Please Swipe Right Pt. 04

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Solo Male

It’s too early to be awake.

“u up?” A text from Camilla.

The clock reads 5AM.

“nah” I type back. Trying to signal a sort of detachment. Her text doesn’t mean anything. None of them do.

“can i cum over” Huh. She really knows what I’m about.

I tell her to come over as soon as possible. I don’t have time to waste. Claire is coming around 11.

She arrives and she’s wearing pajamas. It doesn’t matter if what she’s wearing is sexy because I only care about what’s beneath. The moment her cloths come off it’s all fair game.

She takes her place on my bed and lies down.

“I’ve been thinking about you–” *I haven’t.* “And I was sad that you didn’t text me back.”

“Oh, sorry. I just got–Busy.” That’s reasonable enough, isn’t it? What can she say?

*Busy? With what?*

“With what?” *Ah fuck.*

“Work. Just managing people is a lot.” That isn’t a lie. Managing people is hard. Managing the various dates and times doesn’t come easy. It’s a task that requires curating who and what I am perceived to be.

The pieces fall easy once you have good looks in place. People talk about women as if they’re some sort of monolith. A symbol to be figured out and dissected. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If I’ve learned anything from the, now thousands of, messages I’ve sent it’s that women want the same as men. Not in the same way and not in the same words but they want. They want to be loved and appreciated. They want to fuck and be fucked. They want to be grabbed by the throat and given their fantasy. The difference? For women the fantasy is about giving control. No longer holding onto the world. Letting go of that fear and letting somebody bigger and stronger take over.

For men the fantasy is taking that control and doing with it what they want. Using somebody for the purpose of just *using.* The purpose of treating somebody as disposable. The fantasies almost match up. The problem lies where men and women differ. For a man the disposability of women *is* the fantasy. It is the case that being able to replace girl after girl is where every man wants to end up. If, and this is a big if, men were honest it would come to light that none of them truly wanted to be monogamous.

It just doesn’t make sense does it? Not evolutionary speaking and not in the fantasy that men all share.

That’s why it wasn’t hard for me to sit in front of Camilla and tell her that I had missed her. Missed her form and her laugh and the everything. Because it wasn’t true. It didn’t have to be true. It just had to sound *good.* That’s a thing women don’t like either. The idea that they’re being lied to. But is it a lie? If I tell a women that she’s sexy, and beautiful, and that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Does the truth matter? If in that moment I mean it?

Because I do.

Camilla and I are in bed and she’s leaning into my shoulder. I’ve turned on my bedroom TV and there’s nothing on. I put on a show for background noise.

The pressure of her weight on me is comforting. It’s the one consistent thing about her.

My mind wanders as I look down at her blonde hair. Her tits are highlighted by the fabric of her fuzzy pajamas. Her hand is over my crotch but it’s reaching for the other side of me. I want her to know… To understand that I need her to grab my cock. Need for her to blow me because that’s the only reason she’s here. The only reason I even bothered to respond.

I wrap her ever closer with my arms. My thumb is rubbing her shoulder and she tucks her head and closes her eyes.

This is not what I wanted.

The time is 7AM and we still haven’t fucked.

She’s barely even awake. I’ve been in a paralyzed position trying to think of how I can get her out. I have time. More than enough but I don’t want this time to be wasted. I need her to be a good girl.

So I nudge her awake and a small kiss on the head.

“Tired, eryaman bayan escort huh?”

She doesn’t answer. Not with words. A soft release of air and stress. She turns toward me and tosses her leg over mine.

My dick is getting hard. I want to place her hand on it. So that she understands the state she has me in.

That’s one of the secrets of women. You have to let them think it was all their idea. Let them think that they’re the sexy ones. And the truth is they are. Because more than anything every guy wants to fuck them. The secret is to give them the very thing they want. The feeling that more than anything you want her and forever. Because the fantasy for women isn’t about power. It’s about giving power to somebody so that they’ll be accepted. Embraced for an indefinite amount of time.

I notice her body start pushing against mine. In small rhythmic movements.



She doesn’t look up at me. Her body continues moving.

I place my hand on her back and kiss her head. She lets out a small mewl. Her movements become more rapid. I understand that she’s humping me. Slowly.

Her leg raises itself and it rubs ever so slightly against my crotch.

I look towards the clock and it’s 8AM.

She’s wasted my entire morning. I have to do this. It can’t wait. But the art of seduction requires waiting. Much more attractive men than me have failed. Purely because they weren’t able to wait.

