Piper and Dee and Me Pt. 02

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That evening with Dee had left quite an impact on Piper and I. The motivation was so high after that night we immediately figured out that a couple weeks later we could take a long weekend trip to visit her. The days between then felt like they dragged on forever, but Piper and I talked every day about it, which led to some incredible sex as we relived some of the moments. This included everything from her talking about how she couldn’t wait to feel Dee’s mouth on her pussy while Piper and I fucked to us masturbating in front of each other talking about things we couldn’t wait to try, culminating in me blowing a significant load on Piper’s face as she got off thinking about sitting on Dee’s face.

Finally the day was here, and we pulled into Dee’s house in the country. She lived slightly off the beaten path which was perfect in my mind because I didn’t want us to have to restrain ourselves because the neighbors might hear.

As we got out of the car Dee walked out smiling. “You made it!” she cried as she gave me a hug reserved for long time friends. She then made her way around the car to Piper “So glad to finally meet you in person!” she said as they embraced. You could tell we were all excited to be there, and truly be around friends, though the entire greeting was laced with a feeling of excitement and slight anxiousness about what we were really there for.

After getting the bags in and getting settled in our room, we moved out to the kitchen where finger foods were out. It was after dinner when we arrived, so none of us were terribly hunger and didn’t need another meal. Conversation began, but you could feel the slight tension as it felt like no one was ready to break the ice into what we had all been waiting for. Dee sensed it, and in typical form, felt the best way to start down the path was alcohol. Piper and I both dove right in, and after a bottle things felt much more loose and natural, including some slight flirting between Dee and Piper. Piper still seemed a little nervous, but she played along with the flirting, including small touches to Dee’s arm or the small of her back as they joked.

Well into the second bottle of wine, we all were feeling pretty good, and you could tell that inhibitions were starting to come down. Finally talk turns to sex, with Dee and Piper talking about oral sex, and how some guys just don’t have a clue when it comes to pleasing a lady. “Well, I’d like to think I do ok down there. Never had a complaint at least!” I say, to which Piper chimes in with “Eh, you’re ok.” she says with a wink.

“WOW!” I say, playing along with the joking tone of where the conversation is heading.

“I mean, you were acceptable” Dee chimed in with a laugh, referencing years ago when we used to hook up in college.

Without even thinking, I resorted to one of my usual comebacks when a friend joked at my expense: “Oh blow me,” not realizing that it would be the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.

Eyes widening at my tiny retort for being slighted, Dee’s eyes widened, and without hesitation stated very matter-of-factly “Whip it out!”.

I smiled and laughed “What? You don’t think I will?” My mind started to connect the fact that we had finally gotten to where the three of us had wanted this entire trip to go to.

Dee just smiled and leaned back against the counter “Well? I’m waiting,” she stated with a grin on her face.

I stood there in Dee’s kitchen, leaning against one counter while Dee and Piper stood leaning against the opposite counter about 10 feet away. My mind raced as I tried to think of how to handle this. I turned to look at Piper, my eyes almost asking for permission. She’d had enough alcohol to where her inhibitions were finally breaking down. Shaking her head at me she said “Don’t look at me! You’re the one that got yourself into this mess. You clean it up!”

“Ok, fine!” I said, and with that I put down my glass, reached down to my shorts, and with a few adjustments dropped them letting my cock (which had been growing in the last few seconds as I realized what was happening) free. It still wasn’t fully erect, but it definitely was on it’s way. I leaned back again with my cock now hanging freely and smiled as if to say “your move” to Dee.

Dee stared at it for a moment as she gathered her thoughts. Finally she put down her glass of wine, and locking eyes with me slowly walked over until she was a foot in front of me. Then, slowly she began to sink to her knees, never taking her eyes away from mine. The anticipation was killing me, and it was obvious as my cock had been growing the entire time, and now stood rock hard six inches from her mouth. In a single moment of doubt, she turned her head to Piper who was still across the kitchen leaning against the counter sipping her wine. “You ok with this?” Dee asked.

Piper laughed, and with that laugh you could tell that all her inhibitions about this weekend were finally gone. “He made his bed, time for him to lay in it!” she said with a laugh and a sip of her wine.

