Police Action

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Big Tits

“Dear Penthouse,” I thought as I stumbled to my car. My legs still felt like grape Jell-O after my recent ‘workout.’ I looked at my watch as I unlocked the car door. “Shit,” I muttered. “I guess I’m not going to work today.” Well, the shop is easy to run anyway. I have a few reliable teenagers that open and close the place. I generally only show up late on the weekends to help out and give demonstrations to the customers.

As I fell into my car seat and settled into the frayed upholstery, I realized I would never write that letter anyway. Number one, I am too damn lazy. Don’t get me wrong; I do own my own store. But, as my car is older than many of my customers, and more beat-up than a heavy-weight boxer’s brain; you could probably tell my cash flow is more of a trickle. I get by fine, and keep my store running. Of course I am never sure if my low profits are from a bad market, my bad business sense, or my laziness. I could probably figure it out; if it wasn’t so much effort.

Writing a letter to a magazine takes way too much effort. You have to pace it right; not to mention making sure it produces a better hard-on than the other stories people make up and send in. Besides, I’m not sure if my apartment has any stamps. Or envelopes. Or paper for that matter. Ok, so I’m a little supply negligent too.

The other main reason for my hesitation is I am pretty sure what just happened was illegal. Or at the very least could cost Billie her job. As I started my car with a minimal amount of sputtering, I nosed out into the street and thought fondly over the last few hours.

I was late to work as usual. The traffic was not cooperating, also per usual. I turned down a side street to avoid the main thrust of traffic. I spent my entire life in the neighborhood surrounding my shop, so I knew the streets like the back of my hand. The flashing lights in my rear-view mirror were a new addition to these streets.

“Damn it,” I cursed aloud. “Always when I’m already late.”

I pulled over to the side of the road and shut off my engine, as the cop car pulled in behind me. The policeman came up to the side of my car and requested my license and registration with a decidedly feminine voice. I handed them over and waited as she returned to her car.

I heard the crunch of her boots as she once again came to my window. “Please step out of the car sir,” she calmly requested. “Oh crap,” I thought. “Now what did I do?”

I unbuckled and stepped out of my car getting my first good look at the cop that had pulled me over. The first thing I saw was her long shapely legs. I didn’t know cops could wear what looked like a meter maid skirt before that moment but I silently thanked the God of dress codes that let those legs free. My gaze rose up past her hips and breasts and slid up the full length of her blonde hair. The tips of her hair disappeared over her shoulders in a golden waterfall that seemed to glow in the afternoon sunlight. Her face was a picture of beauty and grace, the kind that would look even better with a big smile. Possibly a little pout too, but now her petite mouth held no expression. Her shining green eyes, on the other hand, could not hide a look of something. Possibly hunger. Maybe indigestion. I never was too good at reading people. Either way she looked like she would be much more comfortable in a swimsuit holding a surfboard than in a uniform holding a ticket pad.

“Is there something wrong officer?” I asked. My voice was a little waverier than was manly. It was bad enough I got pulled over on my way to being late to work again; I didn’t realize I got pulled over by Barbie the hot ass super cop. Make that Billie the hot ass super cop, according to her nameplate. This was a little too much for my voice to handle.

“Turn around, sir,” she demanded.

I faced my car door, and she placed my hands on the roof. I felt her start to pat me down starting at my armpits. As she checked my waist I could have sworn she “checked” my crotch a little more thoroughly than the rest of the casual pats on the rest of my upper torso. I closed my eyes and thought unsexy thoughts. I didn’t want this woman to inspire a boner only to arrest me for having a concealed weapon.

As the pat-down started moving down my legs I quickly realized Billie wasn’t stepping back to reach my lower body. Instead she was leaning up against my body, bending at her hips to check each leg individually. Her hips swayed back and forth against my ass as she checked all the way to my ankles. The gentle pressure of her skirt quickly erased any chance of my unsexy thoughts working since I could already feel my dick lengthen down my pant leg. Damn, usually my Grandmother taking a shower works like a charm.

My Grandma was the last thing on my mind as Billie’s hands lifted from my left ankle. This time I had no doubts about the added attention. Her hands never left the inseam of my pants as her torso rose to align with mine. I could feel her breath on my neck as she rubbed my hardened member up and down several times before letting bursa escort her hands reach my hips. She slid one of her hands around to my stomach holding me to her while reaching into her pocket.

