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Pounding, thrusting, cock silkily gliding in and out….body tightening, preparing to explode…

I come awake, gasping for air. My body is throbbing, I can feel the wetness between my thighs.

It was that dream again. Last week, we were interrupted during our “explorations” in the movie theater. I’d been dreaming about it ever since.

I look over at you, wishing you hadn’t been asleep when I came to bed. You’ve been so tired and busy at work lately, and I hadn’t the heart to wake you up.

Out of the blue, I remember when you had told me that you had never been woken up in that very special way. A wicked glint sparkles in my eye. Maybe we can both get what we want….

After all, I know exactly what you like, what buttons to push, to get you excited. So excited, so turned on, that I’ll get to cum over and over. Besides, I need to pay you back for that session in my office last month.

I get up from the bed, gathering several items and placing them near the bed.

I pull the covers down to the end of the bed. You’re lying on your side, so I gently push you onto your back. I run my hands across your chest, lightly rubbing my fingers across your nipples, seeing them tighten slightly.

My hands move across your stomach, to your hips, then softly across your soft cock, lying there so innocently. I run my fingers from the base to the head, gently scraping my fingernails across the very tip. Your cock twitches.

I lean over, delicately blowing on you. The heat of my breath makes your cock shudder again.

My tongue slowly comes out of my mouth, daintily licking around the head of your cock. My hand starts stroking while my mouth closes around the head, sucking gently. You’re hardening fast now, your body shifting in your sleep.

I look up at you, checking to see that you’re still asleep.

I turn my attention back to your cock. Slowly my mouth and hand continue to travel up and down, hand squeezing carefully, my mouth sucking while my tongue presses underneath.

I feel your body shifting restlessly, as you become more aware of what is happening to you. I start increasing my pace, avidly watching your face for that first bit of awareness.

Unexpectedly, your hips thrust forward. Your eyes open, sleepy and shocked.

“What….what are you doing?”

I look at you, eyebrow raised, but don’t take my mouth off your cock. You smile, then groan. I continue to work up and down your shaft, stroking, rubbing, sucking you faster and harder.

Your hands fist on the sheet, your hips beginning to pump.

“Babes, you….oh god….stop, I’m going to cum.”

I don’t stop, but simply murmur around your cock, “mmmm, hmmmmm” and keep up the pace.

Your balls start to draw up, your whole body tenses. I take your cock all the way in, my throat working bursa escort against the head. It’s too much for you. You explode ferociously.

I pull back just a little, keeping the head in, my hand working up and down. Taking it all, swallowing quickly. I lick up every bit, making sure you’re completely done before removing my mouth.

As I pull my mouth away, your hands grab my arms, pulling up against you. Our mouths meet, tongues dueling. You look at me, smile in that wonderful, satisfied way, “Thank you for making that wish come true.”

I smile back, “You’re welcome.”

You quickly push me onto my back, “Your turn.”

After pushing me back against the bed, you start kissing me again, your hands running up and down my back.

Your right hand trails along my side, up to my breast, squeezing. Plumping it up for your mouth, which closes around the nipple, tongue rubbing across it. Your teeth slowly tug it into your mouth, shooting pleasure throughout my body.

I moan softly and shift against you. As your mouth works on my breast, your hand moves across my stomach, down my hip and the outside of my leg. It rests on my knee for a moment, caressing, before traveling back up the inside. My legs part in anticipation.

You wait for a moment, feeling the heat, the moisture. Your hand presses against me, one finger pushing into the folds.

You look up at me, “God babes, you’re so wet.”

“I had the dream again. I couldn’t stand it, I had to wake you.”

“I’m glad you did. You made a fantasy come true. I’m only sorry yours got interrupted.”

“We can always try…ah!” I cry out as you press your palm to my clit, two thick fingers pushing into my pussy.

As your fingers work inside me, you kiss your way down my stomach. Stopping to pay attention to that sensitive spot between hip and thigh. You work your way around so you’re lying between my legs, watching your hand playing with me.

My legs fall apart even wider, trembling. Your face getting closer and closer….

Your tongue flicks out, over my clit. I moan loudly as your mouth closes over it, tugging gently. All the while, your fingers keep pressing, faster, harder.

The feel of your hands, your mouth, my body can’t take it. It begins to tense. Your mouth pulls harder on my clit, which sends me over. My pussy clenches around your hands, my hips pushing against your face. I cry out from the delight, reveling in the sensations washing over me.

The spasms die down, allowing you to move your hand from me. You kiss your way back up my body, putting your arms around me.

Once my body calms a little, I feel you hard against me and remember what I had planned for you. With a smile, I tell you, “I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes.”

You lay back, slight smile on your escort bursa face. I reach and grab two of the items I had gotten earlier. I kneel on the bed, take your wrists in my hands, pull them above your head and quickly tie them to the headboard.

