Progressive Disclosure

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Author’s note: This is not autobiographical and is not based on any real events, but you could say it is aspirational. Sally is based partly on a woman I once loved dearly, and partly on an eminent woman in British broadcasting whom I have never met.


We were presenting in the same session of a business conference. Not a large audience, a few hundred maybe, but enough to be nervous about, to want to prepare well, and to want to relax with a drink after.

Sally looked great – 30 something, blonde (this season anyway), with a nicely rounded figure, in a well-fitting business suit. I’d enjoyed her presentation from the panellist’s desk. I liked its intelligent and interesting content, the rear view of her animated body and the slow low sexy tone of her voice. Now I had her company in the bar. Self-confident and articulate, she was the epitome of what excites me in a woman.

I said although I was a little nervous in advance, I always enjoyed the time in front of the audience, the adrenalin lifted my performance, or at least I thought it did. Sally replied, “As a woman, there is an extra dimension, you’re aware that all those men are evaluating you sexually”.

This caught my attention of course and I looked her in the eyes and smiled; clearly there was more to this than its face value. “But Sally although you have dressed formally you could have done more to conceal what a sexy-looking woman you are. So obviously you don’t mind the attention”.

“Well Alan to tell you the truth it was a little arousing”. My eyes widened, I’m sure, as I looked at her. I reached for a nut from the tray on the table and my hand brushed on hers accidentally-on-purpose on the way. She didn’t flinch or withdraw the hand so coming back from the tray I let my hand fall on hers again, but this time lightly stroking it as I watched her eyes. Now she moved her hand slightly and opened her fingers, so I could caress her palm gently. I felt my penis swelling and was now confident the reaction under her clothes was also physical – indeed Sally had almost certainly been like that since she had been presenting. And this gave me an idea – to try something that had been a fantasy of mine for some time.

I looked in her eyes and then briefly over her body. I resumed eye contact with a smile before speaking.

“Most women enjoy the attention of men. After all, you spend enough time, effort and money to secure it. And you enjoy the excitement you provoke when you let a man see you gradually expose your body by removing the layers of beauty you have created.”

Sally, bless her, cut to the chase. “Alan, don’t be pompous – you want a fuck, don’t you?”

“Yes of course Sally – and I want to explore the area of your sexuality you just mentioned”. “What do you mean?” she asked, and her expression held a wonderful curiosity. From our dialogue so far I knew that although she had almost certainly had sex with a co-presenter before, I felt there was room for our experience today to be something especially memorable. My heart beat faster as I whispered my suggestion in her ear – and I inhaled her scent before leaning back to enjoy her smile and eager nod.

A few minutes later in my hotel suite I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to Sally, took her mobile that she handed to me, stepped back and used the mobile to take a picture of her standing there, smiling and totally professional-looking in her suit, though just a hint of nervousness in her expression. “Hi Sals, great to see you, just close the door and stand by the wall a couple of feet to the right please”. She did so.

What I had suggested to her was that we take a sequence of pictures of her progressing from bahis şirketleri sober professional to abandoned sexual animal. And that that sequence should be in the context of her progress from doorway to bedroom. Imagine Sally’s apartment with the pictures displayed in order on the wall. A casual visitor just using the lounge would see only the initial stages; someone progressing to the intimacy of the bedroom would also progress through this record of Sally’s passionate nature. Not a practical idea of course but the very idea seemed to have raised her arousal to a new height.

“Just stand still there Sals please”. I walked over to her, standing still and quietly though I could see her chest rising and falling rapidly, her body was ready for anything. Maintaining eye contact with her I ran my fingers through her hair, letting her long locks fall casually over her face. Watching her eyes I ran my hand over her body, lightly learning all her shapes. I reached under her skirt, “part your legs now Sal” and ran the edge of my hand between her legs, touching her sex through her damp panties. A light moan escaped her lips. “Kick your shoes off”

Smiling I stepped back for the second picture. Although she was fully dressed her demeanour with her mussed-up hair was now anything but demure. Her eyes looking at me and the camera phone were filled with lust.

