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I worked for a bank as a financial advisor. I got to know Kelly pretty well as she was a manager of my home branch. I spent much of my time talking with her and light flirting. She would occasionally take the conversation over the HR edge. One time she mentioning that she and one of the other female managers had gone out and gotten their drink on and both of them ended up going home with guys who were room mates. Another time she gave me more details saying that she and Amanda had actually switched guys and both had sex with the others original partner. Other times she gave a few details of other time when she had gotten a little wild. She invited me out a couple of times with the group but nothing that wild ever took place.

Then one day she quit. She did not give me the details as to where she was going only that she had had enough of the bullshit and would be doing something with a lot less stress.

Kelly was gone about a year and a half when I got a text from her asking me to meet her for lunch. I was thrilled to catch up and get the rest of the story from her.

It turned out she had left to become a recruiter for a financial services firm. She wanted to talk to me because she knew how successful I was and wanted to see what it would take to bring me over. She asked me as a personal favor to meet with the head of the state and just listen to what he had to say. I agreed and we set a time. I was not looking forward to the meeting and was actually in a bad mood when I got there for the interview.

But then in walked Kelly. She was dressed in a navy business suit and a white blouse. The skirt was tight enough that I wondered if she was wearing any underwear because I didn’t see any pantie lines. It was short but not too short and once she took her jacket off I could see that her top was quite tight and her bra was lacy. I was gonna have a hard time paying attention.

She sat across the big conference table from me and the state director sat at one end and I on the corner closest to him. Kelly gave me a big grin and winked. It was enough to make me hard and I knew I would be in trouble.

The interview went well, as before they really wanted to bring me on board. I played it cool and asked him to put together a comp package that would be attractive. He said he was confident that he would be able to come up with a program that would lure me away from my current gig.

About 2 days later I got a call from Kelly asking me how I thought it went. I told her that it was good but that I had been recruited by a competitor and that they were looking at putting me into a management roll. I was going to get a big base salary, bonuses, paid assistant, and plenty of time off. I told her that I felt bad but I was probably going to take the other job. She begged me to wait and hear what they had to say.

So I agreed to another meeting with her higher ups. She greeted me at the office and then sent me in alone to me with her boss. We talked for an hour and he said he would have a hard time matching what was already on the table but asked if I would give him a couple of days to try. Kelly called me as soon as I left the office and asked me to meet her for a drink after work.

When I got there she had obviously gotten there earlier and was very “happy” she introduced me to several new friends and a couple of people she knew from work. She then asked for a private table so we could talk.

Once at the table she wanted all the details of my meeting with Dave. She asked if he said anything about her. I said no, but that he did not think he would be able to match what I was going to take. That is when she started to get very serious. She told me all about her job as a recruiter and that after the first meeting Dave put a number on the recruit. The higher the number the more her bonus would be for getting them on board. She said my number was almost double the highest number. She said her boss was convinced I would take the other job and that would be that. She said she told him to way that she would get me on board. He said if she did that he would pay her the bonus associated with the higher number, and then send her on a weekend get away to Miami. And then he laughed and said His money was safe.

Kelly asked me to level with her…”What is it going to take to get you on board?”

I said “Kelly listen, I know that means a lot to you and I really wish I could help…But…”

“But, NOTHING…You have to!!”

I said “I really want to, How can I pass up the opportunity of a life time…”

She got really serious and said “Ok…But wait, let me see what Dave comes up with and let me see if we can sweeten the offer..”

2 days later on Thursday Dave called me and gave me the offer. He said “I know its not what the other firm is offering you, our hands are tied with how much we can do…and I know you have a great relationship with them…We do offer a better comp plan to your team so that may help you recruit better…”

I asked for the weekend to get back with him and he agreed.

I erotik film izle gave notice at the bank and spent the morning processing my termination paperwork. My boss all but begged me to stay. I finished before lunch and headed to my condo. Once there I opened a special bottle saved for celebrations and text a few friends to see what we were going to be doing that night.

At 4:45 my door bell rang. I opened it to find Kelly standing there in her tight blue business suit and tight top covered up by her overcoat. She asked if I had some time to hear her out.

