Our Weekend Reunion Ch. 1

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“This was an odd email,” thought Luke. “The PR gal from his previous company? What could she possibly want?”

“Hi Luke, I hope that everything is going well with your new company. Mr. President! Your own agency! Manhattan! Wow. We knew that you were destined for greatness here and we’re all sorry we couldn’t hold onto you. And by the way, see below for someone who is trying to reach you. Let me know if I can send her your new email address.”
Bye, Cindy.

In the unique reverse chronology of email replies and forwarding, Luke read the chain of events that led to this email from Cindy, backward from his former secretary, his old boss, and from a marketing assistant.

Like an archaeological ruin, the bottommost layer of the email was the earliest:

“Dear Sirs: I am hoping to contact an old friend of mine, Mr. Luke Charles. If possible, could you please forward me his email address? If there are privacy concerns, perhaps you could forward this email to him and let him decide if I can have his email address. Thank you.”

Mandy O’Brien.

Luke sunk back in his leather chair. My god. Mandy O’Brien. Good god.

Without thinking, Luke replied with his consent. He sat for a few minutes and then he turned to back to his work.

After a day of meetings, Luke returned to his email. He hadn’t forgotten about Mandy, but he couldn’t imagine that his email could scoot through the process so quickly. But there it was. An email from Mandy.

“Hi Luke. Do you remember me from 20 years ago? How are you?”

Mandy O’Brien

Did he remember Mandy? How could he forget. Now he allowed himself the luxury of full blown reminiscence. Mandy was his first mature love. He’d had his share of girls in high school and as an undergraduate, but Mandy was his first woman. He had been twenty, and Mandy only twenty-one, but she had the womanly figure, grace, and presence that his prior girlfriends had not yet developed. They met while they were both working summer jobs at Macys at the mall. Luke was smitten and pulled out all stops to date Mandy. He won her over, actually overwhelmed her with his self effacing persistence, and over the course of that summer, they had fallen in love. He remembered how hard he had fallen for this woman, and knew that he had never loved anyone as much. They had had a special kind of connection, one that transcended sex and physical attraction. The love that Luke had felt was of a much deeper level

He also remembered Mandy’s beauty. She was a tan and taut 5 feet 9, with long, shapely legs strong from years of dance. Her breasts were firm, succulent, and seemed to want to burst through her skin. Her flaxen hair adorned her beautiful face like a lion’s mane. Her eyes were wonderfully sexy and green, alternately flashing with laughter or smoldering with desire.

But, what he most remembered about Mandy was their lovemaking. Mandy was, without question, the most responsive and orgasmic woman with whom he had ever been. Luke recalled the times at her house, in the loft above the living room, and the times at his house, in his own bed. It would always start with their special kiss. Luke would hold her face between her cheeks, kiss her slowly, sucking her breath right out of her. She would grab his ass and pull him closer, and bite on his lower lip. This was their signal, no matter where they were, that they wanted to, needed to, be making love as soon as possible.

When they found privacy, Luke would kiss her face and neck, her shoulders and ears, covering her trembling flesh with kisses. As he explored her wonderful body, he used his mouth, his lips, his teeth and his fingers to caress, touch, probe, and tease her, until she was at the brink of coming.

There were times when, blouse unbuttoned completely, and bra undone, that Mandy would have an orgasm just from Luke’s light touch and soft kisses on her exposed breasts and erect nipples.

By the time he knelt between her legs, Mandy would be wet and open for him. He would make every effort to continue to tease her, but his own desire would win out, and he would attack her pussy and clit as though he were a ravenous animal. As soon as he surrounded her clit with his soft and full lips, Mandy would start coming, arching her back to press her pussy into his face. She would hold his head, running her fingers through his hair while she squirmed and gasped under him. Then she would draw her hands to her mouth, while her arms grazed her breasts. Her nipples were hard buttons reaching to the ceiling and her mouth was open in a silent scream. As she was coming from his soft mouth, he would insert first one and then two fingers into her pussy, making her climax so hard that she would rock back and forth, moaning constantly in one continuous orgasm.

