Seducing Jennifer Pt. 12

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I was in a stupor of exhaustion and satisfaction when she brought me back to reality with a sharp nip on my earlobe. “I hate to wake you, Jack dear, but I really have to go to the bathroom. Like right now.” I rolled off her to let her get up.

“And I don’t want you in here when I do what I need to do. So please go downstairs and see if you can put together something for lunch, OK? I know you’re tired, honey, but…please?” She rolled painfully out of bed and shuffled toward the bathroom. I grinned, knowing exactly what her violated asshole must feel like. I should have been ashamed of myself. But I wasn’t. After all, she had done it to me first.

As I headed down the stairs I heard an explosive farting noise and a splash. I grinned again. That would be a mixture of my come and liquefied KY spurting out of her. Now she knew how much I had really pumped into her tight ass. She had wanted to be fucked in the ass. And she had gotten it.

When she finally came downstairs I had put together a light meal of club sandwiches and cole slaw. We sat at a glass table out on the broad main deck which jutted out over the lake, both of us naked in the cool breeze. I could barely take my eyes off the tangle of damp curls at her crotch, enticingly visible beneath the glass. I finished my sandwich in three bites and put my hand on her slender thigh. “I love you, Anna,” I said. “And I can never thank you enough…I never imagined there was this much joy in the world.” She dropped the remains of her sandwich and stroked my hairless chest. “I should thank you, Jacky. I never imagined how thrilling it could be to be loved by someone as gentle and caring as you. Not to mention beautiful. In a manly way, of course.” She winked at me. “Most of the time, anyway.”

She crept into my lap and I held her for a long time, gazing out at the placid, deserted lake. “Now it’s definitely time for a nap,” she declared. “I love sleeping in your arms, Jacky. That may even be the best part…Oh my.” She looked down at my cock, which had surreptitiously risen to a rampant state while we cuddled. “I suppose I’ll have to take care of that before I can get any rest.” She sighed theatrically, took me by the hand, and led me upstairs to the welcoming bed, the sheets now wrinkled and stained. I took her in my arms and flopped backward onto the mattress. We kissed for a while, both of us drowsy and nearly sated, but after I caressed her breasts and fingered her pussy for a few minutes she revived enough to reach into the night-stand and take out something that she kept concealed in her palm. “I wasn’t going to do this, but I really do want you inside me, and my ass is way too sore to do it that way again anytime soon. So we’ll use this.” She opened her hand and showed me a foil packet. “The much-despised condom. Magnum size, of course. Again, I planned ahead. I’m good at that.” She deftly rolled it onto my hard dick and positioned me above her. “Fuck me, Jacky-love,” she murmured. “And don’t hold back. I’m too tired to play games.”

Her pussy was very wet and I wasted no time in penetrating her to the hilt. She was right; it didn’t feel the same with the condom covering my cock. But it was still very nice. We lay there, locked together, kissing passionately, until I could not resist moving within her. Gradually izmir escort I went from short, shallow thrusts to giving her the full length of my cock with each stroke, my balls slapping lustily against her ass until I felt her internal muscles contract and I knew it was time to jet my load. She clung to me as I emptied my spunk into her hot center and collapsed on top of her, my cock still filling her pussy. “I didn’t think I had another one in me,” she murmured drowsily. “Don’t forget…” She drifted off in mid-sentence, and I was not far behind her. I was completely spent, my muscles like jello and my brain in pretty much the same state.

We slept the sleep of the blissfully satiated, our bodies still joined together.

When she stirred beneath me, I opened my eyes and looked directly into hers. Her eyes were deep pools of endless love, I thought. I hoped she could see the love in mine as well. She yawned and stretched and I lifted myself off of her, my muscles protesting after our strenuous bouts of exercise of a nature to which I was unaccustomed.

My cock had softened while we slept, but the head was still inside her, and it quickly grew to fill her again. Her hot wetness embraced the full length of my stiff member. “I slept so good, Jacky.” She smiled up at me. “And of course you’re ready to go again…” Her blue eyes widened. “Please tell me you stayed awake long enough to get rid of the condom.”

