end of the class so she decides to get less subtle and hit me between the eyes. In no uncertain terms she was telling me she was available, and willing.

I guess a little background is in order. I am a TSgt in the USAF attending a technical school for retaining. Which means 4 months at Keesler AFB in Mississippi, not one of the garden spots of the South? After school I was heading to Washington DC to work as a computer programmer. Actually that is a bit strange because I have been working as a computer programmer for the past 10 years, just not as a formally assigned one. I was retraining to align my interests with my actual duties. I was also setting myself up for my retirement in about 6 years. A programmer does a hell of a lot better than a RADAR technician.

Ann was an Airman, the lowest grade in the AF. She was fresh from Basic training. What we used to call young, dumb, and full of cum. She was new to everything, including, at least I think, sex. Sex to her was a game and she was playing it for all she was worth.

Each tech school class was usually made up of mostly the new airmen and a few NCOs who are retraining. For the programmers the opposite was true. It was mostly retrainees with just a few of the new airmen. Ann was in her element. Most of the day she was surrounded by other young, dumb, full of cum guys who were perfectly willing to help her explore. She also made quite a few of the NCOs in class for quickies over the weekends. I knew what she was doing because I had seen it many times before. Lots of airmen on their own making the usual mistakes about sex, money, and their future.

That would normally lead to a question, was I one of Ann’s conquests, if that is the right word? The answer is no. She was cute, and probably an energetic fuck, but she didn’t interest me all that much. You see as an experienced programmer I became her tutor as she struggled in the class. She was pretty smart, but getting her to focus was tough. Call me old fashioned, but the main reason I didn’t take her up on her earlier hints was simply the fact she was an airman and I wasn’t. I felt more paternal toward her. Leave off the ‘I’m married’ stuff, fucking her would be like fucking one of my own kids. Not my cuppa tea at all. So after weeks of subtle, for her, hints went ignored, she decided to up the ante with her supposed nickname “Nympho”. What a shitty handle to lie on a kid. I know she has the right to do what she wants. But put a label like that on her and she could really screw up the rest of her life.

“Ann, get your gear and come on outside. We need to talk.”

She got her stuff together half apprehensively and half excited. Like she didn’t know whether I was going to screw her or chew her out. She did catch a wave of my anger, and wasn’t sure it was aimed at her or not. I pointed her to my car and she tossed her stuff in the back as I drove off.

She was quiet, which wasn’t like her. She caught my mood. As we drove off-base I gathered my thoughts and decided how to deal with this situation. Not just for me, but for her as well. There was part of me tat was tempted to toss her over a couch and just fuck her till I wasn’t frustrated anymore, but that would just add to her self-image. She was more than just a cum receptacle, but she was heading down the path I had seen several woman go before. One I remember real well, a TSgt who ended up older than her years, with three kids from three different guys, and eventually kicked-out for her activities. I didn’t want Ann to see herself in that light after a while. The problem is there were lots of guys who would help her along that life. She could be so much more than that, but how to get that message to her?

I pulled off in a deserted parking area off Highway 90, right next to the beach. It was too chilly for anyone to be at the water. There were a few beachcombers, the diehards. It was as private as we were going to get. I sure as hell wasn’t taking her back to my dorm room or a hotel. She would probably get naked and I might not be smart enough to do the right thing once the blood filled my other head. Don’t get me wrong, I was as much a guy as any other. I just thought she could be so much more than a slut.

I turned and look at her. She was more apprehensive now. I had to set the stage right or I would lose her. She had to know how good she could be, without a Dad-like lecture on her sex life.

“Ann, I’m not mad at you, really I’m not. I think you are terrific! You are sharp as hell and I think you will do well in whatever you want to do.”

“OK, Eddy. Thanks!”

“What bahis şirketleri I am mad about is your nickname. Look, Ann. I understand you want to have fun, and fucking is a hell of a lot of fun. But you need to be careful.”

“Look Ed, I know about diseases, I had that lecture in High School.”

“I’m not talking sexually transmitted diseases. I’m talking about your career and your life. I know you are having fun here, and I figure you’ve gone though most of the class and then some. But these are the people you will be running into the rest of your career. It’s OK being a party girl at tech school, but what happens at your next duty station?”

