Personal Delivery (Him)

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This story is also available from HER point of view, named “Personal Delivery (her)”


I was out making deliveries. Maybe some think it’s unmanly to be a single guy selling Tupperware, but it was an extra income I could manage. I was at the end of my list, one more bag to deliver. After double-checking the address, I rang the doorbell. This bag was for Sarah. I had known her for a long time, been acquaintances more like, hung out with the same friends and all that, but hadn’t seen her for many months.

“Hi, Ken, come on in!” said, as she opened the door for me. I said hello and handed her the bag of product, mumbling something about hoping she liked the stuff. I wasn’t sure why I needed to come in; she had already paid for the order. “Thank you! I’m so excited!” she squealed. She took the bag and turned, her straight, light-brown, shoulder length hair tossing as she walked over to the kitchen and placed the bag on the counter top.

I leaned on the shelf beside the door and looked her up and down, as any guy would do, given a subtle chance, especially given that she was pretty much perfect. About three inches shorter than me, she had perfectly proportioned legs and ass that looked incredible in her short jean skirt, and no one would ever suspect that she’d had three kids.

After putting down the bag, she turned back without even bothering to look inside it. I thought that was a little strange. When she had walked back to the door, she looked me straight in the eye silently for only a moment too long. I blinked.

“So, why’s it so quiet in here?” I asked, trying to diffuse what felt to me like a very sudden tension. Sarah had three young boys, but it was silent in the house. I could see the TV on in the other room, but the sound was off.

“Oh, the boys are at a friends birthday party.” She stroked her cheek with her fingers. “It’s been nice having the house to myself, nothing to do. Anyway, it will be loud again in another two hours or so, ha ha.”

I looked around; the house was spotless, atypical for a house with three boys and a single mom. I looked back at Sarah. She was still looking me in the eye. Was that a ‘look’, I wondered. She took a quick breath and exhaled sharply.

“S-So,” she stammered as she looked away, “how many more bags do you have to deliver?”

“Oh…erm…yours was the last, actually.” My keys jingled in my hand. “I’m heading home from here.” I smiled politely, though with great effort, as my heart was starting to jump uneasily. Nothing’s going to happen, I assured myself, calm down, nothing like this happens for real. Not for real!

“Well, can I get you a lemonade? It’s eryaman bayan escort a good day for it,” she said with a hint of pleading, but didn’t move a muscle. Sarah took another quick breath and her cheeks started to grow pink. “Ken, um…” she swallowed. She took half a step toward me, then stepped back. Her breathing was obviously out of control now. I couldn’t help but glance at her heaving chest, again, perfectly proportioned.

I wondered what to do next. Yes, I wanted this, but it just doesn’t ever happen for real. I thought furiously for a moment about what to do. My heart was racing now too…I brought my hand up and set my keys onto the shelf I had been leaning on. It was a signal enough to her. By the time I had set them down, Sarah had closed the distance between us. She reached her hands up and pulled my head towards hers, locking me in the most passionate kiss I’d had in years.

Those few seconds seemed like forever, while we kissed non-stop, gently tasting each other, literally savouring this moment in which we found ourselves locked.

Sarah pulled away, grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the door. I awkwardly kicked off my sandals before following her to the living room. It was a nice wide area, one large couch against the wall, another with it’s back to the window, which had sheer, wavy curtains. For a moment I wondered if they were see-though from outside. She pulled me down beside her on the couch against the window and started kissing me again. She must have been holding back before, because I got the distinct impression that she was very hungry, and it was now time to relieve that longing. We kissed deeply, breathing heavily, pulling each other closer and closer.

Sarah swung her leg over and sat up on my lap, facing me. As she started fumbling the top buttons of her shirt, she whimpered slightly in disappointment when she couldn’t get the second one undone right away as we continued to kiss. She dropped her hands as I reached up to assist, unbuttoning the remaining (why are there so many buttons!?!), exposing her bright blue bra and her petite torso. I reached in and started stroking her back and she sighed. She sat back slightly, unhooked the front of her bra and let it hang open, revealing her breasts momentarily until she resumed kissing me.

She set to work undoing the button on my shorts, which was no difficult task. I was hard now, very hard. She stroked me through my boxers for a moment. She grabbed my chin, looked me in the eye and commanded, “Off!” I grinned and quickly slipped my shorts and boxers off without delay. Sarah’s skirt had flipped itself up, but it was only now that escort sincan I noticed that she was panty-less already, as she took hold and lowered herself onto me.

