Plumbing Problem

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Who knew plumbing was so much fun! Career change anyone? Hope you enjoy.


Plumbing Problems

The Angels blared briefly from Mick’s mobile before he picked it up. Jon’s home number, but his buddy was away on business. Back early maybe?

“G’day Jon, how was your trip mate?”

“Oh, hi Mick, it’s Jess. Jon’s not back yet. I’ve got a plumbing problem and I was hoping you could help?”

“Uh … yeah, sure. This afternoon’s actually pretty quiet so I can come over right now if you like?”

“Thanks Mick, I really appreciate it. See you soon.”

It was a quarter hour drive and on the way Mick thought about the conversation. This was the first time Jess had actually phoned him. A few guilty thoughts went through his head, quickly dismissed. Jon was away and Jess needed help with a blocked drain or something. Made sense. After all, he was a plumber. And Jon’s best mate. If you couldn’t call on your friends, who could you call? Right? The only problem was that Jess was attractive. OK, insanely attractive. No make that smoking, bloody hot!

He’d first met Jess about a year ago. Jon had just got back from Sydney and when they met the next weekend for a surf, he was wearing a grin a mile wide.

“So I take it you enjoyed yourself, mate”.

“Mick, I’ve met this incredible girl …”

A month later, they were engaged. Six months later Mick was dressed in a fancy suit standing next to Jon at his wedding. Jon and Jess had eyes only for each other and it was obvious to everyone that here were two people that were just meant to be together. Mick had even gotten a bit teary. Shit, I must’ve been soft. Or maybe that was later, after way too many beers and thinking what a lucky bastard Jon was!

Jess was gorgeous. On any day, she looked as though she’d just stepped off the front cover of Zoo or something. No that wasn’t quite right. Probably Cleo or one of those girly fashion magazines. Cos’ Jess was classy and well- mannered. And even a bit shy. Blonde, gorgeous, smart – and totally devoted to Jon. Lucky bastard! But he was happy for Jon who was a good bloke, a great friend and really deserved what he and Jess had found together. Still: lucky, lucky bastard!

Mick tried really hard not to stare as Jess opened the door. Well, not too obviously anyway. She looked amazing in a casual t-shirt and denim shorts. But then the girl could probably look amazing in anything. Or nothing. Shit, stop it Mick!

“Hi, Mick. Thanks for getting here so quickly. I’ve been worrying about this while Jon’s away and I’d really like it fixed before he gets back on Friday”.

“No problems at all. Happy to take a look.” Too right I will. Fuck, pull yourself together!

Jess muffled a laugh as he moved past her into the house. Mick turned in surprise to see both hands over her mouth and a twinkle in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Mick but, seriously, you wear overalls? It’s … well, really funny. I know you’re, what, 27, but you look like a carpenter from the 1950s!”

Mick smiled, but then put on his best ‘sober-as-a-judge’ face.

“Carpenter!? I’m a very professional plumber thank you very much. And I wear this traditional attire of my trade with pride to advertise the valuable quality of my services!”

Jess gave the performance a clap and Mick laughed too.

“Seriously, it’s quite practical and some of the jobs are just nasty. It’s actually sort of comfy to wear and you’d be amazed how many customers think you’re good just because you match their perception of what a good old-fashioned plumber looks like! A bit bloody weird, but it’s good for business.”

And he wasn’t boasting. Mick and Jon had taken their lives in different directions after being at high school together. Jon had a bent for business and after a couple of degrees moved successfully onwards and upwards in the corporate world. Mick had always been practical and enjoyed working with his hands. Unsure of what he really wanted, he’d sort of drifted into the plumbing trade. And found he was really good at it. He did enjoy it and took pride in his work. He was fast developing a great reputation and normally had more than enough business for months in advance.

Despite their differences, Jon and Mick still surfed and fished together whenever they got the chance. And had the odd BBQ with friends and went to a rugby match or two every season. Not quite so much this last year for some reason. Lucky, lucky, lucky bastard!

Jess led the way into the kitchen and gestured toward the sink. “I think the drain’s blocked.” Mick set down his tools. A few minutes later, he knelt back and said “Jess, I think it’s fine. Why do you think it’s blocked? Did it drain slow or something?”

She walked over and leant over his shoulder. Mick was very conscious of just how close she was. He could smell her skin. Her hair. Man, she smelt amazing. He turned – which was a mistake – and found a direct line of sight to her cleavage as she bent forward and the neckline of her tee dropped. Somehow, he couldn’t look away. Jess realised and straightened bahis şirketleri quickly, a hand to her chest and a slight blush to her cheeks. For a long moment she just looked at him and then seemed to make a decision.