“Sure come on in, I quit at the bank to day and I am celebrating with my special bottle…Want a glass?”


I started “Kelly listen, I am sorry, but that other offer is way to good to pass up…I feel really bad that I am gonna cost you a huge bonus but I have to…”

She interrupted “Listen, I understand, But I want you to hear me out…You agreed!”

“Fine…I just feel bad and I don’t want to waste your time…”

She finished her glass and slammed it down on the coffee table…”OK here it goes…We can not offer you more money, and we are limited in the resources we can hire for you…So I have to come up with other “Benefits” to entice you over…”

I said “Kelly I know…”

She continued “We can get you a remote office and the ability to work from home…We have plenty of advisors to start you off and you can your pick from any team…We REALLY want you..”

She paused and caught her breathe…”And I am willing to offer your some…”Off the table” benefits…”

I looked at her not knowing what she was saying…”Uh…I guess I am not familiar with…”Off the taaaab…”

As I was trying to speak she stood up and took off her overcoat and walked over to the other side of the coffee table she then sat down and lazily crossed her legs, showing me the tops of her thigh high nylons. She reached up and unbuttoned another button on her blouse which revealed the lacey bra underneath.

She looked me straight in the eyes and said “Are you ready to negotiate…”

I stammered “Ummm…are we still talking about a job?”

She said “Yeah, and benefits that will entice you over…”

With that she stood up and put her foot on the coffee table and ran her hand up her leg dragging the bottom of her skirt with it. “I believe we are both in control of something the other wants…”

“Well you certainly have my attention…”

“So what’s it gonna take to bring you aboard…?”

“Ummm…What are you offering?”

“Well…how about a good look at my tits?”

“That is a pretty good start but its gonna have to be a lot more then just a look at your tits…”

“What do you want…?”

I said “How about a weekend in heaven?…No holes barred?”

She came back “How about I blow your mind with a mind blowing blow job…?” She unbuttoned another button and pulled her skirt up over her beautiful lace front thong.

I said “wa…ummm…How about you let me have you for a weekend…AND you blow my mind in Miami on Dave’s dime…”

She said “Hey, your negotiating backwards…you don’t add to your original offer…”

“So you’ll take my offer then?”

“Do I have a commitment from you to join our team?”

She opened her blouse and showed me the matching lace bra. “So…Will you sign this letter then?”

“I will sign when you have completed your end of the deal…”

Kelly said “Meet me at Patrick’s Steakhouse tomorrow at 6:00…I will have the letter you bring a pen…” She pulled her coat back on and left…I was speechless.

I dreamt of taking Kelly every which way that night. I could not wait to wake with her in my bed.

I could not believe she was going to let me have her body, just to bring me on board.

Kelly had a car pick me up and I got to Patrick’s about 5 minutes early. I was nervous as hell. My palms were sweating and I was shaking. The hostess asked if she could help me and I said I was meeting a friend. She said “Are you Mr. Davis?”

“Yes I am..”

“Oh Sir, Please…right this way…” and I followed her amazing ass back to a table that was very private. “Your table captain is Michelle, she is very experienced and will take care of your every desire…” She winked and walked away. I was very impressed and a bit taken back. That was a weird way of saying “My waitress will be right with me…”

Michelle was beautiful. Raven hair styled to accentuate her beautiful face, mid 30’s, black pants, white blouse unbuttoned enough to show she had great tits and give me a peek-a-boo with her lace bra. Nothing too revealing but sexy enough to make you know she really could take care of my “every desire”.

She brought me a drink and then set down some appetizers. She came back to get my refill and said “I just got off the phone with your meeting host, she said she is on her way but was running a bit behind…I can get you another drink if you would like, or anything else you desire…” She was sexy film izle as hell and she was turning me on…I wanted to tell her to call Kelly back and tell her she could take the weekend off, I was gonna fuck Michelle instead. But I settled for a drink.

About ten minutes later the hostess came back leading a blond woman dressed in red dinner dress. “Here is your table, your guest is already waiting…” I recognized her, she is Amy a staff person from Kelly’s office.

