Pt. 06 – My Referral Network Grows

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Pt. 6 – My Sex Referral Network Grows

Older or younger, it makes no difference to me

This is my sixth “adults only” fiction sex story.

I strongly recommend you read my previous stories (one to five), in order, before reading this story.

This is a work of fiction; all of my stories are.

The characters are all adults over (well over) the age of 21.

There may be some typos, if so, please forgive me. I AM HUMAN.

I delete all negative comments; life is too short to put up with negativity.

Please enjoy!



After an unexpected, but great, sex filled weekend with Melissa up in the mountains, I stayed up late that Sunday night and reviewed the file box filled with information that Leeann provided. She wanted to know what was going on financially with the company she owned with her husband.

I met with her the next afternoon following her second massage.

(Yes, I was 100% professional in my massage. But I was still lusting after her. You would be too.).

My take was that her business revenue was declining; key accounts had left for the competition or had apparently gone out of business.

I told her that I had not had time to Google the key accounts to see if they were in business or not.

But something wasn’t right because the cost of sales and overhead (SG Leeann on Monday night.

The other nights I worked and bill clients.

I wasn’t even doing massages except for Melissa and Leeann!

I couldn’t complain, I was getting a nice variety between the two ladies and there was the promise of good times with Natalie in the near future.

In the middle of a sort of busy Thursday, I received an email message from a Dianna Casey.

She had heard about my new photo business and wanted to set a time for her to drop by because she had an opportunity to discuss with me.

And, she had been referred by Rylee, my mostly ex-girlfriend who sometimes drove down from Red Bluff and spent the night with me.

Through a couple of back-and-forth emails, we agreed to meet the next afternoon, a Friday, at my studio.


Dianna had a firm handshake to go perfectly with her firm and fit body.

I guessed her age in the early 30’s; just a few years older than me … more or less.

She stood just over 5’6″ tall in heels and had long thick dark straight hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Her smile was warm and inviting and her large dark eyes sparkled at me.

She reminded me of the actress Madeleine Stowe … also a natural beauty.

Her figure was slight at first glance but after I got a chance to look at her from both front and back, I determined that her figure was quite … perfect.


Making small talk, something I am not very good at, I gave her a tour of my unit.

I had no idea what kind of job Rylee had done decorating the place until the compliments started coming from Dianna.

My female visitor was impressed that I had somewhat segregated each room in the place for each one of my businesses.

Downstairs was the office for the studio, plus the studio itself (I kept the door close and told her we would tour it in a few minutes), a massage room with a full bath attached (shower no tub) and upstairs was another office (law); a second office for tax work; and a second massage room and another full bath (again, shower, no tub).

Dianna’s eyebrows lifted in surprise at the massage rooms, and it was interesting to see her rub her hands over the top of the table.

“I didn’t know you did massages” was her comment and I explained that I had recently been certified.

She smiled at that news.

I smiled because for the first time escort ankara I noticed that she didn’t have any rings on her fingers.

Single? Divorced? Widowed?

Maybe I was making too much of this.

Then she looked, for the first time, at my hands.

She smiled again.

(Remember that according to legend, maybe an urban one, a man’s penis is three times the length of his thumb).

Chatting and smiling, we went downstairs and walked into the photo studio, and Dianna really lit up.


First of all, the studio was big and was fully furnished for everything from professional quality headshots to glamour photos.

There was a full array of lights, an area in one of the corners for makeup (just like they do for movies), and a number of metal moveable clothing racks filled with every kind of clothing a female would want, from bathing suits to business suits.

Dianna went immediately to the clothing rack holding the swimwear and started flipping through it until she came to the skimpiest ones.

Laughing, she turned around and held it up in front of her, asking me “How would I look in this Rick?” and I responded, saying “We’ll just have to schedule a shoot for you sometime real soon” and she nodded in reply, as if it was a done deal.

“I’d like that a lot” she told me.

My smile gave her the response she was looking for.