“I don’t know! I want to keep having a good time.”

“And you can. You just have to be a little more circumspect. If you keep fucking around at the drop of someone’s pants, you will never be taken seriously as a person. Guys will see you as some sort of cum junkie and the women you work with will label you in many unkind ways. What happens when you find someone you love and everyone around him tell him what a good fuck you are?

“Ann, I am not telling you how to run your life. You can have fun, but you need to take things a little more seriously. Your next duty station will also have guys’ wives around. Believe me being a good fuck will only take you so far. The rep of being a slut will hurt you more than the pleasure it bring you over time.”

There I had my say, and I think she was thinking about it.

“Ed, I have heard this ‘talk’ a few times.”

“Ann, I am not trying to ruin your life, and as tempting as it would be to just lie down and fuck you. I can’t do it. You are a great person and worth so much more than being treated like a piece of meat.”

She looked at me, really looked at me. “I was a virgin when I got here.”

“Ann you don’t . . .”

“Yea I do. I was a virgin because no one wanted me in High School.”

“I . . .”

“Don’t patronize me now, Ed. You’ve been straight, let me. I was a wallflower and all the guys knew it. When I lost my virginity it was at a party and I was passed off to three different guys. And I LOVED IT. I loved the attention, I loved the action, and I loved orgasms! Even the first girl who ate my pussy made me feel good! I liked it, but even I saw it was going a bit overboard. Fuck, Ed, the reason I needed a tutor is because guys and girls are beating my door down for a fuck. I get little sleep. But I love it! I have to be honest, I adore sex!”

“You can still have fun, but you don’t want to be label a slut. Be a slut in the bedroom if you want. But trust me; you don’t want to be labeled one. It won’t save you when you screw up on the job. It won’t help you in many situations.”

“It got me out of a speeding ticket. The cop was pretty yucky, but he wanted a BJ.”

“Ann, do you want to go through life like that? What happens when you are 30, 35, or 40?”

“Oh fuck, Ed, you are being a drag.”

“I know, but I see so much more for you than just that. You can be a slut without wearing it like a scarlet letter.”

“I read that story, they don’t do that shit.”

“Not in the same way, but remember your home town? Did you have labels for some folks? The town drunk or the town slut? The married lady who was screwing the pool boy?”

Ann laughed at that. “Yea, I guess we had our share.”

“Would you like people seeing you through those glasses?”

She sobered a little. “I guess not.”

“OK, lecture mode over, Ann just think about it. Once you leave Keesler, leave the party girl public image here. Be more selective and be real careful about married guys. Once you get the rep for spreading your legs, you will have a hard time losing it.”

“But while I’m here I can play?”

“I guess, just start getting more selective. If they wake you up in the middle of the night, tell them to go jerk off once in a while.”

“But it tastes so fucking good!”

We laughed. So I guess I had my say, I just wasn’t sure it would do any good.”

“Are you sure I can’t . . .”

“No thanks Ann. If we are going to continue as a tutor, I have to avoid thinking about your ass, OK?”

“OK, but if you ever want it — I owe you big time, Ed.”

I went on to my assignment in DC and Ann went to Randoph AFB. We lost touch until I ran into her in Alabama years later.


“TSgt Edwards?”

I turned with a smile. I haven’t been called that in a long time. I had retired and was a contract consultant for the Air Force now. The pay and hours were better, and I still did a bit of traveling. This month I was at Gunter Annex in Alabama. I turned around I was facing an attractive MSgt, 5’5, slim, red hair, good smile. She looked sort of familiar, but the name on her nametag wasn’t one I knew.


She smiled wide and that’s when I realized who it was, Ann.

“Oh my god, it is you, Ed?”

“Hi Ann”

“And you remember me?”

“Of course I remember you!”

She practically jumped into my arms for a hug. Ann had changed a lot. Probably more than I had. She was no longer 18, but at least 33. He face had matured well, she bahis firmalar was well beyond cute and had the beauty of life and a life lived well. She was heavier, but in all the right places. Gone was the skinny eighteen year old that seemed to live for giving blow jobs.

“God, Ed, you look great!”

Around us a small cadre of people were staring, like they had never seen to old friends run into each other.

