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When you’re a marriage counsellor you come across all sorts of behaviour that might be regarded as abnormal. I once had a couple, John and Paula, who were having relational problems which seemed to me to be almost entirely physical in nature. That is unusual. Anyway I decided to ask them to write down their memories of the first time that they had sex. Obviously I have not used their real names. Firstly this is what Paula wrote:

One day I was sunbaking in our back garden with my husband Bill. I enjoy foreplay and I had no doubt that eventually we would make love on the lawn. I should add that our garden is very private with a high wall along the road and yew hedges along the sides. The house is a bit back from the drive so the garden is not overlooked. I remember being slightly annoyed that the doorbell went but, because I was expecting a delivery, I put on the shift I keep in the hallway for such purposes and answered the door. It was John, who lived a few houses down the lane. He said that he’d come about the camera and I remembered that when we’d bumped into each other at the supermarket a few days before I had told him about my new camera. I knew he was a photographer and so I thought I might get a few hints from him about photography. In the neighbourhood he was regarded as a bit unusual, partly because he was good looking but unmarried but partly because he tended to wear kaftans.

Anyway I took him through to the garden where Bill, in his birthday suit, was taken by surprise. Bill said he’d go put some clothes on but John said not to bother and that he’d follow Bill’s example. He took his kaftan off and it seemed that that was all he was wearing. I couldn’t help but wonder if that was not always the case. I didn’t really mind. After all I’d seen plenty of naked men! He sat in a lounger next to the one Bill was using. I asked who wanted a drink and went to get them. I handed the boys their drinks and sat in a lounger opposite Bill. I can’t remember what was being discussed. I was enjoying the sun and I think I may have dozed off. After a while I noticed that Bill was developing an erection. I pretended not to notice and closed my eyes again. I heard them talking about the “Game of Thrones” series and vaguely recall that they were discussing some of the sex scenes. When John asked me my opinion on something I half woke up and saw that Bill now had a full-blown erection. He was quite well hung and I was vaguely annoyed that John was ignoring Bill’s situation. So I got up and stroked Bill’s penis and then started sucking it slowly. I suppose I thought that John would take this as a hint to leave. He didn’t and, when I looked at him, I couldn’t help but notice that he also had a stiffy. I found his erection a little unusual because he curved up almost ninety degrees.

In an insincere attempt to get us away from the topic of sex, John said he’d show me some tricks with my camera and so I went to get it. I took a while and had thought that they might have calmed down, but far from it they were both still sporting impressive boners. John showed me a few things, but to be honest I already knew how to use most of the standard functions. We took some test shots of some roses and Bill came over to look at them. He was standing behind me so his rod pushed against my buttocks and pushed out to the side. John suggested taking a few photos and, although I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, I didn’t say no. Bill started to fondle my breasts. John took a few more shots and came over to show us the results. Apart from Bill’s cock there was nothing special about them.

John suggested some photos of the three of us. This meant setting up the camera, positioned on the table, for a delayed exposure. John came to stand in front of me but he wasn’t happy with the composition of the shot and I have to confess it was rather surreal. He said it would be better if I held his penis with one hand and put the other round his chest. I wasn’t too keen on this but the resulting couple of photos were, let’s say, interesting. John suggested that Bill and he change places. I liked this because I was happier stroking Bill’s cock pulling the foreskin back and forth in the way I knew he liked it. I couldn’t help but feel John’s dick between my buttocks and on the next shot he fondled my right breast. I was getting a bit horny and when John came back from the camera for the next shot he slid his dick underneath my shift and started sliding it up and down my bumcrack. The cheeky boy also lifted my shift a bit, perhaps to give him more freedom of movement. I discovered some years later that he’d set the camera to film mode but he didn’t show us that movie at that time. I moved slightly and suddenly I felt the tip of his shaft against my pussy. I was definitely wet but I thought this was going bursa escort too far. Instead of pushing his luck he suggested a few photos face on. This was the first time I’d held two cocks, but it wouldn’t be the last!