She must have seen the panic in my eyes. “Oh, no, Jacky! Oh, I hope we didn’t…” She wiggled out from under me. “Oh, Jacky. We didn’t exactly follow the instructions, did we.” I looked down at my cock, and it was bare and glistening with our combined fluids. She crawled out of bed, squatted and inserted her fingers into her dripping snatch, probed briefly, and withdrew the wrinkled condom. It was nearly empty.

“I’m so sorry,” I stammered. “I fell asleep…”

“It doesn’t matter, Sweetie.” She dropped the condom on the nightstand and crawled back into bed next to me, settling naturally into my arms. “It was just another lesson. You kind of failed that one, but don’t worry about it. Now you know.”

She gazed into my eyes, the love there tinged with sadness. “I made a decision during our little rest period. I’m going to do what I need to do to take care of my baby. And I’m sure I can count on you to…take care of the details even when I’m not there. You’re the key, Jacky. Everything else is already in place.”

She noted the puzzled look on my face and smiled sadly. “You passed all the tests. Except maybe the condom one.” She poked me in the ribs. “Now I’m sure you’re the right one for Jennifer. Things will work out. The two of you will have a wonderful life.”

I grew more confused by the moment. Was this another personality change? “But I love you,” I croaked.

“I know you do, Sweetie, but you know this has to end, don’t you? We’ll cherish the memory of this weekend, but the future belongs to you and Jennifer.” She kissed me briefly and stood up. “I need a shower SO bad. Perhaps you’d like to join me?”

We got into the shower together and washed each other slowly and lovingly, then held each other for a long time beneath the warm spray. I wasn’t sure what to expect going forward…her cryptic statements had thoroughly mystified me. alsancak escort I was afraid that our weekend was about to come to an end sooner than I had expected.

When we dried off and left the bathroom I tried to lead her back to the bed, but she pulled her hand from mine and slapped playfully at my shoulder. “I know what you want, Mr. Hot Pants!” She skipped to the bedroom door. “And you’ll probably get it if you feed me first. But you can’t fuck me half-unconscious and then not feed me. Meet you in the kitchen.” She scampered down the stairs and I followed, wondering where she had suddenly got all the energy from. I was feeling rather like I had been worked over by a prizefighter. And my asshole buzzed like there was a nest of bumblebees in there.

In the kitchen she was humming happily and pulling food out of the refrigerator. I came up behind her, lifted her damp hair, and kissed her neck. She slipped away, giggling. “Don’t mess with the cook, Jacky. Technically, you should be doing the work while I rest up for what you plan to do to me later. But I’ll do it this one time and you can go start the fire. We’ll have a special feast. Let’s see…oh, lobster thermidor. Perfect. And oysters, of course. Not that you need them. And…perhaps a vintage Chateaux Margaux to wash it all down?”

I cleaned out the fireplace and had to go outside to get more logs and kindling. It was strange and exciting to walk outside naked, the cool breeze rippling my hair across my shoulder blades. The sun was setting gloriously over the lake and I stopped to watch it for a few moments. The day had passed so quickly…

When I had the fire crackling merrily she brought the food over. She had donned a wispy black-lace apron of the French maid variety, and I longed to rip it off of her. When I reached for it she evaded my grasp and shoved me down on the couch. “Don’t be gauche, sir,” she said. “My name is Annette and I will be your server tonight. Would you care for zee app-i-tea-zair? Espes-sial-i-tee of ze hoos, mon frer.” She posed in front of me and lifted the skirt of her apron to expose her silky blond curls. I grabbed her hips and buried my face in her fragrant pussy. After I had licked her clitty to attention she pushed at my forehead and backed away. “One must not over-indulge in zee app-i-tea-zair, cher ami. It will spoil zee appe-teet, non?” She deftly transferred some food to a small plate and settled into my lap, where she fed me small bites of food, sampling each before spooning the rest into my mouth. “First, zee oy-stair. Ahhh…” She slipped a small lump of cold gray slime between my lips. I nearly gagged, the scent of the beach at low tide invading my sinuses. She giggled. “Eet is some-sing like swallowing zee neck-tair du amour, is eet not? At first not so nice, but soon one comes to crave it.” She gave me a sip of sparkling white wine, and slipped another oyster into my mouth. The second one was not so bad, since I knew what to expect. “Now zee lob-stair…ah, we do love that one, non?” Another first for me, but this one was truly delicious.

