Paige and Lucy: Dinner to Orgasm

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A glance here, a brush there, nothing said, but implied, and Lucy was coming over for dinner tonight. I was very nervous because I had never been with a woman before, and honestly since nothing had been said other than a smile and an exchanged look that seemed to last longer than normal, when I invited her over for dinner tonight, well maybe this was just dinner between two work friends.

I had taken a half day from the office to take care of some Visa paperwork for an upcoming trip, so Lucy said that she could stop by after she got out of work for the day, and I’d have dinner ready to go. (We both worked in finance in downtown Manhattan.)

Dinner was almost ready, Lucy would be here shortly, and I was flittering about my Soho apartment nervously. I lit a candle on the dining table, checked the place settings one last time, and glanced at myself in my full-length mirror. I was still wearing my work clothes, but thought I looked pretty good. At six feet tall, I was tall for a woman, and my red hair was let down to just beneath my shoulders. I smoothed out my lavender blouse tucked into a black skirt. I undid the top two buttons to be a little bit less formal.


Ah, she was here! I buzzed her in through my intercom, and less than a minute later, she knocked and I let her in. Physically we could not be more different. She was Korean, and petite, maybe 5’3″ very curvy where I had been called statuesque. While not huge, she was slightly bootilicious. She wore a blue and white checked button up shirt, and a tight pair of red pants; an interesting choice, but everything fit her so perfectly showing off her curves that it heightened her femininity while still being perfectly professional for the office.

I said, “Hello,” a bit unsure of what was going to happen, but we embraced warmly, and she immediately started chatting upon entering.

“Oh, Paige, this is lovely! Should I take my shoes off?”

She slipped her flats off before I could say anything. “Dinner smells wonderful!”

“It’s chicken picatta. Roasted new potatoes, and some seasonal vegetables.”

“Farmer’s market?”

“Yep,” I smiled, “It’s good to take a half a day on Friday. Once I was done with the godawful wait at the consulate.”

“Bureaucracy! It’s terrible,” Lucy agreed.

“Shall we eat?” I asked after showing her around my apartment. Not much to see, but it was a nice one bedroom in a good neighborhood.

“Yes. We shall. I’m starved! Let the wine flow as well.”

And so we did. My nerves went down as we ate and enjoyed the bottle of white wine I had bought for dinner. We talked of work, life in the city, and my upcoming trip. I had begun to wonder if this is all there would be, and felt a mixture of relief, but also disappointment. Lucy was beautiful, and while I didn’t think I was gay, I thought I might be bi-sexual, and realized in that moment as we took the last bites of our meal how much I had hoped to share a romantic evening with Lucy, even if just a small moment where we went beyond friends.

But I was timid, and as we sat across from each other in my small dining nook, I stood and began to clear off the table, honestly terrified of making a move or of things turning that way. What had I been thinking?

“Oh, I’ll just clear off the table,” I started to talk quickly, getting up. “No, no Lucy, you can sit. You’re my guest here we go I’ll get the other bottle of wine, and I have some dessert in the refrigerator if you’re still hungry…”

I was standing by the sink chattering away when Lucy said my name, her back to me.


My heart fluttered, and I turned to see her standing very close to me, and before I could say anything, she reached up, stroked my cheek gently, and pulled me in for a kiss.

Oh! It was wonderful; her lips were slightly moist, and I closed my eyes, bending slightly as the kiss grew more passionate. I could taste the faint tinge of wine on Lucy’s breath, and I ran my hand through her hair and we embraced. After what felt like a blissful eternity, but was also too short, we separated.

She smiled, “No dessert, just you. Come, let’s sit on the couch.”

I followed, my mind racing at what was happening, at the possibilities, at how much I wanted this.

Breathless, we sat, and I said, “That…that was great…I wasn’t sure for so long, but…Lucy, you’re beautiful!”

“You’re not too bad yourself, Paige! You might not have been sure,” she laughed, “but I was. Don’t get me wrong, dinner was delicious, but it was an eternity waiting for me to make my move.”

“Oh,” I bushed, “I’m sorry!”

“Pfft, don’t apologize. This is new territory, for both of us. I think?”

“I’ve never been with a woman,” I said. “But, I love your body. That outfit really…”

“Brings out my boobs and ass,” she finished for me. “Paige, the evening is ours! Let’s explore! We’re so different physically, aren’t we? I’m so curvy, and you’re so statuesque.”

“But both perfect in our own ways,” I said, meaning it. “I wish my boobs were bigger sometimes.”

“Oh, but Paige, they’re perfect in their own way.” Lucy moved closer to me then, “I want to touch them. I want to touch everything.” And she began to gently massage my chest. I had a generous B-cup, and my nipples went hard bursa escort almost instantly as Lucy expertly massaged my tits.