John suddenly changed tack took some photos of a bug on the lawn. He got me to try, by way of exploring depth of field. In order to do this I had to bend over and with my legs slightly apart I should have realised what effect this would have on Bill. The next thing I knew Bill was inside me holding my hips and thrusting in and out. Perhaps I should have objected but I was really hot and I was enjoying being made love to by Bill. John came to stand in in front of me. It was obvious he wanted me to suck his dick but I wasn’t going to! He was circumcised and the head was large and I didn’t fancy gagging on it. I just licked it! He started taking photos of me licking his dick. I saw some of them later and found them quite abstract – not erotic at all. I could tell from his breathing that Bill was ready to cum. I wasn’t quite there yet so I tried to persuade him to slow.

Too late I fear I felt him jerk and felt our love juices running down my leg. Bill was finished and did what he normally did after lovemaking. He lay down and I knew he’d be asleep in no time at all. I needed release, so I began masturbating in front of Bill. John came and turned me round to face him and lifted off my shift so that I was also naked. Standing in front of me he entered me easily and it felt great. Somehow he managed to lift me up whilst still inside me. I clasped my legs around his waist and we walked around the garden with me getting closer and closer to climax. I remember grabbing hold of something so that John could suck my nipples whilst pumping in and out of me. My orgasm came and I felt John’s semen pumping into me. I don’t often have multiple orgasms but I did that time. When John pulled out and laid me down on the grass I was still cumming and pretty much oblivious of my surroundings. When I woke up later John and Bill were drinking beers. They must have lifted me onto one of the loungers but I hadn’t noticed!

Then we have John’s story:

I’m a photographer by profession and I have a one-man company. I don’t do portraits, which excludes a lot of business, because I can’t stand the continual wheedling especially by women clients. You know the sort of thing! She says that a photo makes her look fat and you think that, yes, that’s because you are fat. I do what I call art photography (no that’s not what you think). I do landscapes, and photos of the very small and very large. To give you an idea a couple of my idols, from big to small, are Burtynsky and Chimileski. Anyway the neighbourhood knows what I do and a couple from a few houses down the road had asked me to pop round sometime to show them some tricks with their new camera. When they told me what they’d bought I was a midge jealous because it was upmarket from my own, still very good, apparatus.

It was a warm, sunny Saturday and I had no appointments and so at around eleven I went round to their house. On hot or warm days I tend to wear a kaftan usually with nothing underneath because I like the feeling of freedom. I rang the bell and, after what seemed an age, Paula opened the door and asked me in. She said they were in the garden and that I should come through. I was a little surprised to see that her partner, Bill, was sitting in the buff.

Bill shook hands and said he’d go and put some clothes on. I told him not to bother and that I’d strip off as well. He looked questioningly at Paula who just shrugged. I took this to mean no objection and so I took off my toga. As usual, I wasn’t wearing anything underneath so I was also stark naked except for my sneakers. I sat down on the spare lounger opposite Bill, and Paula asked if I’d like a drink. I replied that a beer would be good and Bill asked her to get one for him as well. She went off to the kitchen and came back with a couple of bottles and what looked like a glass of white wine for herself. Paula took the third lounger, which was next to mine and opposite Bill.

We were discussing music, in particular the relative merits of Arvo Pärt and Phillip Glass. Bill preferred Glass whilst I found Pärt more interesting to listen to. Paula was taking little part in the conversation and was apparently just enjoying the sun. I remembered that at some stage, if I stayed put, I’d have to apply some sunblock. Then I noticed that Bill was starting to stiffen. He was what is referred to as well endowed and so even when he was just becoming tumescent it was quite obvious. I smiled to myself but kept a straight face. I glanced to my side to gauge Paula’s reaction and got a pretty good idea as to why he was getting a stiffy. Paula had bursa escort bayan opened her legs and so at the very least, depending on what she was wearing under her dress, Bill would be getting a good view. Bill winked at me but as soon as he did that Paula crossed her legs. The expression “Show over” occurred to me.

