Playing with Fyre

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Big Dicks

All people in this story are 18


About fifteen years ago, a year after my marriage was dissolved, I decided to not waste time with dating services. And since I’m nearly a tea-totaler and not fond of crowds, hanging out in bars didn’t appeal to me at all. It had been a few months since I’d last had sex. Jenny, a girl I knew who occasionally put out for me since the dissolution, was trying to get back with her boyfriend, so that was out of the question. Few of the available women in and around my small hometown interested me and I didn’t want to get into a relationship with a younger girl only to discover she was jailbait. As it turns out, a cousin who live in California was getting married. I decided to leave a few days early and fly to Nevada to get sexual satisfaction at a legal brothel since there was no way in the hell was I doing to risk getting a disease or arrested by picking up a hooker around here.

Being a newbie to brothels, I looked online for reviews and advice. One thing I learned which I wasn’t aware of was that prostitution was legal only in certain counties, but not in the state’s biggest cities.

I signed up at a busy message board dedicated to the Nevada brothel scene. A poster named Tom, who claimed to be a regular at these “houses of ill repute,” patiently answered my many questions via email. I found the idea of going to a brothel exciting, but extremely intimidating. But Tom was very understanding. He recommended the Top Kat in Pahrump first and foremost and also recommended a few other places. He listed the places to avoid and why.

“The major downside to being a brothel virgin is that some of the girls will pick up on your normal nervousness and then they’re like feeding sharks,” he warned. “Don’t be so anxious to go with any girl. Go with the right girl for your personality and know what you want. It’s as much mental as it is physical. If a girl’s tired or grouchy or you get a bad vibe from her, move on. Don’t be afraid to compare prices. Oh, and if a porn star is one of the girls, pass on her, too. They’re way more expensive and you’re paying for her reputation. By and large, they’re the worst lays in the world. Don’t be afraid to walk and don’t fret if you get walked. It’s bad etiquette to negotiate using another girl’s prices, but you don’t want to nitpick either. If you don’t score by the third figure, walk. Be polite, but walk. And if you do get walked, simply go to another girl or another brothel.”

Despite not being crazy about flying, I took a relatively inexpensive round-trip flight out to Las Vegas. I rented an inexpensive econobox near the airport and drove to the Top Kat. The building surprised me. It was located on a mostly gravel road and looked like a large pre-fab house except for the signage. I rang the doorbell and a woman in her late forties or early fifties answered. She welcomed me warmly and invited me in. With a half-erect cock and butterflies in my stomach, I entered the Top Kat.

The décor was in stark contrast to the exterior; it was comfortable with a touch of home. Not at all what I envisioned. I instantly liked the place. The services were listed with a notice that the courtesans, as they were called here, were independent contractors. After being patted down by a security guy (who was also very polite,) I was met by the madam, a beautiful woman in her mid-fifties who introduced herself as Miss Mary Anne and cheerfully welcomed me. She asked the lady who had let me in to take over for her. Miss Mary Anne said I had the option of visiting the tavern or picking several ladies from a portfolio, and those who were available would be introduced to me one by one.

Sounds like a police lineup, I thought.

Despite my best efforts, my whole demeanor probably screamed newbie. Although lineups are common, I wasn’t comfortable with it. I decided to go to the bar.

“George, you bursa escort simply choose a lady who interests you, or she’ll approach you and talk to you. If you’re happy, tell her and you’ll negotiate in private in her room,” she said.

“Well, Miss Mary Anne, I think I’ll just hang here out for…”

Then I spotted a striking redheaded beauty walking into the bar area. She wore a tight black miniskirt with black lace stockings. The redheads I knew tended to be so pale. This girl was different, however; she was the tannest redhead I’d ever seen. The hair color looked to be natural. Her breasts were smallish and perky, which I love. She didn’t seem to be wearing a lot of makeup, which is a major turnoff for me. Her doe eyes gave her an exotic look.

“Actually, I think I’ve chosen,” I said.

Her name is Fyre,” said Miss Mary Anne, following my gaze. “With a ‘y'”.

I cocked an eyebrow. Miss Mary Anne laughed.

“It was her choice, but I insisted on the “y,” she said quietly.

Regardless of what I perceived was a lack of ingenuity in her chosen nom de plume, Fyre was a total babe.

“Fyre?” said Miss Mary Anne.

She jumped. “Y-yes, Miss Miss Mary Anne?”

She practically glided on her feet like a model.

Damn! If her personality’s anything like her looks, I’m gonna have a hell of a time!

“This is George,” said Miss Mary Anne, introducing us.

“Oh? Hello, George,” she said. “P-pleased to meet you.”

She curtsied.

