Passionate Woman Colleague Ch. 01

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The moment she walked into the room my eyes took in her voluptuousness and my heart skipped a beat. She had come to offer herself as a candidate for a post in the company and I was to interview her.

She asked for permission at the door and at my motioning her walked across the room to the other side of the large table in front of me.

She had a beautiful round, full face, which was further accentuated by her full-teethed smile. She wore a light grey silk saree and a matching blouse, which only accentuated her full womanly figure. As she walked across the table, had a side view of her torso, naked between her blouse containing her ample breasts and her tucked-in saree, which fell over her high and firm derriere, which undulated with her every step.

Cut to one month later:

Her lips were moving against mine, soft full and moist ones against hard rough ones. Her arms were around my neck and being just shorter than me, she did not have to raise herself to my height nor I bend down to reach her for us to devour each other’s mouths. Her tongue slipped bursa escort into my mouth and dueled with mine.

As a reaction, I clasped her buttocks tighter in my large hands that she let out a moan, and pulled her more tightly against my hard muscular body. She caught her breath as she felt the hardness of my crotch against her lower belly. In addition to my pulling her flush with me she also maneuvered herself so that my genitals were snugly positioned in the little hollow between her lower belly and the two thighs.

Only having this tigress in my embrace and her ministrations made this hollow small compared to the size to which my crotch was expanding, given the pressures she generated with her hips, with her torso by crushing her full soft breasts onto my hard chest and also the nibbling she delivered on my mouth, lips and occasionally my ears.

My large palms kneaded her firm buttocks much more, in keeping with my growing passion. Hers was also evident in that she was clenching and unclenching her derriere, her nibbling also in sync escort bursa with the former. I stiffened my fingers and traced them through the crack between her bums through her garments, ending it between the back of her thighs, the place where her anus would be, and caressed her there.

She shuddered with passion and bit my tongue. She forcibly removed her mouth from its contact with mine, with a wet sound and tried to get her breath. Her bosom was heaving, trying to make up for the short supply of air caused by both of us sucking the air out of each other’s mouths.

Our eyes met and passion for each other’s body was very much evident. We were still flush together from stomach downwards till the knees. She threw her head back a bit, apparently in a bid to normalize her breath faster and then get along ahead with the glorious time we were having..

But I did not want to wait that long either. Her creamy neck was near my mouth and it was not going to let go of the chance. It went for her jugular, so to say. My mouth made contact with her escort bursa at the point where the neck meets the shoulder. It was so creamy and soft that I could not resist nibbling her there with my teeth. That gave rise to a whimper-moan from her, and also caused her to clutch my head with her hands and move it more towards her shoulders so as to want more. I obliged her with biting her gently and tasting the tender flesh.

My palms in the meanwhile spread their fingers as wide as possible in a bid to encompass as much of her soft yet firm buttocks and gave them a squeeze. She , being the athletic type raised herself on the toes to get her bosom higher than mine. I could feel her gleutal muscles tensing in my palms in the bargain. Her hand pushed my head downwards, and then I realized the reason for her acrobatics.

She wanted me to do to her bosom and breasts what I had done to her shoulders. I was only too eager to oblige her. Bending my head slightly,I traced my lips towards the now exposed neckline of her top, which was swelling with the two fleshy and firm orbs, caught between the pressures of both our chests. I moved back a little and fastened my lips and mouth to the cleavage between her breasts and my tongue darting into the same, I gently bit her flesh there, eliciting a approval moan from her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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