Sexual Urge

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Have you ever been in a long distance relationship, one of those kinds where it is going great, and the rest of your life is falling apart? I am in one of those, every time I get a chance to go see my love, something happens, usually having to do with my car, and taking all my time, and money. I guess the one good thing about not being able to see each other is the fact that is does build up our sexuality, and thank someone for the internet, and web cams!

I was going out of my mind without seeing my lover, and got on the internet, and we decided to get on the web cams, I was so horny, I couldn’t think about anything else, but fucking. I wanted him in me, I wanted to do things that I had never even thought about before, I thought I would go mad. That’s when it happened, I went crazy, I didn’t think I just took of my shirt, my pajama bottoms, and watched as his face went into shock. I touched myself, my breast, my neck, my pussy, sinking my fingers deep. Moaning and moving like I was straddling, I told him what I was thinking, wanting.

I pushed my fingers in deep and played with my clit, watching him as casino oyna he stroked his hard cock,

“I want to be face fucked, and I want you to ram me push hard and deep, I want to feel you against my cervix.” The more I thought about what I wanted him to do the wetter I got, I was dripping unto my chair and all over my hands, and I slid my hands up my body over my tits, making them glisten with my juices. His hand moved faster on his dick, and He closed his eyes in pleasure. I kept thinking about him inside me, his perfect head, glistening with my cum, his shaft shiny and pulsing, standing on its own.

“I want to ride you until you cum inside me, I want to make you moan my name, fuck that! I’m going to make you scream my name! I want to suck your cock until you cum, I want to swallow every last drop.” The demands and ideas kept spring from me, like I was the Karma sutra, my muse watched as I licked my fingers, and closed my eyes in pleasure, my cunt tasting like ambrosia.

“I would fuck you in my car, in the middle of a full parking lot, in daylight, damn whoever sees, and I don’t care if they watch.” slot oyna I ran to the refrigerator and grabbed some whipped cream, I sprayed it all over my body, and licked it off, watching as he moaned, and whimpered with a need to lick me. The sticky cream was a cool comparison to my hot flesh. It started to melt almost as soon as it was there. I licked my tits, and sucked my nipples making sure he could see everything I was doing. I looked up at the small picture on my computer screen, and my eyes were passionate, demanding, they were a vision of sex.

And that’s exactly what was going on behind them, sex; I pushed my fingers in deep, and let him watch me do so, rocking my body like I was riding him, I could almost feel him there. I closed my eyes, and I heard him, moaning his pleasure, saying his unholy prayers to God. He let go of his dick, and all seven beautiful inches stood tall and proud without his hands, I could see it jump with blood flow, and the shiny pre-cum that was on it. I let my hair fall across my face, and looked out through it like a veil,

“I want to be bent over and fucked from behind, hard, canlı casino siteleri and deep. I want you to fuck me in the ass, push in deep and cum, I want to feel your body shiver with your orgasm. I want to bite your neck, kiss you lips, push my nails into your ass, and run them down your back. I want to feel all of your warm skin; I want to kiss every inch of you. I’m going to leave marks, I’m going to make you whimper in pain, and scream in pleasure, and beg for more of both!” I kept pumping my pussy with my fingers, watching him as he ran his hands up and down his length, faster and faster, we went, until we were both on the edge.

“I’m going to buck under you, going so fast, I’m going to make you hit that spot that makes you feel like your going to cum, and I’m not going to stop until you do, and your cum is running down my thighs, and ass.” I pushed my fingers in deep, and rubbed my clit in circles, my legs tightened, my eyes closed, I came.

I opened my eyes to see his face, eyes clenched tight, biting his bottom lip, cum running down his hand. Smiling I watched his cum flow, wishing I could lap it up, sighing; I typed my final message before bed.

“Love you sugah’, wish you were inside me now, night.” He told me the same, kissed me through the cam, and we went to bed, lonely and in need of each others skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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