Olivia’s Life Ch.01

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I was not feeling happy that evening as I rode the train home. I was returning from a two-day business trip and had decided to take the train and not a plane because I wanted to prolong the time before I arrived home. My boyfriend and I were going through a rocky patch and the night before I left we had a nasty argument that wasn’t resolved by the time we went to bed. A silent, resentful breakfast the morning after didn’t help things either. The business trip was routine and uneventful and I had too much time to brood about my relationship problems. Now all I had to look forward to was either my partner’s stony silence or another ugly argument.

One of the reasons for the fight was sex – I wanted more variety, he was happy with what we had. Don’t get me wrong, I love him very much, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if this is all there is. Robert is a sensitive, thoughtful lover and he likes to please me. Most of the time that is wonderful but sometimes I want to be taken roughly and used and he’s just not into that. Also, I want it more often than he does. After three years together I had learned to appreciate his finer qualities but I had also learned that my own desires were not being fully satisfied. One time I made the mistake of subtly suggesting to Robert that we invite a man of our acquaintance to a threesome. Well, the ensuing fight was so horrible that I never dared suggest it again. Other tentative approaches to introduce some more variety was met with a tock response of,

“But it’s already so good. Why do we have to change?”

I couldn’t seem to make him understand that trying something different didn’t mean that what we had bow wasn’t enjoyable. I suppose I could have tried harder but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Thinking about my problems, I must have unconsciously sighed because the man sitting opposite me looked up sharply. I smiled as if to reassure him and tried to take my mind off my problems and onto other things. I was sharing a four-person compartment with three men – two of whom seemed to be engrossed in their newspapers while the third stared dreamily out the window.

I sighed again and fidgeted, eliciting another glare from the man opposite me. I stifled an impulse to stick my tongue out at him. The man next to him (the one who was staring out the window) glanced up and, catching my expression, gave me a slight smile of commiseration. I was the last person to enter this compartment so he must’ve encountered Mr. Fussy before me.

I decided that it would be best to get out of here for a while so I got up and made my way to the dining car, hoping that the bar was still open. The dining car was empty but fortunately the bar was still open. Easing myself onto a barstool, I tried to decide what to order. A movement caught my eye and I looked over to my right to see one of the men from my compartment sit down a seat away from me. It was the one who had smiled at me. We exchanged another smile and I looked away. I wasn’t here to pick up men. During my three years with Robert I hadn’t strayed once, though I had been tempted several times. I once went as far as sharing a few passionate kisses with a man I met in a bar, but I felt so guilty about it that I never went back to that bar again.

The bartender was waiting for my order so I ordered a Vodka and Orange. I was opening my purse to pay when the man next to me leaned over and said,

“Please, let this be my treat.”

I must have looked doubtful because he gave me a very charming smile and added,

“Think of it as a small reward for putting up with that boring old fart in our compartment for so many hours.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and replied,

“Okay, but only if the next one is on me.”

He smiled that devastating smile again and extended his hand for me to shake.

“It’s a deal. My name is Greg Edwards and I’m very pleased to meet you.”

I smiled at him – what a charmer! I took his hand and felt a slight thrill as his hand engulfed mine in a firm, but not painful grip.

“Pleased to meet you too. My name is Olivia Bennet.” “Do you mind if I join you Olivia?” Greg asked. “This trip has been boring beyond description and I’m desperate for some interesting conversation.”

I laughed and replied, “Sure.”

As he moved over I took the opportunity to get a good look at him. He was about 6.2” and was powerfully built. He had black hair and gorgeous brown eyes with long thick eyelashes. I couldn’t understand how I had earlier failed to notice what a hunk he was. My boyfriend problems must’ve pre-occupied me more than I realised.

He told the bartender to make it two and when our drinks arrived we clinked glasses, and smiled at each other. We fell easily into conversation and exchanged the usual information – careers, hobbies, friends, interests, etc. After about half an hour and second round of drinks, he suggested we move over to a booth where it was more comfortable. I was by no means drunk, but I had a nice bahis siteleri buzz going on. That and my lingering anger at Robert made me abandon my usual caution and I readily agreed. I slid into the booth first and to my surprise, Greg slid in next to me and not opposite as I expected.

