Secret Admirers Ch. 02

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After our action that occurred while my husband had been gone, part of us wanted things to go back the way they were, but we knew that would not be possible. We talked and decided this would just be something that we could delve into when John wasn’t around. However John would be back at home for the next 3 weeks until his next trip, and it would end up seeming like 2 months. I wanted Jimmy so bad! John and I had sex several times in these weeks, and it was good, but I couldn’t help but think about Jimmy sometimes while we were doing it. Several days into this 3 week period, Jimmy broke the ice by flashing me again, and this time he was more daring, as he would do it while John was in the house, as he knew I wouldn’t mind it now. So I joined in now to, and the first time he was so shocked.

It was time for bed, and John was waiting for me in the master bedroom. I had a long t-shirt on with some black, lacy, see-through panties on underneath. I told John that I wanted to get something to drink, and I’d be right back. I went to the kitchen and Jimmy was just walking in. I pulled my shirt up enough for him to see my pussy peeking through my black panties. He whispered, “That’s mean, letting me see it and not touch it.”

I said, “You do it to me all the time, so suffer”, and then I quietly laughed letting him no I was kidding around with him.

Then a couple of days later, Jimmy wanted to know if I wanted to go for a swim. John was in the house doing some office work, and I was bored so I told him that I would. We swam for a while and he looked so good! The sunlight reflecting off of his wet body and his muscles looked so hot. Then we got in the hot tub, and we sat close but not too close. Then I felt him grab my hand, and he guided it underneath all of the bubbles into his swimming trunks.

It was pretty limited as to what we could do, with John in the house, but I felt his cock with my right hand and it slid up and down his shaft several times, then John came out and said “you’d better get out soon, as I’ve ordered some pizza and it will be here soon.”

We got out and dried off, with his semi-erect penis just making an impression through his wet swimming trunks. I said, “Don’t dry off too good, I want both of us to be cold when we get back in the house.”

Jimmy said, “what?”, “why do you want that?”

“You’ll see”, I told him.

We got in the house and I told John, “Man, it’s cold in here”, and I grabbed a blanket. I told Jimmy, “You must be cold too”, and I sat on the couch holding the blanket up, inviting him to sit on the couch with me. I figured John wouldn’t think too much of it.

After we were safe under the blanket with our hands hidden, I had him return the favor. We sat in the living room with John, watching TV or that’s the way it looked anyway. All the while Jimmy’s right hand was exploring all of my pussy, paying most of the attention to my ever hardening clit. It made me so wet to have him touching my pussy while his dad was sitting right there.

After the pizza arrived I got out immediately but he had to sit there a while to wait for his hard cock to go down. I teased him and told him to get up and get some pizza, but he said, “No I’ll wait for a little while.”

Once he got up and ate his first piece of pizza, he held up his right hand licking his index finger, saying, “Dad, this pizza is finger licking good.” Knowing what he really meant, I think I started blushing, hopefully not too much. I sure didn’t want John to notice.

Finally the 3 grup porno weeks had passed, and John would be gone for 3 days. I knew that wouldn’t be long and I had so many things running through my mind. The one thing that kept coming up though, was that his two friends, Bobby and Kirby, had seen my body. I wanted to put on a show for them as well, and possibly have them both also. That night I told Jimmy of my idea. He was not too hot on the idea, was he jealous or something? I know I was sort of semi jealous when he brought his new girlfriend Emily around as well, but I knew we couldn’t ever be a real couple anyway. I told him that he need not worry, I will be here for him always.

I had him film me, with him in the room that night, after he called them to let them know he would have another tape for them tomorrow. Once again I stepped out of the bathroom all wet as before, but this time, I not only felt like a porno star in a masturbation scene, but I acted like one as well, as I really got into it this time. I laid on the floor spread eagle with a good view from the camera, using every sex toy at my disposal.

My pussy was exploding with ecstasy, with my juices flowing everywhere. This time however, Jimmy was standing out of camera view stroking his rock hard 18 yr old cock. I then got up, put my robe on and walked out of the room giving him the cue that he needed to turn the camera off. Then we had the most amazing sex afterward.

