Open Marriage Chronicles Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 — Office Indiscretions

Joshua Whitmer looked down at his sleeping wife, Heidi, and wished for the millionth time that he wasn’t a lawyer. He had an early morning appointment, and couldn’t afford to heed his hormonal cry to bury his hard cock in his wife’s tight, willing pussy. She was tall, standing at five feet nine, with legs that went to the moon. She was an amateur dancer, tipping the scales at just over a hundred and thirty pounds. She was all hard muscle, with a soft, womanly padding giving her porn star-like dimensions. Josh knew that he was extremely lucky to have landed such a treasure, and never gave up the opportunity to enjoy her ‘gifts’. They both seemed to be perpetually horny; she was always ready, even when she slept.

Often he had seduced her, brought her to multiple orgasms, and then came himself inside her, without ever waking her up. It was incredibly exciting, almost a rape fantasy. Heidi always woke up from his attentions happy and content, thinking that a wet dream had brought her such pleasure. Then she would find his cum on her thighs, and know what he’d done. For her part, she enjoyed it.

Lately though, he’d been working eighty to ninety hours a week, and didn’t have time to eat, much less for sex. He pulled on his suit, and gave his wife a soft, wet kiss on the base of her neck, causing her to shiver slightly, and left.

The Regis case was a nightmare. The high-stakes case was not going well, and it was high time to put more people on it, and that meant more long hours. Josh was one of the senior partners despite his young age at 32. He kept himself in top shape at the company gym instead of eating lunch, and was the lust object for nearly every woman in the company. As he waded into the reams of material to prepare for the coming court battle, he noticed someone standing at his door.

“Mr. Whitmer?” a soft soprano said. He looked up and fought the urge to stare. His wife was a knockout by any standard, and he rarely bothered really looking at the girls at the office. It took someone really spectacular to turn his head. This woman was exotic and he couldn’t look away.

“Yes?” he managed, finding his voice.

“I’m Delilah Ming,” she said, entering the office. “I’m your new assistant attorney. I’ll be helping with the Regis case.” Miss Ming was obviously oriental, but her figure said otherwise. She had a full, curvy body which suggested a parent that was more western, but her face had the high cheekbones and gently-slanting eyes of an Asian. Her skin tone was slightly tanned, and was encased in a silk dress that clung to her curves like a second skin. It had a Kimono-like print, further suggesting the Orient. Josh had never seen an Asian with so curvy a body. He never really considered dating one because he liked more meat on his women.

“Excellent!” he said, coming back reality, and tore his eyes away from her for a moment to get her situated. “Well, you’ve kind of caught me off guard, but there’s a table over there. . .” After ten minutes, Delilah was knee-deep in the case, and silence fell on the office. Josh took advantage of her facing away from him to simply sit there and watch her for minutes at a time, fascinated by her exotic beauty. He felt guilty, thinking erotic thoughts about this woman that was not his wife, but it had been so long, and he was no saint. A few times, Josh thought she caught him watching her, but she said nothing about it, and just asked questions about the case.

“Good Lord, look at the time,” she said. “Do you want to grab some lunch?”

“No, I generally go to the gym over my lunch time,” He said. “It helps to keep the office-chair-spread from getting too out of hand.”

“It must banish it completely,” she said, eying the bulging muscles under his shirt. “But I’m new to the area and don’t know where anything is. Could you skip it for today and be my guide? Please?”

“Alright, just for today,” Josh said, privately delighted by her wish to spend time with him. With her looks, she should have guys lining up to date her.

He picked a good Italian restaurant for them, and they talked over a glass of red wine as they waited for the food. The dim lighting inside gave the place an intimate feel, and Josh began to feel a stirring in his cock as he sat across from Lilly (as she told him to call her).

“You must have a boyfriend,” he said, getting to their personal lives. “With your looks they’ll be banging down your door.”

“They did in college, but all they wanted was to get in my pants,” she said. “I was too busy with school to bother trying to find a serious relationship.”

“Well, unfortunately,” he said. “This place is just as hectic, so take what you can get. You should have no trouble finding someone you want.”

“No doubt,” she said, looking at him sideways and smiling a little.

