Peggy’s Afternoon

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It had been a bad afternoon for Peggy on this hot airless day. Two planned appointments had cancelled at the last minute and the “on the spot door to door sales” had been a total waste of time as no one appeared to be home.

To make things worse, there was no respite from the sun and Peggy could feel her clothes start to cling to her as she walked from house to house.

The last house at the bottom of the drive appeared to be deserted however as Peggy approached it she could see a sedan in the carport.

Pulling her blouse straight to unstick it from her body and smoothing out her skirt as best as possible, Peggy decided that this house would be the last for today and then home to a relaxing bath.

Walking up the drive, she could make out the faint sound of a TV coming from the open windows of the house. Good so far she thought, at least some one was at home.

The porch afforded some welcome shade as Peggy searched and found the doorbell. Waiting patiently in the coolness of the shade her head tilted as she thought she heard some moaning. Still no one came to the door and so this remained the case after she had rung the bell two more times. Again she thought she heard another moan but slightly louder this time. Getting concerned that someone was lying hurt in the house, she rang the bell longer this time and was just in the process of getting her mobile out to ring the police when the door opened.

The bare footed flustered man had a dark robe on which was barely belted together. His short black hair framed a tanned face which had two deep set brown eyes. Those eyes peered at the woman who seemed to have endless shapely long legs which ended in a small well fitting skirt. The eyes took in every detail of the woman on the porch. Cherry red toe nails peeking through the open toed high-heeled shoes. The well proportioned breasts with the clinging blouse. The long mane of brown hair complimenting the pretty tanned face of the mature woman.

The two of them stared at each other until finally the silence was broken when the man asked horridly ” Can I help you”?

Peggy stared back at the man remembering the moans, asked if everything was all right? “Oh of course it is” said the man but he was starting to get flustered. Something about the man made Peggy suspicious and quickly she pushed past him in to the darkened interior of the house. Ignoring the man’s shout, she rushed into the living room and turned as she heard another groan. Behind her, on a wide screen TV, a woman was groaning softly on the bed as she was being fucked by two men.

The man rushed in and quickly turned off the TV then turned to face Peggy.

Feeling the heat rising in to her face, Peggy stuttered out “I’m so sorry. I had no idea that bursa escort the moaning was from the TV”

The man stared at her making her blush furiously then suddenly he grinned and then started to chuckle.

“It’s ok,” he said. “I guess that serves me right for having the TV on too loud”

“No no, I shouldn’t have barged in here without thinking” Peggy blurted out. “It was so stupid”

“Forget it” said the man still chuckling. “There is no harm done”

Highly embarrassed Peggy started to apologise again but the man cut her of short.

“It’s really ok, I don’t mind that is if you don’t mind”

“Oh it’s your house, I should have never charged in here. I really don’t know what I was thinking,” said Peggy

“Oh I do” the man replied starting to laugh. “You thought a woman was in trouble and you were right but in a totally wrong way. It’s quite funny if you think about it”

Peggy starting to relax started to laugh.

“That’s better,” said the man. “By the way my name is Kirk. Look after all this, would you like some water to drink because you look a little bit flustered?”

She nodded her head gratefully and stood waiting until he returned with a glass of water.

Kirk was still chuckling as he beckoned her to take a seat. Her heart still racing from the events she sank in to a chair.

Looking at the man, she could see that he was about 6ft and appeared to be slim with the suggestion of broad shoulders under the robe. The robe had parted slightly and she could see the smoothness of his chest.

With a start she realised that Kirk was watching her with those dark eyes and she started to blush again feeling her heart starting to pump again.

Kirk smiled gently. “So why did you come to my house. It surely wasn’t to come and watch my films was it?”

She choked on her water “Oh no, I’m here to sell Insurance premiums. I would never have charged in to your house if I knew I was going to interrupt you”

Kirk laughed, “It’s ok – you interrupted me but I managed to finish all the same”

Peggy blushed again and shifted in her chair. Embarrassed she felt her cheeks start to burn and as an amused Kirk watched her, she could feel her nipples starting to harden.

Trying to recover her poise she asked innocently “Finished what?”

Intently staring at her, he replied “Cumming!”

Realising that her breathing was becoming short and sharp, that her breasts were swelling and she could feel that familiar dampness in her loins, she asked, “Can you prove it?”

He smiled and for a moment there was silence. He then stood up and pulled an upright chair from a table and set it in the middle of the room in front of her. Sitting down, keeping his eyes on Peggy, he pulled bursa escort bayan his robe apart and spread his legs.

She gasped as she saw that his thighs and his flat lower belly was shining with cum. Watching, she saw a snake of cum work it’s way down his leg. As she stared, she saw his cock start to stir.