I slipped in quickly and gasped. Sarah threw her head back slightly. “Oh! Hi there!” she giggled. She had been so wet with anticipation, it surprised us both. We both laughed. She put her hands on my shoulders and started to rock forward and back, slowly, easing us into the journey, her breasts shuddering slightly as she thrust. I held her thighs lightly, feeling her muscles tense and relax over and over.

Then she put her feet right up onto the couch seat and began bobbing herself up and down, taking my full length all the way in and out. I didn’t think it was possible, but I got even more stiff. “Wow,” she breathed heavily, starting to go a bit faster. “I felt that, sweetie!”

“Wow, yourself,” I gasped, “you are amazing!” She exhaled another laugh and kissed me again, continuing to increase speed. Slowly the smile on her face changed into concentration and I could feel her tighten a little. She bit her lip and continued her steady rhythm for another few minutes.

“y…yeah…” she whispered, thrusting a little faster and deeper. She had full concentration as she bounced up and down. Suddenly, I felt her tighten even more as she gripped my shoulders, almost painfully, and let out a soft “ohhh…ya…ya” between short breaths. It was almost more than I could take without blowing, she looked glorious! Then she held her breath, and got even tighter, and her body shook with delight for longer than I thought possible. She had stopped moving momentarily, so I took over and thrust myself into her quivering body, causing her to shudder over and over again. Finally, she let out her breath in a soft moaning “Oh…h…h…h…” and let herself relax a bit, lowering her face towards mine again.

She continued to pump up and down, slower now, watching me closely, inches from my face. The slight change in angle was very pleasant and extra stimulating, which she must have noticed in my expression. “Yeah, baby, go,” she coaxed quietly with a smile. “Fill me up, give it to me.” She locked her lips to mine again, flicking my tongue playfully. She was pumping faster again, it was almost time.

I started to tense up and she moved away again to gaze at my face. “I want to see you cum. Show me how much you like this!” she begged.

Ok, relax a bit, I thought. Let it build. I continued stroking her back, and she shuddered and arched her back, continuing her steady rhythm. Her breasts bounced playfully inches from my face. I leaned forward and kissed them softly, elvankent escort bayan they felt so beautifully soft and firm at the same time. And then I couldn’t hold on any longer. It was time.

My whole body stiffened. So close. “Ah…Oh…yeah” I panted. Sarah thrust harder and faster, a big smile appearing on her face. She was the only other person in the world right now.

“Yes,” she whispered, “I’ve got you. Come to me”. I couldn’t hold any longer. It felt like all the energy in my body was collecting in one spot, ready to burst forth. Time slowed down as I went over the edge, past the point of no return. I grabbed Sarah’s hips and pushed myself as deep as I would go, filling her up, pulsing over and over. Her mouth hung open, as if in surprise, as she took me, diligently continuing her movements as every muscle in my body writhed in pleasure. We gazed into each others’ eyes, drinking in the moment we were sharing. It was pure delight.

We both relaxed and Sarah fell onto my chest, breathing with relief. I put my arms around her again and she curled into my chest. She continued to rock slowly; I was still just hard enough to stay inside her, and the gentle movement prolonged the intimacy for several more long minutes. It was one of those moments I wanted to stay in forever.

Sarah sighed deeply and sat up. It was over. She grabbed some tissues out of her skirt pocket and quickly cleaned up. It took me only a moment to redress. Sarah hadn’t bothered to do up her bra and shirt. In fact I thought she had even opened them up a little more in the moments that I had looked away. I stepped to her this time, placing my hands on her bare waist, took a deliberate but quick look at her fine figure. She put her arms around my neck and swayed a little, giving me a cute, satisfied smile.

My mouth opened to speak, but nothing came out. Couldn’t think; my mind was still reeling from the encounter. I kissed her again.

“I think we both needed that,” Sarah said, “…very badly. I know I did.” She pressed herself against me. “Maybe I should make another order from you? You’ll still deliver it personally, right?”

I was out of breath, but composed myself and replied “Yes, but only when you have the house to yourself, I think.” She nodded enthusiastically, wide-eyed like a kid being offered candy. It was very cute and made my heart jump again.

“I’ll make sure of that.” She hugged me and sighed. It was time to go, sadly. But then again, if I didn’t leave, how could I come back again? I wondered how soon that might be.

I sat in my car for several minutes without realizing I wasn’t moving. I laughed at my own absent-mindedness and drove home, looking forward to the time when my phone would ring for another “order”.


I encourage you to read the story from HER point of view in “Personal Delivery (her)”. You may enjoy learning how she experienced this encounter.

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