At this point, Luke’s cock would be rock hard and pulsing, nearing orgasm himself. He would slither up her body, kissing her belly and breasts, smearing her juices onto her own skin. He would look into her eyes and plunge his turgid member into her spasming bursa escort pussy and begin coming almost immediately. The excitement of Luke’s large cock shooting off in her pussy made Mandy come all that much harder. Together they would climax and then fall in a heap.

What would be the best response to Mandy’s email? In the state of lust he was in right now, nothing he could write would be appropriate. Exercising his better judgement, he decided to wait until the next day, when his head was clearer. He shifted his hard-on in his slacks, and returned to work. But his mind kept bringing him back to the view of Mandy from between her legs: The image of this woman coming, her pretty face in orgasmic bliss above her heaving breasts.


Mandy could not believe that she’d had the gumption to email Luke right out of the blue like that. How could she do that?

Mandy had been quite successful herself, making a name for herself as a creative and detail oriented computer programmer and web designer. She now had several employees and many clients and had lived comfortably in a beach town just north of San Diego.

She was not sure why she had reached out to Luke. She had had many lovers, and was never lacking for male companionship. She had been married and divorced and was quite happy living alone. Yet something was calling out to her, and she had been compelled to find Luke. She was surprised at how easy her Internet search revealed him, and astounded at how quickly she received a reply from Luke’s firm. It appeared that he had his own business now as well.

Without any hesitation, she dashed off a quick note to him, asking if he remembered her. She was certain that he did. Her memories, in fact were pretty vivid.

She had had so many suitors in those years. She was so young and tantalizingly beautiful. Yet while she had the wonderful combination of a pretty face and that extraordinary body, she carried herself well. She was very comfortable in her own skin, so to speak, and she was neither embarrassed nor overly proud of her beauty. Her ease with herself made her somewhat intimidating to the simpler men who thought they could win her over with just a few compliments, some flowers. or their own good looks.

She was curious about Luke however. He had pursued her with more confidence and with humor. And he was relentless, always seeming to run into her as she was leaving, or arriving, or taking a break, or taking lunch. He was always there, and she began to enjoy his company. He had a certain energy, a certain way of moving, that provoked some sense of desire deep within her. He made her laugh and he had his own sense of confidence and purpose. Over the course of a several weeks, they had progressed from sharing their lunch time, through a few dates, and ultimately, to physical intimacy.

What Mandy remembered so much about Luke was his patience during love making. He would take his time undressing her and kissing her body all over. She felt her nipples harden as she thought of how he could make her come just from kissing and teasing her breasts. She had never had any other man do that to her. Then of course, when Luke proceeded to tease and caress and kiss and probe her pussy, she would climax again and again, each time more intensely. And finally, when Luke entered her, she would come again, feeling his cock shoot off almost immediately in her heaving body.

Mandy had had enough men to know that Luke and she had something special, that their lovemaking had less to do with skill, technique and attraction, and more to do with some connection that they had on a higher level. At the time, she loved Luke beyond reason. But she knew that they could not navigate their college years. He was at school on the East Coast, she on the West. She had two and he had three years left to go. She had broken it off during their first semester apart because she knew that they could not last. It hurt so much, but she knew that this pain would be less than the inevitable pain later.


Through the course of several emails and phone calls, Luke and Mandy brought each other up to date with their lives, their loves, and their careers. The chemistry that they felt was undeniable, and the desire that developed through their correspondence was palpable.

But while each had the freedom of time and money to have dashed out to each other at a moment’s notice, they had not. In a way, they knew that the best thing would be to let their passion simmer through their emails and phone calls. They became friends again first, and then even felt like they were falling in love.

Finally, they made arrangements to meet at the Ambassador West Hotel in Chicago, a convenient midway point for both of them. Mandy arrived earlier in the day and took advantage of the time. She relaxed with a long bath and afterward, examined herself in the mirror. She looked damn good for forty, she knew, and had worked hard to maintain her figure. In some ways, she was in bursa merkez escort better shape than when she was younger. She had put on some weight, but it filled out nicely on her shapely body. Her breasts were slightly smaller and not as firm, and her hips slightly wider and not as taut, but her sexy appeal was undeniable even after all this time. Her eyes, still lovely and expressive, had developed some laugh lines, but this only gave her pretty face more character. Her legs were still long and fit and shapely. Mandy had aged well over the past two decades and she knew it.