We cuddled as she fed me, and when the food was finished we feasted on wine-flavored kisses. I gently slipped the lace straps of the apron off her narrow shoulders and covered her soft breasts balçova escort with kisses too, nipping and suckling at her pebbled nipples. She squirmed in my lap, my cock hard against her thigh. “Ah, but I believe M’sieur is ready for zee dee-sairt. Tonight we will enjoy zee crème pie Annette, non? And zhat will require some prepara-see-own. Come, M’sieur. To zee bedroom, s’il vous plait.

She led me back upstairs and I followed closely, carrying a full glass of wine. After I set it carefully on the nightstand, I pulled her into my arms, kissing her passionately as I fumbled with the ties of the lace apron. Finally I just tore it off her and tumbled into bed with her on top of me. She kissed me wantonly as I gently kneaded her firm breasts. They fit my hands perfectly. She was humping my thigh, her wetness leaving trails on my skin, and when I could take no more I rolled her over and reached for her pussy. “Pair-hops a sip of wine, cher?” she murmured before I could do more than stroke her sweet curls. I took the wineglass from the night stand, sipped at it, and transferred the cool liquid from my mouth to hers. Then I dribbled the rest of the golden liquid over her milk-white body and slowly licked it up, ending at her diminutive pussy. She settled her legs over my shoulders and I held her in my hands as I bathed my face in her musky emissions. Slowly her tension built, but I was in no hurry, although my hard cock throbbed against the sheets. “M’sieur has enjoyed zee pie, but has forgotten zee crème,” she finally gasped, arching her back to avoid my questing tongue. “Come with me, mon amour, and add the final ingredient for zee true crème pie Annette.”

I levered myself over her and she grasped my rigid tool in both her hands, gasping as it slid into her, then pulling me deep with her legs locked behind my back. “Gently now, mon cher amour. Your little Annette is so small and so sore inside.” My cock was firmly seated against her cervix, and the small movements she allowed me to make caused it to bump back and forth across the head of my cock. After a few moments of this she could take no more, unclasping her legs from my back and gripping my hips with her thighs to lessen the penetration. “Not quite so deep, cher. Until you come…then I want to feel it in my womb.”

I thrust in and out of her as gently as possible for long moments of exquisitely building pleasure, until she began thrashing and moaning and pulled her knees up almost to her shoulders. “Fuck me, Jacky!” she wailed. “Come in my pussy!”

Her cunt spasmed around me and a spurt of hot liquid soaked my balls as I gave a final mighty thrust and spewed my hot load into the liquid core of her. She put her legs back around my waist and held me deep inside her as our bodies cooled. I kissed the droplets of sweat off her forehead. “I want to stay just like this forever,” I whispered into her ear. “Never move again.”

“But M’sieur should enjoy zee crème pie while eet is fresh, non?” she teased, thrusting out her lower lip and pouting. “After so much ver’ hard work, is not good to waste…”

She squealed when I abruptly slid down to bury my tongue in her gushing snatch. I collected a mouthful of come and rose back up to kiss her, sharing the nectar of our combined efforts. “Zee crème-pie Annette was most es-qui-zeet, non?” she murmured against my sticky lips.

“Oui, Ma’mselle,” I whispered back. I rolled over, pulling her on top of me, and my semi-erect cock slid naturally into her sloppy channel and nestled there comfortably. “And now we rest, replete.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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