One Mysterious Summers Day

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Double Penetration

It was always beautiful at our cliff top retreat, the sun shone from dusk till dawn every day, we would go there on weekends and holidays, always our time, a special time to be together, going through thoughts in our mind, soul searching and finding one another.

Like all days this one began with the early morning sun dancing across our naked bodies, the fine curtains blown open by the gentle morning breeze. I always liked to watch your body warm in the morning sun, there seemed no end to that beautiful moment until now……………..this morning was different, the sun quickly became hidden behind a mysterious mist never seen before, something deep inside turned on the dark side of me, as I lay staring intently almost evilly at you, your skin so smooth and appealing to both my eyes and my touch, you always slept to deeply I could do almost anything to you and the scene was slowly coming together.

Knowing you would rest a while I took my time, I wanted this to be a moment of discovery for us both, I crept down stairs and whilst having coffee planned something so wonderful, yet so bad too, I took my time, this had to be perfect, wandering out onto the balcony, drinking my coffee and smoking my last cigarette before the act. On returning to the kitchen I reached for a sharp knife, we had no scissors this would have to do, Slowly I crept up the stairs, as I thought you were still sleeping, you moaned gently as you do. I move towards the dresser, opening the bottom drawer I find an old silk blouse you never seem to wear these days……………..I go to the bathroom and proceed to cut the blouse into four equal length strips, almost ready now I move back into the bedroom, naked but for the evilest of grins I move toward the bed.

As I stand over your all but kaçak iddaa naked body, I remove the sheet which lays across your legs, you are faced down your legs bent slightly and your arms supporting your head but tucked under our pillows, I kneel by your side taking your right wrist and threading the silk binding around tying it loosely, taking my time I continue to tie all four silk ties around your wrists and ankles, I am so very gentle and you hardly move. I feel so empowered by this act and what follows sends me deep into my dark side as I bind your wrists to the bed rails, those bindings are now in place as you begin to wake, I see the fear in your face as you move for the first time I let this last all but a second re assuring you with my voice, taking your ankles as you ask me what I am doing, tying them tight to the bottom rail legs wide apart, I tell you to be quiet and say nothing for now as I leave the room.

Back in the bathroom I turn on the shower, smiling at myself in the mirror as I shave myself so smooth for your pleasure, I then step in the shower washing myself all over followed by applying lots of oil to my skin, so excited by what awaits me in the bedroom I step from the shower dripping wet, naked and full of strength, I move from the bathroom towards the bed, dripping water as I move, your struggling a little as I lean over your, the drips from my body land on you as you tense up and ask me again what’s going on, I run my fingers the length of your inner thigh as you struggle against the bindings, you know you can do nothing to stop me as I run my fingers between your tight ass and all the way up your back and onto the back of your neck, I tell you not to worry as I wont hurt you ever, You moan gently.

We often spoke of a desire kaçak bahis to have anal sex but never extended it to reality, I stood there gazing at your beauty, slowly I kneel between your thighs, then lower myself running my tongue all the way up and down the back of your thighs, I pause for a moment kissing behind your knees you always seem to like that you appear to be enjoying yourself but your still un aware of what lays ahead, my curiosity engulfs me as I pull your cheeks apart gently and slip my tongue against you, you tense as you feel my wet tongue, sliding it lower I can feel you are warm, you are wet and taste so sweet, you always do. Sliding my tongue inside you is so very nice as you try to push against me, you struggle as you are bound and I remind you I am in control as I push you to the bed with a little force.

I wander back to the bedroom backing away looking into your eyes as I smile, you seem shocked but quietly excited at what may lay ahead. I disappear for a moment and return with the knife in one hand and the oil in the other, the shock in your eyes makes me feel so very strong as I lay the knife by the bed, taking the oil I let it drip all over your back, I watch as it runs between your ass then I run my hands all over your back, tracing your spin and following the path of the oil, sliding my finger between your cheeks you wriggle under my touch appearing to push toward me again as I slip my finger in your ass just a little. I lean over and kiss you gently on the lips urging you to stay quiet for now before I move between your thighs once more, kneeling behind you I lower myself onto your back our hips meeting as I then slide all over your back, kissing you on the neck and letting you feel me between your thighs.

Kneeling I look illegal bahis down at your pussy, glistening it is so inviting and I accept by sliding my cock deep inside you, there is purpose to this as I feel you tighten against me, you moan gently as you always do, ready to enjoy me slamming into you but this time I slide deep into you only the once, slowly and intently, as I slide from you my cock is dripping wet, I run my finger along it’s length and offer you a taste your reach with your tongue but alas the pleasure for now is mine as I suck my finger letting you see me, pulling your cheeks apart makes you tense, you struggle a little as the tip of my wet cock touches your ass and I begin to force the head inside of you, you moan loud and I hear you gasp in anticipation as I slide my hard and willing cock inside of your ass, your whole body tenses up as you pull against the soft silk bindings, I slide deeper inside of you and feel you begin to push against me, at this moment I reach forward, taking the knife I cut you free from your ties, still deep inside you, I feel you move back on me on all fours now your long hair flowing as you writhe in front of me, your like a wild animal that has been set free, free to express and be yourself as we move together, my cock sliding deep in you as you moan loud and so differently even a little painfully, harder and faster, gripping you tightly around your hips, watching as your tits swing from side to side as I cum deep inside of you , feeling your tightness around my cock as it explodes in you and I slide fully inside staying there for a moment before pulling slowly from you and watch as my cum runs between your lips.

Fall together onto the bed we stare deep into each others eyes knowing we have opened another door in our quest to be truly together in every way possible, we both lay there stroking one another still covered in oil before to long we move from the bed and head to the shower…………………………………

Alfa Romeo

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