“No, Mick, the sink’s fine”, she said quietly. “Can you come in to the living room?”

She curled up in one of the armchairs and Mick sat down on the couch, wondering what was going on.

“I’ve got to say this straight before I lose my nerve, Mick, and I hope you won’t take this the wrong way. It’s taken me all week to work up the courage for this. I know how good a friend you are to Jon.”

Mick couldn’t move a muscle. Was this going where he thought it was? Surely not. Could it? Could she? Could he? More importantly, should he!? Jess is my best mate’s wife!

“Jon and I have great sex. But there’s something I know he’d like to do that I’m … well … afraid of. Not that I don’t like the idea. I’m just afraid it will hurt and that, knowing he might hurt me, will stop Jon from asking for what he really wants.”

Mick still didn’t dare move. A threesome? Bondage? Shit! He knew he was getting hard just thinking about the possibilities…

“Since I moved up here and married Jon, I don’t really have many close friends. My girls in Sydney are not really into this sort of thing and discussing it with my mother … well let’s just say that’s obviously not going to happen. I’ve watched some DVDs but can’t help feeling that it’s so staged that the reality’s different. I know you’re a bit experienced with this – sorry Jon’s told me – and I hoped you might be able to help?”

She looked nervously at Mick, who still could have been carved from stone.

“With, what … specifically?” he said, never taking his eyes off her face.

“Anal sex”, she said and blushed again.

Holy crap!

“And just how did you … ah … think I might be able to help?” He was now seriously hard and glad that he was wearing those roomy overalls.

“Could you … would you … show me how to do it? How to handle Jon?”

Her cheeks were now fiery red but she forced herself to meet Mick’s eyes.

“Jon and I had a few glasses of wine one night and were reminiscing about high school. He mentioned some of the, er, ‘adventures’, you two got up to with the girls in senior year. He remembers seeing you do some interesting … things … with things … to one girl which she seemed to really enjoy. As I said, we’d had a few drinks …” she trailed off.

Bloody hell, Jon! You tell your gorgeous wife about your high school sex experiences? And mine?! Damn, I knew those parties would come back to haunt me!

“Well, I don’t really keep my case equipped with those sorts of tools.” Shit, so lame Mick! You’re trying to be funny?

The ghost of a smile and the twinkle in her eyes returned.

“Jon says you’re actually quite well equipped.”

What the …?! Wow, you didn’t hold back anything did you buddy! Did you tell her, like, dimensions or something too! Fuck, Jon!

“As I said, please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m asking if you would please have anal sex with me … no, just let me finish Mick. I’ve thought about this a lot during the last week. I know you are probably really uncomfortable with this since Jon is your best friend. I don’t feel as though I’d be cheating on him because this is something I’m learning for him; well for us both. I know he trusts you. But I do have a couple of conditions. We can’t do it on our bed. I don’t want you to cum inside me. This is a one-off. And we don’t tell Jon.”

She looked doubtfully at him.

“OK, Jess. Yes, I will. I probably shouldn’t tell you how easy that decision was. Shit, just did. Jess you really are gorgeous. But that you’re prepared to do this for Jon is amazing and I will do my best to give quality service. Hell, that sounded like a sales pitch!”

That broke the ice and she laughed. Jess jumped up and leapt on top of him to give him a big bear hug.

“Thanks Mick, really.”

“Whoa there, cowgirl, steady on. Don’t thank me yet, we haven’t even started!”

She sat up, brushing hair away from her face, smiling.

“Plumber’s apprentice reporting for duty!” she laughed.

“Hah! OK, Apprentice Jess, your lessons today include tools and techniques. Pay attention, there will be a ‘practical examination’ at the end.”

“There’d better be”, she smirked. “How else do I graduate?”

Mick began to shrug out of his overalls, when Jess leapt up from the couch.

“Hang on”, she said and shimmied out of her shorts to kneel across the large ottoman next to the couch with her naked ass raised invitingly.

“Jess … fuck … your ass is, well, and with all respect … bloody awesome!”

Her blond hair swung and she looked over shoulder at him coyly with lowered eyelids.

“Jon says it’s ‘absolutely exquisite’.”

He would. Always did like fancy words. He’s absolutely fucking right though. Four-times lucky bastard!