They talked about his marriage, the business, and anything and everything else. By the third glass of wine, over lunch, the bursa escort subject turned to sex. Loosened by the alcohol, he told Lilly of his intensive appetites, and how his work schedule prevented him from sating the need. She replied with understanding, sharing similar problems, and telling him that her ‘mighty mite’ toy had become her constant companion. His cock, already half hard, jumped as the talk turned erotic. Lunch was over, and they made their way tipsily back to work. As the buzz wore off, the arousal did not. All through his hard-on was a constant presence, becoming painful after dinner time came and went.

Looking up from the case, he asked Lilly if she wanted to order in, as the workload would keep them there until late at night. “Sure, Chinese is fine,” she said, and gave him her order. The building was quiet, the rest of the company having long-since left. They ate together at the table, clearing off some of the mountain of hard-copy to make room. Lilly stole glances at his tenting pants, noting the size of his hard-on as well as the fact that it was still there, despite hours of no real contact. She finished, and excused herself to the bathroom to freshen up.

Josh returned to his desk and began wading into the mountain again, oblivious to Lilly’s return. “Josh, can you help me with this?” she said, picking up a folder and walking over to his desk. She came around to his side and he inhaled her soft, sweet fragrance. It clung to her body like her dress, only noticeable when she was very close. His distracted mind tried to follow what she was saying, but she was bent over his desk, face inches away, explaining some legal problem and asking what he thought of it.

“Josh?” she said, wondering why he hadn’t answered her question. She turned her face to him, and he was staring at her, eyes a little unfocused. Without conscious thought, he closed the two inches between them and kissed her. Lilly made a small sound of surprise, and then melted into his kiss, her tongue probing his mouth while her hands caressed his face.

They kissed like that for several minutes, until Josh’s hormones took over and his hands began to explore his new assistant’s ripe body. Her large breasts were topped by small, hard nipples that pushed through the silk, demanding attention. He let his hands roam over her body, teasing her hard nipples, running hands over her sides and back, continuing to kiss her deeply. One hand reached down to touch her legs, and he realized instantly what she had done when she ‘freshened up’.

Her bare legs were silky-smooth, and toned to youthful tightness. Lilly shivered as his hand traveled up the backs of her thighs, fingers barely touching, and sending shivers up her spine. She unconsciously spread her legs slightly, allowing him access to her sweet treasure. Josh’s fingers brushed her pouting lips, and she moaned in ecstasy as he slipped two fingers inside her. Lilly tore at his clothes as his intention became obvious, and soon was running her hands over his bare chest, admiring the sculpted planes of muscle. She freed his long-neglected cock from its cotton prison, and wrapped both hands around his girth.

“He is huge!” she thought as she tried to wrap a hand around him completely and failed. She wondered if her pussy would be able to take him. He might break her in two. They never stopped kissing. She slipped the dress off her shoulders, and let her naked breasts fall free. Gravity had almost no affect on them. They stood out proudly; high and firm, and she broke their kiss finally.

Lilly straddled Josh, planting her knees on either side of his legs, and shoved her neglected breasts into his face. Josh eagerly took one and then the other into his mouth, sucking, nibbling, and kneading them with his hands. Lilly nearly came from his attentions on her tits, but his hand was still working magic on her pussy. Her juices were flowing steadily; she had never felt so wet. She needed him now. No more waiting.

She lifted her body slightly, and reached around behind her to grasp his steely cock. She aimed it for her pussy, and lowered herself onto him slowly. The combination of her pouring juices and the light contact they already had made his cock part her lips easily, but her tiny pussy was another matter. Lilly felt like no other woman Josh had ever been in. His head slid past her outer lips, but stopped dead at her opening. He held her hips, and she rotated slightly, trying to loosen herself up. Millimeter after agonizing millimeter, his fat cock head penetrated her vagina. Lilly closed her eyes in pain and pleasure as his monster sank into her. His cock head passed her entrance, and she gasped as he sank another inch inside her.

Unable to take anymore, Josh grabbed Lilly’s hips and pulled her hard and fast down onto his cock. She screamed, high and primal as he buried himself in her to the hilt. His bulbous head rubbed her cervix, and she felt an odd cramping in her stomach bursa escort bayan he held her tight, tiny movements sending shockwaves through her body. She had never felt so stuffed with cock before. The initial pain was fading, being replaced by a burning, itching need for him to scratch. She rose off him again, feeling her insides cling to the huge invader, until just the head was still inside her, then she plunged down again, taking him deep inside her. Josh let her set the pace, slow and careful as she adjusted to his size.

