Siblings with Benefits Lex Talionis Ch. 05

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Note from the author;

As always all characters are 18 or over.

Okay first off let me say thank you as the first four chapters of Lex have done far better than I expected; with great votes and dozens of e-mails. I really put this up as I said as a bit of a guilty indulgence and didn’t expect a lot as Lex is more like a novel with some hardcore sex than an erotic story however as I said the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Now the one qualm I had with putting Lex on the site was the violence in chapter 2 and of course the anticipated violence when Mark faces Max. This is a sex site so I figured I was kind of taking a gamble. However let me just say form the unbelievable amount of e-mails I have received calling for Max’s head and how they hope Mark really unloads, I have to say you are a blood thirsty bunch out there! So without further adieu here is Chapter Five, Part Nine the calm before the storm and the much anticipated part Ten where Mark faces off with Max entitled “Every Dog has its day” Enjoy! Lovecraft68

Part 9. Sunday Morning. Calm before the storm

I was lying in my new bed, in my own room, in the first place I was told I could call home in years. Even better than that, was that on the other side of the adjoining bathroom was my big sister Megan. Not only had I not seen my sister since I was five years old, but because of Max had thought she had passed away years ago. Despite all these things I was still nervous, part of me thinking that maybe this was too good to be true. Maybe Doug and Denise would somehow find out how messed up I really was and decide they didn’t want me, or maybe they weren’t as nice as they seemed and would hurt me the way Max had.

I was also nervous because it was dark. I had only been here a few days and was embarrassed to ask them for a nightlight or some candles. I sighed and, rolling over to face the window where I could see the faint glow of a street lamp, closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep. I awoke to the sound of the door opening and footsteps running across the room. I sat up and tried to get out of bed but I was too late. Before I could react they were on top of me; two of them pinning my arms and a third boy jumping on top of the bed and straddling my chest.

I tried to yell, but before I could get anything out the boy on top of me punched me hard in the mouth.

“Yeah, not so bad now are you Mark?”

I tried to throw him off me but couldn’t, I recognized the boy who had hit me, his name was Royce and he had made fun of me at lunch. That hadn’t bothered me, but when he tried to take my lunch I had pushed him, and when he swung at me, I had grabbed him and smashed his face into the cafeteria table.

“What, got nothing to say freak?” Royce asked and hit me hard in my eye.

“He’s never got nothing to say.” One of the other boys said.

“Yeah, he doesn’t even make noise when you hit him!” The third said and proved his point by slamming his fist into the side of my face.

“That’s cause he’s fucking crazy, aren’t you Mark?” Royce asked slapping me in the face.

“Fuck it, he don’t make noise, no one knows were in here!”

With that Royce swung and hit me, then again and again, the next punch hit me in the nose and I felt it break.

“Let’s see how pretty you are tomorrow you little freak!” Royce laughed.

I woke up screaming and swinging, but there was no one there of course. I sat up gasping for breath and my heart was pounding so hard it my chest hurt. I tried to take some deep breaths but couldn’t calm down. I jumped at the sound of a knock on my bathroom door.

“Mark?” It was Megan. “Are you okay?”

I didn’t answer and a second later the bathroom door opened and my sister came in the room.

“Hey little brother you okay in here?”

I looked at her and shrugged.

Megan came over to the bed and, as she did, I found myself staring at her. Until a couple of months ago I hadn’t seen my sister since she was seven and a little girl. Now Megan was eighteen and she was absolutely beautiful, with long black hair, and those unreal crystal blue eyes that I had always remembered. Megan reached the bed and, sitting on the edge of it, asked me again;

“Mark you alright?”

I pulled my knees up to my chest and shook my head.

“Bad dream little brother?” She asked softly.

I nodded and, reaching out slowly, Megan ran her hand down the side of my cheek. I normally didn’t like to be touched, but found myself leaning my head into her hand.

“It’s okay Mark, it was only a dream.”

I shrugged.

“They can be bad though,” Megan began. “Trust me, I have them too and they can be pretty rough sometimes.”

As she spoke Megan had slid further up onto the bed. She was wearing a pink night shirt with Scooby Doo on it, and her hair was pulled into a ponytail. I looked at her and with an effort whispered;

“I’m scared Megan.”

At the sound of my voice Megan smiled at me. Despite the fact I was scared I found myself wanting to smile back. My sister had the biggest smile I had ever seen and the left side seemed to curl up more than monsters of cock porno the other, making it look lopsided.

