Ready for the Weekend

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NOTE: All characters are over 18 years of age.

TGIF. It’s been a long work week and everyone loves the weekend!

It’s after dinner, I’ve had a shower, I’m in my robe and my hair is nearly dry. While standing in the kitchen, looking out of the window, I feel you behind me. You don’t say anything but I can feel you against me as you slide your right hand inside my robe and cup my left breast. You move my hair from the right side of my neck and I can feel your breath on my ear.

“Go to the bed room, put your hair back, take off your robe, lie on the bed, on your stomach, and don’t speak.”

Then you squeeze my nipple, starting with normal pressure but ending with a hard pinch and I cry out in surprise.

“Shhhhhhhh,” you say and push me gently away from you.

A mix of pain and pleasure wash over me…this will be interesting! I go to the bedroom and it’s obvious you’ve planned for this…there are many candles lighting the room; there’s a different cover over the bed and there’s a stand, with a paddle, nipple clamps and a couple of other things, by the bed. I find a brush and hair band and secure my hair at the nape of my neck, take my robe off and hang it up. My nipples are hard from a mix of being chilly and the excitement of what will come. I have pretty lotion, with a little sparkle to it, and I put it on…you’ll like that! I lie on my tummy on the bed and bahis siteleri wait. You make me wait, too, setting the tone that this will go your way. Finally, I hear the door open and you are in the room.

I can feel your eyes on me but I don’t feel your touch. It’s a while before I feel you kneel next to me then I feel you drip something onto my lower back…it must be oil. You finally touch me, working the oil into my lower back and over my ass and you push my legs apart. As I feel your thumbs lightly brush over my ass, I flinch a bit but it feels very good. You don’t stay there long before moving over me and I feel your hand touch my ass. I’m startled and jump a little.

“Hold still,” you say.

You bring your hand down three more times, not hard but hard enough. I can feel my pussy flex as I’m already turned on and we’ve just begun. You go back to my ass, add a little oil and rim it. I feel only your fingertip inside my ass and I, involuntarily, arch up a little.

“Hold still,” you tell me.

You tease my ass, only a bit, then give me a few more swats. You reach under me and play with my nipples, a couple of hard pinches, and return to my ass. You rim my ass again, not inserting more than a fingertip. All of it is antagonizing and nothing satisfying at this point. More swats, firmer this time…my ass must be red. You go back to my ass and I can feel your middle canlı bahis siteleri finger slide in fully. I gasp and arch up.

“Sshhhhhhh! Hold still,” you say.

Fuck, I’m in trouble. I’m going to have trouble staying quiet. Now I feel something different…ahhh, it’s the paddle! It feels different…it stings a little. You must know it, too, so you rub my ass a bit after four swats…god, it feels good. You reach under me and pinch my nipples, again…hard! I let out a sharp breath. Four more swats on my ass, harder and a little painful. You rub my cheeks for a second or two and move to my asshole where you slide your middle finger in deep and give it a few strokes, causing me to moan.

“Sshhhhhh,” you say.

I shift a little because my pussy is aching and my clit is hard and throbbing…wanting to be touched, they almost hurt without any contact.

“Hold still,” you say.

You flip me over and put the nipple clamps on me, almost taking my breath away! Ouch. But I like the pain-pleasure mix, so far, so I’m trying to work through it. I’m back on my tummy and I feel your finger inside my ass as you work it in and out. You slide your finger out and I feel more swats causing sensory over load…pain, then pleasure. Your finger is back inside my ass and you’re really working it now. I spread my legs wider and tilt my ass up into your hand…god, it’s good! You stop canlı bahis fingering my ass, more swats, I can feel my pussy contract and my clit throb. I’m not sure how much more I can take, then your hand slides under me and I feel you lightly brush my clit.

Fuck,” I whisper.

“Sshhhhhhh,” you say.

You pull your hand away as if to wait for me to be quiet. My breathing is ragged but I work to control it. You rub my clit again and I’m careful to be quiet…I don’t want you to stop. I feel you slide your finger back into my ass and I’m gone…it’s so good! As my nipples are being pinched, my ass is stinging from the swats and my pussy is empty and aching, you slide your finger in and out of my ass and then pause to slide in a second finger. I can’t breathe as you reach back under me to rub my clit. You lean down to my ear.

“Cum and you can be loud,” you say.

You fuck my ass and rub my clit as I moan out in pure pleasure. I cum so hard, and so loud, I’m wiped out. You reach under me and slide the clamps off of my nipples. Ouch, they always hurt coming off but I don’t care. You give me a couple of minutes for my breathing to slow and then I feel you pull me up to my knees. You hand me the Hitachi and I sag from the thought of what’s coming. I feel your cock, inside my pussy, giving me hard, long strokes…god, it feels so good! This second cum is always so good after anal…I turn on the wand and press it to my clit. You fuck me so hard from behind that we are both cumming in no time. I can’t open my eyes, or even think, as we collapse onto the bed…wow, this is going to be a great weekend.

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