Shower Fun

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Tanya had just finished her aerobics class and was on her way home, when she spotted Tyron. She has seen him around the gym ever since she joined. He saw her looking at him and winked. She couldn’t get out of there fast enough. And so it went for two months, every night after her class.

She had been away on a business trip and in the meantime the gym had done renovations and had swapped the men’s and ladies change rooms. Tanya was back and was busy in her aerobics class. Tyron kept creeping into her mind. Tanya hadn’t had a good fuck in ages and was feeling particularly horny. She walked into the showers and froze.

Tyron had his back to her and was soaping himself. She leant against the door as she watched him. His tight ass, firm and round over his thickly muscles thighs, the thick ridges of muscle running up his back. As she watched, Tyron dropped the soap and bent forward to pick it up. The crack of his ass spread and Tanya could clearly see Tyron’s puckered hole and his low swinging balls.

To her surprise Tanya could also see his flaccid cock were it dangled towards the tiles. She closed her eyes and imagined him running his hands up and down on her torso. Her eyes still closed, she placed a hand on her small, firm breast and began playing with her nipple. Tyron, in the meantime, had turned around and seen Tanya standing there, hand on her tit. Eyes still closed. He quietly got out of the shower and walked over to her. Tanya opened her eyes with a fright, seeing Tyron standing in front of her, soaking wet and very naked. He reached behind her and locked the door. He took her by the hand and led her to the shower.

Tanya was surprised that she had allowed herself be led by this man.

She did nothing as he began undressing her, stripping her of her clothing, running his damp hands over her bare flesh as he worked.

He bent down to help her step out of her panties and in doing so planted a kiss on her pussy, it sent shock waves through her body. It was soft and barely there. He set the water to a comfortable temperature and stepped into the shower, pulling her in. She just looked at him. He drew her in closer and kissed canlı bahis her, she could taste him on her lips, his tongue seeking hers. He kissed her on her cheek, and moved onto her neck. He had placed his hands on her ass cheeks and was feeling her, running his fingers into the crack of her ass and she loved it. Deeper slid his fingers until he found her tightly closed opening, he teased the soft circle with the tip of his finger, God she wanted him to finger her ass so badly, Tanya had reached the point of no return and now she had little concern for her dignity. Arching her back, Tanya gave Tyron better access to her back door and she felt him press deeper as his finger slipped easily into her ass, his position allowing only a shallow penetration.

He pressed her against the wall and was kissing her down her neck towards her tits, which now showed her arousal at this man’s caresses. He took one breast in his hands and teased the nipple, watching it becoming erect. He took the other breast in his mouth and she gave out a load moan. She was enjoying this. Tyron’s finger in her rectum was beginning to produce short, sharp contractions in Tanya’s cunt, her slick wetness dribbling out of her pink hole, trickling down her thighs.

Tyron began sucking on her breast and felt the nipple becoming harder, the sensation running through her body down to where she felt her clit had become so erect and swollen that it stood out in front of her like a miniature cock.. While sucking on her nipple Tyron reached down and ran his finger over her clit she felt him hesitate as he felt the size of her erection and her body shuddered. Tanya felt him remove his finger from its comfortable place in her anus as he stepped back and began soaping her up, rubbing the soap in circular motions. He turned her around placing her hands above her head and pressing her breasts against the shower wall.

He parted her legs, spreading her open, Tanya felt her cunt open and wished she could reach down and slip a finger deep inside herself as she so often did. Pressing his body against hers, Tyron placed his thick rod against her ass. She took her hand of the wall, wanting to feel this bahis siteleri rod, Tyrone took it and placed it back on the wall. Tyron took the bar of soap again ran it over her wanton body. From her back down to her ass. Up her legs he went higher and higher until she could feel his hand on her inner thighs, his fingers just brushing against her pussy driving her wild. Her mind was over saturated with arousal and longed for him to finish her off.

Tyron however was savoring every moment. He placed his hands on her hips still soaping her, onto her belly he went. Up to her breasts he soaped, taking special care of her nipples, which were erect and hard. He ran the soap into the crack of her ass down to her anus. He heard her moan as he pressed the small bar against her flexible entrance, opening her slowly. Squatting behind her Tyron took hold of her cheeks and parted them firmly, exposing her puckered rectum and below that her parted cunt lips.

Tyron could clearly see the deep cleft of her pussy and the open red entrance to her cunt. Tanya pressed back against Tyron’ s hands spreading her ass further. She really needed something shoved into her aching ass and Tyron could see that. Releasing her one cheek, Tyron placed the end of his middle finger at the tight ring between Tanya’s cheeks and in small circular motions ran his finger around her sphincter.

Tanya gasped and pushed back against his probing finger. He teased her until she could not take it any more. Reaching back Tanya took hold of Tyron’s hand and forced it forward, driving his finger past her tight rectal entrance and into her warm, soapy ass. She held his hand still for an instant as he entered her then pressed on, pushing Tyron’s finger fully into her hungry anus. She cried out as he began to rotate his finger in her ass, stimulating her, she felt as if she could burst.

His other hand encircled her waist and was going downward to where he could feel the rise of her mound and slipped his finger over her clit. Her moans grew louder. She was thrusting her hips against the wall as he was stroking her erect clit. He inserted a finger into her pussy and felt it slide easily bahis şirketleri up inside her. Removing his fingers from within her, he turned her around. She could see that he was soapy as well and highly aroused. Tyron’s cock stood long and thick in front of him. He drew her closer and kissed her. He lifted her off her feet and slowly began lowering her onto his dick.

She felt his tip begin parting her lips as he entered her and the sensations where driving her wild. Her hands dug into his back. Her moans were getting loader and loader. She gasped as he thrust his dick higher up into her tight cunt. His thrusts were getting harder and harder and she could hardly breath as waves of ecstasy racked through her body. All she could do was hold on. Suddenly, he grabbed her ass and lifted her of him, spinning her around. He soaped her ass again and bent her forward. She could feel the tip of his dick at the entrance of her anus; she wanted him deep inside her and pushed backwards against his dick. He slowly entered her, her soft opening stretching to accommodate the large intrusion. She could feel her small hole slowly making way for his dick to enter. She thrust her ass back against his cock, wanting him to go deeper. He starting thrusting, deeper and deeper, her ass felt as if it were on fire. His slick, soapy length slid in and out of her easily now and suddenly she felt his balls slapping against her open pussy. Wave after wave of orgasm hit her. Her moans excited him more.

Her ass was gripping his dick and he loved the tight feeling around his dick. Her knees felt weak. Her body racked by the orgasm he was giving her whilst fucking her in the ass. Reaching down between her legs Tanya parted her cunt lips with her fingers, feeling her slick juices as she slowly inserted two fingers into her steamy pussy. Tanya could feel Tyron’s balls hitting the back of her hand with each thrust as he drove his thick shaft in and out of her rectum. Feeling for and finding her soft padded g-spot, Tanya rubbed wildly, and she realized that she could feel Tyron’s cock in her ass against her fingers. She felt him tense up and the warm sensation as his hot semen was being shot up into her ass. He held her hips until the last wave of orgasm had left his body. He slowly retracted out of her anus and helped her. They had a steamy shower and left the gym together. To have some more fun at home…………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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