Pure Sexting

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**As an introduction I want to say this is a real chat. Small changes has been made to not expose the identities of those involved. Enjoy.**


Stranger: Where would you like to meet? Here its quite spacey .. the couch is bit loud though.. you know the leather stuff that makes noises and the flat is a bit hot (great excuse to get you out of some heavy clothing)

You: that sounds great

You: so would you let me in?

Stranger: of course (i quickly move some stuff In place). I put some shorts and a t-shirt on before I go to open the door.

You: I’m standing outside, wearing a pair of shorts, a sleeveless shirt and a jeans jacket. My hair is out, falling over my shoulder

Stranger: I open the door and get a bit shocked at how

stunning you look

You: I look up, smiling at your expression

Stranger: “h-hey.. long time no see” I smile nervously… “come on in”

Stranger: I lead the way in straight into the living room

You: “Hi, well thanks. It has been a while, huh

You: “Is nice to be here though.. Maybe come music?”

Stranger: “I agree, it’s great to have you here.” I walk towards the stereo and hit play.

Stranger: Some heavy metal comes on so I quickly change to the local radio station

Stranger: Would you the to have a drink?

You: Sure, a glass of wine would be great

Stranger: I fix us some wine and bring it to you. We sit on the couch. “What should we toast for?”

You: “Why don’t we toast to his reunion?”

Stranger: “Sure”

You: I take a seç. and put a hand on your knee while I say “This was a great idea”

You: My hand moves up just the slightest bit

Stranger: watching you take a sip makes me see again.. how much you turn me on…

“It was” I reply

Stranger: I shiver and lean in for a kiss, my right hand goes on your leg

You: I lean forward as if to kiss you back but I stop my face just before you. Then, after pausing just for a little while, I gently move the small bit that is left so that our lips are just lightly touching Starting to feel your top lip with mine.

Stranger: It feels so soft I tilt my head to the side a little bit as my hand slowly caresses your thigh

You: It feels great. I move my hand from your leg up to your shoulder and moving it up your neck. I start kissing you with tongue

You: I feel your hair through my fingers

Stranger: I let out a little pleasure moan sit feels great to feel your hand in my hair

Stranger: I play with your tongue, as my hand reaches a bit higher towards your ass cheek

You: I start breathing a bit more heavier. I run my hand down your side, ankara escort bayan over your neck

Stranger: my other hand pulls you a bit closer and add some more tongue to the kiss

You: I put my arms tighter around your body pressing my chest against yours Stranger: I feel your breasts pressing on my chest. I wrap my arm around you softly explore your back with them as we slowly make out

You: I move one hand up to feel your hair again. My elbows now resting against your shoulders

Stranger: I lean back a little bit.. give you a smile and start unbuttoning the top two buttons of your shirt

Stranger: I work slowly kissing your cheeks and neck. I can quickly see the top of your nice boobs

You: I just lean back and enjoy the sensation of your touch

Stranger: cant resist to put my head between your boobs, kissing them through the bra as i continuously unbutton your shirt.

You: “that mmmm… that feats good”

Stranger: your shirt is all open now.. I genlty kiss your belly button and then get up and remove my shirt

You: I immediately start feeling your chest with my hands, admiring your chest. Stranger: your fingers feel nice

You: I then push you down on your back so you’re lying on the couch

Stranger: I love it when you take control

You: I move over you so that i can kiss you

You: I start kissing you, putting all of my weight on top of you. First my chest against yours

Stranger: I can feel the warmth of your body as it touches mine

You: Then my lower body

Stranger: It feels so nice.

Stranger: I wrap my hands around you and pull you closer so the feeling gets more intense

You: I push myself closer too, to feel your boner through your shorts

Stranger: I like how it is in the right spot. I put my hands on your hips and gently grind you back and forth as we kiss passionately.

You: I respond, moving in your pace while I start moving my hands down

Stranger: I grow even harder

You: I can feel you getting harder and reach down to my own shorts and start removing them

Stranger: “That’s a view I was hoping for since i first saw you today”

You: “This is definitely what I wished for to”

You: I remove my shorts and then I lay back down, kissing your neck

Stranger I pull your hips back on my boner. I want you to feel it though your panties only

You: “oh yes”

Stranger: As I try to kiss your forhead while you kiss my neck

You: I move my hand around to feel your boner from different positions and to please you

Stranger: “mmm.. lets get rid of my shorts” I say as I push you up with my hips elvankent escort You: “yes please”

Stranger; I reach down to push them off. I struggle a bit

You: I give you a hand and help you remove your boxers at the same time so I’m in my underwear and you are totally naked

Stranger “mmm…”

You: I grind myself some more on it

Stranger Yeah. I want to have that cameltoe wrapped around my dick

You: it feels great touching my thighs too and I let it feel my cameltoe, almost sitting up on it

Stranger “mmmm..” my hands reach down.. and i grab your legs as high as i can. “I wish you could see what I’m seeing here “

You: “I’ve got an even better view.” I’m looking down at your naked body as I’m licking my lips

Stranger: my hand slides into your panties, my middle finger presses on my cock white the top rubs your clit as you grind on me.