Her leg is lowered again and she’s wrapped both her arms around me. Her eyes are open and her face is rubbing against my chest. The movement is strange but the anticipation is building.

She stops for a moment and looks up at me. I gently place my hand beneath her chin. Tilt her head up towards me and lean in for a soft kiss. I pull back and then kiss her again. For a final third time I kiss her cheek and lean in to her neck. Planting a kiss where her vein would be.

Another mewl escapes her.

I am doing the right thing.

She stops moving and then looks up at me. I can see a look in her eyes. It’s obvious what it means. She’s been so desperate and alone for so long and she’s placed her hope on me. For everything. She wants this to be meaningful. If only I could tell her it’s not.

The look almost breaks me. It takes everything in me to not be honest. To not tell her that she needs to leave because I already have a girlfriend and it’ll never be Camilla. She’s just a girl that I matched with on a dating app and that means less than nothing. I want to tell her.

I don’t.

For thirty whole seconds our eyes are locked and I kiss her again. This time I pull away and get close to her ear.

“I think I’m falling in love with you.”

I might be. Or I might not.

“Me too.” She says.


With a final kiss I wrap both my arms around her. Pulled tight against each other I can feel her tits. Her tongue as it pushes up against mine. This is all I’ve been waiting for. The moment of release is close.

She continues to grind against me. Our mouths are interlinked and she feels my hard cock against her legs. She knows what I’m feeling as well as I do. The ever present need to fuck.

I’ve referred to it as an itch in the past but more recently it’s become a scream. A necessity for calming that ever present voice inside.

It’s a denial of the past. A denial of the damage and hurt I’ve faced but I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to look at it. I don’t want to know it exists.

So when she finally puts her hand on my dick and rubs up against my pants I can feel it receding. The voice disappears and I finally feel safe.

Her hand rubs for only a few seconds before she climbs on top of me. Her pussy is right over my hard cock. As soon as she sits it will be in near contact with her tight cunt. It’s what I want. The voice inside requires it.

“Do you like what you see?” She asks me while still wearing escort sincan her flamboyant purple pajamas.

“Yes.” I lie.

She giggles a little before removing her top. She’s not wearing a bra. She leans forward and kisses me on the lips.

Pulling away she whispers, “You’re such a liar.”

She’s right.

Her hips start gyrating and the pressure feels good against the head of my cock. Our mouths are still dancing as we enjoy the moment.

My hands are exploring her body and especially her tits. While grinding she leans forward. Putting her hands against the head board she lets me suck on her tits.

They’re bouncing up and down with her movement. I wrap my arms around her and lean my head forward to get her nipple in my mouth. She lets out a moan and does one long movement of her hips against my cock. It’s a feeling that makes me want to cum more than anything but there’s still more to be done.

“Does my baby want to taste daddy’s cock?” I ask her.

“Yes Daddy.” She says in my ear.

She pulls down my pants and takes a moment to inspect my cock. Her soft hands are riding the ridges. Inspecting every bit of it. Her thumbs against the head. Her fingers slide down and find my balls. Gently rubbing against them. She gets in front of me and lightly sucks on one.

“Does daddy like that?” She asks.

Between deep bated breathes I manage to say, “Yes. Daddy loves that.”

Her hands are moving up and down and she supplements it with her spit.

“Do you want my pretty little mouth around your cock daddy?”


She lowers her mouth to my dick. Inches from it she opens her mouth and kisses the head before pulling away again.

“Are you sure?”

“Please. Just—”

The wet expanse of her mouth surrounds my cock and her tongue moves in small gentle circles around the head. She’s bobbing her head and I can’t help but grab her head. Not to apply to pressure. Just to tell her, in my own way, that I want more.

After a few minutes she pulls away and wipes her mouth. She’s looking up at me with a huge smile because she knows what comes next. We both do. It’s when I give her what she wants.

The secret to making any woman want you is to treating her right. It’s more than just having a big dick or being able to last a long time. It’s the wine and dining of sex. It’s being able to make her feel like you own her. To feel like, in that moment, you will only ever want her.

Are you getting it? Or do I have to keep repeating it to you?

I remove my shirt. She removes her pants. We’re both naked. I grab her by the cheek and pull her into another kiss. Pulling away I toss her back onto the bed. I look down at her body longingly. Taking time to run my index finger up and down her stomach. Another finger up and down her side. She’s giggling. It’s something I’ve learned about her. She’s ticklish. In most cases she hates it but in this moment she can’t get enough.