Our conversation drifted over to the latest episodes of Game of Thrones. It’s a series that I had watched a few episodes of because everybody else seemed to be watching it. Clearly Bill thought more of the series than I did. I mentioned that I found the sex scenes unconvincing, even to the extent of being boring. This caused Bill to launch into a description of scenes I hadn’t seen and in doing so he developed a full-blown erection. I half expected Paula to pretend to be shocked but instead she got up and went over to Bill and stroked his member. Then she bent over and took the head of his penis in her mouth, but to do this she had to bend over. I don’t know whether it was on purpose but she wasn’t wearing panties. The result was that I got a good rear view of her pussy with the consequence that I also developed a boner, which I helped along a bit with a couple of surreptitious strokes.

Bill’s erect shaft was almost straight with maybe a slight bend to the left he was uncut. I am circumcised and in consequence my hood is very prominent. I also have a very pronounced bend upwards when erect. I rather like that because I don’t have so much trouble getting into a girls cunt when we’re face to face. The base of my cock is almost as 6hick as the hood, which usually means the girls love it thrust in up to the hilt.

Paula turned round and winked at me, but told me I was a naughty boy and that I shouldn’t get my hopes up. To change the topic I suggested we look at the camera and I’d show her a few tricks with it. When she’d gone to get it Bill started to stroke his dick. I smiled at him and did the same, so that when Paula returned we both still had enormous erections. She didn’t seem to mind, but sat back down next to me and handed me the camera. I started to show her the simple things but clearly she had read the fucking manual and wanted to get beyond using the automatic functions.

Bill came to look at the photo over Paula’s shoulder, which meant that his erect cock rubbed up against her dress. As he got pushed closer to her it popped out from between them, hard and straight at the level of her hips. I asked them to stay like that and took the camera from Paula. I took a few shots of them and a couple of close-ups of his cock against the pattern of her skirt. I wanted to ask Bill to cup her breasts, but I didn’t need to because that was his intention anyway. It was now clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra because I could see her nipples harden. I brought the camera over to them so they could see the shots. Bill just grunted satisfaction and Paula commented that she was glad this was her camera.

I suggested making a photo of the three of us. Although there was no tripod, the garden table was at the right height and later I would show Paula how to set up a delayed exposure. So I set up the camera and went to stand in front of Paula. It produced a strange composition because Bill was snuggled up to Paula with his cock poking out and I was in front of Paula, somewhat isolated, with my erection sticking out into space. They had to laugh at the shot. I told them that it would look a lot better if Paula held my dick with one hand and put her other arm round my chest. We tried that and it looked a lot better even if Paula was obviously making an effort not to take an active interest in my cock. I suggested that Paula would feel more comfortable if Bill and I swapped places. She happily got behind Bill and held his penis with far more conviction than she had held mine. In fact she started stroking it! I set up the camera and went back behind Paula.

I took a test shot and then said I’d like another shot because my dick was hidden and I’d like it visible. We tried that and this time I managed to get my right hand on her breast. She flinched but didn’t push me away. Her nipple was still hard, but I gave it a friendly tweek anyway. I showed them the results and made some excuse that I’d like yet another shot. Paula looked at me in a funny way. I went back to the camera and accidentally on purpose set it onto video. I realised that this time I could do something really cheeky. With the shape of my hardon I was able to come up behind Paula and by bending my knees slightly slide my cock under her skirt and between her soft buttocks. I started rubbing my shaft up and down her buttocks whilst fondling her breast. Meanwhile she was frotting Bill. After a short while she shifted a bit so that her legs parted. Parted enough bursa bayan escort in fact for me to get my cock between them so that now the head of my penis was rubbing her pussy lips. I gently lifted the edge of her dress so the camera had a view of my member sliding between her legs and then between the cheeks of her bum. It made a good little video but I didn’t show them that. I suggested we should do a few shots facing the camera rather than being sideways to it. They agreed to that and so I got a couple of shots with Paula holding both erections.