“You don’t mind. Do you?” he asked, flashing me a roguish grin.

I opened my mouth to say that in fact I did mind, but what came out of my mouth was,

“Not at all. Make yourself comfortable.”

Well, he took my word for it because he draped his arm behind me over the backrest and moved in close. I was acutely aware of his hard, muscular body and I could feel the heat emanating from him. My breathing quickened and my heart was pounding so hard in my chest I was sure he would hear it. He turned to his left and signaled to the bartender for another round of drinks. I tried to pay for mine but he gently but firmly pushed my hand away and said,

“The least I can do is pay for the drinks when you’re providing such charming and witty company.”

I swear, I blushed and giggled like a schoolgirl. No man had made me giggle in years.

Of course, by now I knew that he wanted more than just conversation, but I also knew that I was ready to give more. I had denied myself for three years and tonight that was going to stop. My pleasure was going to come first and this attractive, handsome man was just what I needed.

He moved closer to me until he was pressed up against me. I shifted position so that I was leaning against him and then I placed my left hand on his thigh. His thigh was as firm and muscular as I thought it would be and I couldn’t help but squeeze his leg. I heard his breath catch in his throat and his arm slid around me until he was caressing my arm with his right hand.

We sat in silence and finished our drinks. My anticipation of what was surely to come heightened my pleasure and I continued to massage his thigh, as I slipped off my shoe and started caressing his calf with my bare toes. He leaned over and whispered in my ear,

“You’re very beautiful Livvy and I want you so much. I want to take you here and now.”

I moaned softly at his words and I could feel my pussy get deliciously wet. His right hand moved from my arm and lightly brushed across my breasts. My nipples hardened instantly and it felt like an electric shock rippled through my body. He shifted so that his body was tilted towards me and I looked up to see his mouth descending on mine. I reached up to meet him halfway and felt his warm wet tongue enter my mouth. I have shared some amazing kisses but this one was simply mind-blowing. Every nerve in my body responded to his firm tongue probing my mouth. I sucked on it greedily and he moaned out loud. Obviously I was affecting him as profoundly as he was affecting me.

When he eventually pulled away he had a glazed look in his eye and his breathing was harsh and uneven. He reached up and ran his thumb over my lips and without thinking I opened my mouth and sucked in his thumb, keeping my eyes locked on his all the while. I looked straight at him as I sucked his thumb deep into my mouth.

“Oh God” he breathed softly, not taking eyes off me.

I held his hand steady with my left hand and with my right I felt my way slowly up his thigh. He squirmed a bit and I realised that his pants must be uncomfortably tight by now. Just as I was about to touch the object of my lust he abruptly pulled away. Seeing my shock, he quickly said,

“Not here. We need privacy. Come with me.”

We got out of there as quickly as was decently possible though not quick enough for me to miss the grin the barman flashed in our direction as we left the dining car. He wasn’t fooled!

We couldn’t go back to our compartment so we went to the only place we could both think of – the restroom. It was small and cramped but who cared? We were so hot for each other that I thought I would explode if I didn’t have him soon.

We locked the door behind us and fell upon each other hungrily. We kissed frantically and clutched and clawed at each other.

“Olivia! Livvy! Oh God! I want to fuck you so bad! I want fuck you senseless! My cock is so hard for you!” he groaned in my ear as he ground his hard body against mine.

I was thrilled! Robert didn’t like talking dirty and here was this man telling me how much he wanted to fuck me. I grabbed his butt and pulled him hard against me. I could feel his terrific erection pressing against me and I couldn’t wait to see it and feel it.

He pulled away long enough to pull my shirt off and then began fumbling with my bra. He was so excited that he couldn’t get a grip and I had to help him get it off. He moaned as my big, firm 36DD’s sprang into view. I cupped my tits and offered them up to him and he swiftly leaned down and sucked a nipple into his hot mouth. He pulled my hands away and began fondling and squeezing my tits in his big strong hands. He must do some kind of physical labour in his canlı bahis siteleri spare time because his hands were rough I thrilled at the feel of his calloused hands rubbing against the soft skin of my tits. He greedily sucked my tits and nipples for what seemed like ages and I was lost in the wonderful sensations produced by his hot, wet mouth. He eventually pulled away and told me he wanted us naked. We bumped into each other as we undressed – partly from the cramped space and partly because our lust made us clumsy. At last we were naked and I couldn’t take my eyes off his hard muscular physique. He had a well-defined chest and a six-pack that I couldn’t wait run my tongue over.