“Don’t be Mark, no one will hurt you here, trust me.”

I nodded. Megan then said;

“Do you want to talk?”

I shook my head.

“No, I-I’m really tired.”

“Oh, okay.” Megan said. “Then lie back down and go to sleep Mark, I’ll go back in my room, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

I looked at her and realized I didn’t want her to leave.

“I-I’m…” I hesitated. “I can’t sleep, Megan I’m scared to.”

Megan looked at me for a minute as if she were thinking then said;

“Hey Mark, remember when we were little kids and things were scary when Mom would have those guys over?”

I nodded.

“Well back then you used to lie on your side.”

She looked at me expectantly and, realizing what she wanted, I stretched my legs out and turned to face away from her.

“There you go little brother.” Megan said.

A second later I felt her get on the bed and press herself against my back. Megan slid her arm around my waist and, pulling me even closer to her slid her other arm under my neck so that my head was resting on it.

“How’s that little brother?”

“Better.” I whispered.

I could feel Megan’s breath on my neck and her arm felt good around me. Having her close to me made me feel a lot better. After a couple of minutes I realized what I felt was safe. I could even feel myself relaxing. I closed my eyes and found that they wanted to stay closed; I was so tired and felt like I could go to sleep.

“Thank you Megan.” I whispered;

Megan kissed the top of my head and said quietly.

“Mark, listen to me. Things are going to be okay from now on, know why? Because your big sister’s here now and she’s never going to let anything happen to you ever again.”

The image of my sister holding me that night faded away and as it did I realized I was dreaming. Somewhere in my mind I thought that it was odd that I knew I was dreaming. Was it possible to have a dream within a dream? Regardless of whether I was truly asleep or in that state of just waking up when dream and reality crossover, I watched as another image shaped itself before my eyes.

I was eighteen and Megan was sitting on the edge of my bed in her skimpy black tank top and panties and she was asking me;

“Have you ever thought about kissing me?”

A moment later I leaned into her and for the first time tasted my sister’s incredibly soft lips. Once again the image shifted to another scene from that fateful night; Megan wearing only her panties lying on her stomach between my thighs. As I watched my sister slowly rubbed my cock alongside her face then, with a wink, took it into her mouth and started to suck on me. The vision went into fast forward and now Megan was on her back and I was over her, easing my cock into my sister’s welcoming pussy for the first time. Megan pulled me down to her and, while kissing me, wrapped her arms and legs around me pulling our bodies even closer together.

The scene shifted once more and we were lying in Megan’s bed on a rainy Saturday morning. We’d had extremely rough sex the night before, but this morning I had taken my time and, using my hands, tongue and eventually my cock had thoroughly enjoyed every inch of my beautiful sister’s amazing body. Megan told me I had beautiful eyes and I smiled at her. Megan laughed and I knew it was because I had given her that shy little nervous smile she loved. With any other girl, I was capable of flashing a perfect lady killer smile, but with my sister I always felt like a shy little kid.

“I love that smile.” Megan laughed.

Much like my smile, my sister’s laugh had a shy childish ring to it.

“And I love that laugh.” I told her.

I was going to say something else but stopped as, looking at my sister, I became overwhelmed with emotion. As I stared into Megan’s amazing blue eyes I felt something as if suddenly there was more between us than there had been. Megan was looking back at me and I could tell by the look on her face she felt it to. I leaned in slowly to kiss her. As our lips met I felt that feeling growing, I realized it was the same way I used to feel when I would kiss Krissy; it felt good but it went beyond mere touch. When I was with Krissy, and kissed her this way, I would always lean back and whisper I love you.

I broke the kiss with Megan and, looking once again into her face, saw that she was watching me expectantly, I swallowed hard and, whether I was supposed to or not, was going to tell her how I felt, just then we heard Doug calling me from outside the bedroom door.

The image that came to me next was a simple one, but one that made me the happiest; Megan and I lying in bed, her on her side, and me curled up behind her, my face buried in her neck breathing in the scent of her strawberry shampoo.

“Good night my beautiful little brother,” Megan whispered; “Your big sister loves you.”

“Wake up Mark; it’s time to meet our destiny.”