Both Bill and I were very wound up so I thought I’d try to calm things down by saying something about close-up photography. I noticed a good subject, namely a bright red centipede that had frozen under my shadow. I got Paula to take the camera and try to explore the difference between getting closer to the subject and using the zoom. To do this she had to bend over and for Bill, who was behind her, this was too much. He guided his engorged penis into Paula’s vagina. She must have been wet because there was no resistance and he slid right in. He grasped her hips and started slowly sliding in and out. I think she was a bit embarrassed because she looked at me apologetically. So there was Paula with Bill behind her thrusting in and out and me looking on with a boner that really needed attention. So I walked around to face Paula, which put my cock right in line with her mouth. I’m not sure what I expected but of course I hoped she’d take my cock in her mouth. She didn’t. What she did do was to gently lick the head of my shaft, which wasn’t especially arousing. Then I had an idea and went back to the garden table to get the camera. I repositioned myself as before and when Paula started licking the tip of my cock again I started to take photos. Close-ups! I really didn’t have any concept of what do with them but I had a good idea that they could make a good series. No other body parts: just a tongue and the tip of a penis. The only thing I thought was missing was precum. I wasn’t that far yet!

Bill kept pumping and after a few minutes I could see that he was ready to blow his load. It seems that Paula had also realised this and told him to slow it because she wasn’t ready yet. It made little difference because Bill was on the road of no return and he came and came with much noise and grunting. When he pulled out, still dripping, and flopped down on a lounger Paula stood in front of him and started to finger herself. I felt this was a bit of a waste and so I gently turned her round to face me and slid her dress over her head so that she was stark naked. My dick was ready and waiting and I only had to bend my knees a little, straighten up and I was inside her cunt. I started slowly gliding back and forth being careful to stay inside her.

Then I crouched down so that she was more or less on my lap but still impaled upon my dick. From this position, with my hands under her buttocks, I was able to stand up and to walk around the garden a bit whist carrying her. Her breath was becoming a bit ragged and I thought she was going to come but instead, as we passed an apple tree, she grabbed hold of a branch. This supported a bit of her weight and so I was able to thrust in and out of her whilst sucking on her nipples. It didn’t take long before she had her orgasm. I felt her hips shudder and I felt her vagina go into spasms. She swung up and grabbed me round the chest shoving her sex down on my rod. She came and so did I. She kept coming and it was clear she was having multiple orgasms. She was becoming heavy and besides I was becoming flaccid. I managed to gently lower her onto a lounger where she lay still moaning gently with fluids dribbling out of her cunt.

Bill had dozed off and Paula was still coming down from her high so I guess she never realised that she was lying there with her legs wide, her vaginal lips still not fully closed and oozing love juices. I took the opportunity of taking some very intimate shots, which I was not going to mention to either of them.

I wanted to have my own copy of our photographic/film session but I didn’t really think Paula or even Bill would like that. My two hosts were apparently asleep so I donned my kaftan and went back home, leaving their front door on latch. I copied the contents of the memory card onto my computer, which didn’t take more than a few minutes, and went back to their place. There, naked once again, I deleted the photos/clips that I didn’t want Bill or Paula to know about. Bill was starting to wake up a bit and asked me what I was doing with the camera. I told him I was just deleting some bad pictures and he just grunted.

Paula, Bill and myself developed a good triangular relationship. We had a lot of fun together and a lot of good sex. It ended when Bill died a few years ago, now it’s just Paula and me. Somehow the sex is not as exciting.

My recommendation was that they found someone else to make a threesome. Perhaps they should choose another woman so as to add a new twist to their relationship. I never saw them again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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