“Is that enough proof or do you need to take a closer look? Kirk smiled

Peggy nodded, now aware that her nipples were hard and restricted by her bra. Her pants were damp and clingy.

Standing up, aware of her growing arousal, she moved closer. Her nostrils flaring at the sweet smell of his cum. Seeing his cock uncurl and starting to grow.

“Why don’t you taste it so you can make sure it is cum? Kirk suggested. She ran her tongue over her pretty lips starting to wonder what on earth she was doing here in this strange mans house but wanting all the same to taste his cum.

Kneeling before him, starting where the little river of cum ended near his ankle, she dabbed with her tongue. Tasting him then savouring him. With longer dabs, she started to stroke the insides of his leg, cleaning him, feeling his cum starting to coat her chin and her cheeks.

“Oh yes baby that rights. Clean me up” Kirk breathed. “Then clean my cock”

Peggy looked up at Kirk with her cum covered face and then took the head of his wet cock, which had hardened, with her hand. She blew gently on it and felt Kirk squirm in his seat. Then running her lips over the salty tip, she tasted more of him.

“My you have made a mess of your cock” Peggy grinned. “I’m going to have to really clean you up”

“Yessssss” Kirk groaned as he gripped her hair

Again Peggy used her dabbing technique but this time on the underside of his shaft. Short dabs mixed with long dabs. Sometimes running her tongue round his hard compact balls. Always tasting his cum and him!

Kirk moved in his chair and she gripped him harder. Then opening her mouth she took his hard shaft and engulfed him and then sucked.

“Fuck yes” Kirk shouted out as his hips tried to rise out of the chair.

Peggy could feel the heat of his iron shaft in her mouth. Feeling it pulse and throb and impossibly still growing yet so aware that her pussy was soaking wet.

Kirk watched as Peggy’s head rode up and down his cock. The mane of her hair twisted in his hands. He knew he was close to cumming again but now he wanted to fuck this woman.

Gently he pulled Peggy’s head out of his lap. Breathless, she gazed up at him and then at the hard cock in front of her. She had no idea that she had been swallowing an 8-inch dark cock.

Kirk gestured for Peggy to roll her skirt up and then lie on her back. He then bent down and had to unroll bursa bayan escort her panties of her, as they were so wet. She then watched as Kirk removed his robe. Aware that her pussy was so naked and exposed. Aware that her clit was throbbing and hard. So excited about the turn of recent events. Wondering what this strange man was going to do. Breathing so hard.

Kirk picked up two cushions and placed them under Peggy’s butt. Keeping his eyes on her, Kirk leant forward and kissed her. Lips opened up and two tongues met and danced together.

Peggy felt the start of the blood rushing to her head as their lips locked together as they tasted each other. Wanting to break the lock so she could get a breath of air yet wanting to prolong the kiss. Finally her mouth broke away and as she inhaled, Kirk with a quick sudden thrust of his hips pushed his cock in to her pussy.

Peggy cried out as the hard big shaft worked its way so suddenly into and up her pussy. The cry was muffled as Kirk leaned over to kiss her and again his hips moved and his cock edged further in. She could feel his hands tearing at her blouse and then the release of her swollen breasts as her bra was pushed up.

She started to groan in to Kirks mouth as he rotated his hips, corkscrewing in to her. She felt the pressure in her pussy build up as he corkscrewed the other way trying to widen her pussy and then finally she could take no more. A large groan broke from her lips as she convulsed and bucked under Kirk as her O burst out her. Cum flooding out of her pussy and around Kirks hard cock.

Panting hard from her O, Peggy could only lay there as Kirk took her legs and pushed them back over her head and started to fuck her with long hard strokes. With her butt on the cushions and by having her legs far back, she could feel Kirks large cock moving deep inside her.

Kirk stopped for a moment and then by shifting his weight he pinned Peggy legs further back allowing him to enter her more. Peggy groaned deeply as his cock crept deeper in to her. Her pussy throbbing from this deep fucking yet she gamely reached up and pulled with her arms to impale herself on this hot cock.

Holding each other, bodies hot with sweat, Kirk increased his tempo to hard short strokes. His balls slamming in to her swollen pussy. Again they deep kissed and Peggy could feel his urgency and knew he was so near to cumming. She pulled harder on him, tears squeezing out of her eyes from the intolerable pressure and then with a loud groan, his hard body pumped furiously against her as she felt his cock jerk violently and his hot cum shot deeply in to her. She bit her lip and tried to prolong her own O but it broke out of her in intense waves as again she wriggled and squirmed under him. Her cum breaking out from deep inside her and rolling out and out in waves leaving her racked with spasms and light-headed as Kirk finally spent, collapsed on her.

Two bodies hot and exhausted and spent, with the smell of sex prominent in the air, lay there in the afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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