Stranger: “Do you like it?”

You: I answer with a loud moan! “I want you so bad”

You: “release my boobs and fuck me”

Stranger: I can feel you getting wet. I want to feel it

with my cock

Stranger: i reach up and undo your bra and get up a little bit as i position my cock

Stranger: “please move them undies to the side”

You: “As you wish” I move my hand down to move them to the side to

let your cock inside me

Stranger “mmm..” I enter you slowly

You: We moan in union

You: you are so big

Stranger: “mmm” I go down and let you sit on it

You: I go all the way down so all of it is inside me and i push myself down

Stranger: “mm you are so tight and wet.. it feels good”

You: “oh yes”

Stranger: i put my hands on your ass and try to control it a bit

You: i let you control my pussy

Stranger I pull you towards and against me as i try to thrust from the bottom. we start to get a nice fucking pace

Stranger: “oh baby i missed your warm tight pussy”

You: “oh yes! I’d forgotten how much i love your cock. You fuck me so good mr **!”

Stranger: I try to lift my head for a kiss but cant reach

You: I lean down, but not to kiss you I put my boobs over your face while I go back and forth on your cock, making my boobs bounce back and forth to your


Stranger: It gives me room to fuck you even harder.. i try to kiss and suck on your titties. I lick and moan.

You: “mmh, good mr **!! thats how you please a lady”

Stranger: “yeaah… exactly like that” as I try to go even faster

You: “Oh yes!!” I try lo help you by going fast against you

Stranger: “yeah baby.. ride that hard cock”

You: “okay mr! I will etlik escort bayan because I love the way you fuck me”

You: the couch is squeeking. I hadnt noticed it before but now it kind of turns

me on even more

Stranger: “I want to feel you as deep as possible” I say while putting my hands on your breasts and getting up whie pushing you backwards at the same time

You: “I want you as deep as possible inside me. I want all of you inside me”

Stranger: As we are sitting up I push you on your back and stuff a pillow under your lower back

You: “whoa!”

Stranger: “now you will feel me deep inside you” I say as i rub my cock against your clit

You: I start moaning quietly “mmmm…yes please”. My panties pushed to the side Stranger: I jerk it off a little bit, my knuckles rubbing your clit. “Put your legs up”

You: I put my legs up in the air. “I love seeing you jerk off”

Stranger: I grab your panties and swiftly shde remove them. My cock is so hard now it amazes myself.

You: “oh yes. Did i really do all that to you?”

Stranger: “yeah.. you make me so hard. and now you are gonna feel it”

You: “Oh yes”

Stranger: (i’m realy very hard tbh :)))

You: (I’m really wet too:) I really like this)

Stranger: I just put the tip in before i lean forward

You: “oh yes”. The feeling of your tip against my pussy makes me even more wet. I bet there is juices running down from my pussy onto your cock

Stranger: I position your legs on my shoulders.. “- yeah. l’ts quite the view! you’re flooding”

Stranger: I put my hands under your shoulders as i thrust down on you. My cock gets all the way inside your tight wet pussy as I can feel my hips pressing down on yours

You: “oh yes!!”

Stranger: I feel your legs resisting on my shoulders and look you right into your eyes

You: “this feels so damn good! Now fuck me good! And grab my boobs”

Stranger: I start fucking you faster.. “mmm yes..” your tits wiggle as i fuck you hard

You: “yesssss”

Stranger: i can feel my pubic bone grinding down on yours as I’m pushing my whole body onto yours

Stranger: “it feels so good you’re gonna make me cum”

You: “I’m right on the edge too!”

Stranger: I go harder “lets cum together.. I want to fill your pussy as I feel her squeeze”

You: “oh Yes!! Let’s do it now, come on”‘

Stranger: I go harder

Stranger: “mmmmm”

You: “mmmmmm”

You: my legs starts shaking

You: “i’m cuming!”

Stranger: my cock starts pumping. “I’m cumiiing”

You: “oh yes, me too”

Stranger: your wet pussy is getting filled with my hot


You: That feels so great.

You: “thanks. man”‘

Stranger: “yeah baby, we’re good”

You: gotta go now, sorry. This was great though.

Stranger: sure sure.

You: bye

Stranger: bye then

You have disconnected from the conversation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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