Rebound Ch. 02

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The next morning, I sneak out of bed without waking her, call in to work and then hurry over to the grocery store to pick up a couple drinks from Starbucks for the two of us. When I return, she’s still sleeping, but she stirs as soon as the scent of coffee hits her nose.

“Mmmm,” she moans sleepily, her hair quite the mess, but I still think she looks incredible. “What’d you get me?” she asks.

“Caramel latte, nothing special; I just wanted to surprise you with some caffeine this morning,” I tell her.

“That’s perfect, actually. It’s not my favorite, but it’s a safe guess,” she winks at me, taking the hot drink from me. “How’s the little you doing this morning?” she asks giggling with a seductive look over the rim of her cup.

“He’s definitely sensitive, but I’m pretty sure he can marathon fuck you today until I have to pick up my daughter anyway,” I tell her.

“What time is she out of school?”

“Two-thirty,” I reply.

“Well, it’s only like seven o’clock so we’ve still got seven and a half hours until you have to be there,” she says leaning over and setting her drink down on the nightstand before tossing the bed covers aside, spreading her legs wide for me. “Get that tongue between my legs, now,” she commands and I obey, setting my drink down next to hers.

I remove my clothing and then quickly crawl up to her bald pussy, hooking my arms around her legs to hold her in place and attacking her fuck hole with my tongue with more vigor than I had last night.

“You freshened up while I was gone,” I say to her, looking up at her grinning.

“You caught me, I heard you leave but I saw your stuff still here, so I figured you’d surprise me with breakfast or coffee or something,” she confesses. “Now, eat me out, I like an orgasm in the morning.”

“Who doesn’t?” I confirm and dive back in, eliciting a pleased sigh from her.

She doesn’t squirm like she did last night, but I also decide to slow down and really get her blood going before bringing her to climax. I get a better taste for her pussy as I shove it deeper inside her instead of just focusing on her clit. She tastes amazingly tangy and a little salty as well, kinda like tears mixed with a citric acid of some kind. Her scent is what drives me mad, though; it’s musty but sweet and just sends my hormones into overdrive. It forces me to try to force my tongue deeper inside of her while my nose nudges into her clit. That’s when she begins to squirm at my ministrations. She taps on the back of my head to get my attention, she starts to say something, but I interrupt her by diving back down into her pussy again, desperate to taste her more. I’ve never been so obsessed with eating a girl out before. Her head falls back against her headboard and she whimpers and gasps loudly.

“Oh my fucking God,” she cries, holding the back of my head and grinding her pussy into my face as best as she can with how forcefully I’m holding her down. I desperately try to reach my tongue deeper into her and she cries almost in pain, but I can tell she’s enjoying my tongue-fucking. “Please, my clit needs more attention,” she finally gets out.

I pull my tongue out of her pussy and redirect it to her clit, flicking and licking it with as much force and speed as I can and that’s when the profanities and screaming erupts from her mouth, but it only lasts as long as it takes for her to literally spray my face with her juices, soaking me more than I could with my cum on her face last night. I close my eyes and let her continue to squirt all over my face; she even rubs her clit more to squirt more of her fluids out.

When she finally stops, her entire body goes limp. Her breasts heave up and down like tidal waves on the ocean as she tries to regain her breathing. She says something but her pillows have her face covered after falling between them.

“What was that?” I laugh and pull them away from her face.

“I’ve never even had a girl eat me out that good before,” she says.

“Wait, what?” I ask her.

“Are you hard yet? I really want that thing in one of my holes; I really don’t care which one,” she says.

“Wait, let’s-“

“Would you like to fuck my ass? I know you liked grabbing it last night and I know you definitely liked looking at it and slapping it when we went doggy style.”

I can’t deny that the idea of fucking her dirtiest hole excited me, but I needed to know more about this whole girl on girl thing.

“Just let the idea sink in,” she says as she brings her face to mine. “Don’t dwell on it too much and fuck my ass!”

“Yes, Mistress,” I reply and then she kisses me deeply before setting herself up in doggy-style, spreading her ass cheeks as much as she can. I reach for the lube and dribble some onto her ass, smoothing it down to her puckered hole. I slowly slip my middle finger into her ass hole to get her warmed up and she lets out a gasping type of whimper. I grin at the sound and then slowly work my finger deeper in until I’m up to the second knuckle. She rocks her hips back into my finger bahis siteleri so I begin to work her hole, spreading her cheeks more and more to help prepare her for a much larger object than my finger.

