Serena and Mandy Pt. 04

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Warnings: There is light bondage, exhibitionism, promiscuity, and incest in this story.


Summary to date: Philip and Serena have fallen in love within the crucible atmosphere of an intensive training session, in Princeton, NJ, that their company runs. Philip visits an old flame, Mandy, in New York, while Serena is off with Steve, her lover, who predates her affair with Philip. Mandy decides to come to Princeton (from New York) to check out her competition, and Philip tells Serena that Mandy is his sister, so she won’t suspect their relationship. That doesn’t work, and Serena invites her brother, with whom she has long been incestuous, to come up from Philadelphia, where he’s been working recently. It’s a dangerous situation as we rejoin the goings on.


This is the conclusion of the story of Serena and Mandy (and Clark and Philip, with complications like Steve and Old Man Potter)


Serena’s brother Clark arrived first, at 10AM. Serena and I were both in our Training Session, but luckily it was a half day. When Serena got the text that her brother Clark had arrived, she told Professor Taylor she had a migraine headache, and could she please be excused? She had to go lie down to let it pass. As she left I handed her a note. It said,

Don’t you dare have sex with Clark while I’m stuck here in this bleeping class

I heard Serena suppress a giggle as she left the room. She headed to her own apartment.

A half hour later I got the analogous text, mine of course from Mandy. I texted back that I was in class until 1PM, but to let herself into my apartment if she liked. I told her I had left the front door unlocked. She texted back thanks.

When I got home Mandy attacked me with some ferocity, and it was all I could do to keep her from having sex with me. She had washed the dishes, made my bed, vacuumed the floors, and was washing the windows when I entered. I could hear the washing machine enter its rinse cycle. The dishwasher was working, too.

“We’re not married, you know. You don’t have to play the domestic role,” I said. “You do, however, play it amazingly well.”

“How can you live like this? I found these in your unmade bed. Are you wearing panties, now? Cross dressing? Kinky, Philip,” Mandy said, as she brandished a pair of Serena’s panties, dangling from a finger. Seeing my face, she said, “Hey, I don’t judge. Whatever floats your boat.”

“Why did you have me tell Serena that you’re my sister?” I asked.

“She won’t get so jealous, that way. Besides …wait a minute. You don’t know??” Mandy said.

“Know what?” I was not having a good feeling about this; there was something in Mandy’s tone of voice.

“Your Dad never told you?” Mandy asked, her voice full of incredulity. Now I was truly flummoxed.

“My Dad told me lots of stuff. He drilled me on 2+2=4, for example. He taught me to ride a bicycle and to drive a car. What are you getting at? Spit it out, Mandy!”

“You actually are my brother. We’ve been having incest,” Mandy said, smiling broadly. “And to think, you didn’t even know!”

“What in the world are you talking about? Are you drunk or something? You’re speaking nonsense,” I said.

“How shall I put this? Your Dad is your Dad, but your mother is my mother. My Dad is your Dad, but my mother is my mother. We have the same two parents, biologically speaking. You didn’t know?” Mandy said.

“What have you been smoking?” I asked.

“It’s true. Our bio parents had two kids, you and me, and then decided they couldn’t stand each other. They both remarried, to the people they were each cheating with. One of the newly formed couples got you, and the other new couple got lucky, and got me. Simple, right? I can’t believe nobody ever told you!” Mandy said. “You were three, and I was only one year old at the time.”

“Are you serious? You’re my full-blooded sister? Really? I don’t believe it!” I said. I was staggering. “My Mom is not actually my Mom? How can that be?” Mandy told me later that the blood drained from my face and that I was as white as a sheet.

Mandy took out her phone. She called her Mom. “Philip doesn’t know. You know what, c’mon, don’t be dense. Tell him,” I heard her say on the phone. Mandy handed me the phone, a triumphant smile on her face.

Mandy’s Mom said hi, and we exchanged banalities. Then I heard her take a deep breath and she told me she was actually my own Mom, too. She apologized for never having told me. I gave the phone back to Mandy and sat down heavily on the cheap couch in my apartment. I was stunned, and couldn’t speak.

“I’m in love with my sister. I’ve been fucking my sister. We’re incestuous. Scotch whisky is in the cabinet over the fridge. Get me some, will you?” I was in shock. I was fighting off a panic attack. Mandy had known all the time. She had known we were siblings when I first seduced her. She had known when we first fucked, and she fell in love with me, amatör porno and she let me fall in love with her, anyway.

