Public Transport Surprise

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It was a gorgeous balmy summer’s day in London, and Annabelle was deciding what to wear for her second date with Jack. It was humid, so she had opened all the windows of her small apartment to let the breeze in as she changed. As she unwrapped herself from her bathrobe, a delicate gust of wind rippled over her sun-kissed skin, causing her pink nipples to stiffen slightly in surprise.

She thought of Jack, a tall, refined lawyer she had met at a party last week. Tall and broad, with green eyes that twinkled as he spoke to her, cajoling her gently when she accidentally spilled wine on the cuff of his shirt as she had brushed past. He had touched her lightly on her shoulder, and she tingled at the feeling of his palm against her skin. She wanted him immediately, but chastened herself, for she enjoyed being chased — there was more enjoyment in delayed gratification.

She picked out a pretty grey wrap dress that she slipped into. It was tight and silk, so she knew that she would have to go without underwear to avoid ruining the effect. Still, if all went well she knew that might just make things easier, later on. So, she wrapped the soft, smooth dress around her naked body and fastened it in place around the waist. It was demure, just to the knee, so no one would be able to tell.

She glanced in the mirror and knew she looked the best she had ever looked — her pretty face framed by a mane of wavy, shiny blonde hair, bright blue eyes and plump, pink lips. Her dress had a deep v-neck that revealed the pert, inviting cleavage of her 34D breasts, and she turned herself around to view her tight, small bottom that the dress displayed to the best effect.

She jumped on the London underground tube system at rush hour, and managed to squeeze her petite frame just into a space next to the partition and the door. She was squeezed between so many people it felt almost claustrophobic.

Fortunately, it was only a short tube ride from Bond Street to Green Park, as she was meeting Jack at the Wallsing, an upmarket restaurant near his office. His taste in food was clearly impeccable, she thought.

Suddenly, the train came to an abrupt halt and she erotik film izle had to cling on to the handrail above her for dear life to avoid falling. Several people moaned and shouted as those standing had stumbled. This kind of thing happened regularly in the British transport system, so Annabelle wasn’t surprised.

A tannoy announcement crackled and a nasally sounding chap muttered something about dysfunctional wiring. Typical, she thought — no mobile reception and no way of contacting her hot date either. Dammit.

The lights inside the train carriage suddenly flickered out, and Annabelle felt a slight sense of alarm as the train was completely in pitch black. She just felt herself grip onto the overhead grab rail for stability, feeling safer for knowing where she was, kind of. It was very quiet, as people resigned themselves for a long wait in the dark.

It became very warm, and after a few minutes she felt a man’s hand trying to move away from her from where he had clearly been behind her, as he placed his hand on her waist from behind to move her slightly out of the way. She moved slightly, and suddenly felt his other hand on the opposite side of her waist. Annabelle couldn’t move, or she would be lost, unable to find her way in the pitch black, so she wriggled.

The man moved his hand to her face, and pressed his finger up against her mouth, indicating for her to be quiet. Annabelle felt as if she had no choice — if she screamed, there would be pandemonium, and she would fall, and be trampled upon, pushed out of the tube door in a panic.

His hand brushed down her delicate neck and slowly he stroked the top of her breast, above the neck of her dress. His hands found the neckline of the dress, and he slipped his hand underneath the silky material onto her ripe tits. He worked his way smoothly, tracing a line to her nipple and then quickly began to massage it, rolling it between his fingers, tugging it slightly, until it hardened against his touch.

Annabelle felt her breasts firm as he took advantage of her vulnerability in the dark. As he continued to pinch her, she felt a warmth between her legs, betraying her already film izle against her will. One of the man’s hands moved from her chest and quickly moved to the back of her thigh, as he pulled up the back of her dress and felt her ass.

She could hear him breathing on her neck, as he held her firmly, one hand holding her breast and the other on her backside. Despite her holding her legs together, she felt him push his big hand in between them, and he jammed his knee in between them so she could no longer deny him what was there. His hand went straight to her pussy, and he stroked it in a full movement, finding her clit at first and rubbing it, making her weaker, knowing the effect this would have whether she wanted it or not.

He moved his hand back, and thrust two fingers in her wet pussy, and she heard herself gasp despite trying not to.

He held her in a locked position as he pushed his hand into her wetness again and again. Then, he pulled his hand out, and Annabelle thought it was over.

He whispered in her ear quietly — “Not yet”. Her heart sank. Then she felt his wet finger prodding at her asshole. She moved away slightly, and he pulled her tighter, as he quickly rammed his finger up her hole. He began to slowly thrust his finger in and out, occasionally fully out and then back in so she felt it. Temporarily, Annabelle forgot what was happening, and felt her body tighten from the heightened new sensation. She was awoken out of her trance as he pushed another finger into her ass and carried on regardless.

Her pussy was now soaking wet, as he had massaged her nipples and played with her clit to make her body get into this state in the first place, and now she felt something rising in her as she began to… she was repulsed… enjoying her ass being tried. She had never been finger fucked in the ass before — it was new to her.

He then pushed a third finger into her, and Annabelle knew what he was getting her ready for, and she began to squirm. She felt his hand move up to the back of her head and grasp on to her hair, holding her head back, so she was completed locked in. He pushed her over a little, extracting his fingers from seks filmi izle her, and she heard him slowly unzip himself, clearly trying to avoid making a lot of noise.

She felt his cock press up against her asshole, and then he moved it away, and with his hands he stroked her pussy, smearing her juices up around her hole. He held her head and pushed his shaft onto the entrance of her ass and began to push into her. It hurt, and Annabelle thought she would whimper as his huge cock began to enter her forcefully, pushing and pushing, until he was in, and her body gave way to it. She resigned herself to it, and began to accept what was happening, as she gave in to the arousal she felt as he pulled himself out and pushed his way in again, over and over, taking her fully. He began to quickly thrust himself up into her, quickly, and she felt him move his right hand to her clit and begin to rub it, making her cum when she hadn’t wanted to.

She felt the waves of orgasm rush over her, and as she came her asshole tightened in short bursts, and then with a final thrust he pushed deep into her and she heard him grunt in her ear as he came inside her.

She saw at the other end of the carriage, through the window, that the lights had begun to turn on slowly, and felt him quickly remove his cock from her, and he roughly pulled the skirt of her dress down. The train began to move, with the train carriage still in partial darkness, and it brought to a halt at Green Park.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, ladies and gentleman” said the man on the overhead tannoy system.

The train doors opened, and Annabelle felt a rush of cold air sweep through, and people began to quickly climb out. She turned around quickly to see the face of the man, but there was no one behind her. He had gone, leaving her fucked, literally.

Being over an hour late and needing a cold shower, Annabelle ran to the nearest taxi rank to queue for a cab home. She looked in her handbag for change, hoping to find a £20 note to get back, and rummaging around in her handbag she pulled her wallet out, and as she did so, a small card dropped to the floor.

She picked it up off the grimy pavement, and turned it over. The card read Jack Riley, Corporate Lawyer, Beadles & Beadles.

The thing is, she thought, Jack had never given him her business card. Until, it seems, he had found her on the train…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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