He had attained much more dexterity with each time that we had done it, and this time was no exception. We did it doggy-style, me on top, him on top, everything! We laid there on the bed exhausted afterward, he told me he had been practicing with Emily. I told him to be careful with her, but I was thinking what a lucky girl she was.

The next afternoon he invited Bobby and Kirby over, and as the plan went, he told them to go ahead and watch the movie and he’d run to the 7-11 to get some drinks. After he left, I arrived and went to Jimmy’s room where they were watching my tape. I was wearing a white lacy bra, a white grater belt and white stockings with no panties, underneath my black, long, leather jacket. I heard them talking about the movie I had made for them while I was just on the other side of the door. I opened the door and said, “why watch the movie when you can have the real thing”!

Bobby was wide-eyed and was speechless, but Kirby said, “No, I’d better go!”

I told him, “do you want your mom to find out you’ve been watching one of your friends mom’s while she was naked?”

Kirby said, “No, not really, but this is weird, and what will Jimmy say?”

“Jimmy?”, I said, “He already knows and he will be here in a few minutes.” I walked toward them and I grabbed Kirby’s hand with my right hand and Bobby’s with my left hand, pulling them close to each of my breasts. I then grabbed each of there faces an guided them towards each of my breasts and I said, “I want both of you to have me right here, right now”

Kirby said, “couldn’t we both have you but just one at a time?” I guess he was a little insecure about being naked and having sex, with his friends in the same room.

I told him, “No that’s not an option”, as I undid my bra exposing my tits to the two 18 yr. old boys. I once again guided them by grabbing their hands, so we could go to the master bedroom where there would be more room to explore.

I told Bobby to stand beside the bed, while I gave my full attention to Kirby, as I undressed him one piece of hd porno clothing at a time. Kirby was about 6 foot tall with brown hair, he was so handsome, a real “ladykiller”. I pulled off his boxers to expose a hard 6″-7″ cock, I gently licked underneath his shaft all the way to his balls, then I kissed the tip end of his penis and told him, “get in bed and I will be there soon.”

Next, I turned my attention to Bobby, he was a little more shy than Kirby and he sort of backed up a little but then again he didn’t run away either. Bobby, had dark hair, he was about 6’3″, and when I pulled his shorts down I saw something to behold, his dick was a solid 8″-9″ long! I stroked his rod ever so slowly, trying to feel every inch of his cock, then I also licked the bottom of his shaft, and caressed the tip end of his penis with my lips. A little teasing never hurt anybody, right? I told him, “get into bed and I will see you and your hard friend shortly.”

Then I screamed out, “Jimmy you can come in now!” He walked in already in his boxers. I quickly stripped him out of those, and had him lay down on the bed with his naked friends.

My pussy was so wet seeing these three athletic 18 yr. old boys laying on the bed waiting for me. I knew Jimmy better obviously, so I sat on his hard cock first, and had the other two put their young, stiff rods in my face. I alternated sucking each of their cocks just to the point they were fixing to cum, and then I would stop and go on to the other one. Then I got off of Jimmy and I decided I wanted to be serviced so I had the 2 new boys, devour my pussy.

It was their first time eating pussy as well, so I was the teacher of “Eating Pussy 101” that day. Jimmy even helped showing them some tips as well in between his kissing and massaging my tits.

I got up and moved into the doggy-style position with Jimmy at the head of the bed, so I could suck his dick, while Bobby was underneath my pussy, licking and sucking on my clit, and Kirby was probing the inner depths of my pussy with his tongue, pushing it in and out. I sucked Jimmy until he shot his wad deep into my throat as we planned, as I wanted to finish off the other two while I was alone with them. Jimmy then walked out of the room leaving me with his two friends.

I’d never had 3 guys at one time before, and I had decided that this was for me. I had both of them lay on their backs and I alternated sitting on both of their cocks, but ever so quickly not allowing them to cum. Then I would take turns just playing with their cocks as if they were a dildo, rubbing it back and forth over my pussy as my juices dripped down the lengths of their cocks drenching the skin at the base of their shafts. Each time their heads of their dicks would almost turn purple, getting engorged and both of them were going crazy wanting my pussy so bad.

