Ruthie Calls on Me

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Ruthie is the only child of very rich parents who were 50 years old when their daughter was born. She stands to inherit their money when they die, which she hopes is very soon because she hates them for cheating her out of her youth. Her parents pushed her, at 18 years of age, into a marriage with an older man, a deacon of the church. Ruth was a virgin on her wedding night, of course, and for a week afterward.

Finally her groom decided that Ruth was at her most fertile time and he arranged the deflowering. She lay on her bed wearing a blindfold, a sweatshirt and sweatpants with the crotch cut out. As instructed, she had lubricated her virginal vagina with Vaseline. The blindfold was so she couldn’t see her husband and lust after him. The sweatpants and sweatshirt were so he wouldn’t lust after her.

The bridegroom prayed to God to forgive them for any sin they might commit and for his seeds to be sown fruitfully, while he wanked himself. When he was about to cum he jumped on his bride, thrust his cock brutally through her hymen and deposited his seed into her vagina. That was her introduction to sex, and whenever her most fertile time came around, the ritual was repeated. This went on for several months and Ruth, knowing something was wrong, decided she did not want to be trapped in this marriage by a baby, and began taking birth control pills secretly. She couldn’t stop the abuse but at least she could stop it from being fruitful. This went on for years.

Ruth became really pissed off at her parents one day when she was at a friend’s house, suffering from a headache, which was her chronic condition since her deflowering. The friend, knowing about her rotten marriage, told Ruth of a famous faith healer who could cure her, and instructed Ruth to go into a room, lie down and undress below the waist. Ruth did as she was told. Then the friend, knowing how much I love eating pussy, told me about a young woman who needed to have her sweet pussy eaten. I went into the room where Ruth was, saw her sweet pussy, and started eating it. Ruth was startled at the methods of the “faith healer” but the good feelings took over almost immediately. Thirty seconds after I started she was cooing with pleasure and pushing her pussy into my face to get more. Two minutes after I started she let out a shout, jammed my face against her pussy, wrapped her legs around my head, and began jumping her ass off the bed, with my head held captive. Her cumming went on and on until she finally climaxed with a spasm of her entire body, and then she lay exhausted. This was the first time she had cum and she certainly made up for lost time. Her headache was gone too, and has never returned.

When she realized that she should have been cumming like this for the last five years or more, Ruth began a slow burn against her husband and her parents. She had no money of her own, and no education. She would have to wait until her parents died and then she could, as she once said, “dump canlı bahis my asshole husband and fuck every man in town”. We made a date for her to come to my house the next week and Ruthie, as I and her other friends call her, has been coming back regularly ever since. We meet at my house because she is afraid she would get caught if we met anywhere else.

This time she was a bit early. Ruthie and I hurried to the bedroom, pulling off our clothes as we went. Good sex must be unhurried but some of the preliminary things like getting undressed can be done quickly, especially when there are time limits. Ruthie removed the last of her clothing and lay on her back on the bed, waiting for me. I quickly joined her, equally naked, kneeling between her legs. Ruthie has a pretty face, especially when she smiles, and she was smiling now. She is slender, some would say flat-chested. Her breasts are also rather insensitive so I seldom spend much time on them. Her hips flared out nicely, forming a very curvaceous ass and shapely hips. Her pussy was one of the sweetest ones I knew, in texture, flavor and fragrance.

I leaned forward, burying my face in that sweet pussy and began to eat. I started licking at her love hole and was quickly rewarded by delicious pussy juices. I ran my tongue between her inner and outer pussy lips because she has a sweet spot there. Her body convulsed when I hit it and her juices flowed more heavily. I reached my tongue up and began teasing her clit when Ruthie abruptly started cumming.

Ruthie cums more strongly than anybody I know. Not like the first time, of course, but still wildly, with her ass bucking off the bed and her hands pressing my face against her pussy, until she climaxed with a great spasm of her entire body. Fortunately, she also had her legs clamped around my head and I could keep my face against her pussy, delighting in the aroma and taste of her fresh cum juices. This was the fastest Ruthie had cum since the first time. I decided she must be really horny and I should continue until she climaxed again. It was not exactly a sacrifice for me. Eating Ruthie’s beautiful pussy is high on my list of favorite things to do.

When her climax subsided I enjoyed the bountiful harvest of cum juices in her love hole. I licked her clean and began mouthing her pussy lips. I stayed away from that sweet spot for now because I didn’t want her to cum again so quickly. Ruthie had no objection to my continuing to feast. Having her pussy eaten was high on her list of favorite things to do. I cruised my tongue around her pussy, from her love hole along her pussy lips and back again. I wanted to stay away from her clit because I wanted to delay her climax for a while.