“mmm…that feels amazing.” I purred, and ran my hands up Lucy’s stomach, and then began to gently squeeze her tits. I had never felt anyone’s other than mine, and it was thrilling, taking pleasure in another woman’s body, as Lucy took pleasure in mine.

Our eyes met. “This is ok?” she asked.

“This is very ok,” I answered.

“We can do whatever we want tonight.”

“We can,” I agreed, and moved in to kiss her again, our lips meeting, as my nipples sent tingling pleasure down my stomach while Lucy massaged them. I hoped I was making her feel good too.

Out lips parted, and Lucy took my hands in hers, and said, “I’m going to tell you my fantasy, and it’s weird, but tonight is the night.”

“Anything,” I said, and I meant it as I stared deep into her dark, beautiful eyes and ran my hand through her dark hair.

“Paige, remember last month when we went for after work drinks? Maybe we had one too many?”

“I do! Lucy, we both had to pee so bad!”

“Yes! We were wandering around, desperate, absolutely desperate! for a bathroom. Holding it in for dear life, not daring to get on the subway for fear of disaster; but we finally stumbled into another bar and found the lady’s room…empty luckily. But the fear of not getting there in time…Paige, I want to throw away the rules and shackles of society, and recreate that…but let’s pee ourselves…”

I did not expect her to say that…but, I wasn’t turned off by the idea…something so naughty, so secret about it.

“…I like that idea. It’s not something I think I could share with a guy…”

“But, it’s something we can share…something forbidden and naughty, but will feel really good, won’t it?”

“If we hold it in…” I began.

“The release will be magical.” Lucy continued.

“Hhhhmmm, I…I don’t know if I have to pee bad enough right now to, you know…overcome the instinct.”

“Me either,” Lucy continued. “The wine was not enough! But…I want to enjoy this and you sober…”

“I have iced tea!”

“Oh sweet Jesus,” she laughed, “One bottle of that and I’m going to flood in a half hour.”

“Good!” I exclaimed, giggling as I went to the refrigerator to retrieve two bottles of unsweetened green tea. “But what will we do in that half hour?” I called over my shoulder as I retrieved them and shut the fridge door with my hip.

Taking the bottle Lucy looked at me mischievously, passionately, “Oh, I think we can keep ourselves amused. Bottoms up!” And we drank.

We finished and the air we electric. “Just hold me, Paige,” Lucy whispered.

I took her in my arms, and she wrapped her arms around me. “You smell so good.” she said.

“Lucy…I…am very turned on right now. I need to come with you…”

She squeezed me tighter. “We will Paige…”

“But the build up…” I began, placing her head between my breasts.

“Will make it all the better…” Lucy finished, breathless.

We parted again, and she ran her hands over my hips, over the front of my skirt, where if it had been a bit looser she could have gently caressed me and I might have melted. I sighed with contentment, and meeting her eyes, touched Lucy gently between her legs, hoping she was as wet as I was, and she let out a sigh, a moan.

“Not yet,” I said.

“No, not yet…but soon.”

Swooning we collapsed back on the couch. I reclined slightly, and she kneeled over me, brushing aside my hair as I embraced her, my hands on her butt. “Is it weird that…” I breathed out, “I want to talk for a second. About how I feel? I want to know what you’re feeling?”

“Not at all! Words can be very sexy!”

“I’m just so in touch with my body right now.”

“Yes!” Lucy exclaimed, smiling, laughing. “I feel everything! Your touch is electric, Paige.”

“You like it?” I asked, gently running my hands up and down her back, loving the feel of her body, the tension, knowing how it made her feel, knowing how it made me feel, as Lucy stroked my stomach, and gently massaged my breasts. “I…just, yes, every touch is just unlimited possibilities of the…pleasure that we’re getting lost in! Is…is that corny?”

“Not at all, Paige. It’s beautiful.”

“Hhhhmmm,” I reflected. “It is beautiful. We’re beautiful!”

“We are! Selfie!” And with that Lucy took out her phone and snapped us, arms around each other sitting on my couch, absolutely glowing with the beauty of the moment.

“I have to pee.” I confided when Lucy had returned her phone to her bag.

“I do too,” Lucy said, smiling.

“It feels kind of nice. Just..a little bit of pressure.”

Laughing, “A bit!” Lucy said.

I was feeling very comfortable with the idea of us now, “Let’s have another glass of iced tea! Just, to, you know, really make it interesting.”

“Now you’re getting into it, Paige,” Lucy exclaimed.

She took my hand, and we did a short dash to the fridge.

“Remember what I said about bursting,” Lucy asked, as I poured us some from another bottle. But just enough to fill a glass. I don’t think we could handle more. And we both drank eagerly.