Dee laughed back, and eryaman genç escort bayanlar turning back to me, and I watched as her face went from joking to suddenly seductive as she gave me the biggest “fuck me eyes” look I’ve ever seen. Never breaking eye contact, she slowly said “well, in that case,” and with that opened her mouth and took my cock deep inside. My eyes immediately went wide as she continued to stare at me while she held my cock completely in her mouth, letting me enjoy the warmth and wetness of it as it continued to grow to its full length. Then slowly, she began to pull back, sucking lightly as she moved until just the tip was in her mouth. She continued this same move a few times, still keeping her eyes on me, until finally moving her hand up to my shaft which was slick with her saliva to begin stroking and sucking at the same time.

As she became more impassioned with sucking my cock she finally broke our gaze and focused on how she was pleasuring me. I watched as her head moved back and forth along with her hand as she fucked me with her mouth. Occasionally she’d slow her pace and deep throat me, a skill I’d forgotten she had. Pulling back from one of these moments she moaned on my cock, sending sensations up my shaft and driving me wild. I think she could tell from my gasp how much I enjoyed that because she pulled my cock out of her mouth for a moment to look up and smile as she continued stroking. “God your cock tastes good,” she said lustfully.

“You like sucking that cock?” I asked, knowing she’d take the bate and talk dirty to me.

“Hell yes! You’re dick is gonna get MORE than enough attention from my mouth…my pussy…my tits,” saying the last one with a wink, knowing I’d definitely want to fuck and cum all over them this weekend. “I can’t wait to taste that fucking load tonight.” And leaving me with that thought, she immediately deep throated my cock again, grabbing my ass and pulling me towards her so my cock went completely down her throat while she buried her nose into the little bit of hair I had at the top of my cock. I was so surprised by the move I almost shot my load right there! A moment later she pulled back and decided to change things up by moving her mouth down to lightly suck my freshly shaved balls, moving a hand around to stroke my slick cock.

“I made sure to prepare down there for this weekend,” I joke, to which she replied by humming in approval as she stroked and sucked.

I finally was able to gain enough composure to look over at Piper. Her eyes were locked on what Dee was doing, and I was excited to see Piper must have been enjoying what she saw because she actually had her hand down the front of her shorts. She had placed her wine on the counter, and had her left hand inside her shorts rubbing herself while her right hand massaged her right breast through her shirt. “Looks like someone is enjoying the show,” I said to Dee. Dee took her mouth off of my balls and turned to see what Piper was doing.

“Mmmmm, I’m enjoying what I’m seeing, too,” Dee said. Taking charge she grabbed my hips and turned my body slightly as she moved on the floor over, staying in front of me while being able to have Piper in her eyeline now. After getting her and I resituated, she began sucking my cock again, but I could see that she was watching Piper play with herself while she sucked. After a moment, she took my cock out of her mouth again. “Give me a show, Piper.” It was a huge turn on to hear her say what she wanted with such confidence.

Piper, being someone who enjoys being controlled, was happy to fulfill Dee’s request. She took her hand out of her pants, and slid them up to remove her shirt, revealing her perfect tits in a lacy black bralette. Instead of taking the bralette off, she proceeded to massage her tits through it, making a point to pinch her nipples, which I know gets Piper going. She closed her eyes and you could see the pleasure she was feeling from not only her hands but the fact that she was being watched with such lust by Dee and I. After a minute, her hands slid down and removed her shorts, revealing her completely shaved pussy. Her hands wasted no time in sliding between her lips and rubbing her clit slowly. “I can’t believe how hot it is watching you suck his cock,” Piper admitted. “I’m practically dripping over here!”

After enjoying her own hands, Piper slowly walked her way over to stand next to me. Not being able to contain myself, I immediately kissed her, our tongues aggressively sliding to meet each other. My right hand moved across my body for her tits while my left hand moved down to massage her ass. It was slightly awkward given that my cock was still in Dee’s mouth, but also completely worth it. The feeling of kissing Piper while feeling Dee’s mouth sliding up and down my cock was like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

As I began to pinch Piper’s nipple through her bralette, I felt Dee move one of her hands away from me. Breaking my kiss with Piper, we looked down to see Dee sliding her hand up Piper’s thigh as she ankara escort bayan kept sucking my cock. After a moment Dee’s hand slid between Piper’s legs which Piper slowly opened for her. Piper turned to me and we began kissing again, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths as Dee pleased both of us on her knees.