“George. A pleasure,” I replied, giving a light bow.

What is this? First grade?

“Well, I’ll leave you two alone,” Miss Mary Anne said turning to me and giving me a grandmotherly pat on the shoulder. “Now, George, if there’s anything I may help you with, please don’t hesitate.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“You’re quite welcome,” she nodded and walked away.

Fyre took a deep breath. “Well… shall we?” she asked after a moment’s hesitation. She gave me a short tour of the brothel and then took me to her room. I began to get more comfortable with her. Fyre began by asking what I wanted. I told her at least a full hour with her and possibly a second hour and described what I wanted using the parlance: half-and-half and Greek and two cums.

“O–of course,” she smiled. She was trying to maintain professionalism despite her nerves. I felt a bit bad for her. Bur her personality was pleasant.

She asked me if I had any particular fetishes.

“Not really,” I said. “I’m pretty mild. I definitely love smaller perky breasts. Yours? Wow! They’re probably the perkiest I’ve ever seen. They’re beautiful. And I love your backside.”

“Oh, thank you!” she said. “A small breast and an ass man. I think I hit the jackpot!”

“One question?” I asked. “Natural redhead?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Oh, I get this all the time, George. I know, we kind of have a rep for not tanning well. I guess I’m one of the exceptions.”

“You look absolutely stunning, Fyre,” I said. She smiled.

Fyre quoted me what I thought was a fair price and I agreed. Before I paid Miss Mary Anne, she asked to see my cock. I was only too happy to oblige. She did what is called a “DC” or a “dick check,” which I didn’t even realize she was doing at the time; I thought it was an introductory handjob. I was fully erect instantly. After the transaction was completed with Miss Mary Anne, Fyre asked me to shower and after I was finished, to enter the room and be seated on the bed. While showering, I was stroking myself to maintain my erection; I was only at half-mast due to nervousness and the worry that I wouldn’t be able to get it up full. I dried off and entered the bedroom area. I noticed a tube of KY, a bottle of liquid, a box of condoms, and a box of surgical gloves on a table near the bed. Moments later, Fyre entered. She had changed into a tiny, form-fitting white top and the tightest escort bursa jeans I’d ever seen on a woman. It showcased her magnificent curves. I went to full erection in no time.

“Well, it looks like I guessed right,” said Fyre.

“Yes, that you did!” I replied bugeyed.

I had to caress her gorgeous body from top to bottom. If there was ever an ass worthy of worship, it was Fyre’s. I kissed her beautiful denim-covered ass She was both soft and firm. I lifted up her top and her beautiful breasts were revealed.

“Oh, baby, they’re gorgeous!” I could not help but say.

I fondled them and licked her nipples and pulled them with my lips. They grew and she moaned loudly. I had the pleasure of undressing this goddess and it took a wonderfully long time. Her pussy was completely shaved save for a tiny tuft of red hair at the top. Moments later, Fyre knelt down, somehow put a condom on me without using her hands, and gave me a sloppy, incredible blowjob, licking my entire length. When I glistening wet and dripping with her saliva, Fyre took all six-and-a-half inches down her throat in one move. Her tongue should’ve been registered as a deadly weapon. I almost came right then and there. I groaned through my teeth loudly and she looked up at me with her big dark doe eyes.

I damn near came again. She pulled away.

“Caught you just in time,” she said.

“Oh my God, Fyre, that was the greatest blowjob I’ve ever had!” I exclaimed, trying to catch my breath. “I guess you’re over the jitters, huh?”

“Sex does that to a girl, y’know,” she grinned as she went to the table and extracted a pair of surgical gloves and handed them to me. As I understood it, going down on a lady was an iffy proposition at best. Some girls allowed it, some didn’t. If she did, by law, you had to use a dental dam. But I decided they were too much of a hassle and about as romantic as dirt. I had to settle for the next best thing. She got on all fours and stuck her beautiful ass high in the air. She was extremely wet. Pulling on the gloves, I massaged her clit and fingered her. Tight as hell. I had to resist the temptation to dive in face first.

Fyre reached over and picked up the tube of KY and smeared some on my fingers and got back on all fours.

“Work one finger in my ass,” Fyre commanded.

“Yes ma’am!” I replied enthusiastically.

I worked both her pussy and her ass for a few minutes. First with one finger, then two. She moaned loudly. Suddenly she arched her back and gasped and orgasmed.

“Oh, yeah!” she said, exhaling. “Oh, that was great, George. I love a man who knows foreplay. You have a wife or a girlfriend?” Fyre breathlessly asked, looking behind her.

“Divorced,” I said. “It was actually a dissolution. I have a friend. We occasionally…”

“Oh?” said Fyre nodding and fingering herself. “Describe her for me.”