I felt bold as Lucy leaned against my kitchen counter escort bursa finishing up her glass, and I gently brushed my hand against her inner thighs. “Oooooh, that’s making me tingle with anticipation,” she purred. It was making me tingle a bit too, riding on the building pressure I felt in my bladder.

“Funny how it seems to just build so much quicker once you get to a certain point, isn’t it?”

I thought about it, and agreed, “Yeah, I swear five minutes ago, I don’t know…if we had to put it on a scale of one to ten of how bad I had to go…I would have said 4, but now I feel like a seven.”

“I think I’m at an 8!” she cried, “But…just a few minutes ago, it was just a slight need.” I noticed she was bouncing a bit. Trying to hold it in.

“I think that second glass pushed us over the edge, because wow…” I giggled.

“I’m shaking a bit, I have to admit. I’m nervous but excited! I know I’m usually so alpha, but I’ve never done this, and now it’s happening. You’re ok with this…Paige?”

I was more than ok with this, and equally excited, thinking she knew how much I wanted to do this, but Lucy looked into my eyes then, and I saw vulnerability and that she needed me to tell her how amazing this was. And I did. “Lucy, this is amazing, and the most lovely evening of my life.”

She lit up then, and hugged me tightly, “Awesome!” And then we were urgently kissing again right there in the kitchen, our hands running over each other’s bodies, a blur of sensation as our lips locked, I felt her lovely curves, and I desperately and urgently fought to hold on to my pee, sitting heavily in my bladder. Oh, how I had to pee when we released.

Lucy threw her head back, and grabbed herself between her legs, “Oh, we are at level nine emergency now, aren’t we?”

“mmm,” I agreed, pressing legs together, “…this is more intense than that other night.”

“It is…oh my God, it is. I can barely hold on now. How does it sneak up on us like this?!?”

I laughed, “I don’t know! I think…should we maybe go stand in the tub, and get ready?”

We both shook our legs in unison of our desperation, and Lucy nodded.

“Part of me is worried I’m going to lose control before we get to the tub…but, I guess that’s not a huge deal. Is it?”

“No,” I agreed pleasantly as we waddled our way the short distance to my bathroom.

“I’ll hold on though,” Lucy said, bravely. And we slowly walked into my small bathroom, we both looked at the toilet, “Not today!” I said, brightly.

“No, we’re throwing off the rules and shackles of society!” Lucy exclaimed.

We both gingerly, due to our state of extreme desperation, stepped over the wall of the tub, and stood facing each other. I was closest to the drain, and Lucy said, “Oh, Paige, your feet might get wet!”

“That’s ok!,” I returned, “I kind of want them to, if that’s ok?”

“Oh…it’s more than ok,” and Lucy smiled at me again. “Oh geez, how bad do I have to go right now? How bad do you have to go?

“9.5,” I think. “But…I kind of like holding it in…just a little longer, so the release is even sweeter!”

“mmmm,” Lucy agreed, “Let’s just stand here, for a few. I…have…to…go… so bad! But, mmmm, the waiting is kind of amazing.”

We locked eyes, and our arms were at our sides. We kept our legs slightly apart, and held on with all of our might. We both let out little hums of pleasure/agony at the waiting, and Lucy said, “Ok…I’m going to do a slow count to 3…no, to pee!” And we both laughed as the urge to pee weighed heavily, so heavily on our bladders. “But only when I say pee, ok? Listen carefully,” and she grinned devilishly.

“Ok!” The slow count, would be brutal/beautiful and I worried if I’d ruin the moment, as my legs shook and I fought with all of my mental and physical power to hold on. Never had I had to pee so bad, but every strong urge coming on like a spasm also shot a bit of pleasure through my pussy and up my belly. I realized I was wet in other ways. I assumed Lucy might be also.

“One,” Easy enough.

A pause, the waiting, oh how I needed to go. Didn’t Lucy have to too? I saw her standing there, so beautiful, so desperate in her tight pants. I might get off easy, wearing my skirt, but it still felt really naughty, and like I should be running to the toilet…

“Two,” Closer, and we locked eyes again, and Lucy reached across and took my hands in her own, connecting us in our desperation. We sighed with pleasure/pain. Our gazes locked in desperation, hope, and beautiful longing.

I saw her lips begin to part, but still I held on, wanting to make sure we felt the ultimate pleasure and relief literally and figuratively flooding over us, and my heart sank and my bladder held on as she devilishly said, “Two and a half!”

“Oh, Lucy! Evil!, but I Love it!”

“Soon, Paige, she said, and leaned over and we kissed again, sharing in passion and the mutual knowledge that we were both holding on, our muscles clenched in unison waiting for that sweet release.