She knew and – apparently – she didn’t care. Maybe she even liked the idea? Could she be that strange? Could I? I always knew I had a kinky side; Mandy knew it too, of course. Fully aware incest, as opposed to unwitting incest, however, was over the top kinky. What was I supposed to do about this?

Mandy brought me a hefty glass of Scotch, since she realized I was in shock. I had taken one sip of the healing, amber liquid, when Serena and Clark walked in. Serena looked ravishingly beautiful and sexy like she always did; I’m sure Mandy was intimidated. However, her brother Clark made Brad Pitt look ugly by comparison. They made a fabulous couple. Too bad they were siblings, right?

Just like Mandy and me, I thought, and I felt sick to my stomach.

“That looks good,” Serena said. “What are you drinking? Getting a head start, are you?”

Serena had that freshly fucked look she gets after we do the deed. I knew it all too well. I felt like throwing her words right back at her, but I was in no shape for clever repartee. I was barely able to function.

So, Serena had just fucked her brother. What else is new? I’d been too busy learning of my incest, with my very own bleeping sister(!), than to have fucked her. Well, the night was still young. Would I even be able to get it up, knowing now that she was my sister?

I looked at Mandy, scanning her luscious body from head to toe. I had enjoyed her body over the years more than I could say. I remembered the first time I had laid her, the first time we had made love; how vulnerable she had looked, how her body had responded to my every touch, and when I entered her…

When I had entered her that first time, her passage had been as wet as the Hudson River, maybe even wetter, and she groaned as if my cock entering her had been what she had wanted all of her life, and that she had died and gone to heaven. My God, the way she had fucked me back! Ha! I had become hard just now simply by looking at her, and remembering. I’d have no trouble fucking her brains out, later tonight, sister or lover or -goddamn it – both!

Mandy studied the label. I woke from my reverie when she spoke, “Balvenie 21-year-old Scotch,” she said. “Aged in…”

“Port wood casks,” Clark said. “Yum. I’ll take a glass.” Farm boy knew his whisky.

Mandy went to the kitchen to fetch another glass. “Something for you, Slindy?”

She got no answer. “That’s Mandy’s nickname for you,” I said, looking at Serena.

“Jealous, is she?” Serena said, and she giggled.

“I’m not.” Mandy called from the kitchen. The woman had bionic hearing.

“Then why am I Slindy? Isn’t it a contraction for Slut Indy?” Serena asked. Smart girl, my Serena.

We heard a crash and the sound of a glass breaking. “Damn!” Mandy yelled.

Serena turned to Clark. “Philip fucked me tied to a tree the other day. He did it during a severe thunderstorm. It was sooo hot! I told him about how you used to fuck me that way, back home in Indiana.”

We heard the crash of another glass in the kitchen. “I’d better lend Mandy a hand,” I said, and I went to the kitchen and cleaned up all the broken glass on the floor. I thought for a second I saw smoke coming out of Mandy’s ears.

“Clumsy today, aren’t we?” I asked.

“You’re in love with her, you bastard,” Mandy said.

“I’m in love with you, Mandy,” I said.

“She’s gorgeous, she’s sexy, and she’s hopelessly kinky, and a slut to boot. She even fucks her brother. She’s goddam, fucking perfect for you!” Mandy said, almost spitting as she said it. If she had been a snake, there’d have been venom in her voice. As it was, there was virtual venom in her tone and manner of speaking.

“Nevertheless, I want you,” I said.

“Sure, you do. And when I leave you’ll fuck the brains out of Serena, repeatedly,” Mandy said. She was at the pottery throwing stage. I knew all the signs. It follows the glass smashing stage.

“I surely do hope he does!” Serena said, as she ‘innocently’ wandered into the kitchen. Mandy sneered at her.

“How would you like it if I seduced that Adonis, the one you call your brother?” Mandy said.

“If you do, be careful. He tends to ruin women. After he lays them, he’s all they want. I’m inured, being his sister and all, but he is truly dynamite in the sack. He’s laid half the women in Brown County, and they all want more of him. He’s ruined them for other men.

Serena looked thoughtful. “If Clark does lay you, Mandy, I’d love to watch. Wouldn’t you, too, lover?” Serena said, addressing me in her last sentence. I knew she called me lover just to get Mandy’s goat.

“Is he dynamite in the woods, too?” Mandy sarcastically asked. She was bitter. Oh, boy, watch out!

“See for yourself. There’s a nice wooded area near this apartment. I can show you the tree Philip tied me to. Both anal porno of them, actually,” Serena said, ignoring my hand motions to stop, and not to do that!