I’d love to see her something sexy. Or see her wearing nothing at all.

Then she wandered over to the wall and asked me what was leaning there.

I said that these were air mattresses, and then had her step back while I pulled the large round one down to the floor.

Her eyes widened again and looking up with big eyes she said, “What kind of photo shoots do you use this for?”

I smiled and replied “Boudoir, mostly. But I have had a few inquiries by ladies who are on InstaGram who want me to shoot for their ‘Only Fans” sections.”

“What’s Only Fans?” she asked, and I replied that these were adults only, paid membership sites within InstaGram.

I could tell two things about Dianna at this point. First, she was impressed at my studio. Second, she was intrigued about the risqué shots that I was capable of shooting.

Of her.

Had I unleashed a caged cougar?


We went into the office and talked.

She was an Assistant Principal at a local public elementary school and had been tasked with the assignment of producing a dance for the sixth graders.

The venue was set; one of the student’s grandparents was hosting the event at their country club. Round tables seating eight kids per, placed around the dance floor.

The grandparents were picking up dinner too, nothing fancy, hotdogs, hamburgers and fries.

Dianna said that the music was going to be different; they hired a “caller” who would teach the kids how to square dance. This would keep them going, active, and wear them out.

With this kind of music, there was not going to be an issue of slowing dancing, or anyone being a wallflower. All the kids would dance all the sessions.

It actually sounded like a lot of fun.

I hadn’t been on an elementary school campus since I left sixth grade and I told her so, followed by “And how can I help you?”

Did she want me to be her date to this thing?

If she was single, why was she single? What was wrong with her?


Reaching out and touching my arm, she explained that this was a very special event and that she wanted it to be the start of an annual thing but to get support going forward she wanted to document it on film and video.

Dianna had hired a videographer to capture the dancing but wanted a still photographer to capture etlik evi olan escortlar the rest of the event.

And she summed it all up by telling me “We don’t have a budget, but I can promise you a fun time.”

Meaning, you’ll be doing this for free and you get a hamburger for dinner.

With a bunch of sixth graders.

I was about to turn her down when she reached over a put her hand on my arm for a second time.

She liked me. I liked her too.

“Please Rick; I’ll make it worth your time. Please help me.”

I told her to count me in.

I’m a sucker for a good-looking lady.


We exchanged a few emails over the course of the next week, nothing special, and I met her early at the country club so I could capture the kids arriving.

She was dressed in blue jeans and boots, and a country western shirt that didn’t do a particularly good job of hiding what I now discovered to be an ample pair of breasts.

This time Dianna greeted me with a smile and a tight hug along with “I’m so glad you’re here!”

Those tits felt pretty good.

She smelled nice too.


The deal was that once the kids all arrived, we’d do an introductory square dance session, then have dinner (oh joy!) and then a second, more intense session where the kids would learn some square dance tricks.

Dianna and I weren’t the only adult in the room; there were a few couples to chaperone.

But there were also four “single” adults: me; Dianna, a single dad who had his son for the weekend, and a mom named Sally.

Sally was a nice-looking lady but not in the same grade as Dianna.

Dianna was clearly an “8” with her clothes on and I’d put Sally at a 6.5 or maybe a 7.

We all got acquainted briefly before the kids started showing up and I think we all liked one another and had the same goal for the evening, to have some fun and let the kids have some fun too.

We lucked out that there were pretty much an equal number of boys and girls, so the dancers paired up nicely.

The kids had assigned seats and as they arrived, they sat down and enjoyed some soft drinks and a snack until it was time to start.

The caller was a levelheaded guy with a strong voice (and a little Texas twang) and he had about six nice young high school ladies who were his helpers.

These ladies served as dance coaches, roaming through the crowd to make sure the kids were doing the right things at the right times.

Once the lesson started, and we all joined in, it was a blast.

With a goal of trying to get better “connected” with Dianna, I told her that she wasn’t going to be standing on the sidelines while others danced, and she supervised.

