Red Heads

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My ancestors came from the Orkney Islands north of Britain. I have very white skin and red hair. I am 6 feet 8 inches tall and I weigh about 295 pounds. I am a weight lifter and I am very muscular and very strong. I have been told that I am ugly and look threatening.

I am an engineer and I work at a US military installation. I work out every night, after work, at a local gym off the base. There is a new Commanding Officer at the base and he is very displeased with the general physical conditioning of the civilian employees. The CO issues an order that might be shortened to read, “Lose the fat butt or I kick it off base.”

As a result of the CO’s order, I manage to sign up 31 people to gym contracts at the gym where I work out. As a result of the sign ups, I manage to win the gym’s ‘Trip To Sun Island For Two’ prize.

Now, most of the guys I work out with down at the gym are referred to as ‘the animals.’ However, I do not feel that it is a fair assessment. I may be ugly and threatening, but can be very suave when I want to.

There is a red haired lady who also works out at the same gym. She is [or so Mindy the manager tells me] 6 feet 2 inches tall with a slim but athletic figure. [She also has a killer rack!] I have been trying to find an opportunity to meet the pretty red haired lady, but she avoids me as if I have some sort of communicable disease.

The red haired lady has no doubt taken quite a bit of crap in the past. People do not relate well to tall ladies. People also do not relate well to very smart ladies. I discover that the red haired lady is on a high IQ list some busybody is compiling as a college study. It turns out that the red haired lady and I have the same IQ.

As you can see, I have researched my [hopefully] ladylove quite thoroughly.

As a result of my careful research, I ask Mindy for a favor. [Mindy owes me big time. When Mindy has trouble with some loud ass hole who does not think gym rules apply to him, I come and reason with bad boy. Hey, I am very suave. I just politely tell bad boy, “You can walk out the door or I will throw you out the door; it’s your choice.”]

Mindy carefully explains to the tall, red haired lady that I have won the ‘Trip To Sun Island For Two’ prize and that I would like very much to talk to the lady. The lady is coaxed into coming over to talk to me. Red hair attempts to get really nasty with me, but I am very suave.

The lady eyes me and snarls, “A trip for me into the tropical sun? Have you lost your mind?”

I very carefully point out, “The sun is only a problem in the day, at night we can roam the sugar sand beaches! Your problem with the sun is also my problem, red head!”

The lady looks at me with new eyes. After all, there are only so many tall red haired men around.

We chat for a while and she see that not only can I speak, but that my sentences are properly constructed and that I am knowledgeable about at least some of the civilized niceties.

Jill agrees to meet me for dinner at Luigi’s, an Italian place just across the parking lot.

The next night we meet. The dinner goes well, especially once I get Jill to try the Lambrusco wine I order. She loves it and it kind of loosens her up a bit. At the end of the meal I tell her, “I must have your answer soon, lovely lady, we need to make reservations.”

Jill does not answer me at that point. I walk her across the parking escort sincan lot to her car. She turns to me and says, “This is the most insane thing I have ever done. However, I am not going down to some tropical island for a week with a man unless I know a lot more about him.”

I respond suavely, “No time like the present.”

Jill says, “OK James, follow me home.”

I cannot believe my luck! I follow her to her apartment. We park the cars and go up to her place. We talk a little more and she downs a couple of hits of liquid courage. She then looks calculatingly at me.

I move in and gently but very firmly press her against me and I kiss her. She tries to push away, but I only let her move back a short distance.

Jill says, “Come with me, before I lose my nerve.”

We go into her bedroom and Jill begins to undress, as do I. Of course, I finish first and Jill tells me, “Just get in bed. I do not need those big clumsy fingers on my clothes!”

Jill takes her time with the bra and panties, teasing me. She slowly removes the bra, stopping just before she exposes her nipples, and then sensuously slides the lace down her body. She poses for a moment and knows damn well what she is doing to me. It looks like I am lying in a tent!