“Now hang on Jess – and while I am really enjoying this view – we need to start bahis firmaları over. You need to get both you and Jon in the right mood if you’re going to really enjoy this. You are a sex goddess, not a prime roast. OK?”

“OK, got it.”

She stood up and then took a pace or two towards him, stopping just out of reach. She brushed her hand across her thighs and between her legs. Her pubic hair wasn’t trimmed, but it was a tidy dark blonde nest which he found very arousing. Then she slowly lifted her shirt up to reveal her perfect breasts. With one hand still languidly playing between her legs, she sucked a finger and traced a wet path across one breast, then the other, circling the nipples as they hardened. Her other hand came away wet and she left a slight trail of glistening fluid as she cupped both breasts and pushed them at Jon before completely removing her shirt. She turned and, hips swaying, lowered herself slowly back to the ottoman. This time as she knelt, she paused to run her fingers around her swelling clit before reaching behind herself, spreading her cheeks and tracing around her anus. A little trail of moisture ran from her pussy down the inside of her thigh to drip onto the leather of the ottoman as she again looked over her shoulder and asked huskily, “That better, Mick?”

He couldn’t speak for a second his mouth was so dry. Holy shit!

“Ah, yes … well, I think you can see the result for yourself.” His erection tented the front of his overalls prominently.

She pealed with laughter. “I think I’ve found that blockage!”

“Yes, and easily fixed too”. Mick quickly stripped to stand naked just behind her. “See, with fast service!”

“Not too fast I hope!”

“Well, Jess … the sight of you like that is really more than a mortal man can bear so if you don’t want me to unload all over your wicked ass right now, I strongly suggest we take a quick break. Besides, you’re going to need some lube. Do you have some?”

She looked at his massive erection and her eyes widened a little.

“Wow”, she said quietly, suddenly serious. “Jon wasn’t kidding, and I know he’s big.”

“It’s OK”, he reassured her. “I’ll be careful. And the good news is that after this you’ll feel quite confident with Jon. I’m a little bit longer and thicker than him, but not that much. Er, not that we really compared or anything …”, he finished quickly.

“Little boys …”, said Jess and rolled her eyes.

But it lightened the mood again and Mick smiled as Jess bounced off the ottoman to get the gel from the bedroom. He watched her all the way. Five-times lucky bastard!

Jess sauntered back and resumed her place on the ottoman.

“Now doing this is the same as doing a good plumbing job”, said Mick.

Jess giggled.

“Hey, I’m a plumber. Seriously; plan, prepare and then do. Plan first. If you don’t want a big mess, you first need to drain and, er, flush the pipes. Your bowel must be empty and I strongly suggest an enema as well, followed by a bath or shower. This is really important, Jess. That way you can get down and dirty without getting – well – dirty, if you know what I mean. “

“Hmm, I see your point. Next?”

“Preparation is all about getting the right size for your pipe. Gotta stop these plumbing analogies …”

“No, go on, they’re cute!”

“Jon shoves it straight up, it’s gonna be agony. Fine if that’s what you’re into, but otherwise you need to loosen yourself up and get yourself ready for him. So, as part of your foreplay, you need to allow your ass to adjust to gradually larger things. You can use anything you like. Fingers, toys, dildos – even vibrating ones if you want – and there’s some seriously kinky stuff too, but we won’t go there.”

“The other part of preparation is getting your body used to accepting stuff going in the wrong direction up the pipe! Your ass is designed to push shit out, not in, so your natural reaction is to tighten up to try to stop it. That will increase the pain. Now a little pain with your pleasure can be fucking amazing, but you need to be able to relax your asshole so that you can increase your hold on Jon when you choose to and to balance how much it hurts. Understand?”

“I think so. It’s my tap, and I get to turn it”, Jess said a little nervously.

“Hah! Good girl, exactly right. Ready to try and we’ll get to step three along the way?”

“OK”, said Jess.

Mick’s cock had softened a little as he’d been talking her through the ‘theory of plumbing’, but he stiffened up quickly as he squeezed some jelly onto his fingers and returned his gaze to her glorious ass.

Fingers oozing, he gently rimmed around the edges of her puckered little hole, transferring the glistening gel. Jess moaned softly.

“Feels good, doesn’t it Jess. You can encourage Jon to use his tongue for this bit too. I’m just going to use fingers.”

He continued to lightly stroke around the outside of her asshole, mesmerised as he watched her contractions in response to his touch. He felt her start to relax and then slowly inserted one finger up to the kaçak bahis siteleri middle joint.