The whole act is making my cock hungry for her ass hole, so I rise up on my knees, where her beautiful, round ass is at the perfect level for my cock. I lube up the tip of my cock and spread the sweet-smelling liquid over the shaft. Then I press the head against her waiting tunnel and slowly work my way inside. There’s much more resistance with this hole than her traditional one. But she relaxes her ass and I begin to slide inside, one slow, excruciating inch at a time until she backs herself into me, taking my cock to the hilt!

“I told you I like anal,” she practically scolds me for taking so long. “Now punish me like the dirty whore that I am!”

I don’t need to be told twice, and because of her filthy mouth and her defiance in pushing back against me herself, I pull out halfway and then slam back into her, causing her to cry out in pain.

“Just for that little display of disrespect, I am going to tear your ass apart! This will only be enjoyable for me; consider this your only warning before I rape your ass hole,” I threaten her and I can sense her smile.

I pull out again, holding onto her perfect bubble butt hips and begin to forcefully slide back in and out again. She’s literally crying but I haven’t heard her say stop yet, so I continue to pound into her ass like the piston of a locomotive. I lean forward and grab her long hair and pull her up like the reigns of a horse. It forces her down further into my cock and she screams but I don’t care.

“What’s your safe word?” I whisper into her ear.

“Juice,” she says.

“Good, now I know what to ignore in a moment,” I tease her before returning to my hammering of her ass. I wrap my hand around her throat and the other mauls her tits as I attempt to dig out a new hole in her perfect ass with my post digger. I push her forward onto the bed again and take hold of her hips with both hands and then begin to pound relentlessly into her ass. She sounds like she’s about to start crying but she doesn’t give me her safe word, which I will obviously heed to if she ever says it; I just wanted to add to the excitement and fear in her to enhance her orgasm hopefully. It seems to be working as she twerks her ass in response to my poundings.

“Are you going to fill my ass up with your spunk?” she whimpers.

“Only if you beg for it,” I tell her slowing my pumping into her ass down.

“Please fill me up; I’ve already cum twice since you’ve been in my ass,” she says.

“Have you now?” I ask, beginning to increase my efforts again. “Let’s say we make it three by the time I’m done.”

“I’m already close, please tell me you’re close,” she begs.

I pump a few more times and her begging voice drives me even more crazy that I’m almost ready to paint her insides white with my cum. “I’m close,” I assure her.

“You’re going to shit white for a week,” I tell her and I fell her fingers grip my balls briefly; I hadn’t noticed her hand rubbing her clit before now. No wonder she’s cum so many times while I fucked her tightest of holes. She begins to scream again as another orgasm begins to wreak havoc on her body. The shuddering of her body and the climax of her orgasm is what finally sends me over the edge, and I blast her bowels with rope after rope of cum. How do I keep cumming so much with this girl? It’s as if each orgasm of mine is bigger than the last!

When I finally complete my deposit into her ass, I slowly pull out of her and lie down on the bed completely wiped. She joins me wrapping an arm and a leg over the front of me, careful not to bump my deflating cock.

“I’ve never enjoyed a guy this much,” she says.

“Can we talk about that?” I ask catching my breath.

“Talk about what?” she asks nervously.

“You’ve made comments eluding to you possibly being into girls,” I state.

She traces her fingernail over my chest slowly through the curls of the red hair that grows there. “What if I am?” she asks.

“Are you really?” I ask.

“Would that be a problem?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? You’re asking a red-blooded straight male with a porn addiction if girl on girl action is a problem?”

Monica giggles. “Okay, so I tend to prefer girls but there was just something about you that pulled me in; I just had to fuck you. And the way you’ve made me feel, it’s up there with a night that my girlfriend fucked me endlessly with a strap-on.”

“You have a girlfriend?”

She shakes her head. “No, I used to; we broke up a few weeks ago,” she says.

“Are we each other’s rebound?” I ask her.

“I could think of worse rebounds,” she laughs.

“Me too,” I say and then kiss her forehead.

“You’re sweet,” she says.

“I can be; I can be a total asshole too,” I admit.

“And I can be a total cunt, so we’re even,” she says.

“Don’t go falling in love with me now,” canlı bahis siteleri I joke with her.

She laughs with me. “Not a chance; I don’t do love,” she says. “I’ll lust the shit out of you, though,” she laughs, and I join her.