“Well,” I said. “Her name is Jenny. She’s a brunette with brown eyes. She’s half Japanese. She’s about 5’1″, about 110 pounds. Great ass and tits and a terrific personality.”

“Too bad you didn’t bring her along,” said Fyre, pouting a little.

“You’re bi?” I asked.

“Mmm-hmm… Best of both worlds,” she said. “My first sexual experience was with a girl.”

I didn’t tell her that Jenny was bisexual, too. She probably would’ve gotten along great with Fyre because she probably loves eating pussy more than I do. But I didn’t know how she’d react to being asked if she’d like to go to a brothel. But then again, she’d probably break the land speed record to be with a gorgeous woman like Fyre.

“I wanna show you something to show Jenny for the next time you’re with her,” she said with an evil grin, and whispered: “It’ll drive her crazy.”

She stood up and walked over to the table and picked up the bottle of liquid and retrieved two fresh gloves. I discarded the old ones and escort bursa put the new ones on.

“Oil,” she said. “Great for massages and… other things. I’ll give you a free bottle before you leave. Now, hold out your hand.”

I complied and she poured a small amount of the oil on my palm and spread it around. She quickly washed off the excess in the adjacent bathroom.

“Okay,” she said, propping up a large pillow against the wood headboard and lying back against it. She raised her knees and spread her legs.

“Okay, now take your middle and ring finger and put them in my pussy palm up,” she commanded. “Go in about a knuckle and a half or so and gently lift up a little.”

I did so.

“Do you feel a bump in there?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said. She gasped.

“My G-Spot,” she said.

“Wait, I thought that was just a myth,” I said.

“Oh, no…!” said Fyre, smiling. “It’s no myth. Just do what I say now, okay?”

I nodded. She took my wrist and showed me how to massage it. She asked me to go a little faster. I thought I might have been hurting her, but she quickly had a roaring, toe-curling orgasm. I was amazed at the spasming. I’ve seen and made women orgasm hard, but not like Fyre. It was a technique which would serve me well in later years.

“Jenny’ll appreciate that, George,” said a panting Fyre a few moments later. “Once I found it, I became a G-Spot junkie.”

She got back on all fours.

“Okay, now fuck me,” she said. “When you push in, go downward a little. You should feel my G-Spot on the underside of your cock.”

I felt it. I knew I had to make it last, but it wasn’t going to be easy. Fucking Fyre as she told me to, she had another orgasm on par with the first one a couple of minutes later. Within ten minutes, including breaks, I groaned loudly and shot a monster load as she came simultaneously.

Fyre left me gasping for breath and sweating profusely.

“Oooh,” she said as she exhaled happily. “Very good! You’ve got the perfect cock for that.”

I thought I was dead average.

I carefully pulled off the condom and gloves and discarded them and cleaned myself. While I rested, we talked. Fyre was very intelligent, genuine and very down-to-earth. That’s what made her all the more attractive. When I was hard again, she put a new condom on me and gave me a quick deep throat. Then she smeared some KY on me and in her beautiful back door and massaged herself with a toy. She nodded and I put the head of my cock right against her.

“Slowly…” she said. “Just spread me open with the head.”

I gently pushed in causing her to stiffen and moan.

“Go in slowly… Oh, yeah. That’s the way I like it… in my asshole. Oh, God you’re thick! Damn!”

She panted and groaned through her teeth as I filled her.

“Yeah… Yeah… Oh, it feels good in my ass!” she smiled and moaned. She was tight. She told me to stop and bounced back and forth on me. After a few minutes, she mounted me reverse cowgirl, which she said was her favorite position for anal.

“Doggy for the pussy, reverse cowgirl for the anal,” she said. It gave me the opportunity to play with her beautiful breasts. Twenty minutes later, I had another monster orgasm. The first cum of the night for me is usually fairly quick, but I can go a while before the second.

“Very, very nice, George,” said Fyre, dismounting me. She kissed me on the forehead, which surprised me. “Thank you.”

“No, no… Thank you!” I said. “Oh, you’re an amazing woman, Fyre.” I left an additional $100 on the table. After a shower, she escorted me to the door. I left and went to my motel room. I slept like a rock.

The following afternoon, I went to another brothel en route to the airport. The lady I chose, Lizzie, was beautiful, kind, professional and talented. I enjoyed my time with her, but she couldn’t top Fyre.

A week later, Jenny called me. She and her boyfriend were on the outs again (it would be permanent this time.) She greeted me with a kiss and rubbed my cock through my jeans. I felt her breasts.

“Jenny, I want to try something new I… read about,” I said.

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