You look up, shock once more on your face.

I sit back, smile wickedly, and say, “Surprise. Payback time.”

You voice is baffled as you ask,”Payback? For what?”

“For that scene in my office last month. I told you then I’d get you back for teasing me so mercilessly.”

This time a decidedly non-regretful smile pulls at your lips. “Oh yeah. So, what do you have planned?”

“You’ll see. But you can’t cum until I say you can, or I’ll stop.”

Anticipation fills your eyes. “Whatever you say, babes.”

I lean over to kiss you while my hand reaches your cock, stroking the hardness. Oh, this is going to be fun….

I sit back on my heels, legs spread a little. My left hand stroking you, my right hand running down my body, reaching between my legs. My finger playing with my clit, teasing, rubbing.

I watch you watching me, knowing that you love to see me playing with myself. I move my hands away from both of us. You groan in disappointment.

“Don’t worry, hon, you won’t be disappointed for long.” I move again to get something beside the bed.

I show you the vibrator. Your eyes widen with expectation. Until I turn it on the slowest setting and trace it across your cock. Your body shudders at the touch.

Your astonished eyes turn towards me. “I thought…what about you?”

“Oh, there’s plenty of time for that.”

I keep running the vibrator over you, watching your face and body for the telltale signs of orgasm. Your cock hardens even more at the vibrations go through you. The feel of it against the head makes your body bow in delight. As I see your body tense, I remove the vibrator.

“No, not yet,” I say and bring the vibrator and rub it across one of my nipples. My left hand holding the other breast and nipple, I move the vibrator down my stomach, and lightly press it to my clit. I groan and spread my legs further apart.

I rub the vibrator against me, getting it wet. I push the vibrator inside, making slow thrusts. You are watching avidly, loving the sight of it disappearing into me.

Now lost in my own world of feeling, I turn up the speed of the vibrator, thrusting faster. In and out, over and over, the sensations build up. Then the damn breaks. I cry out, gasping, as the contractions swell, then slow.

As I come back to myself, I put the vibrator aside and look over at you.

You face is taut with intensity and arousal. The head of your cock is leaking, but you managed not to cum.

As a reward, I lick the moisture from you. Your hips surge forward. “Oh escort bursa babes…”

I move my mouth away. “Not yet.”

You whimper a little, causing me to give a little laugh.

I crawl up your body, leg going across your hips so I’m straddling you. I dip my head down to kiss you, our tongues tangling. I pull your tongue into my mouth, sucking gently.

While our mouths are sparring, I bring my hips down, bringing my pussy into contact with your cock. Sliding against you, my wetness drenching you.

You drag your mouth away, groaning. “Babes…” I keep rubbing against you, the friction causing the head to rub against my clit. Feeling that edge coming back, I ease off for a moment.

Once we’re both a little more calm, I position myself with my hands on your chest and the head of your cock at the entrance. I lean back, and gradually, ooooh so slowly, sink down onto you. Inch by inch, it takes a torturously long time.

Once you’re all the way in, I start rocking back and forth. Taking my time, feeling every sensation, every inch of you, filling me so completely.

“Oh babes, please. Please move faster.”

“Mmmm, still no. I’m not ready.”

“Then at least undo my hands…please. I want to touch you.”


You growl in frustration and tug on the cords, but can’t slip out.

I tilt towards you, running my fingers along your lips. Your tongue reaches out to lick them, pulling them into your mouth. I slip them out, taking the wetness and rubbing my nipples.

I can feel you jerk inside of me. I begin to move a little faster, my hands on my breasts, squeezing, pinching the nipples.

Your body tenses a little, I know you’re fairly close. I stop.

“No, please….don’t stop.”

I look down at you for a moment, then reach over and undo the cords around your wrists. Without saying anything, I take your hands and put them on my breasts.

I angle back a little, bracing my hands against your thighs, and move up and down your cock. The pace increasing, the feel of you rubbing, pushing, stretching me. Your hands squeezing my breasts, tugging the nipples.

“Now babes?”

“Yes, oh yes. Now!”

Your hands go to my hips, pulling me up and slamming me down. The pressure builds with each thrust. I can feel you swelling even more inside of me.

Your thumb reaches down and rubs against my clit. A scream releases from my throat.

My body explodes around you, gripping your cock tightly. I can feel your heat burst into me. My back arches, my head thrown back, the shudders run through my body, going on and on.

After an indeterminate amount of time, with only aftershocks running through me, I fall forward onto your chest. Your arms come around and rub my back.

I look up at you and smile at the serene look on your face. Your mouth slants over mine, in a tender, slow kiss.

“So, did you learn your lesson about teasing me?”

“Yes, sweets, I sure did.”

“Does that mean you won’t be doing that again?”

“Hell no, the payback is too much fun!”

“Smart man.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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