“I’m actually good with that,” I tell her. “What do you say we get a shower in and get some actual breakfast, though? If we want to keep going until I have to leave, we’re going to need our strength, and I’m starving.”

“Sounds good to me,” she says and then rolls off of the bed. She takes a step as if to try and beat me to the bathroom, but she freezes in place and then turns towards me. “My ass fucking hurts you dick!” she yells and then laughs. “Oh my God it’s never hurt like this before,” she complains but she can’t hide the smile on her face.

“You’re welcome,” I say and then pick her up and carry her into her bathroom where I set her down and she sits on the toilet. I start the shower and then step inside as soon as the water is hot.

A minute or two later Monica joins me and turns on her second showerhead from the opposite side of the extra-wide shower. Working in the plumbing industry, I know it’s not up to code, but I’m not complaining. However, with how far apart they are and how large her shower is, that may be the work around she was able to get approved to have this addition done to her shower.

“I didn’t even notice that when I stepped in here,” I say admiring the setup.

“Thanks, this way neither of us gets cold waiting for the showerhead to be available,” she says.

“It’s perfect,” I agree and then pull her into me, her perfect tits mashing into my chest.

“Are you seriously hard again?” she asks feeling my cock rise to attention between us.

I nod as I rub up and down her smooth and now slick, soaking wet body.

“I don’t know how much more my pussy can take and I know my ass is too sore for your cock again, so would you prefer mouth or tits?” she asks.

“Start with that pretty little mouth of yours and then lets see how those tits feel again,” I reply.

She grins and then sinks down to her knees, grabs hold of my now throbbing member and slips her mouth over the tip, sucking on just that for a moment before sliding the entire thing into her throat. I grab her head with both hands to keep her from bobbing her head up and down and I fuck her throat instead until I hear her try to scream.

“Juice!” she screams as snot and mucus shoots out of her nose onto my legs.

I lower to my knees and hold her face gently. “Are you okay?” I ask.

“I couldn’t fucking breathe!” she shrieks. “I can’t take it that far or that hard, you need to back off or you’ll be leaving,” she threatens.

“I am so sorry,” I say to her and kiss her forehead. “I got a little too excited; you’re just so damn good at sucking dick,” I compliment her.

She finally catches her breath and then looks me in the eye. “I’m sorry, I overreacted. I was just scared I was going to puke all over you for shoving too deep into my throat; I’ve never taken anything in that far that wasn’t food,” she says.

I chuckle. “It won’t happen again, I promise. You control it from now on,” I suggest.

She shakes her head. “No, I like when you grab my head like that and fuck my mouth; you just went too far,” she says. “Hold back a little next time okay?”

I nod and then kiss her on the lips. “I will; I’m sorry. Does my dirty little whore need something else taken care of for her?”

Monica shakes her head. “No, I don’t think either of my holes can take much more. Just let me suck you off or fuck my tits, okay?”

“Of course, Baby Girl,” I say and then stand back up again.

She takes my dick in her hand again and then licks me from balls to tip before taking me back into her mouth again. This time I let her do the work in fear that I’ll go too far again. She jerks and sucks me off like a professional, doing everything she can to coax the cum out of me. It doesn’t take long, and I’m glad because I really am starving; I just can’t get enough of her touch. I tap on her head to warn her I’m about to cum but all she does is double her efforts, bobbing her head faster and sucking harder until I finally blast my load into her throat. She swallows it down like someone desperate for water after being dehydrated in the desert for three days.

Once I’m done, we wash each other gently, being aware of each other’s sensitivities from our marathon of fucking. Then we dry off and get dressed for breakfast; me in jeans and a T-shirt while she slips on a midriff tank top and tight, black leggings that are just sheer enough to show that she’s not wearing any panties.

“I might rip a hole in those later just to fuck you,” I tell her as we get in my car to head to a restaurant down the street.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she says.

“You’re pushing it, little girl,” I tell her.

We pull into the mostly empty restaurant parking lot; Wednesday mornings don’t seem to be too busy. However, there’s a vehicle in canlı bahis the parking lot I recognize; the Honda my ex bought off of her brother as a commuter car.

“Shit,” I say and feel my blood run cold.

“What?” Monica asks.

“My soon-to-be-ex is here,” I say.

“Do you want to go somewhere else?” she asks.

