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The sun was just going down over the neighboring houses when Kelly pulled in the drive. We had been friends since elementary school and did everything together. Kimmy and Kelly, we were inseparable. Shopping, vacationing, and of course we also took care of each others bodies when the men in our lives weren’t doing the job.

We were polar opposites when it came to looks, her with her blond hair, busty figure and rosy cheeks; me dark skinned slender and jet black hair. I had always been envious of her large firm breasts but she loved my little tits so much that I was glad they were small for her.

She had told me earlier that she would be over and had a surprise for me. I had no idea what she had planned but knowing her it would be good.

I looked out the front window as I began to pour two glasses of wine. I nearly dropped the bottle when I saw her father getting out of the passenger side of the car. Buttoning up my shirt a little more I answered the door and gave Kelly a questioning look.

“Hey sweetie.” she said “My Daddy is going to borrow the car this afternoon to go get the oil changed for me.” I saw he was still standing at the car waving.

Sighing with relief, I waved back. It’s not that I don’t like her dad he’s great but I had been hoping for some fun. I closed the door behind her as she leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“So what’s the big surprise?” I asked with out waiting for her to get her jacket off. “Oh, you’ll see, you’ve got to wait a bit for that.” she whispered.

We moved into the living room and she sank into the sofa as I handed her a glass. We sat next to each other talking and gently touching each other’s faces and shoulders for a little while. Normally she would have had her legs spread begging me to go down on her by now, so I was a little surprised by her patience this evening. Not that I wasn’t enjoying the soft touch of her hand running across my cheek but it seemed like she was waiting for something.

“Come on sweetie” I whispered as I leaned over to kiss her again “I can’t take the wait, what’s your surprise.”

“You’ll see in just a few minutes, you just have to trust me and wait.” She glanced at the clock and apparently deciding that I had waited long enough and took my glass from my hand and put it on the table. She kissed me gently as we began to unbutton each other’s tops. Feeling my breasts exposed as she took my shirt off caused my nipples to spring to attention.

“Suck my tittie Kimmy.” she said softly as she leaned back, her top off, those beautiful full breasts exposed and her tiny little mini skirt riding up. Leaning over her I took one full nipple in my mouth and began to gently suck as I listened to her quietly moan. She ran her fingers through my hair and down my back as I softly suckled at her beautiful breast.

“Oh that’s a good little girl.” she cooed as I moved to her other breast while gently pinching the one I’d just left with my fingers.

Her one hand folded over mine and made me squeeze her tit harder.

“Lay back.” she said pulling her tit from my sucking lips

I lay back on the sofa and she removed my shorts. She moved to the side of the sofa and teen porno began kissing me gently. Moving down my chin and neck onto my tits she whispered “oh sweetie, I love those little titties of yours, look how hard and long those nipples already are and I haven’t even touched them yet.” With that she put one in her mouth and sucked hard. I gasped as her hand began to move down my belly to my waiting cunt. Spreading my legs for her probing fingers I heard a noise and tried to sit up.

Kelly held me down “Shhh,” she whispered “that is your surprise, now lay back.” She thrust her fingers into my waiting cunt and I complied. Still looking over her shoulder at the door I pushed my hips to take her fingers deeper in me. I saw a shadow enter the archway into the living room. A tall man stood there watching but I couldn’t make out any of his features. I heard his breath intake as he saw Kelly move face down to my dripping pussy. Spreading my legs she began to lap up my juices. My clit throbbed in her mouth as I watched this mystery man watching me getting my cunt licked. Kelly reached up and pinched my nipples as she thrust her tongue hard on my clit. Several quick gasps later I was coating her pretty little face with my juice.

She released me and began to slowly kiss her way up my body. I continued to watch the figure in the doorway, I could see his arm moving slowly and knew he was stroking himself through his jeans. Kelly reached my lips and our tongues danced around each other. I loved kissing her when my juices were still on her lips. Smelling and tasting my own pussy on your pretty lips always made me want more.

She sat me up on the sofa and sat next to me. Both of us facing the mystery man.

“Take a look at this pretty little cunt. ” Kelly said as she spread my legs apart in the direction of the door. “You want to see her tight little ass?” There was a nod and grunt from the figure.

“Come on sweetie,” she said to me “show him how nice that little ass of your is.” I knew what she wanted and got down on my knees in front of the sofa. With her little skirt still on, I pushed it up and began kissing her pussy lips. I stuck my ass out far and wiggled it for the man to see. I heard another groan from him as he walked closer to me from behind.

“I’m about to let you get the best fuck of your life.” Kelly said. “Come here Daddy”.

I tried to turn but she held my head firmly to her cunt. She couldn’t have really meant Daddy could she? Then I heard his voice, the voice I’d known almost all of my life, and I knew it was he. Only instead of hearing him say, “The popcorn is ready girls.” he said “Oh fuck yea princess, you were right she has the tightest looking ass I’ve ever seen”. I kept licking Kelly’s clit as I felt his hands move gently over my ass. I found myself wanting him to touch me, wanting him to take me. His rough hands spread my ass and he moaned. I felt his lips touch each of my ass cheeks and his hot breath on my skin.

My pussy was still dripping from my last climax on Kelly’s face. He ran a finger along my slit getting it nice and slippery. His finger moved up to my tiny pucker of an ass hole. I gasped when I felt his tongue licking travesti porno the juice he’d just rubbed on my pucker hole. It was so hot; I pushed my ass closer to him. He pressed his tongue spreading my hole a little bit. Moaning with each of his touches I eagerly lapped up Kelly’s pretty pussy. I looked up at her and saw that she wasn’t watching me, she was watching her Daddy eat her best friend’s ass.