“I’d love to see them. How about after dinner, when it’s dark? Pity it won’t be raining, though. Now listen, girl: Just because you’re a slut, Slindy, it doesn’t mean I have to be one to compete,” Mandy said, clearly trying to marshal contempt for her siren competition.

“Maybe not, but it sure wouldn’t hurt. I know you have it in you. I’ll bet you get up to all sorts of stuff when Philip’s not around,” Serena said. “You’re no innocent, cute little incestuous sister, I can tell.”

Mandy blushed, just a tad.

“Enough of this, girls! We have a dinner reservation. Are you two ready, or do you need to go powder your noses?” I said.

“Nobody talks like that anymore,” Serena and Mandy said together, using the same words, and even the same tempo of speech. They both started to giggle, and the tension broke.

“Come on, Mandy. Let’s let the men talk, and go get dressed together. What do you say?” Serena proposed.

The girls disappeared into the bedroom. From time to time I heard giggling. Clark and I each had another glass of the Balvenie Scotch, and we got to know each other. I couldn’t help it: It was impossible not to like Clark. He didn’t talk much, and we had some long silences, but they weren’t awkward, and when Clark did speak, I invariably liked what he said.

Even though he had fucked Serena for years, and she loved it, I couldn’t help myself; I liked him. He appeared to like me, too. At one point he said to me, sotto voce , “Listen, Philip. You already know that Serena is a gem. She’s gorgeous, sexy, a true sweetheart of a girl, and great in bed. Nevertheless, she’s insecure, and she’s fragile. She sleeps around to reassure herself that she’s still desirable to men. She’s crazy about you; she’s probably in love with you, and please be kind to her. Will you?”

“Well, I have a thing with Mandy, and …”

“Mandy’s your sister. With Serena you can have children. You can have a life. And you can still carry on with Mandy. Serena won’t care. I need you to tell me you’ll take care of my precious, wonderful sister,” Clark said.

“Well, I…”

“Have you finished the Scotch, or is there some left for your favorite girl?” Serena said, as she entered the room, announcing her presence. Mandy was with her. Had they been eavesdropping?

Stupid question. They’re women. Of course, they’d been eavesdropping! The only issue was: How much had they overheard?

“Thanks, Serena,” Mandy said. “Nice of you to look out for me,” and she glared at me, as Serena smiled. The competitive banter had resumed.

“No time, now, I’m afraid. We’re already late,” I said.

“Restaurants in Princeton take themselves that seriously?” Mandy asked. Always the New York snob, she was. I loved her for it, though.

“No, not really, but I like to be on time. You get better service if you respect them in that way,” I said. “In Princeton, you can’t blame the traffic, or the subway system, for being late.”

Mandy giggled. “You got that right,” she said.

We went to the car. Serena and Mandy both went to the front passenger seat. Clark saved the day, pulling Serena to the back seat, along with himself.

To my surprise, the dinner went well. The (quite expensive!) red wine flowed smoothly, bottle after bottle, and both women mellowed out, and as they let down their competitive edges, they even began to like each other. It didn’t surprise me, actually. Those two women were the most wonderful two women on planet Earth, and since they were both smart, they’d realize it soon enough. The Brunello red wine just helped pave the road to inevitable friendship.

After dinner I left my car parked in the garage and called an Uber. The two women were not the only ones who drank like fish during dinner; both Clark and I had drunk our fair shares as well. I was drunk.

As we rode home in the Uber, Mandy announced that Serena had agreed to show her and Clark “our tree.” We all knew what she meant. We would go to the woods and Serena would point out the two trees I tied her naked to, and fucked her silly at.

As we walked over to the woods in the night air, we could still see because the moon was almost full. “You know Clark, Mandy’s never been fucked outdoors.”

“Uh… that’s not quite right,” Mandy said, and she giggled. This was news to me! “I’ve just never been fucked outdoors by my brother.”

“Well, you’ve never been fucked outdoors while tied to a tree, right?” Serena persisted.

“Quite right,” Mandy said. “But only because New York men are not as imaginative as Hoosiers, apparently,” she said, looking nastily right at me. “I wonder how it’s done?”

“My brother Clark is an expert. He’s fucked many a girl tied up, outdoors. Blindfolds are a Philip innovation, and quite a nice idea, I must say,” Serena said.

“I’ll be anal breakers porno happy to show you how it’s done,” Clark said.

“Oooh, goody! I’d love to see you fuck Serena while she’s tied to a tree,” Mandy said.