“Ummh”, she moaned softly and immediately he felt her tighten around his digit.

“See what I mean, Jess? How does it feel?”

“It feels good Mick, but I do see what you mean. Don’t stop though.”

“Not unless a bus hit me. Even then it might be a close call! Hmm, this is probably a good time to start talking about step three. Right about now, Jon’s as horny as hell. You need to be in control and you need to tell him what to do. Tell him how it feels. Tell him when to increase the pressure or back off. Tell him when to give you more or when you need a break. If get’s too intense, just distract him with any other part of that gorgeous body of yours while you relax again. Got it?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“OK, try it with me”, he said as he gently began to gyrate his single finger slowly within her ass, rubbing softly around her opening with his thumb at the same time.


For a while Jess said nothing as she began to match Mick’s rhythm, moving herself against him.

“Mick, can you rub me as well please?”

“Sure. By the way, some pleasure up front really helps with the action out back. Depending on your position, it might be hard for Jon to do this. You can do it yourself of course. As a tip, using a vibrator is going to drive you both absolutely nuts when Jon’s up to his hilt in your ass.”

“Yeah, I get that. You’re making me wetter just thinking about that!”

“That was the point”, he smirked.

Mick let his other hand drift down to stroke and rub her clit. She was wetter and he deftly parted her lips to reach a couple fingers inside her. The answering moan told him how much she was enjoying it.

“OK … I’m ready for more, Mick.”

He almost withdrew his first finger, then gently introduced another alongside it. Massaging her asshole with his thumb, he began to push them back up slowly, stopping halfway when he felt her start to tighten. He pushed the fingers of his other hand harder into her pussy to distract her. She was warm, very wet and surprisingly generous. Jess moaned and pushed back hard, grinding her pelvis around his hand.

“Like that, huh?”

“Oh, yeah. I ask Jon to fist me all the time. You’re using, what, three fingers feels like? Put your whole hand in me, Mick. And could you try three fingers in my ass?”

Wow! What a girl!

Mick fingered her pussy, inserting four fingers and then his whole hand inside her.

“Fuck yeah”, Jess grunted.

Polite and well-mannered? But an animal in the sack! Six-times lucky bastard!! He slipped a third finger inside her ass and was surprised this time when there was no resistance at all.

“Fast learner, Jess.”

“Got a good … teacher”, she panted.

She ground against him hard and then looked over her shoulder at him. Sweat was beading on her forehead and several strands of her blond mane were now plastered to her temples. It framed her beautifully.

“Mick, I’m going to cum.”

Mick ground his fist in her pussy and pushed his fingers as far as he could into her ass.

“Oh … Oohh … Ooohhh …. Fuuuuuuck!!” Jess screamed.

Mick felt her juices run around his wrist to drip down her legs. She continued to ride his hand hard for another few seconds before slowing her rhythm. Her head collapsed to the ottoman and he felt her legs shaking slightly as both her pussy and ass continued to spasm around his hands and fingers.

“Wow, Mick.” Jess paused, breathing raggedly. “You do know your way around pipes!”

“I told you I have a reputation for quality service! But the job’s only half done.”

“Yeah”, she said softly. “Finish it.”

He gently removed his fist but continued to gently stroke her engorged sex with his fingers as he brought the head of his cock toward her anus. He took a moment to rub some gel on his head and shaft and around her rear hole. He was as stiff as a board and had to use every ounce of self control to stop himself just ramming it into her. He used his free hand to spread her checks, her asshole gaping from the attention it had already received. He eased the head of his member into her ass and, while it was tight, he felt that she wasn’t resisting him. He pushed firmly and slowly, until he felt the muscle of her anus roll over the flange and onto the shaft of his throbbing cock.

“OK, Jess?”

“I think so. Hurts a little, but actually not unpleasantly, especially with you … mmmnh … rubbing me like that. Can I have a bit more please Mick?”

He eased himself further in. Shit that felt good! He was going to have to control himself. Think about cold water Mick. Make that ice; no snow! Anything except how close he was to loosing his load into Jess’s tight, hot … Glaciers! Fucking Siberia!!

He was half way in now and Jess groaned.

“Too much, kiddo?”

“Fuck no, it’s wonderful! You sure you’re not half horse or something? Give me the rest!”

“You’re the boss.”

He increased the rhythm of his fingers in and around her sopping wet pussy and then firmly pushed himself all the way into her ass. He half expected her to stop him, but instead she ground back on him, pressing her cheeks against his hips and squeezing his throbbing cock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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