Sharing the Lust Pt. 03

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


Yet there was more going on besides her, Owen with Maddie, leaning back as she took his cock into her mouth, moaning sultrily around him. He was the main event along with Maddie, holding them all spellbound as he put his paws behind his head, spearing deeper into her throat, seemingly, with every stroke. They might have thought that he had used every inch of his cock that there was to use, powering in, delighting in it without any hint of shame, but there was still more, his sheath squashing back against his crotch.

Maddie’s nose wrinkled at his light musk, though it only added to the experience for her, made her feel even more present in the moment than she was, but in a way that dropped away the rest of the world. She didn’t need to think about work, her outside life, only the moment exactly as it existed and no more than that, how her lips strained at the corners from opening so widely. There was a dull ache in her jaw, but she couldn’t bring herself to care one bit about that, not as she put her paws between her legs, stroking, teasing, pushing her fingers sloppily into the messy cream-pie that was her pussy.

Fuck, she was so wet… It was not like her at all to think as crudely as she was, but there was no other way to put it, no other way that she wanted it. Raw, rough, ready. Was there really any other way to fuck, to be knocked up? She was ready for it, more so than she had ever been, her inner thighs marked with cum, so much there that it overpowered even her natural flavour and essence, all in the best of ways.

She didn’t need to bet wet solely from her arousal when she had so many guys there, all ready to fuck her. And her husband’s eyes on her, she knew, burning into the back of her head. If he had been wanting to engage in the acts with her, he would have surely pushed her head further down, just to see if she hacked and gagged, truly, around a huge dick like that.

Maddie shivered at the notion, but the bison dragged her head back and forth by her hair, fucking her hard and rough, just as she wanted to be. Although she wanted his cum in her pussy, she craved it in her mouth too, her stomach already a little heavier and warmer from taking the moose’s seed down her throat too. She needed more, so much more, lost in sensation, her tongue pressing reverently up to the underside of the bison’s cock. Not that his huge dick left much room in her mouth for her tongue to move anyway.

“Mmm… Gonna cum down that tight little cock sucking throat of yours bun-bun… Are you ready for it?”

There was a mocking tone in Owen’s voice that she loved, quivering for it, moaning, whimpering, needing it all so very badly. Yes, fuck me, she wanted to say, but her mouth was stuffed full of bison cock. It was needed, yes, but all she could do to demonstrate that need, forgetting any use of condoms or requested use, was to whimper around his cock. The sounds were muffled, however, and it was very doubtful that Owen even heard them.

Someone moved around her — Cody taking photos? Damn, that was hot. If she’d not been sucking cock, she would have posed more obviously and sultrily for him, but there was only so much she could do with a huge bulge hammering down her throat, forcing her to take it and him repeatedly.

She made a strangled gulp around his cock, eyes rolling, though she wanted to keep her eyes open, even if the dizzying slam of his hips grinding up to her nose was overpowering. Yet Maddie was right there in the moment as the bunny moaned deeply, feeling every bit the slut she wanted to be, the needy whore bunny who needed more cum than any single guy could give her. That was why she had to have her friend’s husbands take her, breeding her, fucking her in every hole, again and again.

Owen did not bother to warn her as he bellowed and stomped, his shorter, slightly ropier tail lashing, thwapping against his hind end, emptying his throbbing balls into her mouth. His nuts bounced off her chin as he thrust, only drawing back a few inches before he thrust in again, moaning, grunting, the bunny lost to everything as he poured his load straight down her throat. There was hardly anything she could taste besides his overpowering, sweltering musk, the heat of him filling the air around her, teasing her on so that she lost her grip on reality more and more. Maybe it had never been hers to take to begin with.

She tried to swallow, she really did, though it was not as easy as she could have liked to close her throat around him, to gulp, to pleasure him and savour the hot pour of cum down her throat. It warmed her through bahis siteleri as it slipped down her throat, into her belly, pooling there. Like a hot meal, it made her feel full and heavy, almost comfortably sleepy, though there was no possible way for the bunny to rest with so much lust in the air, swarming them, pushing around them with an insistent glow.