She said “Kelly got caught up in preparing for a reps audit that his happening on Monday, She sent me instead…” I was totally taken off guard, did she know what Kelly was coming to do? Was she supposed to be her replacement.

I said “Well I hope Kelly doesn’t think she is getting off that easy…” I had to play it cool or I was going to blow this whole thing up in my face.

“Kelly told me I was to take care of you…ANY WAY I could think of…”

I choked on my drink…”Ohh…Ok…”

We ordered dinner and drinks. She became more flirtatious as she got a little more drunk. Her dress opened a little more…Her hands touched my hands a little more…The waitress, also was showing more. Her blouse was showing me the entire bra cup when she bent down to fill my water. When I got up to use the restroom Michelle brushed by me rubbing her entire body against mine.

When I returned Amy’s dress was practically open all the way to her belly button. She had to know what was going on. She kept flirting and insinuating she was going to blow my mind. The conversation kept coming back to sex. She would ask what kind of girls I liked. Or where was the craziest place I ever took a woman. If I ever fucked anyone behind their spouses back. If I had ever been with 2 girls. What positions I liked. She even came out and told me she liked ass play.

I was really struggling to stay on my game. I knew if I guessed wrong I would be out this job and word would get back and I could lose my other opportunity.

We finished and I asked her if she had a ride. She said she took a cab but would it be ok to ride with me in the car. She insisted we drop me off first. While in the car on the ride she kept showing me her legs and the slit in her dress kept rising. It was now to the point I could see she was wearing thigh highs. She looked down and commented “I love how sexy wearing these makes me feel…God I get so horny in these…” She uncrossed her legs and raised her dress so I could now see her matching lace panties.

We pulled up in front of my condo, so I asked “Do you want to come in for a quick drink before the car takes you home?”


We got out and headed into my Condo. I was all prepared to have Kelly there so I had great wine and good music queued. We closed the front door and she turned and kissed me. She kissed me with all the pent up passion of the evening. Her tongue exploring my mouth and her hands all over my back and chest. I ran my hands down her back to her ass and gave it a nice squeeze. God she was tight. She broke the kiss and asked “How about that drink?” I lead her to the living room and set her on the couch and headed for the liquor cabinet to mix something good. I joined her on the couch and said “Where were we?…”

She spread her legs showing me her beautiful creamy thighs framed with the lace tops of her hose and a great view of her lace covered pussy. I said “Oh now I remember…I was about to ravish your body…”

Just then her cell phone rang. We tried to ignore it but it really broke the mood. I had just gotten my hands on the moist lace covering her most desirable parts. By the second ring we were both sitting up right and she reached to answer it.

“Hey babe…Yeah, almost done…Uh huh, he is a very valuable asset to our team…Yep…Ok we are dropping him off soon and I will be right there…” With that she stood up and composed herself…

“I suppose that was your boyfriend…”


“Oh My God…I am so sorry!…I didn’t know…I mean you never…Oh, Amy I would never have tried if I would have known…”

She said “No no…Its fine, I didn’t do anything that I didn’t want to…” She smiled and said “Thanks for a great evening…Welcome to our team! I look forward to working under you…” and she held her arms open for a hug. I stepped up and wrapped my arms around that gorgeous creature.

I whispered in her ear “Oh am I gonna have good dreams tonight…”

She reached down and gave my hard on a squeeze, “Almost got to live them out…” turned and walked out the front door.

“Phew, I dodged a big on there. That bitch Kelly had a lot of explaining to do…” I said to myself. I finished my drink, and what was left of Amy’s and sat down to catch my breath before heading to bed. I still had a woody so I knew I would be jerking off to the fresh images and possibilities that almost were.

I dosed off for a moment and woke to my front door closing. I jumped up prepared to fight the intruder into my home. I jumped over the couch in time seks filmi izle to see Kelly strutting towards me. “Well hello…” She said.

“You scared the shit out of me…”

“Sorry, I just assumed you would be up still…How was dinner?”

I said “Lovely, but I was hoping for snapper…”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yep…Theirs was all spoken for…”

“You didn’t mention anything to Amy?…Did you?”