She was close enough to smell a perfume that I completely missed before. It was a gentle floral scent that filled my nostrils with its beauty. I could feel myself sinking back into her as she pushed my registration back into my own pocket. Before I lost my senses completely she turned me around and pushed my back against my car.

“Well sir,” she whispered, leaning in close. “I didn’t seem to find any hidden weapons on your person, but I still have you on the speeding. How would you like to take care of something at my house in exchange for me making that ticket disappear, hmm?”

I nodded silently.

“Good. I live a few blocks from here. You can follow my car, but don’t stray. I still have your license plate and other information you know.”

I followed the cop car uncertainly. On one hand, for all I knew this lady cop was a serial killer. On the other, I wouldn’t forget those eyes or her hand rubbing my cock through the thin material of my pant leg anytime soon. On another hand, or maybe a foot, she was a cop with my information and the ability to add all kinds of Hell to my record. So, despite the fact that she had raised my libido to a fevered pitch, I would need to do what must be done and get out of there. Maybe I’d even make it in to work tonight.

She pulled into a driveway alongside a pretty little one story starter home. I could have done without the purple and white checkerboard paint job, but I’m no exterior decorator. I drove up the drive behind her and killed the engine as she stepped out of her vehicle.

She wiggled her finger in the typical come here motion before heading for the back of the house. I opened the door and locked it before pushing it closed. No sense getting off on the ticket only to have my car stolen. I pursued the disappearing Billie around the corner of the house and to her back door. She promptly unlocked it and ushered me inside.

Without even a whisper of a tour, she half-lead, half-pulled me into a large bedroom with a queen size bed that dominated the floor space. I didn’t notice the rest of the room looking in awe at the bed that looked more comfortable than mine ever felt. She seemed to have better interior decorating skills than exterior at least. The bed had a subdued bluish comforter that complimented the golden bars of the headboard. I couldn’t help but think of a little bed jail, especially since I was standing next to a policewoman.

She pulled my jacket off and tossed it aside onto a chair. “All right,” she commanded. “Lie down on the bed.”

I had to restrain myself from jumping into it. The bed looked like it could use a good jumping into, but I still wasn’t sure if this woman was going to kill me or make me lick her boots clean. Paranoia is fun. Besides, decorum states you don’t jump into someone else’s bed unless they jump first. It’s the standard rule. So, I climbed up somewhat awkwardly into the cushy bed. Lying down on my back with my arms across my chest like a traditional mummy.

“Now close your eyes,” I heard from the end of the bed. “Sure,” I thought, “who wants a corpse that stares at you.”

I shut my eyes and heard a brief rustling sound. Then I felt pressure on the bed as Billie, I guessed, crawled alongside me on the bed. I felt a weight on my abdomen as I felt my wrists pulled up and away from my body. Firm yet slightly cool fingers lifted my arms up over my head. I felt the fingers leave my wrists only to be replaced by a light tickling sensation. This was followed by a metallic ratcheting.

Still a little afraid to open my eyes I wondered what might come next. I felt a presence approach my face. I felt Billie’s hot breath on my face. Then I felt her lips claim mine. Her kiss was strong yet immeasurably gentle. I could taste a hint of strawberries as she covered my mouth with hers. I hadn’t even realized my jaw had dropped open in shock until I felt her smooth tongue slide over my teeth to meet my own.

The kiss seemed to last for eternity as we shared our breath as one. Even after the street groping I didn’t expect this amount of fire from the young woman. Of course that was the least of my surprises for the evening.

Once the kiss broke I could feel Billie move back off my body. I opened my eyes to see a pair of rock hard nipples. The now topless officer looked down at me with a devilish grin. She had shifted her weight a bit during the kiss and now sat astride my crotch. The kiss itself left me with the feeling that my dick was trying to burst forth from my pants. Maybe it just wanted to see up that skirt as much as I did.

Her breasts were not the silicone, bigger than your head, back-pain causing, gargantuan tits that some men seem to like; but I thought they were marvelous. They seemed to exude natural femininity and were the nicest pair I had seen in a long time. Not to mention bursa merkez escort her breasts were perkier than a cheerleader after a gallon of coffee. Granted, I haven’t seen a pair of breasts other than in a porno in a good long while, but I think it was safe to say I liked them. They also began to bounce as Billie began to laugh a little at my obvious reaction. I reached out to touch them almost instinctively. At least, I tried to.