Jill also teases me with her panties and even after she reveals her shaved pussy she says, “There, big boy, you can not even tell if I am a real red head!”

I can tell that Jill is an exhibitionist! And, with her pale white skin, flaming read hair, slim attractive body and really nice tits, she has a lot to show.

Jill finally climbs into bed. I grab her and begin to work on her tits. Tits of that size tend to have a direct link to a lady’s pussy and Jill is no exception. I move my hand down and I can feel that Jill is getting ready. I attempt to continue caressing Jill just a bit longer but she begins to plead with me to, “Put that big thing in me!”

I pick Jill’s legs up and put them over my shoulders. I enter her tight pussy slowly but firmly and penetrate about half way. With each stroke, I get a little deeper without too much force. By the time I get my whole length in, Jill is a wild woman! She climaxes, but there is to be no rest for the weary. I continue to make her my slave, one stroke at a time.

She tells me to “Shove it all the way in!” Then Jill is unable to say anything more in words. However her moans tell me what I need to know.

I use Jill up completely and we climax together!

I clean up and leave Jill sleeping. The next day I make final reservations. I tell Jill of the reservations that evening at the gym.

She kind of stares me up and down and says, “I might as well go, you can’t take any more from me.”

I tell her, “Lovely lady it is not a question of me taking. It is a matter of you giving, willingly.”

Jill says, “Just as long as you remember that!”

On Friday, we catch a flight south. I have brought food along, which is just as well. The fights down are a nightmare. The promised food service does not appear. We nearly miss every connection and then we land in some crummy little airport in who knows where and are told that we have two choices. We can wait in the airport for a week, or we can switch destinations to Naughty Nudies Resort. I grab the son of a bitch by the throat and I am about to adjust his attitude.

Jill says, “Big Jim, you put him down! Naughty ankara escort Nudies Resort is certainly better than sitting in this dump for a week.”

Jill then turns back to the SOB and says, very sweetly, “One more bit of trouble from you and Big Jim will kill you and then rip your flesh with his teeth. Understand?”

He understands. We have no more trouble all the way to Naughty Nudies. I tell Jill, “Don’t worry about the nudity, if anyone disrespects you I will break his face.”

Jill kind of cuddles to me and says, “Well now, you just control yourself. I don’t mind showing myself. Besides, it will be in the dark!”

[Somehow I do not believe that Jill really cares if it is in the dark.]

We get to Naughty Nudies about 11 PM. We get checked in and get a short reading of the rules. There are not many rules.

We go to our room and strip. Jill skips out the door before I can grab her. She says, “Big Jim, we are not going to spend the week in bed. Sorry! We are going to roam the white sugar sand, at least first.”

Jill and I walk past a few people. Jill holds on to my arm and manages to show off her tits as we pass. No one says anything but maybe ‘Hi.’

We walk down a white sand beach with waves lapping at the shore. There is only a little sliver of moon and it is as if we are the only two people in the world. Jill reacts to the serenity of it all with a little dance down the beach in front of me. I get hard just watching her jiggle!

I grab her and she says, “Oh, not here, I will get sand in . . .”

I tell her, “Jill get on your hands and knees, I need you!” She does and I take her doggy style. She wiggles like a wild woman but I manage to control myself and we work up to a shattering mutual climax. Afterward, we wash in the surf.

Jill tells me, “It would seem I have no choice. However, never underestimate the power of a lady, big boy!”

We roam until near dawn and then sleep until suppertime.

The sun is still out and Jill wears a big hat and a long coat over a very tiny bikini bottom.

I wear a hat and long coat over my male bikini.

We walk over to the dining room. Someone makes a wisecrack about the tourists.

I turn and stare at him, drop my coat and, as they say, throw a flex that shows off my size and muscularity.