“No…She looked like she knew but I was not for certain so I played it cool…”

“Oh good, she is married and that would have gotten me in a lot of trouble…”

I came back, “So what the fuck…You think you can just blow me off in a restaurant because of some dumb ass audit?…”

She said “I will make it up to you I promise”

“then lets get started…Amy brought me back here and got me all worked up, only to take a call from her husband and leave me in a state of need…”

With that Kelly un buttoned her coat and let it slide off her shoulders, revealing a black lace teddy, matching panties, garter belt holding up lace top thigh highs. She said “About that contract?…”

“We have a long weekend before you need that signed…”

She dropped to her knees and pulled out my dick. She started to suck me like she was on a game show. God she was hot. I said “You have no idea how long I have wanted to feel your lips wrapped around my cock…”

She was sucking and I was in heaven. I started to feel like I was gonna cum. I pulled out and said “We have to pace ourselves, I don’t want to cum in your mouth before I sample the rest of your goods…”

I turned her around and laid her on the couch. I kissed my way down her neck to her nipples which were hard as rocks and sticking out of the push up bra on her teddy. Oh how I like to suck on titties. She started moaning and gyrating. “Mmmmm…Yeah baby suck on my tits, that is so good…” I moved a little farther down and kissed her bely button ring, and stuck my tongue in her belly button. She was getting into this but wanted me to go farther…”Baby you are almost there…Taste my sweet pussy…” I dragged my tongue down to the top of her panties and then down the right side with my finger trailing the left side. I wanted her to feel the want and desire I felt earlier. I licked her thigh as far down towards her asshole as I could get with my tongue before coming up again to the top of her lace. She was moving her hips and demanding I take her panties off.

I used my finger to pushed her lace panties between her pussy lips, trying my best to soak them in her pussy juice. I then stuck my nose down to take in her fragrance. I ran my finger from the top of her panties all the way back to her asshole, giving a little extra pressure and swirl around her rose bud. She was moaning “Stop teasing me asshole and eat my pussy…Ah fuck…”

I reached down and looped my thumbs in the sides of her thong and began pealing back the cover to her sweetness. Her panties were soaked and sticking to her skin. I kept pealing and she raised her ass to help remove them, then her legs until she was free of the soiled material.

I knelt up so she could watch as I brought them to my nose to take in her essences. She moaned again “Do I smell good?” I reached my tongue out and licked the dripping panties. “Do I taste good?”

I brought the panties up to her face and stuck them to her nose “Good enough to eat don’t you think?” I asked.

“Mmmmmmm…” Then I shoved them into her mouth.

I dropped back down to put my tongue in her sweet pussy. I wanted to keep teasing her and push her limits. My tongue licked first the outer lips and then I spread her open and dipped into her honey. I like to take it slow and find all of her hidden spots. I listen for when she sucks in a deep breath. I kept up my oral stimulation and let my fingers wander around her sensuous body. My hands were back at her tits pinching and pulling on her nipples.

My fingers then went to her clit and massaged as I pushed my tongue as far in her pussy as I could. She was babbling at this point “Holy fuck…Oh my Gooood…Yes…That’s it fuck me with your tongue…Oh shit…Oh shit…Oh shit…I am gonna cum so hard…fuck!! Fuck!! FUCK!! FUUUUUCK!! Don’t stop!!”

I kept going until her body stopped shaking and she pulled my hair to release my tongue’s dive into her.

She stood up and looked down at me “I need to have a dick stuck in my cunt…Where is the bedroom?”

I rose to my feet and picked her up in my arms. “You have a lot to make up for…”

I laid her on the bed and climbed on top of her. I lined up my cock and pushed all the way into her. She just gasped and screamed “OH FUUUUUUUUUCK!!”I pushed back into her a few more times. I knew I was not gonna last too long in that tight hole. She started to babble again and told me she was getting ready to cum again. I was right there when she sucked in a breath and yelled “You fucking bastard!…I am cumming again!!…Cum with me…Cum with me…”

I slammed into her and yelled back “Here it comes you bitch!!” I started cumming.

She was gyrating all over and telling me “Oh My God…I can feel you coming in my pussy…Oh God…Your cum feels like lava!!…God its so hot…Oh Fuck me fuck me fuck me…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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