Mandy put on one of the plush white robes hanging in the closet. She had a glass of wine and had some fruit sent up. While lazing about that afternoon, Mandy thought about how she would make love with Luke, and she could feel herself getting wet. She lightly caressed her breast and touched herself between her legs, but resisted the need for satisfaction, knowing that this would come later.

She heard the knock on the door and opened it with confidence. Luke swept into the room, with the same intoxicating burst of energy that she had only thought she could remember. He was dressed in a sport coat, a dress shirt and jeans, tight in just the right places. He looked like a retired athlete, only a few months from game shape. His hair had thinned only slightly, and had taken on flecks of gray. Luke’s eyes sparkled and danced the way they always had, and Mandy could feel the flood of love and passion that seemed to have always been there.

After only a few moments, the former lovers could not resist each other. Luke took Mandy into his strong arms and they looked deep into each others eyes. Luke brushed the hair away from Mandy’s face and then touched her face, tracing her soft skin. Their eyes met again and he leaned down to kiss her, their lips softly meeting and their tongues dancing and exploring.

Mandy sucked Luke’s lower lip between hers and ran her tongue over and over it again, and then inside his mouth, darting it in and out. Luke kissed his way up Mandy’s neck to her ears, and she could feel his warm breath. He took her earlobe between his full lips, and held it while he licked it slowly with his soft tongue.

Feeling how Luke was kissing her neck and ears and mouth made Mandy anticipate how he would make love to the rest of her body later. She could feel her passion starting to make her pussy wet and she began to grind her hips against Luke. She could feel his hardness already against her belly, and she moaned against his lips as they kissed. Her hands fell down to Luke’s firm ass and she pulled him closer to her.

Luke took Mandy’s hand and led her toward the bed. She lay back and watched Luke undress. He tossed his sport coat over a chair and quickly stripped down to his boxers. Luke hesitated for a second, and then boldly, almost proudly, removed them. Fully naked, he stood before Mandy, his hardness rising against his flat belly. Mandy’s eyes met Luke’s and then gazed slowly down his fit body, stopping hungrily at his meaty cock. It was large and firm and more erect than anyone that she had been with for awhile and she could feel her pussy get wetter still.

Luke held Mandy’s ankles and pulled her toward himself, until her ass was on the edge of the bed. He knelt between her legs, unwrapping her sexy body from the loose confines of the robe. Mandy watched with curiosity as Luke removed the belt from the robe and tossed it towards the head of the bed. It was Luke’s turn to gaze, and he looked hungrily at Mandy’s taut body, his cock pulsing involuntarily as he took in her breasts, rising and falling with her quickening breath, and her firm outstretched legs.

Luke kissed the tops of Mandy’s feet and toes and moved up her ankles, his lips tracing light butterfly kisses on her smooth skin. Raising her legs, he kissed behind her knees and ran his fingertips over her legs. He moved his hands and fingers and lips over the skin of her upper thighs. Luke kissed all around her pussy and above it to the smoothness of her belly. He teased her, almost touching her where she wanted him too. He ran the backs of his fingertips up her belly to the bottom of her full breasts, lightly caressing their underside, on the way to her shoulders. He moved his naked body up hers, and she could feel his hardness now, hot and urgent against her thigh. He straddled Mandy’s body and looked down at her.

Mandy reached down as if to hold Luke’s cock in her hands, but instead she raked her red fingernails over his thighs and belly, teasing him in return. She could feel his strong chest muscles as she touched him and could feel him shudder as she pinched his nipples.

Luke caressed all around her breasts, moving closer and closer to the nipples, but not quite touching her there yet. Finally, he pressed his palms into her breasts, letting her now very hard nipples slide between his fingers, where he could squeeze them. Luke took Mandy’s hands in his and placed them on his throbbing cock. She finally bursa sınırsız escort took his member in both her hands, and she could not believe how hot and urgent it was against her cool fingers. Luke’s excitement was almost overwhelming me, and he placed his hands over Mandy’s on his cock and made her stroke him up and down. Mandy groaned when she saw a bead of pre-cum form at the engorged head of Luke’s cock, and then another, and another, as the juice run down his shaft, covering her fingers.