“Oh, God! Oh, God,” she moaned as he filled her again and again, his veined shaft caressing her insides in places no one had ever touched. Josh grabbed both breasts in his hands, and squeezed them, tweaking the nipples and pulling her to his face. He licked and sucked hard, overcome with primal lust too long denied. Lilly held his head close, relishing the intense sensations of his mouth and hands, coupled with his cock moving inside her.

Suddenly, Josh stood up and held Lilly around her back, and cleared his desk in one sweep of his free hand. She slid down slightly, impaling herself further on his cock. She hung onto his shoulders, blind with the intensity of the feeling in her vagina. His cock head nearly pushed through her cervix, and she felt a lead cramp in her stomach as his cock inched deeper.

“Please!” she cried, unable to take any more. He placed her gently on the desk, and she lay back on her elbows, relieved. Josh’s eyes were dark with lust as he held her legs and pulled them wide, pumping into her pussy hard and fast. He watched in lusty fascination as her inner lips clung to his cock as he pulled out, and then disappeared inside her when he plunged back in. Lilly screamed and moaned as he fucked her, for there was no other word for it.

“Oh, God,” he bellowed. “I’m gonna cum!” If she offered any complaint about him cumming inside her, he didn’t notice. He lifted her legs up and held them together, kissing and licking her legs as he pumped into her. He felt orgasm fast approaching and rammed his cock home as his pent-up semen surged up, blasting Lilly’s insides. She stiffened around him as she felt jet after jet of scalding-hot semen bathe her pussy, increasing the slipperyness of her vagina as he continued to fuck her.

Josh pulled out, and a flood of semen poured out of her abused quim, and he let her legs down. He immediately drove two fingers inside her, pathetically small compared to his cock, but for this, size didn’t matter. He rubbed that magic g-spot hard and fast, and locked his lips around her protruding clit, sucking and licking the hard little bud. A few seconds later Lilly tensed and cried out, cum gushing out of her, running off the desk and soaking the floor.

Josh let her rest for a moment, then flipped her over, so that she was face down on his desk, standing on her toes with her back arched and her pussy opening like a flower, inviting him. She was delirious and didn’t know what was happening. She stiffened a little as she felt his huge cock contact her pussy lips. He grabbed her ass and plunged his still-hard cock back into her, drawing a moan from the young woman. He slammed in and out of her, driving her into the desk, their privates making wet hammering sounds as they slammed together.

He kneaded her ass as he fucked her, and let a thumb wander down her crack. Lilly was drenched with her juices and his cum, and he gently rubbed the sensitive spot between her pussy and asshole. She tensed, her pussy clamping down on his cock, and let out a moan. He rubbed it a little harder, and took his other hand and found her clit, rubbing it at the same time. Her hip motions became erratic and her cries became desperate and he increased the pace, touching her everywhere at once.

Josh leaned in a little further and licked a long, wet line up Lilly’s spine, and nibbled her soft neck. It was too much for her. Her neck had always been one of her most sensitive erogenous zones, and the simulation of so many of them at once pushed her over the edge. Lilly came, body locked, quivering, and a strangled scream fought its way out of her throat as wave after wave of orgasm rolled over her. Lilly’s pussy muscles clenched tight around Josh’s shaft, and the extra friction of her vise-like grip send him over. Surge after surge of cum blasted out of him, only slightly less intense than the first. Lilly’s body unclenched and she went limp, unable to move. Josh pumped in and out of her a few more times, savoring the feeling of his cock in her slick, tight pussy.

“Please,” she pleaded. “No more, I can’t take it.” Josh kissed her neck one more time, and slowly withdrew from her. His semen poured out of Lilly, running down her legs. It was the most erotic thing Josh had ever seen. He gathered Lilly in his arms, and carried her to the private bathroom he had attached to his office. He gently and lovingly cleaned her up. Having re-gained some of her bursa bayan escort strength, she sucked and licked his cock clean, then wiped him down with a hot washcloth. Toweling each other dry, they returned to the office, pinching, touching and giggling like teenagers.

They cleaned the office as best they could, and organized the pile of paper he had knocked to the floor. They dressed, with more playful petting and kissing. Near midnight, they were ready to go.