Sucking me for another minute, Dee then moved her mouth away from my cock, her chin glistening with saliva. Piper and I broke away from kissing again to look down and see Dee looking up at us, her left hand stroking my cock while her right hand was rubbing Piper’s clit slowly but firmly. Slowly she moved her body over to kneel in front of Piper. We could tell where this was going. Smiling, she looked at Piper and asked “Are you ready for this?”

Knowing fully well what it was Dee meant, I felt Piper actually tense slightly before taking a breath and nodding as she looked into Dee’s eyes. “Say it,” Dee said. “Say what you’re ready for, Piper.” Dee said gently, as a request instead of an order.

Piper took another breath, and looking down at Dee said “I’m ready for you to lick my pussy.”

That was all Dee needed, and with a smile, she slowly moved her mouth down onto Pipers wet mound.

Piper immediately gasped as she felt Dee’s mouth touch her bald mound and her tongue slide between her pussy lips, connecting with her already sensitive clit. I kissed and licked Piper’s neck as I caressed her back with one hand while massaging her tits with the other. Dee’s hands began massaging Piper’s thighs and slowly moved up to spread her pussy lips so she could begin licking her clit firmly with her tongue. Piper moaned with pleasure as Dee slowly increased the pressure on her clit. Reading Piper’s reaction I moved my mouth up to her ear where I began licking it the way she liked. As Dee continued eating out Piper’s pussy, I continued licking Piper’s ear as I moved my hand into her bralette, feeling her hard nipple against my hand and pinching it harder, twisting as the intensity of Piper’s reactions got more forceful.

“You like how Dee licks your pussy?” I whispered in Piper’s ear.

“Yesssss…” Piper moaned.

“Mmmmmm, good. I know you’ve wanted a woman’s tongue down there for a while. Enjoy it, Piper. I’m sure Dee’s enjoying it, too. I bet she’s ready to earn that cum. I’ll bet she can’t wait to taste your cum all over her hot, wet tongue,” I whispered, enjoying the fact I knew Piper would love the dirty talk.

Piper began moving her hips, and unconsciously moved her hand down to Dee’s head, but then realized what she was doing and pulled her hand away, worried it might be too much. Dee, wanting to give Piper what was turning out to be the best oral she’d ever received, reached up while still licking her clit, and grabbing Piper’s hands, placed them both onto Dee’s head. This was all the encouragement Piper needed, and soon after she was rocking her hips into Dee’s mouth that was busy sucking on her clit while licking away at her clit.

Piper’s moaning was getting more and more intense. “Holy fuck, that feels incredible!” she said as the sensations in her loins kept building. “That’s it! Right there! Keep licking me! Lick me, Dee. Lick my pussy!”

The words coming from Piper’s mouth motivated Dee to increase her intensity even more. Now her mouth was closed right on Piper’s clit, sucking hard as she flicked her clit quickly against it. Piper was grinding against her mouth even more aggressively now. I could tell Piper was close, so I pulled out one of her breasts and moved my mouth down to suck hard on her nipple as she edged closer to finishing. I could feel Piper’s body tensing up as she built towards her climax. Wanting to help push her over the edge, I moved my hand between her ass cheeks and gently played with her asshole, something I know she loves. That was the final straw, and moments later Piper began screaming. “Fuck! I’m cumming! Oh my god, I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!!” And with a final build up of tension, Piper finally released as she kept grinding her pussy against Dee’s welcoming mouth. Dee was moaning herself, obviously enjoying it all. My mouth kept sucking on Piper’s nipple, lessening the pressure as the orgam subsided, until finally Piper released her white knuckle grip on Dee’s curly brown hair and stopped moving. She didn’t take Dee’s mouth away from her pussy just yet, but she stopped her hips. Finally as I released my mouth from her nipple and started licking my way up her chest and neck to kiss her cheeks, Piper released Dee, allowing Dee to fall back, her chin, lips, and cheeks glistening with Piper’s cum.

Given the intensity of her orgasm, I expected Piper to almost collapse. I was VERY wrong. Instead, after a moment of catching her breath, she reached down, pulled Dee up to her feet, and immediately kissed her passionately, her tongue intensely moving into her mouth. Dee was surprised for a moment, but recovered quickly and returned the kiss with the same passion and energy as their hands explored each other’s bodies. Apparently etimesgut escort her orgasm had awoken a well of excitement and energy inside her, because she then broke the kiss, turned to me, and firmly stated “I need your cock in me NOW.” With that, she grabbed my hand and moved me over to the kitchen table where she pushed me back into one of the chairs, my cock standing straight up waiting for her.