As I opened my eyes naught america porno I realized I could still smell strawberries. Turning my head slightly to the right I found my face buried in Cynthia’s long red hair. I was lying on my back with Cynthia lying on her side snuggled up close to me. My arm was around her shoulders and her arm was across my stomach. The sheet was pulled up to our waists, but I could feel her leg draped across mine. I breathed deeply taking in the smell of her hair and, then turning my head looked at the clock. It was only seven and Max wasn’t due until ten.

“I figured you’d want some time with Cynthia before we get ready.”

How did you wake me up? I asked in my head. I had always assumed the Voice was awake or asleep when I was.

“I’m always awake.” It said softly.

Not too long ago that answer would have bothered me. Today however, I didn’t really care. The Voice had spent the last couple of days talking about us becoming more in tune with each other so that we could handle Max easier, so I guess this was part of it. I suppose the way the Voice was changing should get to me, but all in all I was feeling pretty damn calm. On that note I had to say that it was a little disturbing at how mellow I had been feeling the last couple of days. My sister was MIA again, and probably on a bender, and oh yeah, in about three hours I planned on killing a man, but last night I had slept like a baby and even now was feeling extremely relaxed.

The fact that I had Cynthia’s warm soft body pressed up close against me, and knew damn well I would be enjoying it very shortly, added to that feeling of peace. Cynthia’s head was nestled into my shoulder and, as I turned my head, I could just see her face. I couldn’t help but smile at how peaceful she looked. I also found myself thinking that Cynthia really was a beautiful girl. As much as I wanted to wake her up, I decided to lie there and enjoy watching her for a while. Because I’d had difficulty sleeping my entire life I sometimes found myself fascinated by watching a woman asleep next to me. As I continued to look at Cynthia’s soft features, and listen to her deep steady breathing ,I began to let last night replay through my mind.

Despite my little show on Friday night, which was proof yet again that I couldn’t ever get enough, I had spent a lot of time Saturday thinking about Cynthia. Sunday was going to be my showdown with Max and, even though the Voice had been continuously reassuring me that we wouldn’t get caught, there was always a chance. Because of that I wanted to very much enjoy Saturday night as well as Sunday morning. Not only that but I felt it was high time I treated Cynthia the way she deserved, rather than the fuck toy that I had been using her as for the past few months.

As a matter of fact, when my day had started by Mitch banging on my door at ten to tell me his friends were leaving and Reggie would like his girlfriend back, I had asked him not to tell Cynthia about what happened. Of course that was after he had clapped me on the shoulder and asked me how it felt to become a real man. I had rolled my eyes and then, at that moment, Tori came strolling out of the bedroom wearing the skirt and tank top from last night and carrying her heels in her hand. Tori came over, gave me a long tongue filled kiss and, after giving my cock a squeeze through my jeans, told me to stop by the Red Dragon if I was ever in New York. Tori gave Mitch a quick peck on the cheek and told him she’d see him next time around.

Mitch turned to leave as well, but hadn’t answered me about Cyn, so I asked him again. Mitch said he wouldn’t say anything and none of the other guys were regulars so she wouldn’t hear about it. Mitch then smirked and asked;

“Why do you care? I thought you and Red were you know? Casual.”

I shrugged.

“Yeah well I’ve been thinking about that.”

Mitch shook his head.

“Pretty boy, these are the best years of your life.” He laughed. “There isn’t a piece of pussy out there you couldn’t score. I mean last night was something kid, Tori’s no joke and you had her fucking eyes rolling.” He shrugged. “Red’s hot Mark, but you could have them all plus her.”

“Yeah well maybe I just want her for now.”

Mitch nodded and told me not to worry, then told me he was going up to New York with his friends and wouldn’t be around for a few days. To me that was all the better as, once in a great while, Mitch would show up at the bar on a Sunday or Monday to take inventory or just kind of hang out. It also meant that at least, for now, there was no way Cynthia would here about what happened with Tori as, despite his word, Mitch talked like an old lady when he drank.

I had then gone to the gym as usual and, after spending the rest of the afternoon driving around to antique stores and consignment shops until I found a silver platter that was a close match to the one Max had used to split my head open, headed back home. On the way I passed a florist and, on a whim, stopped in and bought Cynthia a dozen red roses which, once I got home, I put in a nubiles porn vase and left on the desk in the back room of the bar.