But what I really wanted to see was his cock and I wasn’t disappointed at what I saw. His cock was thick and circumcised and a good 9” long. The veins stood out sharply against the taut skin and I salivated at the thought of how it would feel inside me. He was examining my body just as closely and it was obvious he liked what he saw. I’m tall and curvy – my legs are long and I am narrow-waisted with full hips and a round full ass. You definitely wouldn’t confuse me with one of those wannabe boys who grace the covers of most women’s magazines.

“Oh baby, I’m going to love fucking you.” He breathed hoarsely, as he ate up my body with his eyes.

He shoved me up against the door and kissed me hard and passionately as he ground his body against mine. His huge erection pressed into the soft flesh of my stomach and I reached down to cup his firm butt in my hands.

He pulled away and grinned at me.

“How’s the trip going now hon?” he asked cheekily.

“Best ride I’ve had so far.” I laughed.

“No.” he laughed in reply. “The best ride is still to come.”

His hands moved all over my body as he explored me. I moaned and felt a fresh gush of moisture between my legs. My pussy was throbbing with lust I wanted this man so badly. He finally reached my pussy with his right hand and his thick finger slipped easily into my wet hole. First one finger, then two, and then three – his fingers fitting snugly inside me. He began to slowly finger-fuck me, while massaging my aching clit with his thumb. I tried to reach down and get a hold of his cock but he grabbed my hands and held them securely above my head while he continued to finger me. He kissed me in my neck and sucked hard on the sensitive skin. He bit my earlobes as I ground against his thrusting hand. Then he placed his mouth against my ear and began whispering the most explicit, dirty words.

“Livvy, Livvy, does your boyfriend know what a dirty little slut you are? Does he know that you like to fuck strangers? What do you think he would say if he knew how easy it was for a total stranger to get into your cunt? I’m going to fuck this cunt until you cry for mercy. You’re going to take my cock in every hole and you’re going to love it!”

I was shocked and excited, all at the same time. Here was a long-held fantasy coming true and this man I hardly knew seemed to know exactly what to say and do. It had never been this good with Robert and I felt a perverse thrill that a complete stranger could make me feel what he never had.

Greg released my hands but warned me not to touch him yet. His hand moved down my body until he was clutching my butt. He pulled me roughly forward so that his fingers sank deeper into me. I gave an involuntary yelp and, as luck would have it, somebody passed by just at that moment.

“Everything okay in there?” a deep male voice asked.

“Yes, thank you. Everything’s fine.” I managed to reply, though I couldn’t stifle the tremor in my voice.

Greg hadn’t stopped probing me and at the sound of the man’s voice had instead redoubled his efforts and was finger-fucking me with no pretence of being gentle.

There was a brief silence on the other side of the door and I imagined the man could hear the slick sloshing sound as Greg’s fingers pounded in and out of my soaking wet cunt, eliciting another loud moan from me.

“Are you sure you’re okay” the man asked again.

“Yes, yes I’m fine. Really. Everything’s just fine. “ I babbled frantically.

The last thing I wanted was for someone to investigate further and spoil my fun.

“Okay then, just checking.” The man said and I heard his footsteps receding from the door.

Greg laughed and said,

“I bet that man knew you were being fucked in here. There’s no mistaking the sound of woman’s voice when she’s enjoying a good fuck and baby, you certainly sounded like you were getting it good!”

As he said this, his fingers probed between my ass cheeks and I felt him fumbling at my asshole.

“Spread your legs.” He ordered and I immediately complied.

“Hmmmm, I don’t wanna injure you baby. Let me use the other hand.” He said as he removed his drenched fingers from my pussy.

He reached around behind me and easily slipped a pussy-wet finger inside my asshole. He ground his finger deep inside canlı bahis my tight hole and I hardly stand the intense feeling of pleasure he was giving me. His left hand wasn’t idle either and he resumed fucking my hot and throbbing pussy with that hand. I now had three thick fingers in my cunt and another thick finger in my asshole. I was in heaven!