“I don’t want this to be a one-time thing, Josh,” Lilly said seriously as they made for the parking garage.

“I’m married, Lil, and I really do love my wife,” he said. “I shouldn’t have done this.”

“Are you saying you regret this?”

“God no! You were incredible,” he replied. “I just don’t want to ruin my marriage.”

“We could keep it a secret,” she said hopefully. “Take it slow and careful, and no one will know.”

“Alright,” he said. “Good night lover.”

“Lover,” she cooed. “I like that.”

They kissed, long and passionate, and then parted, driving home.

It was after 1 A.M. when Josh rolled in, creeping through the house trying not to wake up Heidi if he could avoid it. He smelled like Lilly’s perfume and sex, and he didn’t want to see Heidi until he showered. He walked through the dimly-lit house, and smelled the remains of dinner in the kitchen. She had cooked him dinner, and left it in the pots for him to come home. Apparently, she had expected him earlier. Further in, flower petals marked a trail to the bedroom. His apprehension growing, he crept into their bedroom, where he found his wife, sound asleep in the bed, a bottle of champagne cooling in a bucket by the bed. She lay half-covered in satin sheets, her sexy little nighty bunching at her waist, leaving a long line of leg exposed, and a peak of her labia in the dark. One nipple had come partially out of the short gown, making her look innocent and incredibly erotic at the same time.

Everything fell together in a shattering moment of recollection. Today was their fifth wedding anniversary! Guilt smashed over Josh, as he realized the depths of his betrayal. The odd thing was, the guilt was more over missing Heidi’s obviously-well-planned night, and that he didn’t feel worse for actually having sex with another woman.

Josh undressed in silence, and used the downstairs shower, letting Heidi sleep. He returned to the bedroom, naked and clean, with fresh cologne on. Hopefully, he could repay her a little for missing out on her evening. Wondering why she didn’t call him, he crawled into bed behind his sexy bride. He gently smoothed her hair away from the back of her neck, and laid feather-soft kisses all over her neck and shoulders. Pulling the covers back, he trailed kisses down her back, across the back of her legs, and then worked his way back up.

Heidi sighed and settled deeper in the feather mattress, spreading her legs further in sleep, no doubt beginning an erotic dream under Josh’s ministrations. He smelled the sweet smell of her sex as her juices began to flow. Josh kissed and licked his way back up her legs, spreading them a little further. He ghosted him tongue over her puffy labia, and she sighed, long and content. He pushed his tongue a little deeper into her lips, and tasted her sweet nectar as it oozed out of her. He gently pushed two fingers inside her, rubbing her g-spot as he concentrated his tongue on her clit. She had her first orgasm in minutes, clawing the covers and moaning as juice poured out of her. Josh lapped up her juice, loving the taste of her, and noting the difference in the taste from Lilly’s. Lilly’s was sharper; muskier.

He pulled his fingers out of her, and she moaned in protest. With her pussy held open with two fingers, he plunged into her silky folds. With much less resistance than Lilly, he slid all the way in until his hips pressed into Heidi’s heart-shaped ass. She hissed as he entered her, lips in a little “o.” She pushed back into him, arching her hips invitingly. He stroked in and out of her slowly, not rushing and she moaned her frustration. Climbing up on his knees, he pulled her hips high in the air and stacked pillows under his hoydenish blond.

With her supported and her pussy held high and open, he began to pound her. Wet hammering sounds filled the room, and Heidi’s screams of pleasure suggested she’d awoken. Josh saw her eyes open and watching him in the dark. He reached out and fed her a finger, and she sucked his fingers clean, tasting her juices. Josh reached back down and fingered her clit and used the other to rub her sensitive places, much as he did with Lilly. Heidi tensed up, unaccustomed to the sensation of his fingers on her ass. Ripples of pleasure shot through her as his cock rubbed the front wall of her pussy, while his fingers simultaneously worked on her clit and her ass.

Seconds later, she came like a freight train, pussy clamping down hard on Josh’s cock, body trembling and tense. Josh slammed into her through her orgasm, and then exploded his cum deep in her pussy. He pulled her into a close embrace, letting her down off the pillows and spooning with her, kissing her deeply. He held his cock, still semi-hard, deep inside her, relishing in the feeling.

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