“Ed, are you assigned here?”

“I’m just TDY, temporary duty, for the rest of the month.”

“OK, great.” She handed me a business card. “I have to go to a meeting. Here is my number. Call me and we will have dinner, tonight! I’m serious, if you had plans cancel them.”

She carried herself with much more assurance then I remember, but then I have to remind myself she wasn’t the same person, and neither was I.

Joe, a guy I was working with here, had a comment. “You know the ice bitch?”


“That’s her nickname, the Ice Bitch. The rumor mill says she’s a virgin because pricks freeze and fall off before getting any. You are the only guy I have seen her smile at. Where do you know her from?”

“Oh years ago, she was an Airman fresh out of Basic.”

“So how well did you know her?”

“Pretty well, we were in a study group for tech school together.”

“Well watch yourself; she’s a real bitch now!”

“Joe, everyone can be a bitch, even you! I’m just glad you aren’t my bitch!”

He laughed and we went back to work.

That afternoon I called her office and left a message with my cell number. About 4 she returned my call.

“Ed, I’m sorry I had to run off.”

“It’s OK, Ann. We both had work to do.”

“Where are you staying?”

“Townplace Suites, off Carmichael.”

“Good! I’ll pick you up at 7, dinner at a little Italian place where we can catch up. Damn it’s good to see you! Shirt and tie, this is a nice place.”

When she got out of her car, now I wouldn’t have recognized her. Her red hair was down past her shoulders. She was in a little black cocktail dress that fit her like a second skin. It showed her legs off well. She twirled and asked. “Do I pass muster?”

“You are gorgeous, Ann, and you know it!”

“Yea, I do! She hugged me again, a longer hug than in the hall of her office building. She kissed my cheek and I appreciated her scent, a mild perfume that I didn’t recognize.

“Come on, I am starving!” Now that sounded like the 18 year-old I remembered.

As we drove to the restaurant, we reminisced slightly. “Do you remember the last time we were in a car together?”

“I sure do Ann, like it was yesterday.”

“Me too, I’ve thought about that little talk for a long time. I always wanted to see you again and tell you how much you did for me.”

“Hey, anything you did you did for yourself. You can’t blame me!”

“I know that, but you helped me start it. By not having sex with me, you let me see myself in a different light. You wanted me, I could feel it, but you treated me like a person. You were the first and it made me feel special. I owe you!”

“You don’t owe me a thing!”

She disagreed. The conversation turned to the usually catch up information. She was divorced, no kids, but she kept his last name. I was still married, retired, my kids were adults. She was the NCOIC of the development branch and I was a consultant for information technology branch.

Dinner was superb, there was also dancing so after dinner I got to hold her close and enjoy her touch. After the first dance she kissed me, not a hot and sexy kiss, but our lips met nicely. After each dance we kissed more.

“You know I have been dreaming of kissing you for 15 years!”

“Ann . . .”

“Oh Ed, relax! You just need to know that I really liked you back then. You were smart and willing to work with me for no other reason that it was the right thing to do. Even when I tried my less than subtle seduction techniques, you handled them with grace of character. I was a little mad at the time, but over the years I learned how right you were. And Ed, I fell in love with your memory.”


“Yea, I was in love with the person you were to me. I tried to find someone like you and came close, but they never fit the mold you left.”

“Ann . . .”

“Relax. I am not in love with you, but in love your memory. You set a pretty high standard for people to measure up against.”

“That wasn’t what I meant to do.”

“Hell, Ed, I know that. You were straightening out a messed up kid who was thinking with her pussy. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to straighten out kids with similar problems. I guess you did that too and I was just another kid for you to deal with.”

“You were never just another kid, Ann.”

She paused and looked at me. “Thank you for that Ed.”

We smiled at our shared memories when the last song came on for the evening, a slow dance number. Without waiting, she got up and offered her hand. I took it and we went back on the floor. This was different. She flowed against me and we moved across the floor physically in sync. She felt good against me and her kaçak bahis siteleri perfume filled my head.

As we danced my body and a perfectly normal response and I felt her giggle in my ear. “Nice to know I can get a rise out of you after all.”

I pulled her against me, grinding into her pelvis a little. “You got a rise out of me 15 years ago, Ann.”