“My Daddy likes your little ass Kimmy.” She murmured as she ran her hands over my head. “It looks so fucking hot seeing him do that to you! You like the way my Daddy is licking you?” She didn’t have to ask, she knew but she wanted to hear me say it.

In between gentle kisses on her twat I looked up and murmured. “Your Daddy’s tongue feels so good on my little hole sweetie, I love feeling your Daddy touch me, and I love that you are watching.”

I dove back into her pussy, pressing and licking hard on her clit. I jammed my fingers up her dripping cunt and finger fucked her hard. I was so turned on, I wanted to be fucked and I wanted to be fucked hard. I wanted Kelly’s Daddy to fuck me.

He must have read my mind because no sooner had I thought it he stood up, unzipped his jeans and pulled his throbbing cock out.

“Do it Daddy. She’s a nasty little slut, fuck her!” Kelly growled at her Daddy as she thrust her hips up to my waiting mouth and came hard.

I was so busy licking her pretty pussy clean that I wasn’t prepared for her father’s assault on me. I felt the initial pressure of his cock on my now wet ass and then screamed as he shoved all of himself into my ass.

“Go on Daddy, ram her, ram her hard like you do to me.” Kelly snipped as her father abused my ass.

It felt so good, each thrust brought me closer to climax. I could no longer speak; moans were the only noise I could make.

Kelly came and sat next to me and gently ran her fingers over my back. On all fours, my head being smashed into the edge of the sofa I had never felt so fucked. I didn’t want it to end. Kelly lay down and moved under me. Propping her head up a bit she started sucking my bouncing little tits. She moved one hand down to my clit and rubbed it quickly as she sucked on my tits. All the sensations, her father pounding my ass, hearing Kelly suck my bouncing tits and feeling her finger tips slip across my clit pushed me over the edge. I started to moan louder, I was nearly there.

“FASTER!” I yelled as I exploded. Wave after wave washed over me as they both sucked and fucked me.

He gave me one last thrust and buried himself up to his balls into my ass. “Your ass felt incredible kiddo. That is the tightest little ass I’ve ever felt. I’m want to try that pussy of yours out now.” He leaned over and whispered in my ear. He was reaching down and guided his shaft into my pussy. Kelly moved out from under me and sat back and watched her dad gently pump himself into my waiting pussy. His hands rubbed softly over my ass and lower back. “Ohh,” He moaned as he continued his slow steady thrusting “I want to keep doing this nice and slow all night. This wet little cunt feels so fucking good!”

I looked over at Kelly and saw her with tricky masseur porno her legs spread and her fingers dancing over her clit. She was intensely watching her Daddy screw me. Her eyes were glued to his pumping cock.

His pace started to increase as he continued to moan and screw me. I reached down between my legs and caught his balls as they smacked into me. They were filling. He grunted and slammed me hard when my fingers touched his sack.

Kelly turned around and moved towards us on her hands and knees. She moved towards my ass and I felt one of her hands run down my back as the other ran down my belly towards my clit. She kneeled up and rubbed my clit for a second. I turned my head and saw her Daddy leaning down to kiss her waiting mouth. He stopped pumping and moved away slowly, while turning around to watch them.

He wrapped his arms around her and gently kissed her mouth. “I love you Daddy.” I heard her say as she began to kiss down his neck and chest.

“Come here sweetie.” She whispered to me as she moved farther down. Obediently I came to her on all fours. She had already taken his cock in her hand and was aiming it towards me as she gently stroked it. I took his cock into my mouth, tasting and smelling my juices all over it. Closing my eyes I took him deeply and slowly.

Kelly moved her lips near mine. When I came off the tip she took over and went down. I looked up at her Daddy; his eyes were glued to the vision before him. He reached out and put a hand on each of our heads. Kelly and I took turns going up and down his shaft. He softly moaned as he directed our heads in turn down his cock. After a few minutes Kelly moved off his rod leaving it all for me.

I continued sucking it in and running my tongue all over it as Kelly began to take his hairy balls into her mouth. He grunted and started to move his hips to meet our lips as we took in his balls and cock.

Faster and faster he pushed into our eager little mouths until he yelled. “It’s time Princess!” Kelly must have known what he needed because she quickly lay down with her legs spread. She was waiting for him to do her. Taking his cock in hand he guided it to his little girl’s waiting cunt and pounded it. Push after push after push. I lay next to Kelly and gently kissed her tits and lips while her Daddy fucked her.

“You ready for the seed, baby?” he grunted, as his pounding became faster and more intense. Kelly moaned and wrapped her arms around him and pulled him deeper into herself.

“I’m going to give it to you, little girl.” He barked. “Come here and kiss me Kimmy. Kiss me while I shoot my baby seed into your best friend!”

I jumped up and ran my hands the side of his neck and kissed him. Your tongues darted fast and hard into each other’s mouths. After just a few kisses he moaned hard into my mouth as he began to shake. I was getting so turned on knowing he was giving his little girl his load as I kissed him.

With a few hard thrusts and a deep grunt he let it go. As he emptied his balls into his little girl his kisses became gentler.

Kelly’s Daddy lay down next to his daughter looking quite worn out.

I leaned in and gave Kelly many little kisses. I began to move down to eat her Daddy’s cum out of her but she stopped me.

“I want to keep his baby seed in me.” She whispered. She was obviously very worn out. I moved back to lay with the two lovers and we all slowly drifted off in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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