“Two and and nine tenths!” Ahhhhhh! But she looked at me then, and nodded, and I knew it was soon, so very soon. We would have our release. But before her lips parted, I took it all in, her lovely hands in mine, the warmth, the slight escort bursa pressure as she squeezed mine, my blouse clinging to my body, my skirt riding a bit high on my thighs, feeling perhaps a bit tighter because of how fully my bladder was, the feeling of the cool porcelain of my bath tub on my feet as my toes wiggled on it, and of course the intense concentration of clenching my core muscles and my bladder to prevent release, while again, those lightening bolts of pleasure shot through my tummy and pussy and clit as I clenched with every fresh spasm as my bladder and my very being screamed for relief.

And then, I took in Lucy, beautiful Lucy, noticed her left foot shaking a bit, imagined I could notice between her legs tensing up slightly, her breathing slightly heavier and quicker than normal, like mine, at the excitement, her chest moving up and down, and her lovely dark eyes that I could just get lost in, and down her nose, as I watched her mouth, lips open, forming a perfect, percussive, “O” as she breathlessly said, “pee!”

Ooooooooooooh…the relief!!

How to describe it! I think we were both ecstatic as an automatic response said no, but the greater part of our passionate being said yes! and we let go into our panties. Warmth, such lovely warmth riding on the back of a feeling of immense relief. I felt my panties soak through immediately, as I watched Lucy close her eyes for a moment and the crotch of her pants begin to turn a much darker shade of red as her sweet relief began to form a wet upside down U growing longer as her lovely pee ran down her legs. I felt some trailing down the back of my skirt, but most of it was splattering and sputtering into the tub, making a sound like a salty, beautiful piss waterfall. Lucy had opened her eyes again and was smiling at me now as we both kept peeing and I felt the back of my skirt begin to stick to my legs as it slowly became saturated with an errant stream of my pee. Lucy’s left pant leg was completely soaked down to her ankle now, and her right leg was quickly following suit. Her pee dribbled down her ankle, and began to flow past my feet. A lovely warm mingled with my own pee puddle sluicing through my panties.

I heard a slight rush of the pee soaking her pants under the noise of my own pee cascade, and Lucy whispered, breathlessly, “This feels…soooooo good.” It was mostly clear I noticed, from drinking so much, but there was a slight tang to the air. Normally that might disgust me, but I was into it, and loved taking in anything that was Lucy at this moment.

“I’ve never felt this much relief in my life,” I agreed, and laughing, “I’m still going!”

“Me too!, oh, and my pants are soaked!” we both laughed.

“The back of my skirt, too, and oh my panties, and the side of my legs.” I added. And her pants were soaked, I noticed, getting turned on at the sight. It had to have been close to half a minute and we were both still peeing, still luxuriating in the ecstasy of all of that pressure slowly being relieved as we stood holding hands and taking each other in. And then finally, Lucy’s pants almost an entirely different shade of red, and my panties sopping, the back of my skirt soaked, our streams petered out, and we were done.

We were both breathing heavily, and it was so intense. I turned around, to let Lucy look and asked if she could tell because my skirt was already such a dark color.

“Oh, I can tell,” she said, as she gently caressed my butt. “It’s a bit darker, and kind of shiny.”

“I can definitely tell you’ve peed yourself!” I said, and ran my hands between her legs, and started to rub her between her legs, more intensely this time, feeling the soaking wet cotton of her pants as it clung to her pussy.

Lucy gasped then, in pleasure. I had rubbed against her happy place, as intended. “I want you so bad right now.” she said, urgently.

“And, the pee’s getting cold,” I lamented, “We need to get out of these clothes.”

And then right there, with animal passion and aggression we were all over each other. We both began to unbutton each other’s blouses, sliding them over our shoulders, and we kissed again, uncontrollably as we both reached around each other’s backs to get our bras off.

Topless, for a few moments, we admired each other, Lucy’s breasts were fucking perfect and I loved how round and perfect they were, hanging ever so slightly. She came to me then, and gently began to rub my left nippled, which felt amazing, and I moaned as tingles and pleasure ran through my chest emanating from my nipple, which was hard. I returned the favor, and gently caressed hr left breast with my both of my hands, loving the new experience, getting her nipple hard in return. We both spent some time, I don’t know how much just gently caressing each other, and kissing, and then we were overtaken again, and both knew we needed a different kind of release. Paige threw her arms around my waist and unzipped my skirt as I went at her belt, undid her pants, and unzipped them. In unison her pants and my skirt slide down our legs, and we both reached down, her breasts hanging ever so beautifully, and threw our soaked clothing out of the tub, then we were just in panties, Lucy in pink pair of lace panties, and me in a purple thong, wet spots visible at both of our crotches. We didn’t last long in that state, and our panties were soon out of the tub also, me completely shaved, and Lucy sporting some nicely trimmed pubic hair. Her pussy was beautiful, her labia a bit darker than my bright pink one.

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