I looked upwards to see a pair of pink and fuzzy handcuffs attached to my wrists and wrapped around one of the bars on the bed. My arms weren’t uncomfortable but they certainly wouldn’t be moving very far for a while. As I turned my head back to Billie, our lips met once more in a lingering kiss. Once again her lips were soft, sweet, and addictive. The type of lips that you hear whispers of in dreams that necessitate cleaning your sheets in the morning. Under her tender care I forgot all about the fact that my wrists were locked up by what looked like Mr. Manacles the handy police Muppet.

Billie’s lips gradually left mine and I strained against the cuffs in an attempt to reconnect. I almost whimpered with the need to feel her again. Instead, she traced a line of kisses down my jaw before gently nipping at my neck. I relaxed again letting this Goddess of a woman do whatever she thought in that pretty little head of hers.

I both heard and felt the movement of my shirt as she unbuttoned the top button. I looked down to see a slowly departing halo of golden hair make its way down my torso. She slowly and deliberately kissed my chest letting her tresses caress my skin. The buttons on my shirt slowly moved through their holes under her careful fingers.

Once she reached my waist she pulled the end of my shirt out from my pants to find the last of my connected buttons and liberated them from their holey prisons. She then proceeded to unfasten my pants with her teeth. I still don’t know how she managed to unbuckle my belt, unfasten the button, undo the clasp, and unzip my zipper all without using her hands. My amazement stayed with me until after she had pulled my pants completely off, this time with her hands.

She stared at my Bart Simpson boxers for a minute before chuckling to herself. So I am a kid at heart, sue me. At least they were clean.

Billie climbed back onto the bed. She crawled forward deliberately slow. She was close enough for me to feel her breath against my legs as she moved. When she reached my waist I could feel the warmth of her exhale caress my penis through my boxers. I watched as it attempted to jump through the hole in the front of its own accord.

Billie kept moving forward along my stomach. Her nipples barely brushed the top of my boxers. When she finally reached my face our lips met once more in a toe-curling kiss. When our lip-lock broke, she shifted her body as languidly as her path up the bed until she was facing my toes. Her ass, hardly contained by the stretched tight skirt, sat inches from my face. I couldn’t see what Billie had in mind past her posterior, but I wasn’t complaining about the view.

I felt a slight whiff of air on my crotch as the button holding my boxers closed was released and the fabric pulled open. I felt Billie’s cool fingers reach in and pull my rigid member from its cloth prison. She gently stroked it with one hand while the other snaked up the leg of my boxers. She cradled my balls with the inside hand while caressing my tip with the other.

While she was busy with my phallus, her butt slowly slid back until it rested against my face. The fabric was smooth and comfortable against my skin. She shifted her weight more to her knees and I felt the skirt slide slowly up my cheek. The cheek-to-cheek action must have distracted me, because without even a hint of her breath, I felt Billie’s warm mouth surround my rod. I gasped in surprised pleasure as she moved it in and out of her mouth. I could feel her sucking on my prick like it was her favorite flavor of Popsicle, and she hadn’t eaten for a year.

The pleasure of Billie’s mouth distracted me enough that I didn’t at once notice something odd about her skirt. The trajectory of the mobile garment had halted over my head as Billie put her mouth to work. I looked up to see a dripping wet pussy hovering inches above my face.

Billie either lost the panties while I wasn’t looking or wasn’t wearing them to begin with. Either way, I felt like a kid in a candy store. With a really hot attendant. And she just showed me a close up of her vagina. I reached up with my tongue only to find that I couldn’t quite reach her with the handcuffs keeping my arms locked tight. I tried a few more times between the waves of pleasure her blowjob was sending through my body. Eventually I submitted to the sucking without trying to reciprocate.

I did marvel at the woman’s endurance though. Her lips never left my penis and her ass never wavered enough for me to taste her pussy. Slightly aggravating though it was, it spoke of all kinds of other things bursa sınırsız escort that endurance could be applied to in the future. Like bungee sex. Hmmm, fantasizing about a stranger while said stranger is giving me a blowjob. Maybe my libido is in a bit of overdrive.