He wasn’t done yet though. I felt another finger probing at my asshole and before I could protest, he shoved a second finger into my hot, tight hole. I grunted at the momentary pain but soon relaxed as my asshole adjusted to the increased size.

I leaned back against the door, savouring the feeling of being probed in both holes. This man was surely a dream come true. He continued fucking me like that for about five minutes and then pulled out saying,

“It’s my turn now. Let’s see how well you suck a cock.”

He pulled me away from the door and pushed me down onto the toilet seat so that I was facing his erect cock. He cupped my chin and tilted my face up so he could see my face clearly. With the other hand, he gripped his straining cock and began slowly rubbing it as he moved closer to my waiting mouth. “You’re going to take this cock into your mouth and you’re going to suck it for as long as I want.” He said. Seeing that I made no objection, he continued, “I’m going to fuck that pretty face of yours and push my cock all the way down your throat.”

I squirmed with pleasure at those words and licked my lips in anticipation. Seeing this, he took a step forward and nudged my lips with his cock-head. I opened my mouth and hungrily sucked it in. I closed my eyes in bliss as I savoured the feel of his satiny smooth skin. He groaned out loud as my tongue flicked over the swollen head and I probed the slit at the top.

“Oh baby! You’re fucking me with your tongue! Keep doing that, keep doing that. You’re a beautiful cocksucker and I want more! He gasped as I continued working him over. I was only too happy to oblige!

I sucked his cock deep into my mouth and flicked my tongue all over his beautiful member. I licked his cock along the entire length and looked up – he was watching me intently, his mouth slightly open, his breathing laboured and there was no mistaking his intense enjoyment.

By now his cock was slick with my saliva and I started a slow, firm stroking while, with my other hand, I began fondling his balls. I took his cock-head back in my mouth and started sucking strongly, while swirling my tongue all over the smooth head. He was moaning loudly now and anybody walking past would definitely hear and know without a doubt what was happening inside.

I have loved sucking cock ever since I sucked my first one and going down on this man was no exception. My pussy throbbed with pleasure as I worked on him.

I removed his cock from my mouth and ran my tongue lightly across his balls. I licked them all over, not stopping my stroking of his cock. I took his balls into my mouth, one a time, and sucked them hard. He braced his hands against the wall behind me and began a slow rocking motion of his hips. I slid a couple of fingers into my pussy and began fingering myself as I worked on him. I continued sucking on his balls for a while and then returned my attention to his rigid cock. As I took it into my mouth, I removed my fingers from my pussy, reached behind him and swiftly plunged my wet finger into his asshole. He wasn’t expecting this and gave a loud cry as his hips involuntarily jerked forward, driving his cock deeper into my mouth. I almost gagged but controlled myself and allowed my mouth and throat to relax as I took in as much of him as I could. His hands moved to my head and he massaged my head, tangling his fingers in my long dark hair. I could feel the trembling in his hands as he restrained himself from gripping my head and plunging his cock deep down my throat.

I added a second finger to the first in his asshole and began a slow, deep finger fucking as my mouth worked on his big hard cock.

He kept up the dirty talked while I serviced him, “That’s right baby. Fuck my ass. Suck my cock. You’re such a horny bitch and I love it! I’m gonna cum in your juicy mouth, you cocksucking slut. I’m gonna empty my balls down your throat and you’re gonna take it all.”

That was just what I wanted to hear and I redoubled my efforts. It didn’t take long before I felt his cock swell even further in my mouth and his balls tensed. I knew he was about to cum and I prepared to get a load of his delicious cum in my mouth. He cried out LOUDLY pulling my hair painfully as his hot, salty cum flooded my mouth.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He cried out, heedless of the fact that we were sure to be heard.

His cock pulsed in my mouth and I swallowed every last drop. He kept on shooting until I wondered when he would stop. Eventually he did though and he slumped over me as I gently cleaned his cock with my tongue.

He leaned back against the restroom wall and grinned happily as he looked at me.

“Damn Livvy! That was the best blowjob I ever had! Your boyfriend is one lucky man.”

I smiled at him and replied, “I’m glad you enjoyed it but we’re not finished yet. I still need to be satisfied.”

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