“Another step to the right now”. “May I make an observation?” – the sarcastic sassy Sal enjoying but also constrained by the rules of this game. “Standing here like this I think I understand why my body liked your suggestion and why women like posing for shots. It’s a kind of bondage, the need to pose and stay still is like the silk cords that might tie us to a bed. We models surrender responsibility for our appearance and our treatment to the designer, the hairdresser, the make-up artist and crucially to you, Alan, the photographer”.

“Very profound Sals. I won’t let you down. Me, I just know that as soon as I thought of this I knew it was damned sexy. Now I need you to reach under your skirt and pull down your panties and tights. I need to snap you when I can see the panties coming down and your skirt pushed up enough to show your leg at least to mid-thigh.” This was a very erotic pose – by removing underclothes first Sally in this picture is doing nothing else than facilitating access to her sex. It took a moment of two to get it posed right. I moved a mirror over so Sally could see how it looked.

“OK now this next one is a little tricky because I need to figure the self-timer on your phone here. Part your legs as you stand please”. Having balanced the phone in I hoped the right place, I started the timer and rushed forward, kneeling and putting my head under her skirt. I’d just got my mouth to her sex when the camera clicked, capturing the intake of breath as Sally enjoyed my kiss and affectionate lick of her clitoris. Normally I’d be tempted to stay there a good while because Sally was certainly appreciative, but we had a project to finish so I only licked her long enough for me to untuck her blouse with my hands, and to reach up her back to unclasp her bra to pull its cups away from her breasts.

I looked at this last pic. It showed a woman standing with her panties and tights around her ankles and a figure kneeling in front of her, head and shoulders concealed under her skirt. The head was clearly at the level of her crotch and it was obvious from the expression on her face both what was going on and that it wasn’t going unappreciated. I shared the pic with Sally. “Ooooh” she said and we smiled at each other. I squeezed her hand momentarily and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Standing back again bahis firmaları I asked Sally to unbutton her blouse, I took a shot while she did that, and then I told her to pull the fabric to one side so her breasts were exposed. This made a lovely shot, her nipples were wonderfully hard. The other shots had been full length; for this one I got close, bosom to head only.

“Now Sally, please stand in the doorway against the doorframe, parting your legs again”. It was time for me to undress, and about time because my erection was horribly uncomfortable in my underpants. My penis isn’t huge, but it is large medium and usually gets very favourable comments. It certainly had Sally watching as it throbbed expectantly, pointing directly at her belly. Knowing already that her vagina was copiously lubricated I strolled forward to her, crouched slightly to position my crotch between her legs and thrust upwards so that my erection pushed into her its full seven inches in just a second and my pubic bush was tickling her sex. She made a loud moan this time and her whole body shook as I rotated my crotch so she would feel me pressing every part of her vagina.

After a few seconds I pulled out and back and took a quick picture. Sally was open-mouthed and shaking, her bare breasts partly concealed by the blouse and by now her demeanour was 100% sexual.

Although in this game I was playing the clinical brutal photographer in reality I felt increasingly fond of this wonderful new lover I’d found. I walked over, took both her hands in mine and kissed her passionately on the mouth, squeezing her hands as we kissed, saying as loudly as I could in body language how much affection I felt for her trust in taking this on with me. And in words as well – “You’re a gorgeous exciting woman Sals my love”.

But we were not done yet. I lay naked on the bed and asked her to unfasten and drop her skirt slowly so I could take another pic, showing her sex exposed as the skirt travelled down her thighs.

Then I asked her to crouch above my erection and lower herself so I entered her slowly. I took the next pic showing her half-penetrated, her mouth in an o of delight.

“Now this threesome with the camera is over Sals. Let’s make love”.