More… Yes! She was such a slutty bunny, even a cum dump — only for their cum! Their eyes on her were all she needed, at least in the moment, though she knew she needed more too, their dicks stretching out every last one of her holes. Her body was there to be used, the craving for explosive orgasms making her tremble, lowering her eyelids so that all she could see was a sliver of the bison’s dark brown abdomen, the thickness of his body betraying his power.

“Oh, fuck yeah, baby,” he crooned through a grunt, massaging the bulge of his cock in her throat. “Take it all down… Make a belly full of my cum. There’s going to be more rammed up your needy pussy very soon.”

Oh, he didn’t need to tease her, not like that, not when she was already so hot and wet, wanting to tremble even more than she already was, to spread her legs for him. But she had to stay pushed up as high as she could on her knees, straining up to that beautiful beast of a cock, taking it down, though it did not soften in the slightest.

She loved that. More than she could put words to. The thick throb of it, how he pulled back to spend the last few spurts on her tongue. As much as she adored the slick feel of his cum pooling under her tongue, slipping around her teeth and marking her lips, she still yearned for that strain in her throat, feeling as if she was being stretched to her limit.

For there was always more that the bunny could take, another boundary of hers that she could push for herself, fuelled with the cravings of lust the whole time.

He rumbled a chuckle above her as she licked off her lips, dazed with pleasure.

“Mmm… Such a slutty mouth, a good mouth for cock sucking,” he grunted, eyes dark with lust. “But that’s what you need, is it, bunny?”

Maddie did not miss that he let her name slide, loving it even more. She was just a bunny to him, at least then, something, someone, something to be fucked, something to be taken. She quivered under him, panting heavily, her breasts rising and falling sharply with every breath she managed to snatch into her lungs, but it was not enough. It could never be enough, not without them to fuck her, to breed her, to stuff her horny little pussy full of so many cocks that she would feel that she would never again be the same.

He bore her down to the rug with all the ferocity that she craved, starting a whimper from her, though his lips closing over hers passionately was all that Maddie needed. The bison was true to his word, pinning her down in what could have been a typical missionary position and yet was so much more than that as he drove into her, spreading her legs easily for him, the battering ram of his cock ploughing through any weak defences that Maddie might have had.

Maybe there was still a thought, right there in the back of her mind, that she should be more careful, that she should be using a condom, that she should be doing something different to what she was doing, yet the bunny did not have it in herself to care anymore. Let her be bred, let her be fucked! She needed it, he needed it: what more did they have to hold in mind when passion ruled their bodies?

His cock brushed her pussy lips for a fraction of a moment, enough for her breath to hitch, before ploughing in, the sloppy mess of her pussy drooling thick cum around him as he used it to lubricate his way. Owen bellowed, slamming in, his arms and chest above her shoulders, the size of his body lustfully dwarfing her. It did not seem possible, in such a position, that a cock as large as his cock sink into her tiny, petite body, yet the fatness of his length with the defined head ground in deeply, throbbing, aching for more.

Bare. No condom. Like all the others, nothing to stop his seed from working its way up inside her, deeper and deeper, seeking out her womb, the point of no return. Owen did not draw back as he pressed her down to the rug in a mating press, their backsides pointed towards those that might have cared to watch, though they were engaged in their own acts too. Vaguely, blinking through a haze of fluttering pleasure, Maddie was aware of Cody hovering around with a handheld camera, zooming in on her. She made sure to give him a particularly lust-stricken expression, tongue pushing out over her lower lip like the kinky whore she was, just for him, just for the camera. Surely, she’d be watching it back later with her husband when it was all edited up nicely for them…

She would look forward to seeing it, though her mind was elsewhere, moaning, rolling her hips — or at least trying to. His legs had come higher than she had expected as if he was loathe to leave canlı bahis siteleri any fraction of his cock outside her body, pinning her in mating press that made her quiver and orgasm right there, on the stop. Maddie couldn’t help it and neither did she want to as pleasure flooded her like dousing herself under a warm shower, the scent of the bison so close to her, so studly, so masculine… Oh, it was too much for her to bear!