Luke leaned down to cup one breast with both hands, and took a nipple between his soft lips, suckling it into his mouth, his tongue dancing all around and over it. He could feel Mandy’s small hands and cool fingers embracing his cock, her thumbs pressed against the underside. His cock felt like a fiery poker in her hands, almost hot to the touch, aflame for her.

“Good god Mandy, how I have missed you,” said Luke, groaning as she stroked him.

Mandy was almost panting now, her need for Luke so intense. “Oh Luke, my god, please take me, I need you. Please.” She looked again at his enraged cock almost erupting in her hands and she groaned against Luke’s lips.

But instead, Luke moved back down her body, and knelt again between Mandy’s legs. He placed his hands on each of her thighs and parted them, where he could look at her. Mandy let him gaze at her pussy, thrilling at her own brazenness, unashamed and lusty. Luke kissed her thighs and moved lower. He reached under and cupped Mandy’s ass with his strong hands and lifted her to his face. She could feel his warm breath on her pussy lips, and then she could feel his lips getting closer and closer to touching her. Luke kissed on both sides of her pussy, and ran his tongue up and down, almost touching her outer lips.

“Oh god, Luke, please. Please touch me. Please touch me. Please.” Mandy groaned as she thrust her hips at Luke’s face, trying to make contact with her yearning pussy, needing relief. She put both hands on the back of his head, trying to push his mouth against her pussy, but he was too strong, and was able to resist her need.

Luke leaned back and then moved in again, this time letting his tongue run so lightly run up the middle of Mandy’s pussy, up and down again, and again gently spreading her swollen lips. Mandy’s body relaxed and then tensed again as Luke licked between her lips, tasting her and loving her. His lips and tongue swirled back and forth. She could feel his full lips surround her clit, and her tongue ran lazy circles around and around it, moving closer and closer. Then she felt his lips close around her hard clit. Luke took it softly into his waiting mouth, pressing against it with his tongue, and then over and around again and again.

“OH MY GOD,” panted Mandy, as she began to come. She raised her arms to her sides, and bit her knuckle as she rolled her head from side to side. Her breasts were heaving as she came, thrusting her hips against Luke, feeling him bury his face deep in her pussy.

Just then, Luke inserted a fingertip in her pussy, and then another. He inserted them just a little ways into her, pressing up against her, letting her feel the pressure there. He began to stroke her steadily with his fingers, sometimes pressing upwards, sometimes circling inside her, sometimes spreading his strong fingers deep in her. All the while, Luke’s lips and tongue are swirling and sucking and devouring her, tasting , taking in her warm sexiness.

Mandy could not stop coming, harder and harder as the waves crashed over her body.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” she cried, thrusting her hips. As she thrust up, she slid her clit over Luke’s soft mouth and on the movement down, she impaled herself on his strong fingers, moving inside her pussy.

“Oh god, oh god, can’t stop, can’t stop coming, ooooooo,” Mandy whimpered, completely oblivious to anything but her own pleasure.

Rather than let his lover come down and catch her breath, Luke moved his mouth and tongue steadier, and faster. He moved his fingers deeper inside her, until he was churning them in and out as though he was fucking her. Mandy arched her back again, pressing her pussy into his willing mouth as he buried his face in her. Mandy clenched the bed sheets with her toes and fingers and writhed in the throes of her multiple orgasm.

“Oh god, please, please, let me stop, please, oooooooooo god, so goooooood”, cried Mandy, her head shaking from side to side. She put her feet on Luke’s strong shoulders, and the heat from his body set her off again. “AAAAAAAArrrrrgggggggggggggg!” she cried, her pussy spasming again and again. I can’t stop!”

Luke finally slowed his pace, and removed his hands and mouth from Mandy’s pussy. She relaxed, for a second, and reached down for Luke’s cock. He was moving up her body, his need extraordinary now. She almost fainted when she held his cock. It almost felt like it was going to burst and was soaking wet from all the pre-cum oozing forth. She stroked him with one hand, her fingers almost unable to reach around the engorged shaft. With the other hand, she cradled his balls, and she could not believe how heavy and full they felt. She was almost coming again, knowing how excited and close to orgasm Luke was. She pulled him by the cock upwards, moving it towards her pussy.

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