I shake my head as I see her come out of the restaurant with a guy I’ve never seen before. Well, not in person anyway; it’s James, her ex who moved away, he must be in town visiting. She freezes as she sees me pull into the parking lot with a curious look on her face.

“She spotted you,” Monica says.

“Yeah, it’s definitely too late; at least they’re leaving.”

“Who’s the guy?”

“That’s James, her ex she dated before meeting me,” I tell her. “They don’t seem to be back together, though,” I say noticing that they’re not holding hands or anything.

“Wanna make her super jealous?” Monica asks.

“I think seeing you with me will do that automatically,” I chuckle.

“Oh, but I can make her regret divorcing you if you want.”

I grin. “I’ll go along with whatever,” I tell her.

We exit the car once I’m parked and my wife and her friend remain standing by the Civic she now drives. Monica wraps herself around my right arm, interlocking our fingers and pressing herself into my as we step up to them.

“Hey,” she says as we walk up to the two of them.

“Hey,” I reply and then nod at James who nods in return.

“Who’s your friend?” she asks.

“Oh, this is Monica, we met at the laundromat last night,” I tell her. “How are you, James?” I ask nodding at him again.

“I’m good, you seem to be doing alright,” he adds looking Monica up and down.

I shrug. “I’m okay; we were just about to get some breakfast,” I tell them. “Were you guys just leaving?”

“Yeah, wait, you just met last night and you’re getting breakfast?” Em asks.

I stare at her and then Monica takes over. “Well, we didn’t get much sleep,” she giggles playfully. “Did we?” she says to me and I turn to look down at her beautiful face and then kiss her quickly on the lips.

“No, not much at all, maybe, what, three hours?”

“If that, and I am so sore,” she adds. “Oops, sorry, too much information,” she laughs.

I look back to Em and see the pure look of hatred and jealousy on her face. She looks murderous; I almost fear for Monica’s life.

“Did you slip him some Viagra then?” Em asks.

I shake my head. “Not that I know of, plus, if she did, we’d still be at her place, wouldn’t we?”

“Oh, shit, I couldn’t take that cock anymore; I needed a couple hours of a break. Although,” she turns to face me, reaching down and feeling my already hard cock, “all this talk is making me horny again; maybe we should sneak into the bathroom really quick,” she suggests in her sexiest voice.

“Fuck the bathroom,” I say reaching down and squeezing her nearly bare ass. “Nobody’ll call the cops, not when they see those tits,” I say and then kiss her neck.

“Come on, James,” Em says and they load into her car.

“Oh no! Come back and join us!” Monica says pulling away from me. “We could have had some fun together!” she calls after them as Em pulls out of the parking lot like a bat out of Hell.

“Oh my God,” I say as she speeds down the street. “That was fucking amazing.”

“You’re welcome,” she says and then shakes her ass at me as she heads towards the bathrooms.

“Wait, were you serious?” I ask chasing after her.

“What? No! I gotta pee. Get a table. I’d love some coffee,” she says and I stop in my tracks.

I turn back and enter the restaurant, find a table for two along the wall and wait for her to return. My phone buzzes with a text message from Em.

“I thought you would have run to Amanda by now, but I guess you decided to become a man-whore instead.”

I chuckle. “Well, she’s still married, so there’s nothing there,” I reply. “Besides, Monica was mostly fucking with you.”

“I’m sure,” she replies.

“I mean, I did stay at her place fucking her most of the night last night; she was impressed by the skills I developed while I was married to you, so you should be proud.”

“You’re an asshole,” she texts back.

“You’ve mentioned that before. Have fun with James!”

I put my phone away as Monica joins me at the table.

“Is she pissed?” she asks sitting down across from me, her tits practically spilling out of her tiny top.

“Yeah, I’m a total asshole,” I inform her.

“Yeah you are,” she laughs.

I look over the menu, barely able to concentrate because of the woman sitting across from me; I’m not falling for her by any means, but I just can’t get enough of her pussy. I’m mesmerized is what I am. I’m hypnotized by this completely perfect, fantasy of a body that not even a teenage boy could dream up in his wildest wet dream.

“See anything you like?” Monica asks.

“You could say that,” I say.

She rolls her eyes at me over the top of her menu. “Let me guess, it’s just not served on the menu?”

“What? No! It’s just too early for milkshakes!” I protest.

She sets the menu down, thrusts her tits out and shakes them for me. “There’s your early morning milkshake,” she says sarcastically.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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