Rhonda’s IR A-DICK-tion

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Big Tits

I was just thinking about my first wife, Rhonda and how BIG her pussy was. First of all, she was the consummate High School Whore. She fucked anybody and everybody who asked. She was very popular with the black guys, which was not really “Acceptable” for a white girl back in the early ’70’s. But she had a nice ass…big, but really, really firm and high and tight. She loved the fact that the black guys were sexually attracted to her and very open and public about it. They would often make loud, sexually bold remarks as she walked past. She would always look back at them and smile or wink. Years later she would tell me about how big their cocks were and how she became a total size queen. Why in the hell she ever married me, I will never understand! I mean…my dick is less than three inches totally hard on a good day!

So, I began dating her because I knew she was a whore and I was a virgin, so it seemed like the perfect match. Even before we dated I was really excited by the fact she was so sexually active and so open about it. Rhonda took my virginity, but that’s another story that I’ve already posted.

We had been married about three years when one night we were at the Bel Aire Drive-In movie, fucking in the car as usual. This time she didn’t get dressed as we were driving out. Even under the full lights of the drive-in and then the street lights as well; Rhonda stayed naked. Then she leaned against the car door and spread one leg over the back of the sincan escort bayan seat and the other on the dashboard. With her pussy spread W-I-D-E, she began fingering herself. Hard and fast! Then she inserted three fingers…her moaning was so sexy as we drove toward home…street lights illuminating her naked body as we passed other cars they could plainly see what she was doing. I was really getting off on that!

Pretty soon she had her whole hand inside of her big fat pussy!! All the way up to her wrist! I had never seen her do that before. She reached over and took my right hand and held my fingers together and slid my whole hand into her pussy! OMG!! I had never felt anything so wet and hot in my life as her soaking wet pussy clamped around my wrist! I almost wrecked the car!

When we pulled into our carport…directly under a bright streetlight…she got out totally naked; stood by the back bumper, spread her legs wide and said “Eat me NOW!! RIGHT NOW”!! So I started and she said, “NO…Take your clothes off too”! I was afraid of getting arrested, but I was powerless to resist. So I tore my clothes off and got on my knees and started eating Rhonda’s fat pussy! I swear it felt like my whole head could have slipped into her big, wet pussy! Then she took my hand and led me into the house and straight to the bedroom.

Rhonda jumped into bed, rolled over onto her back and while holding her ankles, spread her legs and yelled “Fuck me NOW!”!! eryaman escort So I climbed on and started fucking, but I honestly couldn’t tell if I was in her or not. Her pussy was so much bigger than my little dick that I really couldn’t even feel her pussy.

Then she said “FUCK THIS! I need SOMETHING BIG in my pussy…not THAT little thing again”! She told me to go out to the car and reach under the front seat and bring her the umbrella. She had a full-sized collapsible umbrella. It had a nice thick leather cover that slid over it like a big black condom. The umbrella was bigger around than my forearm/wrist and it was 14 inches long. (I measured it later). So I went back out to the car, still naked to do as I was ordered. I snickered when I saw my clothes still laying in the driveway because I realized right then that I was a slave to anything Rhonda told me to do.

When I brought the umbrella to her, she snatched it out of my hand and in one long stroke, slammed it ALL the way into her big pussy! It disappeared! The sound that escaped her was totally orgasmic! Her eyes rolled back into her head and she gasped and yelled “OH YESSSSS…It’s about time…it’s been way too long”! She shook all over and her leg spasmed and she jerked and threw her head back and just groaned. WOW!

I had never seen her orgasm like that! When she finished…she left the big black umbrella deep in her pussy and smiled at me and said that it had been way too long since she etimesgut bayan escort had an orgasm OR a cock that big. Of course I had to ask…WHEN did you ever have one THAT big? She laughed and told me that it hadn’t been that long since she had the umbrella, she keeps it with her at all times for emergencies…but the last cock she had that big was just as black as the umbrella. I guess my jaw dropped and Rhonda smiled and told me that she had fucked a lot of the black athletes at East Forsyth (our High School). Our old friend “Pettigrew” was the guy with the giant cock. She said that he was bigger than the umbrella (fatter and about as long). He was her favorite fuck-buddy and every time she fucked herself with the umbrella she thought of him.

She said that she thought I knew…after all, EVERYBODY at East knew she was fucking the black guys. She and her younger cousin Terri were always partying with the blacks.

Rhonda said something like “Well, now that you know what it takes to keep me happy, you know that YOU obviously can’t do it, so there’s no need for me to hide it any longer”. From that day forward, she let me fuck her any time I wanted, but I never again felt the walls of her pussy around my little dick.

Somebody…or several somebody’s, with BIG cocks were fucking her very regularly. It was amazing how much cum she could hold in that big sexy pussy and almost as shocking how many times I had to lick and suck her clean before I was allowed to fuck her.

For some strange reason, ever since then, I have a fetish for big pussy’s! Hers is still the biggest pussy I have ever seen, but my current GF comes pretty darn close!

Now if I can just get her to start fucking around…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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