When I had gone downstairs at seven to work Cyn had already been there since four, when the bar opened, and was looking damn good in a pair of very tight denim shorts, white knee high gogo boots, and a white t-shirt that looked a size too small, stretching across her more than ample tits. There were already several people in the bar and I was going to wait until I could catch her in the back to show her the flowers. Although Cynthia and I played around on the bar to the juke box to get the crowd going I never really demonstrated any type of affection for her in front of people. However, as I stood there watching her I decided that Cynthia deserved better than to feel as if she were some type of dirty little secret.

Coming up behind her I wrapped my arms around her waist and after leaning in and kissing her neck told her how hot she looked. I heard a few people laugh and ask if ShowTime was early tonight. At that point, letting go of her waist, I turned Cynthia around and, in full view of the bar, gave her a long passionate kiss that left her blushing and all but breathless.

“Damn,” She whispered. “What did I do to deserve that?”

I shrugged and said softly to her.

“I think the question should be what do I do to deserve you?”

I then winked and told her there was something for her in the back room. Cynthia looked at me as if I were kidding then, with a shrug, went into the back. Cynthia came out a minute later smiling ear to ear and, coming back over to me, immediately threw her arms around me.

“Oh Mark, they’re beautiful!” She exclaimed.

“Not half as beautiful as you Cyn.” I told her softly and, after giving her a quick kiss, said;

“I can’t wait to get you upstairs later.”

“And I can’t wait to go!” Cynthia replied laughing, then, leaning over and whispering in my ear, said;

“Anything you want tonight Mark. Any dirty little thing, hell after those you can have my ass.”

“Watch out I might hold you to that.” I told her winking.

“Whatever you want baby!” Cynthia told me and walked away.

As I watched her full hips swinging back and forth I admired the way the shorts hugged her well rounded ass and I couldn’t help but smile to myself. Cynthia would be expecting me to do the Jekyll/ Hyde routine and go hardcore on her later; little did she know I planned on making the night very special for her.

The night went by fairly quickly and I had Cynthia going all night. There were several hot coeds at the bar and a few of them made it a point to come over and sit in front of me, expecting me to hit on them as I always did. Instead I simply served them and would walk back down to where Cynthia was and give her a playful kiss on the way by or even just put my arm around her.

All in all I was making it perfectly clear to anyone in the bar that I was very into my hot little fellow bartender. Cynthia was eating it up, smiling all night and even making faces at a couple of the miffed coed’s at the bar who were giving her dirty looks. When someone fired up the jukebox, Cyn and I got up on the bar and performed as usual, except this time we moved more slowly and sensually. Rather than lewdly bumping and grinding on her, I held Cynthia from behind and, as we slowly swayed to the music pushed her hair to the side and, as she tilted her head, gently kissed first her neck and eventually her lips.

The people watching weren’t as thrilled as they normally were, but Cynthia was beside herself, moaning into my mouth as we kissed and sighing in pleasure as my hands dropped down and lightly caressed the insides of her thighs as she worked her body back into mine. Someone yelled out;

“What is this a family show?”

They should have been here last night I thought, but decided to give them ,and Cyn, a bit of a thrill. Dropping to my knees behind her I lifted the tight leg of her shorts up high enough to show the bottom of her right ass cheek and, leaning in, first kissed it then started sucking on it. Cynthia groaned and wiggled her ass in my face as I continued to suck, finally, with a loud smacking sound, I pulled my lips from her ass and several people laughed at the large red hickey I had left on Cynthia’s ass.

As the night wore on and I continued to be nice I noticed Cynthia looking at me a little differently, almost nervously, and I realized that she was waiting for the other shoe to drop. She had already told me we could play dirty, but I’m sure at this point, as sweet as I had been, Cynthia was hoping that somehow I would stay that nice. When closing time came and I locked the door I walked over to Cynthia, who was starting to wipe down the tables, and, taking the towel away from her, took her hand and told her;

“I’ll clean up tomorrow, now shall we?”

Cynthia flashed me a huge smile and nodded. Leading her by the hand I took her upstairs and, once I had brought her into the bedroom, told her to stand in front of the bed while I took a minute to light a few candles. When I finished I walked up behind Cynthia and, grabbing the bottom of her t-shirt, tugged on it. Cynthia lifted her arms up allowing me to pull over her head. After tossing the shirt aside, I unhooked her bra and, after reaching around and taking a minute to fondle her huge tits, I reached down and slowly unzipped her shorts.

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