Piper was on a mission it seemed, and she knew exactly what she wanted. Dee and I were just fine with letting her fulfill her desires. After sitting me down, I removed my shirt only to discover after my shirt was off that Piper had turned around. Moving back, she straddled me, and using her hands, spread her soaking wet pussy and guided my cock inside. We both moaned loudly as my cock slid easily inside her, filling her. She wasted no time in beginning to ride my cock, using her legs to move herself up and down on my rigid member as her hands reached back and grabbed the arms of the chair to stabilize herself.

Dee stayed against the counter, leaning back and enjoying her chance to watch for a moment. She waited until Piper looked over at her, and then slowly began removing her clothes until she stood leaning against the counter completely naked, her huge tits with their large red nipples hard and ready for a mouth to suck them, and her pussy already wet and waiting with a small racing stripe of hair above it. As soon as Dee was naked, her hands began roaming her own body, massaging her tits and nipples first before moving one hand down between her legs.

Piper continued to watch Dee play with herself as she rode me, before finally wanting more and motioning for Dee to come closer. Piper sunk completely onto my cock as Dee walked over, and once Dee was in front of her, she immediately moved her mouth to Dee’s erect nipples as she began grinding her hips with my cock inside her. Being able to see Dee’s face, I watched as she closed her eyes and moaned as Piper sucked her nipples while firmly massaging her tits.

“Mmmmm, your tits are amazing,” Piper said between mouthfuls, her tongue flicking against Dee’s left nipple as her hands pressed Dee’s tits together.

“God, I love your mouth on them. Keep sucking. Harder, Piper, harder,” Dee pleaded as Dee moved one hand behind Piper’s head to press her into Dee’s breasts while the other snuck down to begin fingering her clit.

Piper, still grinding her hips, became more energetic about both what her mouth was doing as well as riding me. As the intensity grew, her hips started to move up and down again with the help of my hands that were now on her hips, guiding her up and then moving her down more forcefully on my cock. Soon Piper could feel another orgasm building. Taking her mouth away from Dee’s tits, she leaned back a little to gain leverage and began riding me hard, slamming her hips down on me. Dee could see the pleasure Piper was feeling, and took the opportunity to move her hands down and take off Piper’s bralette, revealing her perfectly shaped tits and hard pink nipples. Dee’s mouth attacked Piper’s tits, licking them all over as she massaged them firmly with both hands before settling on her nipple.

“FUCK!” Piper yelled as Dee sucked hard on her nipple. Dee decided to make one more move, and while continuing to suck moved one of her hands down to Piper’s clit. Piper moaned as Dee began rubbing her clit while she rode me hard. I could feel Piper’s pussy tightening.

“Fuck me, Piper! Fuck me! Cum all over that dick!” I said as she continued on her mission for another orgasm.

The tension built one more time, and then finally her mouth opened up. “I’m…I’m…almost…AAAAAHHHHHH!!” Piper screamed as her pussy convulsed all over my cock while Dee continued with her mouth all over Piper’s tits and rubbing her clit furiously. I could feel her muscles spasming around my cock as well as a sensation of wetness as she covered my cock in her cum.

Finally Piper collapsed back against me, her chest heaving and her eyes wide open in shock at the intensity of her second orgasm of the night. I moved my hands to the front of her and slowly ran them up and down her body, my cock still inside her. Dee was still standing in front of us between both of our spread legs, looking down at our naked bodies as her hands caressed Piper’s thighs for a moment before moving over to her own body. You could tell how turned on she was by the way she looked down at Piper and I lustfully while her hands slid up to her breasts to massage them before one hand moved down to play with her clit.

Piper looked up to see what Dee was doing, and now having recovered enough to move, slowly bent forward and sat up with me still inside her. She reached for Dee, and pulling her in close, kissed her deeply, then pulled away and said “I think it’s time for you to get some release.” With that, she lifted her body, allowing my cock to finally escape from her pussy. My cock was so hard and wet that as it released from her pussy it fell back against my stomach with a wet slap. Piper moved behind Dee, training a hand across her stomach as Dee looked down at my swollen member. Molding herself against Dee’s back, she reached up a hand to massage her other breast, and moved her mouth next to Dee’s ear. “You wanna ride that cock, Dee?” Piper whispered into her ear.

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