My fingers explore her and one index finger turns into my entire hand. I grab at her tits. Grabbing one and pulling it into my mouth. Using my free hand to grab her ass. She’s moving against me and moaning. My lips meet her body and I leave her a kiss. My lips meet her stomach and I leave a hiss. My lips meet her hips and I leave her a kiss. My lips meet any part of her and I in part a kiss. That is how I claim ownership of a woman’s body.

I’m seated in front of her shaved pussy. Her panties are see through and my dick jumps at the thought of finally fucking her. After a several hour delay.

The time is nearing 9AM and I’m so close. Claire isn’t meant to come in until 11AM. Everything should be fine. Either way there’s nothing more exciting than cutting deadlines a little close.

I wrap my arms around both her legs and pull her closer to me. She makes a sound of surprise.

That’s another secret. Always make sure to ask but a part of owning a woman elvankent escort bayan is to treat her rough. Treat her like you would a worthless piece of property.

It’s the paradox of sex. You must treat them like the only girl in the whole world while also using them as your own cum dumpster.

Another thing. Some girls like being referred to as a cum dumpster. Don’t ask me about that because I can’t explain it.

Her panties are on the floor. My lips are on her inner thigh; kissing one and then the other. Taking my time. My hands are exploring her legs and stomach. My kiss rides up her thigh and gets ever so close to her cunt. I Stop just before and then brushing my lips against it before kissing her midriff.

She’s getting impatient and places her hand on my head. She wants to feel me give her everything.

I start with a kiss and then my tongue begins to explore her pussy. She lets out a light moan. Grabbing my hair ever tighter.

Her hips move against my face. My tongue is further inside her. My arms are wrapped around her legs. As she tries to move her hips I make sure to keep a tight grip. I want her to know that I can’t get enough of her pussy.

It isn’t just enough to fuck her. I need to take enough to taste her. To appreciate the entirety of her body. Doing that should be enough to bring her back.

She’s out of breathe when my phone rings. It’s a text. I try not to think about it. It doesn’t matter.

*Oh God.*

I grab my dick and position myself in front of Camilla. Taking a moment to take in her beautiful pale breasts.

*What if it’s Claire?*

I thrust forward. Her cunt grips my cock. I feel a moan escape me. I stay still for a moment. My hands are on both sides of Camilla. We’re looking at each other and a smile crosses her face. This might just be all she’s ever wanted. Or maybe that’s me. Because I know she wants more. So much more.

Our bodies continue rocking together as our faces meet. We do the sweet dance that lovers do when alone. Her thrusts meet my moans. My arms are around her. Her lips are against my skin and her nails scrape into my back.

She’s moaning and yelling my name. Begging for my cum and I so badly want to give it to her. So badly want to give her everything. The everything she wishes for.

I pound into her and stop. Our eyes meet and she’s beautiful. I’m close to cumming but this moment is one that I don’t want to let go. Don’t want to forget.

Her blues eye and flush pale skin reminds me of the massage I gave her. It reminds me of the way her hand lingered. The taste of the breakfast she made for me. For a moment this is the only thing that matters. I want to have that again… But I don’t trust myself enough for it.

Our lips meet and I feel myself thrusting inside her. She’s moaning softly and I tell her,

“I think I’m falling in love with you.”

She kisses me ever harder. I can’t help but close my eyes and get lost in the moment.

I want this.

Something like this.

My phone rings again.

I put my head next to hers. Fucking her, I whisper in her ear. “Nothing can ever ruin this.” I know it’s a lie as soon as I say it.

Our bodies are pushing against each other. Her hands are feeling my torso. My cum shoots out into her. I can feel the wave of exhaustion hit me. I lay on top of her. Kissing her cheek and then her neck.

I can hear her giggle. Her arms are wrapped around me. She looks content. I feel it too. Could any moment be better than this?

Camilla has goes to the shower and I finally look at my phone.

It’s 10AM.

Claire say’s she’ll be at my house at 10:30AM.


I go to my shower and start banging on the door.

“Camilla! I forgot I have an appointment at 10:30!”

“I’ll hurry up.”

She hopes at 10:15. There is a weight in my stomach and it’s sinking fast. I watch her get dressed and she walks out the door.

Before she goes she gives me a kiss. She leaves it on my cheek and I’m left to pick up the pieces that it creates. For better, or for worse, I’m falling in love with a girl named Camilla.

If only I wasn’t already in love with a girl named Claire.

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