Before they could have it I had to sit on their faces just one time. First it was Kirby’s turn, as I sat down on his tongue and he tongue fucked me in and out over and over. Then it was Bobby’s tongue’s turn as I positioned my torso above his face, and his tongue literally made love to my pussy, as I couldn’t help but rotate my hips grinding my pussy into his face. I was afraid I might suffocate him so I got up.

Kirby got on top of me and Bobby positioned his dick so I could suck it. I played with Bobby’s cock with my mouth as Kirby’s dick went in and out of my pussy like a piston in a race car. He moved in and out faster than I’d ever seen a man move it! As my juices latin porno were exploding out of my swollen slit, he pulled out, and I quickly moved Bobby out of the way so Kirby could shoot his steaming, hot semen all over my face. Kirby got up and walked out of the room, leaving me with Bobby and his long, hard cock.

He was the exact opposite from Kirby he wasn’t fast at all, as he made love to my pussy. He even insisted on eating me again first. After he did that his cock went slowly in and out of my pussy driving me mad. I was moaning so loud they must’ve heard me from miles away! He licked and kissed my tits, and then he started laying some of the best kisses I’d ever had on my lips, as our tongues explored each others mouths.

I decided that I would return the favor. If he was going to pay such attention to me, and pleasuring me I would do the same for him. He laid on his back and I made love to his huge cock as well. I kissed all the way up his shaft then I put my lips around just the head of his dick with my tongue going all around the circumference of it. I followed that by licking and kissing his balls, then I licked all the way up his shaft until I got to the top. I lowered my mouth and throat over his throbbing rod, totally engulfing it pushing it to the back of my throat. It even gagged me just a little but I didn’t care, I just went up and down the shaft with my mouth until he shot his hot cum into my throat.

I figured that it was over, but Jimmy and Kirby had been plotting while they were out of the room. Jimmy said, “let’s go for a swim now, we can skinny dip.” I figured why not. All four of us were there in the sun, naked as we could be. Jimmy told me he was afraid I might get a sunburn, and frankly he looked like he was up to something but I didn’t care. I laid down on the reclining lawn chair and all 3 of them were applying lotion all over my body. Having 6 hands exploring all of my body was outrageous. I felt so loved and so needed. As I looked at each of them all of their cocks started to get longer and harder as it went on.

The next thing you know I had 2 cocks in my face to lick on, and I had Kirby in their pumping his cock in and out of my pussy all over again. My eyes were closed enjoying all of this, and the next thing you know I felt what I thought was a 3rd cock on my cheek. This couldn’t be!

I opened my eyes and there was a 3rd guy there, it was Sidney, another one of Jimmy’s classmates. His cock was about the same size as Bobby’s, maybe a little larger, but his was black! That’s right, and frankly I had always fantasized about having a black man but I had never done it. I had to have him next! After Kirby was through and shot his wad I had Sidney sit on the lawn chair next to me, and I had Bobby and Jimmy lay on the edge of the pool.

I got into the pool, and I told Jimmy, “you’ve been a bad boy, inviting Sidney over here, but I do appreciate it.” I then alternated with hand jobs and blow jobs until Jimmy shot his semen onto my face and into the pool while Sidney was watching and stroking his long, black rod.

I got out of the pool and had Bobby take me doggy-style while I sucked on Sidney’s hard cock. Bobby pulled out and shot his love juice onto my back, then I straddled Sidney’s huge cock, nothing has ever went so deep into my pussy before. It felt so good! He had me doggy-style, and with him on top as well, until he shot his load into my mouth.

Man I’d turned into such a slut. I even was thinking about taking on the whole baseball team. I knew this could only go so far without John knowing, but I just had my first gang bang and I’d never came so much in one day. I was having the most fun I had ever had and that was all that mattered at the time. I knew there was more to cum…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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