She rode me for a few minutes, each of us using moving our pelvis to help my erection press on every corner of her vagina. I had both hands free to caress her breasts and her clitoris. By now she was in a world of her own, writhing and moaning loudly. I stroked her hair and pressed a finger to her lips. “Sals darling, relax and look in my eyes.” Our eyes locked I sat up and pressed her to me, her nipples squeezed on my chest while my erection and her vagina throbbed and squeezed in an internal kiss. Watching each other from a few inches way we smiled while our fingertips lightly travelled over each other’s bodies now raised to an incredible sensitivity. After a few minutes I felt Sally’s body approaching a climax – the intensity of her feeling made her body want to wriggle away from full penetration; firmly but gently I held her close with a hand on her backside. I stroked her hair and looked her full in the eyes as she shouted through an orgasm.

As she started to relax I lowered her onto her back and pressed myself up so I could smile into her eyes and stroke her hair, taking in the view of her breasts, heaving up and down as she was still breathing hard.

I studied her face as I started to thrust myself inside her. I had found the sexual animal in Sally all right but the sassy smart Sally was still in there, just letting go of control for a while. I could still blow her a kiss and see that Sally smile back at me.

Soon it was my turn kaçak bahis siteleri to lose some control as the excitement of the situation demanded that I thrust in her faster and harder, less rhythmical and more spontaneous, moaning myself as I got closer to my climax. In a while I felt that sensation of her vagina feeling red-hot around me – “I’m coming Sals, hold me tight baby” and she hugged me close, her breasts squeezed by my chest. We climaxed together, my delight enhanced to find Sally is one of those Earth Mother women who really really likes it when I pump my sperm into her body.

We didn’t speak for several minutes, recovering our breath while we hugged and stroked each other, indulging that huge rush of affection that great sex brings on, wanting to caress every part of each other, both tempted but shy of uttering the L word.

“I want us to sleep together tonight Sals”. “I want that too darling”. We went on to change and go separately to the conference dinner. Later though I went to her room and our lovemaking was slow and tender, I had time to taste every inch of her. In the morning as we parted I asked “send me those sexy pics”. She hesitated slightly before agreeing.

A few days later she sent the pics, one by one over the course of a day, keeping me in a continual state of arousal. She had obscured her face, which saddened me, partly because of the implied lack of trust (which is unreasonable of me, but our emotions aren’t always reasonable), but much more because her eyes are the windows to the exciting mind inside that beautiful body and I don’t like them closed to me. She must have sensed that because of the e-mail message “Forgive me Alan darling – I had to do this because I wanted to give a copy to my friend Sue – you’ll be pleased to hear she uses them to help her masturbate when she is away on her own”. (As for forgiveness – I love her so that goes without saying. Fortunately I don’t love her exclusively or obsessively, or my life would be a torment)

In my reply I jokingly asked Sally for Sue’s email address, she declined with a smile! “She’s a lesbian darling. Apparently her fav is the one where you are licking me under my skirt. It could be anyone, I like it being you but she says it could be a woman.” I replied, “Sals I’m amazed. Your friend harbours sexual feelings for you and you just think it’s a laugh”. Her reply was just a smiley emoticon. Well there was a lot more to it eventually – but that is another story!

This was five years ago. There have been some other wonderful sexual experiences in my life, but never do many days go by without my remembering that night.

It’s like we live parallel lives, Sally and I. We both have our own partners and children. We exchange Emails occasionally and a few times we’ve had opportunities to spend a few hours together – and it’s always wonderful when we do.

Sally much later told me something else. Apparently she and her husband have lost their mutual attraction. Quite how someone could be with my beautiful Sally every day and keep his hands off her amazes me; whatever. She says that when she feels hot she still doesn’t normally fancy him. If she looks through the pictures they turn her on so much that she goes to him, presses her body against him then unzips him, sucks him to a full erection before riding him. “I close my eyes and think of your cock inside me that day until I cum”, she says. I have to say I feel some ambivalence about her decision to share that with me, but I guess it’s a net positive. It’s also a reminder that despite their complaints about male behaviour women can be just as duplicitous as any bloke.

Anyway – this experience showed me that fantasies can come true. We didn’t live happily ever after, but it’s a comfort to know there is someone so instinctively connected to me out there. I hope you, my reader, have or will find something to burn as brightly in your memory for you.

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