Rose Bud

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I awake to your soft breath on the back of my neck, the feel of your body pressed against mine, and a soft grunt in my ear. Your hard cock is against me and my ass instinctively lifts in to you, by body turning slightly so that i am on my stomach allowing you access to me. My pussy is already dripping wet and ready for you to enter me. No words need to be said, as I feel your hand run down the length of my spine sliding over my ass and squeezing it before you give it a firm slap. Every fiber of my being is craving you, goosebumps raise on my skin, and a soft moan escapes my lips as I feel your weight shift. Your lips trail across the skin of my shoulders, neck, and upper back peppering it with kisses. My body moves of its own accord and presses against you, my mind races; but i can not speak. I feel your hardness against me and it is almost too much to bear. Your hand reaches down and cups my throat making me turn my face so i can see you. So you can look into my eyes as the tip of your cock meets the entrance to my dripping wet pussy.

In my eyes you see my soul, carnal desire, and passion. You slide your cock up and down teasing me as I wiggle trying to get you inside me. A smile of pleasure crosses your face, a wicked grin, you can see it all, all of me bared before you, wanting you to possess me. bahis siteleri You slide in, my face lighting with satisfaction and arousal. My entire body burns hot as you enter me, my breath catching in my throat until I let a moan escape. You are careful, methodical, holding back. You side in to me firmly letting my body convulse around your cock, before pulling back and sliding in hard again. My body rocking against you, intense waves of pleasure coursing through me. I want more, i am begging you with my eyes to fuck me with wild abandon, even though I know you wont, yet. You want to see the true side of me the side i keep hidden away, the submissive who will let you do anything to her and enjoy all of it.

Your hand leaves my throat and a slight sigh of disappointment leaves my throat. Your hard cock is still inside me. You start guiding my body with your hands until my ass is high in the air my back bent and my face in the pillows. Your hand again traces down my spine and my body shudders as you caress my ass. Your words break the silence of the morning like a wave breaks upon the shore.

“Are you ready my pet?” as your fingertips tap against my ass. I and gasp as I feel you spread my ass cheeks to see my virtually untouched hole. I let out a soft whimper and manage to nod yes.

“I need canlı bahis siteleri to hear you say it.” your voice booms as my body tenses again. I swallow down a lump in my throat caused by fear, nerves, and excitement.

“Yes Daddy I am ready” I manage to whimper out as I feel cold drops of liquid hit my asshole. I feel your finger start to rub the lube against my ass, slowly, methodically. A chill of fear, anticipation, and pleasure all mixed in to one runs down my spine making me quiver as i feel your finger press in to my hole. I whimper my body tensing.

” Shhh” your other hand rubs down my back and caresses my ass “You can do this for me pet, relax. I will take care of you.” All at once the tension in my body relaxes and my ass instinctively moves toward you pressing into your finger. You know that I am ready, that I trust you. Your finger wastes no time pressing in to my hole opening it for the first time and I moan. I had almost forgotten that your cock was still inside me but this sensation makes me remember and i push back against you bucking my hips in to you as you start to finger my hole while i rock against your cock. Before long you are sliding in a second finger winding my hole more, making it ready for your cock. Making it ready for you to take me, conquer me, own every part of canlı bahis my body, and have me willingly give it to you.

I feel an orgasm starting to build as you slide out of my pussy. A begging moan escapes my lips, and I feel your cock at the entrance to my ass hole. Fear runs down my spine again and my mind races thinking it will hurt, that you are too big, my body tenses preparing. You start to press in your hands spreading my ass cheeks.

“Easy baby girl you can do this, you can take it.” Your words calm my racing mind and I start to relax’ as I do the head of your cock pushes into my ass. A mix of pain and pleasure washes over me as I start to cum. You slowly push inside me ass trying to bury your cock deep, to fill me. Slowly my body is adjusting to the sensation and finding it more pleasurable.

“Thats right your mine, take my cock, your tight little ass feels so good around my cock.” Hearing you say this my body shakes and trembles this time there is no fear only pleasure as i push back in to you forcing all of you inside me, a scream and moan escapes my lips and then you start to pump slowly at first then to the point where you are fucking my ass as hard and deep as you can. I’m moaning and begging you for more. Begging you to fill my ass with cum. You fuck my ass with wild abandon, slapping and smacking my ass cheeks, pulling my hair making me moan. My cum dripping down my legs until you cum in me, the pressure is intense and i scream out with pleasure before we both collapse down on the bed breathless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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