But no one was asking her to bear it, not at all, only to enjoy it as she moaned out loud, her face pressed into his chest. In such a position, with his legs pinning hers down, she could not even see his face, nor close her legs around his waist, his hips, his buttocks, offering her no control over the situation. Entirely at the bison’s mercy, Maddie was forced to huff and pant and squeal through orgasm after orgasm with her nose pressed into his hugely wide chest, the muscle underneath firm despite the layer of lightly curled hair that covered it.

Again and again, his repeated thrusts claimed her, earning him even more stamina than he had the first go around with her, slamming in, the power of his thrusts betrayed by his powerful body. Owen had strength to spare and he practically oozed with male need, snorting and grunting, rounding his shoulders a little even as he tried, desperately, to cling to him. The bunny just needed something to hold her firm in the battering of the storm, a tiny vessel tossed upon stormy waters. Yet, unlike the imagined boat, she had no reason at all to want to be out of the storm as he pounded her harder than ever.

“Ah… Yes… Fuck! Fuck me!”

She groaned gutturally, unsure of how much of her words were spared in her cry, but the strokes of his cock came even harder and with greater power, even if the bison did not appear to be breaking a sweat. Maddie admired that, as if he was presenting himself to her as a male suitor, a breeding worthy of the name.

That was hot, so fucking hot, her head swimming, Owen not even needing to rub or tease her clit to get her off as the rampant thrusts of his pole brought her to climax after climax. Maybe it was something in the rub and tickle of his chest against her nipples and breasts as he fucked her too, the closeness of their bodies intoxicating, alluring, feeling so very claimed, so very dominated. It was not a position that Maddie might have thought of for herself, yet it was what she wanted, to feel so completely covered by his body that there was no escape, nowhere for her to go.

All she had to do was to take it, every driving, beautiful stroke slopping into her pussy. She should have been stretched and ready by that point, but the bunny felt tighter than ever — maybe it had something to do with the position. Maybe yes, maybe not, but she couldn’t worry about that, not when it all felt so damn good, clinging onto him, drawing him against her, crying out his name. That was all Maddie had the breath for as she demanded more and more from the bison with weak rolls of her hips, though she barely even twitched.

He was too strong for her, everyone spellbound, enjoying lighter touches around them, lusting for the show as much as they did one another, for the partners that they had in the surrounding event. Owen grunted dominantly as he slammed into Maddie, the fact that he had not made any pretence at all of fucking her with a condom, that he wasn’t going to pull out… It spoke of more masculine breeding passion than any of them had had the balls to do, spurring them all on to greater heights of lust.

He fucked her ruthlessly, the thicker curl of hair at his crotch even, very lightly, due to their position, tickling her clit with every stroke, soft enough not to cause an unpleasant kind of friction. It was more than enough to have her squealing over the edge, again and again, one moment blurring into the next, as if there was nothing left there with which Maddie could differentiate one orgasm from the next. It was merely a heaving swell of pleasure from which she had no escape, riding the wave, moaning aloud, the gleam of saliva on her lips, ever so faintly.

“Yes… Unff…” Owen grunted, powering over her, slamming in, her body lewdly squelching as it wrapped around him, making space for his monster cock. “You’re gonna get…huff…addicted to my cum… Have little…bison…calves…”


Maddie howled, anything further that Owen wanted to say lost in her cry of passion, hips rocking, pushing up, need coursing through her. Another orgasm, though that was not unusual, even though the powerful thrust of the bison’s hips as, speeding up, grinding into her harder and more passionately still.

He needed her as much as she needed him, the not so far off fantasy of being bred, of seeing her belly swell, though there was no way to imagine, right then, whether she would have a calf or a foal or well… She didn’t know what the young of the others were called, unable to fish up the word through a pulsating wave of canlı bahis lust, moaning aloud, carrying her forward as his hips sped up.