Jill says, “Big Jim, you just sit down!” We sit. No one makes any more wise cracks. We then get up and remove the hats and Jill removes her long coat. We are then dressed like everyone else. We have supper and Jill manages to go to the ladies room with a couple of the other ladies. When she gets back, it is clear that Jill has laid down the law. There is to be no more trouble!

We stop by the nightclub for a while. They have music and nude dancers, but it is not too good.

We roam the island at night. We usually fuck on the beach somewhere each night. No one appears to catch us, but I sense that getting caught would not bother Jill at all.

Wednesday, Jill tells me, “There is a dance contest tonight.” She continues, “I will dance, I will win. You will remain calm. There may be a little touchy-feely while I am on the stage that is OK. If it gets out of hand, I will call. Understood?”

I say, “You realize I am going to expect little shows when we get back?”

Jill flashes her eyes at me and said, “Well I don’t mind showing myself, but you assume too much!”

Wednesday night, etimesgut escort bayan I have to carry Jill over to the nightclub, as her heels will not work in the sand. She is wearing a silk lady suit with hose and stiletto heels. It is a strange outfit for Naughty Nudies. Every one stares at Jill.

When the dance contest starts, a couple of ladies dance. Jill sniffs, “Naked, not nude!”

When Jill’s turn comes, she goes up on the little stage and begins a kind of shy little dance to a rather slow tune. Suddenly the music picks up and Jill begins to tease with the jacket. She manages to work the audience up while she very slowly removes her jacket and reveals her big, beautiful tits. The music picks up again with a wild background of jungle drums. Jill flashes her shaved pussy early on and then flirts with her skirt for a while. Every eye in the place is on Jill! [And I suspect that several hands are on a cock as well!] Jill finally sheds the skirt. There is a sort of spontaneous gasp, proving Jill has gauged the audience just right. The other girls were naked. Jill is wearing a lace garter belt, opera length dark nylons and stiletto heels. After days and nights of naked women, the contrast is incredible. The other girls were naked, Jill is nude!

Jill does the raunchiest dance I have ever seen. She sways to the pounding of the drums, she shakes her tits, and she even turns and looks at the audience through her spread legs exposing her wide-open ass and pussy! There are hands reaching toward Jill and she teasingly brushes past them. I think that at least a couple of the guys would have climbed onto the stage and tried to rape her. However, they remember me and look around first!

At the end of the act, the stage goes dark and Jill disappears. Very shortly a completely nude Jill walks up to me and said, “Let’s get out of here! I need cock!”

We walk down the beach after I shed my male bikini. Jill is hot and ready, I am so damn hard, I can barely walk. We don’t go far before we stop to fuck.

Jill lets me penetrate her as I will. She wiggles, she shakes and I know her tits are bobbing wildly. I also know people have to be watching. We finally climax together. As usual, we then wash off in the ocean.

Afterward, as we walk down the beach Jill talks to me. She says, “OK, back home I have a really responsible position. I have to behave myself. If I show myself there, I lose my job. I really like to show myself. If we are to stay together, you will have to understand that. Worse yet, if I get a little carried away, you will have to keep the boys off me.”

I tell Jill, “Back home you can show yourself to me anytime. In fact, we are going to have to do a check on your nighties! As to other guys; I like to beat up guys. If someone steps out of line, don’t worry it will only happen once.”

Jill then asks, “Well, what did you think of my little performance?”

I thought for an instant, and then said, “What I wanted to do was climb up on stage and fuck you in front of everyone!”

Jill kind of shivers and cuddled in close to me. She says, “Anytime, big boy!”

The rest of the time we are at Naughty Nudies, Jill teases the boys. They can not really try anything with me there. However, Jill gets so hot after the action that we have to screw. It is an interesting couple of days.

As we fly home, Jill tries to back down a little from her earlier claims. I point out that she is heading for a good spanking.

Jill then cuddles close to me and says, “Well then, which do you like to see the best, my tits or my pussy?”

I say, “Both, and seeing is not enough, I like to taste!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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