I could feel the pleasure coursing through my body coming to a head. Long strands of tingling pressure were reaching their way from all corners of my body to my member. Slightly before I was about to explode, Billie pulled her glorious mouth from me and grabbed the base of my shaft with one hand while she tugged slightly on my ball sack with the other. She wasn’t rough, but it was enough to calm the orgasm building in my loins. So, now I can add psychic to Billie’s attributes along with gorgeous eyes and titanium thighs.

As my heartbeat settled she stalked forward, removing the temptation of her dripping snatch from my mouth. Just as well since I couldn’t reach it.

She unbuttoned and unzipped the meter maid skirt. She straddled me once again and somehow managed to remove the skirt while gliding up my body. She parked her naked crotch in front of my face, again just out of reach. Instead of trying, I turned my head to the side to spill kisses on her exposed thigh. I heard Billie gasp out of surprise, pleasure, or both as I slid my tongue along her inner leg. Her legs tasted even better than they looked.

I licked, kissed, and sucked every inch of her legs that I could reach in my limited mobility. I could feel Billie inch her butt forward every time I licked as far as I could towards her waiting crevice. I could feel her juices glide along my chest with her movement. I looked up to see her eyes closed in rapture. She was softly biting the corner of her lip. As she finally moved close enough to taste, I moved my tongue completely around her lips missing them completely.

I heard a small whine of impatient need escape Billie’s lips. I kissed a small ring around her nether reaches heightening the anticipation. Finally, I dove deep into her with my tongue, tasting the nectar of her womanhood. Her body collapsed against my face, and she needed to grasp the top of the bars on her bed to keep from hitting the wall. Her body quaked with every movement of my tongue. I had no idea if I was that good or she just hadn’t gotten any for as long as I hadn’t; but I took it as a compliment.

I dug as deeply into her with my tongue as I could. I reached into her and pulled whatever liquid sustenance I could find back into my mouth. The scent of her filled my nostrils as she gently bucked against my nose. It was heady and sweet and completely indescribably good. I wanted to drown myself in her as she rode my mouth.

I must have underestimated her faculties, because even through the shaking of her body she reached back and started stroking my member until it stood up straight as an arrow. The saliva still clinging like dew to its surface allowed her hand to glide effortlessly up and down its length. However, once the friction heated the saliva, her hand no longer moved as effortlessly.

She released it rather than tug too hard once her hand no longer moved fluidly. She sat up and although I had not known her long, she looked as if she was trying to decide on something. I moved my attention from the inside of her moist cave to the top of her lips. My tongue brushed across her clitoris forcing whatever thought out of her mind and driving her hands back to the headboard. With each successive lick of her tiny love bud the tremors that I could feel racing through her body increased in intensity. I could feel her legs trembling against my ears. She pulled my head against her and her arm trembled in time with her legs.

Thinking back, I was lucky not to have gotten this reaction earlier. If she had pressed me to her that strongly with my tongue inside her; I might have passed out from lack of oxygen. At the time I didn’t care if I suffocated or not as my tongue covered her slicked clitoris with my saliva. I felt her movements reach a fevered pitch.

Billie’s hand fell from my head as her back arched. Her new movement only succeeded in pushing my mouth harder against her. Billie’s shaking become constant as the orgasm took her. Her vagina began to spasm rhythmically against my mouth as I pushed my tongue back into her.

With a cathartic sounding shout, Billie finally went over the edge. I felt her squirt her nectar against the space between my nose and mouth. Her juices spilled over my face as I moved my mouth upward to catch the next dose. I had never been with a girl that was that reactive to an orgasm, but I loved it. Her fluids tasted like the sweetest honey as they ran down the back of my throat. I know it’s unhealthy to drink while lying down in bed, but I cannot see how that was possibly bad for me.

Billie collapsed to my side as the aftershocks of her orgasm ran through her. With a somewhat trembling hand she reached to a drawer in the table beside her bed. She reached to the back past a dildo or three and came back with a tube of lubricant. She put some in her hand before rolling to my side and cuddling up next to my body. Her lubed hand reached down to my still rack hard penis and started spreading it over the length. She even spread the lube across my balls massaging it in with her hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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