Ruthie was not that patient. She slid her body slightly and her clit was in my mouth. I sucked on the sweet love button and teased it with my tongue. She began humping her pussy against my face, and her legs were again around my head. I continued sucking and bahis siteleri licking her clit hoping to prolong the climax for the feast of pussy juices that were flowing from her love hole. When her climax subsided I claimed my reward and licked her pussy clean.

On our first scheduled date, after cumming three times from having her pussy eaten, Ruthie had a blissful smile on her sweet face but she knew something was not quite right. Although Ruthie detested her husband’s attempts to “sow his seed”, she did derive some pleasure from it. To feel truly right, she needed penetration. Her husband was hung like a mouse, which was why he had been able to penetrate her the first time and since then. The thought of my cock filling her love hole brought joy but she was afraid that I might stretch her, and her husband might notice and get suspicious.

I thought the solution might be just inches away. I fondled her ass and pushed my middle finger into her adorable rosebud. Ruthie cooed in pleasure and I knew the problem was solved. Ruthie had never even thought of the possibility of being fucked in the ass and had no idea of what to do so I moved her into position, lying face down, with a pillow under her waist, presenting her ass to me. I pulled on my condom and covered my cock in KY Jelly and then lubricated her ass, including plunging my finger into her rosebud. By the time I finished, Ruthie was cooing in pleasure and her rosebud was twitching in happy anticipation. I showed her how to reach back and spread her asscheeks. I slowly and carefully inserted my cock, and when it was in all the way, but before I had actually begun fucking her, Ruthie came, her arms and legs thrashing against the bed. I fucked her long and slowly, and Ruthie came three more times before we were through. When she left my house, after cumming seven times that day, Ruthie was at peace with the world, and was able to tolerate her husband and parents, at least until the next time we got together.

I have fucked her gorgeous ass many times since then and I hope to fuck it many more times. We have changed our techniques since then, in order to enhance our mutual pleasure. It is now no longer a matter of me fucking her ass; it is a matter of us fucking together.

On this day, Ruthie moved up to her hands and knees, her beautiful ass aimed in my direction, in the position we had evolved. She reached back and spread her cheeks, and her adorable rosebud seemed to wink invitingly at me. I rolled on my condom and began applying KY Jelly where it was needed, especially on my cock. Ruthie was a bit impatient because fucking with my cock in her ass is even higher on her list of favorite things. When we were both thoroughly greased I began the insertion. While she held her asscheeks open I pried open her sphincter and pushed in the head of my cock. Ruthie murmured in pleasure. I thrust forward and my cock was in farther. Ruthie expressed her pleasure more loudly. I rocked back and forth, bahis şirketleri and with every forward thrust, more of my cock entered this most delightful hole. Finally my entire cock was buried in Ruthie’s beautiful ass. She was cooing her pleasure now, and happily wiggling her ass.

We began fucking slowly. Ruthie was on her hands and elbows, pushing her ass back to meet my forward thrusts. My hands were on her hips to steady us both, and we continued to fuck slowly. I knew Ruthie would cum, probably a couple of times, just from my cock in her ass, so there was no need to caress her clit. Abruptly, Ruthie began her first ass-fucking climax of the day, bucking wildly against me, her hips swiveling. I rolled us over onto our right sides into the spoon position, my left leg over her left thigh and my arms around her chest. Ruthie continued cumming, her legs thrashing about in front of us. I held on tightly and my cock remained firmly in the ass it loved so much. When she finished cumming I resumed slowly fucking her ass. I wanted to reach into Ruthie’s love hole to scoop out the fresh cum juices that I knew were there, but my fingers had been in her ass, so I refrained.

The spoon position is good for penetration and is very stable but not so good for thrusting. We pushed ourselves up to our original positions and continued fucking. Both of us like a long, slow stroke, with my cock pulled almost out of her, and then driven back in. She was on her hands and elbows, pushing her ass back to meet me. I was driving forward, until my cock was buried all the way in her gorgeous ass. All this time, Ruthie was cooing and sighing and telling me how good my cock felt and urging me to keep fucking her. I needed no encouragement because Ruthie’s ass is one of the most wonderful places my cock has ever been. “This is great”, I thought at every stroke.

But even great things don’t last forever. I could feel my climax building and I told Ruthie I was getting ready to cum. She told me she was ready to cum also. We increased the speed of our thrusts, my balls slapping against her pussy and my pubic area thudding against her asscheeks. I grunted and shot my semen into my condom. Ruthie cried out in joy as she also started to cum. Cumming together is the best. A few last strokes to finish and Ruthie collapsed, flat on her face, her arms at her sides. I collapsed on top of her, my cock still firmly in her superb ass, both of us spent and content.

Ruthie and I knew we would have to wash off all the residue of our love-making and she would have to go back to her asshole husband. We showered together and as I washed off her ass, I felt regrets that I would be unable to fondle and caress and fuck this thing of beauty for a long while. We dried each other off, got dressed and hugged and kissed affectionately. Then Ruthie left to go back to her usual life.

* * *

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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