I took Dianna by the hand and despite her half-hearted protest, I earned the reward of a huge smile, as we completed a foursome; the single dad and Sally made up the other couple.

This kind of dancing is fun, but if you weren’t ready for it you could easily get winded.

The single dad and I were partnered with two very attractive women with very nice figures.

It was hard to keep my eyes on the Dianna’s face and she caught me looking at her swinging and bouncing breasts more than a few times and each time my leering earned a return of her very big smile.

Apparently, she liked being noticed and I liked noticing her.

The kids really seemed to enjoy the dancing and there was quite a buzz as the kids went to their assigned seats for dinner.

A few of the boys acted up but a quiet word got them settled very effectively.

All I had to say was “Do you like dancing with girls? Because your next dance partner will be with another boy if you demetevler genç escortlar don’t start behaving right now.”

The second session of the dancing found me paired with Sally.

Whereas she had been somewhat quiet before the dance, she had opened up at dinner and I could tell she enjoyed dancing with me.

I swear at this point I was simply looking, nothing more, and had zero expectation that anything would happen between us.

After all, I’m a man with a sometimes girlfriend, right?

(Actually, at this point I should tell you that I was having sex with four ladies: Rylee, Natalie, Melissa and Leeann. I guess I was good at juggling!)

At the end of the evening Sally asked if she could meet with me on Tuesday afternoon because she needed some professional headshots taken.

Once the last kid left for home, Dianna and I walked out to our cars.

She was driving a nice new Lexus.

We turned to each other and she gave me a tight hug and held on for a bit longer than I expected.

Her tits felt nice and while she smelled of sweat, it was a nice smell, a clean one.

Dianna smiled up at me and said “Want to come to my house for a drink? I could use one and you look like you could too.”

She handed me her business card and said “My address is on the back. Meet me in 45 minutes.”


I had time to stop at a liquor store for a bottle of Napa Cab, a nice bottle of bubbly and a bottle of chilled Sonoma Chardonnay.

Next door was a grocery store and I picked up a dozen red roses.

What the hell, if I was hoping to get laid, I might as well do everything I could to improve the odds.

I set a minimum goal of getting my hands on her tits.

Dianna had other goals.


It was a very nice neighborhood which made me wonder how much an assistant principal of a public elementary school made.

I parked the car on the street and sort of juggled the wine and the roses.

She answered the door wearing one of those terrycloth robes you’d find in a hotel but hers was monogrammed.

Dianna was sort of toweling her hair dry and she greeted me with a huge smile and leaned up to kiss me and our lips connected, softly, for the first time.

“Welcome to my home Rick.”

I followed her into the kitchen, my eyes burning holes in the back of her robe as I followed that ass into her kitchen.


We didn’t stay in the kitchen for long, between our kissing we popped the cork on the champagne and sat down on her couch side by side.

One clink of the flutes, a quick sip of the bubbly and she was all over me!

As much as I was hell bent on getting my hands on her, Dianna wanted her hands on me!

She set our flutes down and proceeded to straddle me as I sat on the couch, “The better to kiss you” she smiled.

In seconds her robe was open; her chest, breasts and torso fully exposed to me and available for my touching, kissing, licking, sucking and biting.

Dianna pushed her now naked crotch up so that it was in direct contact with my erection.

As we kissed and her hands held my head so I could only kiss her, she slowly started thrusting her pussy on my clothed cock while my hands roved her back and then found their way to her front and those magnificent breasts.

At my first touch of her nipples, she groaned into my mouth but held my head tight so I no choice but to continue to kiss her.

My hands lifted her surprisingly firm breasts and I flicked her nipples to tease and play with her.

My cock grew even larger and harder under her slow but nonstop rubbing.

For all of two seconds I was worried about having her wetness stain my slacks but then I remembered they were very dark gray, and my mind returned to providing this lady with as much pleasure as she could stand, and then some!


Her robe ended up on the carpet and we ended up naked on a rug of sorts in front of the fireplace, rutting like animals in heat.

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