“I think it’s something you should experience personally, body and soul,” Clark said.

Mandy looked at him. We were almost at the tree. Serena was wandering off somewhere. “You’re not saying you want to…” and she stopped dead when she saw Clark’s face.

“It’s an experience you’ll never forget,” Clark said.

“That’s one of the many things I’m afraid of,” Mandy replied. “I don’t think so, Clark. I appreciate your lust for me, but it’s just not for me.

Serena had rejoined us, carrying some vines in her hands. “You’ll love it, Mandy! It appeals to so many kinks! You’ll be helpless, exposed to any voyeurs wandering around deep in the woods in the middle of the night, and it’s heaven to feel the night air caressing your sensitive parts. Plus, you’ll get to experience sex with my brother, the legendary seducer of Brown County, Indiana. It’s a winning move. Here, let me help you take those clothes off. You really have to be naked to get the full experience.”

Mandy just stood there, stunned, as Serena undressed her. Was she really going to do this? I would have bet big money Mandy never would have agreed to be tied up, naked, and fucked silly in a public woods; never in a thousand years, let alone by Clark, a man she only just met!

“That’s enough,” Clark said, when Mandy was in her bra and panties, only. “I’d like to finish.”

“I don’t know about this…” Mandy said. She was clearly thinking of backing out. Thank goodness she was coming to her senses. “I can’t get naked in public. My bra and panties stay on. Sorry, guys.” Mandy looked straight at me, scowling, as she had said the word ‘sorry.’

Mandy was acting as if I wanted her to let Clark get her naked, right there in the woods. That’s crazy. Why would I want that? I wanted Mandy for myself. Yes, I was proud of her body, and yes, I liked to show her off a bit to others with the understanding that she was mine, and mine alone. I knew, however, because Mandy had once said it, that Serena’s plan for this special time was group sex. Did Mandy want that? Did I?

I knew what Mandy wanted. Mandy wanted to get me jealous, for me to realize I wanted her and only her, and for me to give up on the idea of continuing to lay Serena. I had been ready to do that after my weekend with Mandy, but Serena had been so fragile and she was so at risk of emotionally imploding, that I just couldn’t do it.

Sex with Serena was like a cocaine addiction. A guy just couldn’t stop. Now here was Mandy, about to be rendered naked and tied to a tree, just in the hope of getting me back to loving her and only her? And she was my own bleeping sister, too? My head was spinning.

Mandy broke my spinning thoughts when she said, “I don’t want to be naked and not in control. I’m not doing it. Sorry, Clark.” Mandy slapped his hands away as they went to pull down her panties.

That’s when Serena went into action. “Let’s show her how much fun it is, Clark. Tie me up naked, why don’t you?” she said, beginning to undress herself. “Come on, Philip. Help me with my bra, won’t you, lover?”

I saw Mandy flash red when Serena called me ‘lover.’ They were clearly competing for me, with Clark playing the role of a wild card. I wanted just to run away, but of course I couldn’t do that.

As I finished undressing Serena, Clark came over and used some of the vines Serena had gathered to tie her over the tree branch, her naked ass in the air, in a position that was simply inviting me (or Clark? Or both?) to fuck her silly.

Mandy, still in her bra and panties (she had not used the occasion of being left alone to dress) was looking on. Serena secured, Clark and I both undressed too, and Mandy saw for her first time Clark’s monster cock. She shyly smiled, and then quickly looked away.

Clark came over to Mandy and stood in front of her. Mandy looked over at Serena’s naked ass sticking in the air, her gorgeous boobs hanging down below her, and her hard nipples revealing her arousal (or maybe just that she was cold in the night air?).

Clark stuck his hands towards Mandy’s bra. “May I?” he said.

Mandy gave no reply.

“May I, please?” Clark asked again.

“Well, since you said please…” Mandy replied, and Clark sweetly, gently, and slowly removed her bra. He silently continued to her panties, pausing as if waiting for a protest. None came, and down went her panties, and Mandy stepped out of them. She was now jaybird naked.

Clark gathered up the remaining vines. He came to Mandy, and she passively allowed him to tie her to the tree. She was tied up definitively. She was not getting loose without help! I went to Mandy and kissed her. She kissed me back with passion. We kissed and I played with her tits, and she began to groan.

Clark came up and tapped me on the shoulder. “May I cut in? I’d like this dance,” he said.

Mandy and I exchanged looks. “Go to your whore,” she whispered to me. There was almost hatred in her whisper. Then she yelled, “Go, Philip! Be gone. Clark wants to cut in!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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