“I always hoped I did. It made your memory even stronger. A guy who got horny but controlled it. You were my role model more than you knew.

“Oh fuck!”


“My Chief just came in, with the fucking Colonel’s wife. We need to get out of here before he sees me.”

“What’s the problem?”

As we left, after they cleared the door, she explained. “The Colonel’s wife is a slut, worse than I was. The stupid Chief is her latest score. If he saw me, he would freak out. She wouldn’t know me from Eve, He would get all uptight and I don’t need to deal with that. Hell he might not even have recognized me dressed like this. But the last ting I need is him sniffing after me. I had to call him up short on a couple of my people before.

She drove to her apartment, a very nice place well away from the base. She obviously has expensive tastes from the décor. She settled me down into a very comfortable sectional sofa with a drink and snuggled in next to me with one of her own.

“Tell me about the Chief?”

“Not much to tell. He’s a dog and I had to tell him to lay off a couple of my girls. We fought over his behavior and he knows to keep his distance. He made a play for me when I first got here and I did my best imitation of an iceberg to get him to lay off.” She grinned up at me, “Some things have changed!”

“So I see!”

“I know, the old me would have been naked, knees on the floor, fighting to get his cock out for a blow job as soon as I knew he was interested. The current me keeps her playtime miles from the gates and no military allowed!”

“So you aren’t the ice bitch?”

“Damn, you heard that one pretty quick. Let me guess, Joe?”

“In one!”

“Yea, he made noises too, but I ignored him. He was one of the nicer ones to just leave me alone. I have learned a lot over the years, Ed.”

“Watching the looks I got when you hugged me told me a few things too

“Yea, well one lapse with an old friend won’t kill my rep as a bitch, but I will be more careful next time. It was just such a shock to see you!”

“I was surprised too. Until you smiled I didn’t know it was you.”

Her hands ran down her body. “Yea, just a few physical changes . . . like tits and hips! I was pretty fucking skinny when I last saw you.”

“Skinny but cute!”

“Yea, I am not cute anymore, haven’t been for years.”

“Nope, now you are beautiful!”

She smiled at my comment.”

“So no more ‘Nympho’ nicknames anymore?”

“Oh I wouldn’t say that. I still love to fuck, suck, lick, and bite with the best of them. I am just much more discreet. It still took a while for that lesson to sink in. When it did, I really understood you.”

“Tell me about it.”

She sat up and slid a little away, so she could turn and look at me. I missed the warm presence against me, but this story seemed important to her.

“Well back at Keesler, I was even more of a slut than I think you even realized I fucked or blew everyone in class except for you and the religious fanatic. Half the breaks had me with my pants at my ankles and a cock in my cunt. I even had all the women in the class, including Sue, the pretty teacher. You have no idea how out of control I was.”

“Holy shit!”

I know, pretty insane. I was really crazy and I loved every minute of it. I should have caught half a dozen diseases, or gotten preggers a few times. I was well fucked, orgies, and even gangbanged more times than I could count. Hell, Ed, the only ‘normal’ time I had was when I was studying with you. I think I had a crush on you back then because you didn’t tell me to blow you.

“After our talk I saw some of the things I was doing was really risky and tried to slow down, but the itching in my pussy would get pretty bad and I would get well fucked again and again. I resolved to cool it at Randolph, my first duty station. I think I held out a whole two days before I was on my knees between two cocks. I did cool it some, but I was still willing and able to fuck a lot. But listening to some of what you said I also kept some time for myself and became a model airman. I aced my training and all courses. I was spit and polished 24/7. Never late, work done to perfection. In months I was coding things only the more experienced programmers were getting. I was damn good!

“Then I was up for Senior-Airman Below the Zone, you know 6 months ahead of the norm. I met the board and realized that each of the board members had fucked me, including the female first shirt. Of course as perfect as my record was on paper, the reality was I was a slut and they each knew it. I didn’t get a single vote. The next time I ‘entertained’ each of those board members I asked them about it. It’s amazing how hard it is to lie to someone with their teeth around your cock, or their hand up into your pussy. They each told me that they didn’t feel they could vote for me because of my off-duty activities. That woke me up even more. That’s when I understood what you said, every single word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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