The slap of his body against hers filled the room as the music swelled, Cody back behind the DJ booth, playing out the tunes to match the scene before him — quite like a pro, in fact, though there might not have been all that much of a market for a sex DJ. Maybe in some circles. All Maddie could do was to dig her fingers into the bison’s shoulders, clutching him hard, desperately grinding up at him, even as his legs pinned her down. The bunny was there luxuriously for every stroke in his mating press, even as a rumbling bellow built in the pit of his bellow.

That cry had to come out one way or another as it washed over the rabbit, deafening her, bliss swamping her as, in a moment of crystal clarity, she adored the throb of his orgasm overwhelming her. It pulsed through her as long, thick ropes of his seed shot into her pussy, feeling as if they were far too strong for the actual activity he was undertaking, his body overcompensating and trying to drive every drop of his cream as deeply up inside her as possible. Maybe it was his thrusts or maybe it was just the way that he climaxed, but Maddie had never had the bliss of taking Owen bareback before.

She savoured it, every throb, the huge, obvious bulge in her abdomen. Her paws would have been down over her belly, lower, groping it, if he had not pinned her so closely, not needing a word or scrap of rope to dominate her. Of course, the bunny could have gotten out of the situation if she had called out or simply expressed a moment of discomfort, but Maddie did not want her moans of pleasure and lust to be mistaken for anything other than what they were.

She wanted it, didn’t want him to pull out, finally fully succumbing to the bliss of being bred, of feeling her womb fill with every pump of cum. It should not have been able to pulse so easily through the neck of her inner barrier, so tight that it could have been a barrier indeed, but the laws of the body did not seem to apply when she was deep in lust. That suited her fine as she grunted, quivering in place, every throb and pulse of cum swelling out her lower abdomen more and more, so that the bulge of his cock, even if it had been softened a little by the loads already bloating her out, was eased more and more. Her womb was forced to swell deliciously with the biggest load of cum yet, the bison penetrating her fully so that not even a scrap of his cock was left outside her pussy, pulsating with raw, breeding delight.

“Bear my calves, bunny,” he grunted, shoulders rounding, shuddering through his continued spurts of cum, his orgasm lasting far longer than it had the first time. “There will be more to come for a needy hole like you.”

Oh… Oh, even if she had not had his cock spending every last drop of cum he had in his nuts buried inside her right there and then she would have climaxed at words like that. Maddie’s head rolled back as he filled her and, for several long, orgasmic moments, she knew no more.

…Whuh… What?

Maddie came around slowly. That time, she had only been out for a few moments, though her body quivered in the aftermath of orgasm, wetter than she felt she had ever been. But that was something that came up time after time again, every new experience making her feel that she would never again be able to reach quite the same high. In all honesty, she outdid herself every time. It was one of the things that she loved about her sex life, her relationship with Ninnin, her sweet husband.

“Are you being safe over there, sweetie?”

Ah, that was him. The bunny’s lips curled up into a smile as he checked in on her, May, the fluff dragon, with her breasts squeezed around his cock as he sat in a chair, though not the one that he had started out in. That was strange, but, in all honesty, she had been rather caught up in getting fucked silly, out of her damn mind. She hoped he’d gotten some good footage of her that night, while she lost every last one of her inhibitions that had never been rooted all that deeply anyway.

Ninnin smiled at her while Maddie came around, needing a few moments to compose herself, though the bunny could take all the time she needed, or even call a halt to things right then, if that was what she wanted. He doubted that she would, however, his senses nicely buzzing from a Negroni. It was not as pleasant as what he usually enjoyed, but the cocktail offered his tastebuds something different to play with.

A long, slow boobjob from May had been just the ticket, however, the fluff dragon on her knees, not needing to watch her husband as he took Maddie. She would get to see plenty more of the show later and, well, she was rather engaged in what she was doing too. She wanted to spend all her attention on the one that she was with in the moment, enjoying the thrill of pleasing, though Ninnin was physical, in terms of height, a smaller partner than Owen. Not by too much, but there seemed to be something about their little group of friends that the wives had, somehow, ended up all rather on the short, delicate, petite side when they were placed up against their husbands.

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